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Metro FM Involved in Latest BCCSA Case

Posted by radio On June - 24 - 2012


Date of hearing: 24 May 2012

Sixholo (Complainant) VS SABC Metro (Respondent)


Hate speech based on gender – repetition of degrading joke amounting to advocacy of hatred – Sixholo v SABC2 Case No: 22/2012 BCTSA

The summary of the case reads:


The repetition of a joke on Metro FM which degraded women was held to have amounted to hate speech as a result of the repetition thereof as a promo. The SABC was reprimanded for the contravention


The complaint to the BCCSA includes the following:


“The complaint is based on material that was broadcast today 26 March 2012, (and other days before this) on Metro fM on the Tbo Touch show between 17:00-18:00pm. The material is a promotional clip that promotes the Tbo touch show where their regular caller, Mnr Van Niekerk, says that he will never be with a woman who has been with a Venda / Tsonga man because “sleeping with her would be like putting a stick in the Kimberly hole”. This clip is racist and promotes negative ethnicity based stereotypes regarding black Venda men. Furthermore it is degrading and demeaning to women’s dignity and offensive. As a woman I am so humiliated by this clip. Whilst I understand that Metro FM cannot be held accountable for caller’s views, I am appalled that they have been repeatedly playing that clip to promote the Tbo touch show. Please assist in getting the clip off the airways.

After full consideration of the impact of the repetition of the clip, the conclusion reached reads:

The SABC argued that, as the BCCSA ruling pointed out, the promo complained about was not intended to cause offence, but was rather meant to be understood in the same light-hearted manner expressed by the original caller. The Complainant indicated at the hearing that she was comfortable with the promo having been removed once the complaint had been lodged. The presenter also tendered his apology to her personally at the hearing for any offence that the promo may have caused her. The presenter has indicated his regret about repeating the call as a promo, and the station has also drawn from the matter a lesson concerning the impact of such actions – which lesson will be shared with all presenters to avoid a recurrence of any similar incident.


To read the full judgment, visit:

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