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In The Wrong Rock Show we trust

Posted by radio On May - 9 - 2013

[By: Kagiso Mnisi]


The nature of rock shows on contemporary radio is to be outrightly brash and risk taking in the way they are packaged. This has been a long standing pattern ever since the height of pirate radio in the 60s, where angst fuelled teens addled with copious amounts of LSD, would take off the coast of England to sea to set up illegal radio shows with punk rock as the overarching sound of the experience.


 Fast forward to the age of information technology and you have The Wrong Rock Show hosted by Greg ‘The Hammer’ Donelly and Botha Kruger on Bush Radio 89.5 FM; Mondays at 10PM – 00AM (GMT+02) . TWRS  is part Bush Radio, Africa’s oldest community radio station project, which has foregrounded itself as a ‘fist in the air’ platform for media activists who have sought experimental ways of delivering messages to the audience.


Stationed in Cape Town, a city which prides itself of its international status (all dependent on which side of the mountain you reside), The Wrong Rock Show  pushes the envelope through the ethos of Rock music. Its social media platforms are always riddled with hampers and CD giveaways; these boast both local and overseas talent from acts such as Jozi based Brother Moves On to Canadian rebel rock outfit, Godspeed You. As with any show that wants to survive in the modern age, TWRS  has podcast of previous shows via Mixcloud []. 


The state rock music on radio, especially mainstream, has been source for grandiose debate because of its floundering state. The fire cracker popped when lovers of rock received news of Jon Savage’s sacking from 5FM. The station has since re-incarned him as presenter of a mini feature known as Mash Lab on Rob Vember’s weekly shows. This lack of foresight by major stations where audience preferences are concerned has left minute pockets such as The Wrong Rock Show to pick up the slack.


Another of the show’s winning formulae is to have artists co-hosting (not limited to local musicians) in the wake of their new release or promotions. The mood set assail in studio can be imagined to eerily fit between American shock jock, Howard Stern’s acidic rant and a Nick Cave novels. It irks as much as it is irresistibly pleasurable. The ambivalence in tone creates an eclectic atmosphere which places TWRS  in a league of its own that is to be part of a community radio station but still with sights on the weirdness of sub-cultural undertones elsewhere in the world.


It might be eons since the age of rock playing pirate radio but its spirit lives on like the ashes of Sex Pistol’s Sid Vicious at Heathrow airport’s ventilation pipes, thanks to frequency weirdoes such as The Wrong Rock Show. Like the bastard child that grew to be a guitar strumming outlaw in far off land called Zilleville, Rock music is a mystique that has eluded so many deaths. Wind the knob to Bush Radio’s TWRS to find out why.


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