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See who’s taken over from Queen B at Metro FM

Posted by radio On April - 10 - 2017

Interview – Lerato & Dineo


METROFM: We’re here today with Lerato & Dineo right after the very first episode of The Bridge, ladies, how did it go?

Dineo: Good, good.

Lerato: AMA-ZING! How can you say good [laughs], I’m kidding, but come now [laughs again]


Dineo: You see guys how I get bullied on this show [laughs even louder]


Dineo & Lerato: Good is not good enough [both laugh]


Dineo: No, but seriously, good is an understatement. It went so well. We’re both very happy with the show and with our atmosphere. We’re working the studio together and just so glad to be killing it together.


METROFM: And you know, there is a production team, helping out bring the new show to the fans. Can you give us an idea about the structure of the show, the content and what the future holds?


Dineo: Well we’re sitting with what can only be called a very good problem in that we have too much content. We’ve got content overload and right now with the show being new it still has a lot of older features that cannot be moved or edited just yet. So we’re still finding ways to usher in the newness without destabilising what was…


Lerato: So the first hour of the show is very much about user interaction and then the second hour of the show is very chilled but still based on that user engagement, for instance, users own the playlists and they can select their own songs etc.


Dineo: And we still put content out there that the fans can still engage with. I think in the future we’ll probably see some more consistency in the structure of the show vs what it is now and I think it’s accurate to state that we’ll likely still find there is a bit of an evolution to play out.


Lerato: Absolutely! I think you may find the show getting a little more informative and especially if you continue listening through the week you’ll find a few more new features making their way into the show.


METROFM: Cool! So in wrapping up what do you think of the new website and it’s new features such as the live chat. Do you think it’s going to add a new dimension to the show?


Lerato & Dineo: Absolutely it will!

Lerato: Yeah, I mean, during #AskAMan there were a lot of people talking and chatting to us through the live chat functionality and it’s definitely going to give more power to the user in terms of how they choose to interact with us.


Dineo: And it gives the production team a good opportunity to come up with content around new features such as on Friday we have a hottie coming in who is going to be manning the live chat feature. You know a celebrity hottie who will have to do whatever the listeners ask…


Lerato: Well not everything [laughs]


Dineo: Yes, not everything! [both laughing] But this person is going to talk to the fans and it should be fun.


Lerato: And it’s just one of the new features we’ll be phasing in over the course of the new week. So there’s lots that the fans can expect over the coming days and weeks. We’re both very excited.


METROFM: Ok, thanks for your time ladies and congrats on the new show, great name by the way!



[Source: Metrofmblog]

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