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Sizwe Zako, Dr. Thomas Chauke and the late Johannes Kerkorrel (Ralph John Rabie); legendary musical icons who have left indelible marks across multiple music genres over the decades, will receive the MTN SAMA 19 Lifetime Achievement Award sponsored by Amstel which comes with a cash prize of R15 000 at the 19th Annual MTN South African Music Awards (MTN SAMA 19) at the Sun City Superbowl.


“Sizwe Zako, Dr. Thomas Chauke and Ralph John Rabie (posthumously) are irreplaceable pillars in South African music and their significant contributions to the arts can never be underestimated and they are truly deserving of this honour”, said MTN SAMA CEO Nhlanhla Sibisi. These three very talented recipients showcased their music to the whole world and proved to be amongst the most successful musical exports that South Africa has ever produced.


“As Amstel we believe in taking time for the things that really matter, and for those artists who have taken their time and achieved the pinnacle of success in music there is only one award, the MTN SAMA Lifetime Achievement Award which brings this belief to life. All three worthy recipients have shown that when you love what you do, and you take your time to be the best you can be, greatness in inevitable,” Lizeanne Kronk, Brand Manager Amstel Lager.


Johannes Kerkorrel (Ralph John Rabie) is a posthumous recipient of the award and was a prominent icon of the alternative Afrikaans music scene. He was a significant player in the vibrant cultural movement that sprung up during the 1980’s as popular resistance to apartheid gathered momentum. Johannes Kerkorrel was a true African in every sense of the word. He promoted the concept of a rainbow nation even before the term was coined. He wrote songs that made you realise that you had certain emotions that you never knew you had and encapsulated a true South Africaness.


Johannes Kerkorrel passed away at the age of 42, on 12 November 2002. The country that had alternately loved and loathed, repelled and inspired him, celebrated his life in a wave of tributes. Sizwe Zako is a household name throughout the Southern African region. His obsession is to continue making great music and, in the process, unearth a galaxy of musicians whose fortunes are changed for the better.


The array of superstars that have benefited from his well-crafted designs and innovations as a keyboard player, a composer, a producer, owner of a studio with the best technology and a record company, include the late Vuyo Mokoena, Ebony, Pastor Khaya Mayedwa, Rebecca Malope and Peter Mokoena. These are not the only artists that have confirmed Zako as a genius. Of course, there are many others.


If anybody can be accredited with harnessing the genre of gospel music in Mzansi – which has exploded like showers of blessings – it is Sizwe Zako. For what seems like a lifetime Dr. Thomas Chauke na Shinyori Sisters have been in the forefront of Shangaan/Tsonga music. In a career spanning over 32 years, Thomas Chauke has released over 30 albums under his flagship: Shimatsatsa meaning ‘a beautiful woman’ which has earned him cumulative sales in excess of two million and more South African Music Awards in the Tsonga Traditional category than any other musician.


Born in Salema Village, Limpopo; Thomas Chauke releases a new album annually which every time goes on to reach Gold, Platinum or Double Platinum status. When it comes to Tsonga Traditional music, there is no-one who can match Thomas Chauke’s gift and achievements. Thomas has added his unique voice to a music genre that is beloved in his home region of Limpopo Province.


Sizwe Zako, Dr. Thomas Chauke and Ralph John Rabie will be honoured during the MTN SAMA 19 ceremony on Friday 10 May 2013 at Sun City’s Royal Ballroom which will be broadcast by SABC 1 at a later stage.

Tickets for the main awards show on Saturday 11 May 2013 are available at Computicket. Please visit the official website for further details –

Catch the Live Streaming experience on your mobile phone (

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Comfortable Turn At The First Avenue

Posted by radio On April - 4 - 2013 ADD COMMENTS

[By: Kagiso Mnisi]


Consider a show that amalgamates one of the personalities to first ever dare play a local hip hop song on national radio. The first to command mass appeal in the youth of his generation from the days of Bop radio and then continue on a more grandiose scale at Metro FM throughout the rest of his career. But then the alchemy just would not measure up if he was not joined by a former  Y-generation star whose run at the regional youth station was representative of the urban bohemia of the early 2000s. Now that is a perfect dose to liven up the dreariest of mornings. 


In bluntness it means that most listeners’ eye cracks are being wiped by Glen Lewis and Unathi Msengana on Metro FM’s breakfast show, The First Avenue, if those calibrations are gotten right. No longer up-starts of years gone by, the two now give a show aimed at the young at heart and career ladder climbing young professionals alike.


