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Fam till the last days at the SAMAs

Posted by radio On May - 10 - 2013

[By: Kagiso Mnisi]


It’s a cagey affair to negotiate the notion that rappers can make music inspired by scripture and still maintain credibility since Hip Hop as an art form has historically been the stuff of  rebellion and disenfranchised. But then out of the church comes SAMA nominated Last Days Fam, who are in line for the Best Rap Album.


The group hails from the east of Joburg, Tembisa and has been keeping the fires burning for that part of the world. It is bruhaha worth noting that according to Hip Hop annals the east has always been known for its talent in breeding live instrumentation oriented bands such as Impande Core, The Brother Moves On, Future History and Passport. When pitted against their west rand counterparts in the rhythm and poetry realm such as Social Commentary Forum, 3rd Wave, Siya Shezi and Dark Spark; they have always fallen 16 bars short.


Nominated in the same category with mainstream busters such as Kuli Chana, Reason, PRO and proverb, Last Days Fam has in an uncanny way been given a nod for their skill set (fresh from dusty kerbs) as messengers of the great word to heathens – according to hip hop lore. The overarching reason to that would be that they have amassed a fan base where television cameras and radio microphones don’t reach. Charting the humble beginnings of these wordsmiths, one would has to sieve through the rubble of their performances at venues such as The Drill Hall (the rear end of Joburg CBD), early days of Back To The City before uptown mall rats caught on and spoken word factories such as Likwid Tongue.


‘The Fam’ have had a few gobsamcking releases in their day with singles such as ‘Doin’ it right’ and ‘Still here’ being top of mind to their followers. In the wake of the SAMAs, their album Eternal Effect has poised them to being more accessible to audiences. Other accolades include “the best group of the year” award in the second annual MTN Hype Music Awards for 2009 and a distribution agreement with SoulCandiRecords. Amid this romp of acknowledgements, their most memorable feature/project to date is the SOS Backpackers Mixtapes, which was collaboration with kindred acts from the east like Sake Of Skill and Substance.


Refreshing as it is to be part of the SAMAs, Last Days Fam are representative of deeper roots. They are proof that genuine dedication to Hip Hop as an art form is not necessarily a turn off to masses; I mean why else would they be nominated for a SAMA? Their shoulders carry a yolk which if unraveled will pelt out artistry that word weavers such as Groundworxx, Audio Visual,Hueman, Basemental Platform, Sifiso Sudan, Ngwenya, Vikinduku,Mr. Devious,  Archetypes and Hymphatic Thabs can sure be traced back to. It might be a miniscule feat on the night of pomp and romp, but to the ‘heads’ it will be an astronomical leap.


Till the last days


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