Just as any show garnered for a difference in opinion as the two have constantly displayed, a buffer to smooth things out is well needed. This comes byway of the composed Melanie Bala who has evolved plentifold from her 90s stint as a starry eyed host of the music show Studio Mix. Bala acts as mediator and resident news breaker on the show, which if considering market and format, she trumps even some of the trusted voices in news delivery and verification active in the medium.


Glen Lewis’ presence at Metro FM has been a journey of twist and turns, the personality however boasts a tenure that most can only dream of in the radio space. His musical sensibility also reached a zenith whilst being part of the Metro team with the release of various house compilations and a season long appearance on local soapie Muvhango. His role as a lead figure in The First Avenue has marked remnants similar to his route on radio; this is seen in the steady (and now admirable) appeal to the station’s audience which SA Advertising Research Foundation found that it significantly contributed to the overall 5,9million listenership. Not having peaked on the MTN Radio awards roster makes for an interesting debate as to whether the shows needs a of trophy validation to prove that it is doing something right. The answer would be a stark no; The First Avenue plays by rules that apply to a self-fostered attitude.


Teams of three on morning drive shows are a mere song but an addition of another makes them a gospel to abide by during troubled early hours. The forth element in the show comes in the form of sports presenter, Sizwe Mabena who has to hold the stations flag high when competing with other commentators about developing matters on the field.


However the main anchors have had their own fair share of woes career wise, it is a notably remembered lore that Glen Lewis exchanged airwave blows with DJ Fresh during the latter’s YFM era. Their spat was a wave of giggle worthy parodies about each other on who has the bragging rights to alpha maledom when behind the mic. But like two warring rappers would bob and weave against each other through heated slander in the public eye, nobody knows the beginning and end of what is genuinely personal or gimmick for sake upping ratings. In Unathi’s case, a refusal to host a show on Women’s day at the command of her then station manager, Bondo Ntuli, at YFM was laid bare on tabloid pages.



The First Avenue has put the two in a stasis of rejuvenation with the evocation that there is no longer nothing to lose (for now). The show’s features have a healthy mix of structured tone, charisma and where needs be a purposefully whimsical value add for the listeners. A feature such as ‘Today In History’, is one that has been pummeled to death on radio shows across the board, in the wake of the fun fair that is The First Avenue, it is greased with light conversation drivers such an announcement by the team a few odd shows ago that a particular day was commemorated as a ‘No Gossip Day.’ That is the precise dosage that has kept ears listening, one with palatable chemistry. It may have been a slip and slide career for the main anchors but their latest formula renders them comfortable and with no immediate contender depriving them of glorious sleep at night. For in the morning all those who have come full circle are going one way, straight to The First Avenue.


The First Avenue comes alive every morning on weekdays from 06:00 – 09:00

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Eusebius MacKaiser, the new doyen

Posted by radio On April - 4 - 2013 ADD COMMENTS

[By: Kagiso Mnisi]


Brainy is the new sexy! You would expect a glossy to splash such a puffy headline when speculating trends. Maybe even have a cover-style smile of Rhodes and Oxford educated Eusebius Mckaiser on it to give the story mileage. Mackaiser is best known for his Talk At Nine show on 702 where he has put many a guest to cerebral task with his questions. His nomination for news and actuality presenter (commercial radio) at the MTN radio awards comes at a ripe time concurrent to his best seller, A Bantu In My Bathroom, at reputable book stores. The book gives his insight into race, sexuality and other uncomfortable issues in this here land.



Talk At Nine is for those night owls who would rather give TV a wide berth to listen into relevant topics affecting the country. As a slave to philosophy, Eusebius bolsters reasoning in the show’s make up for an analytical and at times contentious experience. This same gusto made him all the more likeable to a ‘thinking’ television audience when he presented Interface on SABC 3. His departure from the show had many lingering questions one being whether he was too much of a hot potato for the national broadcaster. His way of clearing the air via was that “the SABC wanted to pay me a mere R4 000 monthly wages, that is R1000 per show as producer/presenter. So I had no choice but to resign.” Beyond the money aspect an incident of a cabinet minister and NPA spokesperson report to the SABC that Mckaiser ‘disrespected’ them after an on air grill, gave presenter credibility to peers. What else is a commentator to do if not hold power to account?


As a bibliophile, Mackaiser’s show has a feature known as The Literature Corner where he invites guests to chat about literary work. During one of these he once had Bongani Madondo to talks about a mutual respect and love they both have for late author Sello K. Duiker. The parallels in this are that Duiker was a Rhodes scholar just as MacKaiser and long time ‘literary sparring partner’ to Madondo. Eusebius Mackaiser’s appreciation for literature extends beyond the cosmetic into a realm of genuine involvement such as giving talks about its significance for the development of a nation.


Not one to be cagey about self-awareness, he has in many media appearances voiced that he is part of an educated middle class and as journalist Karima Brown said, “a champion” of it. The local media space seldomly or frankly never has personalities who are able to position themselves as brainyacks who can still party. If his tweeter timeline is anything to write home about, the man does exactly that with references to popular material, when taking not giving his followers the general political dose he excels in.


As a contender to John Perlman and David O’ Sullivan for the MTN Radio Awards, the new brainy is making enough noises to clinch himself a title. He is in so many ways ‘the guy to keep an eye on’ and a first to the local media space. Face it!



A day after this story was conceived, Eusebius Mackaiser announced that he will no longer be part of 702 and will join the soon to be launched Power fm SA



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[By: Kgomotso Moncho]


There used to be a time when there was something called: South African Music Week. This was a campaign that had local radio stations playing more South African music than usual. This was seen by many as a disgrace that local music was allocated a week of celebration in its own country.


The South African Music Week does not exist any more, but the debate about whether there’s enough local music content being played on South African radio, is still ongoing. On the one hand you have artists complaining that they’re not getting airplay and on the other the radio industry continues to defend itself against these complaints, with some saying radio is doing far more than it’s been given credit for.


In the middle of this seems to be an un-nurtured relationship between radio and music industry professionals; the argument on whether South African artists produce the quality and quantity of music required for radio airplay and a discussion on whether or not radio stations meet the differing  local music quotas stipulated in their licenses by Icasa. And then there are the questions: what do the listeners really want; does radio inform what they want, inherently influencing what they have come to want? What about heritage restoration? Does that in any way inform the reason behind putting local music on radio?


Over the last few years there has been a moderate increase in the amount of local music being played on radio. This has been influenced by a number of things. Community radio station Tuks FM has always been about playing local first and has made a name for itself for putting local rock bands on the map. Marketing Executive at Tuks FM, Tony Graham says, “Our licence says that we have to play a minimum of 40% local music. That’s never been a problem for us and we always play way more than that.”


Radio 2000 is one of a few radio stations playing relatively more local music. “As a facility based PBS station our local content quota is 60% local music,” says the station’s programmes manager, Siyanda Fikelepi.


With the ongoing emergence of good contemporary artists such as Zonke and Lulu Dikana, Zahara, Maleh, Lira, Kabomo, Afrotraction, Toya Delazy and others, radio stations have had to put their quality music on air.


House music has become very popular in the country, making South Africa one of the biggest markets of the genre and local artists and producers have taken advantage of this. Producers who used to just compile international house hits are now taking to producing original music. This has given rise more local house music productions with the likes of Mi Casa taking things further by adding a live element. 


Adil More who presents the Metro FM Experience, a chart show on Saturday afternoons, says his show is a window into what the Metro FM sound is about. “Close to 60 to 70% of the music in the chart show is national music. The best part about this is that many of the artists on the chart go on to be nominated in the Metro FM Music Awards,” he says.


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The finalists in the Station of the Year, the My Station Awards, and the various nomination categories for the 4th Annual MTN Radio Awards have been announced. Chairman of the MTN Radio Awards, Rich Mkhondo says: “The overall quality of entries and the strength of the nominations made our task of selecting the finalists extremely tough. I am sure that there will be huge celebrations when the winners are announced at the Gala Dinner on 13th April.”


MTN Radio Awards CEO, Lance Rothschild says: “There were some extremely interesting revelations in the My Station voting category, the category where listeners vote via SMS for their favourite station. We received many exceptional nominations for the Hall of Fame and for The Bright Stars. I am confident that the most deserving of the nominees have been selected and will be recognized, and acknowledged in this year’s MTN Radio Awards.”


“I am really looking forward to acknowledging all the winners at the MTN Radio Awards,” says Serame Taukobong, Chief Marketing Officer of MTN SA. “We are proud of our sponsorship of these awards as I believe that these awards benefit the entire industry, and most importantly, they benefit radio listeners.”


The Gala Banquet will take place at the Sandton Convention Centre on Saturday 13th April.



The Finalists


Hall of Fame:


  • Jeremy Mansfield – Retired Breakfast Show Host
  • Khotso Nkhatho – Executive Producer of Drama at Lesedi FM
  • David Ramekosi – Radio Pulpit Producer and Presenter
  • Saffee Siddiqui – (deceased) Presenter on Lotus FM
  • Zwelakhe Sisulu – (deceased) Former CEO of the SABC
  • Terry Volkwyn – CEO Primedia Broadcasting




  • Seema Diahnan – East Coast Radio
  • Nick Efstathiou – OFM
  • Tshepo Makhubela – VOW FM
  • Rayhaanah Omar – Radio Islam
  • Nonala Tose – Umhlobo Wenene FM


Lifetime Achiever


  • To be announced on 13 April 2013 at the gala event


My Station Award – Most Votes


Ligwalagwala FM Motsweding FM Radio Tygerberg Ukhozi FM uMhlobo Wenene FM


My Station Award – Most Loyal Listeners


LENZ FM Mix 93.8 FM Radio Islam Radio Pretoria Tuks FM


Station of the Year – Campus


MFM 92.6 PUK fm 93.6 Tuks FM    


Station of the Year – Community


Impact Radio 103 FM Radio Khwezi Radio Islam Radio Tygerberg  


Station of the Year – PBS


Lotus FM Munghana Lonene FM SAfm Ukhozi FM uMhlobo Wenene FM


Station of the Year – Commercial


567 Cape Talk 5FM East Coast Radio Kaya FM 95.9 Talk Radio 702







Source: MTN Radio Awards

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5 Years; 5 Towns; 5 Celebrations!

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[Issued by: Trufm]


TruFM is celebrating its fifth year of existence on 2 April 2013. Like any other 5 year old they plan to be loud and proud about this exciting time. “Trufm is turning five and there are a number of reasons that call for serious celebrations. The station has increased its listener base from 246 000 to 299 000. The team at the station has worked hard to make sure that when the station celebrates its fifth birthday, we also celebrate the growth in listenership. The 2nd of April is a very important date for the station and we invite you to join the celebration and make sure that you listen for great giveaways.” said Thobeka Buswana, trufm Station Manager.


The station is running a trufan competition where listeners are requested to send their photos doing something with or for the station which proves that they truly are a fan of trufm, a trufan. Five fans will be called live on-air throughout the day on Tuesday 2 April and awarded with prizes for their undying loyalty towards the station. The five fans will also be VIP guests at the station celebrations.


The five celebrations will be a combination of three outside broadcasts and two events. The three OBs will be in Emazizini (12th) Mdantsane (13th) and Phumlani (26th). The broadcasts will be an opportunity for the station to give back to the communities that have supported trufm through this five year journey. Five families in need will be identified through an on-air campaign and awarded with grocery vouchers. The trufm broadcast area is fairly rural with listener needs ranging from education to jobs as well as basic home necessities. Groceries were identified as a way that the station can assist with this campaign.


The two events will be held in Queenstown (20th) and King Williams Town (27th). The station will have a Queenstown takeover where trufm will be seen broadcasting at different venues from the 18th as a build up to the main event which will be at the Indoor Sports Centre on the 20th. On the 27th the station will conclude its birthday month with an event at King Williams Town’s Botanical Gardens. Local artists are encouraged to contact Busi Mbatsha at the station for an opportunity to showcase their talent at both the Queenstown and King Williams Town events on 20 and 27 April respectively. The two days promise to be fun filled with many performances; prizes and interactions with the station’s presenters that the listeners love so much.


“It is very important for the station to go out and interact with the listeners we speak to on a daily basis and value so much. We want to share this exciting time with the people who make us who we are as a station. The station truly is nothing without its listeners.” Commented Sbongi Ngcobo, the Marketing Manager of Trufm.
The station encourages everyone to come out and have fun as we celebrate 5 years of broadcasting like no one else.

Keep it locked to 89.9 – 104.1fm for more details.



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South African International Music Mobility Fund

Call For Proposals

The South African International Music Mobility Fund (SAIMMF) is a joint one-year funding programme established by the SAMRO Foundation and the British Council. The SAIMMF offers opportunities for professional musicians and music industry professionals in South Africa to build links with artists, organisations and/or music professionals in neighbouring SADC countries and the UK. The programme is designed to support musicians and music professionals with an established practice in South Africa, but who have carried out little or no work internationally. 


The fund is designed to help musicians and music industry professionals build on already established domestic success and develop connections, markets and audiences in South Africa’s neighbouring countries and UK for their work.


The programme is open to individuals and organizations: 

who have received recognition for their work in South Africa

who do not have extensive international experience

whose work will benefit from launching better international networks –either musically/creatively or in terms of developing an audience for their work

who can demonstrate an interest in their work from an overseas partner or host.    


How much money can you ask for?

You may request up to ZAR 40,000. This amount must not exceed 80% of the total costs of the project. In exceptional cases, the grant may cover the entire eligible costs of the project if this is deemed essential to carry it out. If that is the case, the applicant must justify the request for full financing in the grant application form.


Who may request the grants?

Grants for individuals are available to: musicians, managers, promoters, producers, agents, groups (one member will need to take the lead and have the main responsibility for managing the application and any grant). All people participating in the project must be over 18 years old.      


Grants for organisations are available to: music organisations and businesses (both for profit and non-profit), record labels, agencies, forums, associations, partnerships, local, regional and national organisations, groups of organisations (one will need to take the lead and have the main responsibility for managing the application and any grant).


For more information and how to apply please visit: or alternatively


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Zandile Nzalo talks radio

Posted by radio On April - 2 - 2013 ADD COMMENTS

[By Kgomotso Moncho]


The name Zandile Nzalo may conjure up different descriptions from different people.  Although, the common thread may be the respect she commands in her stride. Those who’ve been in her presence will recognise the grace and poise with which she conducts herself.


This grace and poise seems to flow over into her fierce business acumen in the communications sector. But many will know and remember Zandile Nzalo for being part of the Radio Bop (Bophuthatswana) generation of broadcasters who may well have laid the foundation for the young black talent we now see across the English broadcasting landscape.


She is in there with the likes of Nothemba Madumo and Kgomotso Moeketsi and she is also included in the judging panel of the MTN Radio Awards.   With over 20 years experience in the media, Nzalo has worked as a producer and presenter for numerous broadcasters including SABC Radio and TV, Radio Bop, Bop TV, 702 Talk Radio and MNet.


She is currently the founder and managing director of Zanenza Communications, a business she established in August 2002. The company specializes in strategy development, public relations, event management and radio and television production.


Her business portfolio includes her having been General Manager of the MNet’s Channel O; Media director for LoveLife; CEO for the Association for Communications and Advertising and Acting CEO at the Indalo Yethu Trust.


She serves on a number of boards including the Council of the University of Johannesburg; the Gauteng Film Commission and Bokamoso Investment Trust. This is the third year she is judging in the MTN Radio Awards. And she sees this as an opportunity to gauge how radio is growing in this country.


“The MTN Radio Awards play an important role as they encourage new talent and help in the development of new talent. You can only get better when you’re recognised for what you do. Similarly this leads to the growth of the industry as advertisers see and recognise the power of radio and its wider reach,” says Nzalo.

In her observations of radio broadcasting, she feels a lot is not being done to give broadcasters extensive training. She speaks in her capacity as a product of Radio Bop, which was the training ground for many of the veteran black broadcasters in English led stations now.

“I remember I was given six to eight weeks of technical training alone, this before we got to on air training. That is how serious Radio Bop was about skilling their presenters. It’s a travesty these days that young people are not given the same kind of training. It is up to radio station managers to cultivate talent and an all rounded broadcaster, one who can conduct an interview intelligently and apply their mind,” she says.


Her experience allows her to practice her freedom of choice. She is able to decide in two minutes whether she’s taken in by a presenter or not, and she can switch to another station if she feels. The fact that she has these choices is what she loves about radio in South Africa. It is broad and diverse. She appreciates new talent and rates Siki Mgabadeli as one of the broadcasters she enjoys.


Although the MTN Radio Awards adjudicating process works with specialized criteria, Nzalo also gets to use her personal discretion. “Content is very important, as well as how a show is prepared. I have judged on current affairs and talk radio and here research is key. A broadcaster should be able to represent society’s views. A good music show should also have an interesting interaction with the listener. It needs preparation, relevance and societal content,” she says.

These below are the categories that Zandile Nzalo is responsible for in the MTN Radio Awards:

Breakfast Show – Commercial

Breakfast Show – PBS

Breakfast Show Presenter – Commercial

Breakfast Show Presenter – PBS

Business and Finance Show – None

Community Presenter – Community

Community Project – Community

Community Project – Commercial

Community Project – PBS

Community Project – Campus

Promotions Event – Community

Promotions Event – Commercial

Promotions Event – PBS

Promotions Event – Campus





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5FM rings changes in line-up

Posted by radio On March - 29 - 2013 ADD COMMENTS

[Issued by: 5fm]




From Monday 1 April 2013, you’ll hear the voices of 3 new 5FM DJs. 5FM is known to attract the best radio talent and are exceptionally proud to have Stephanie B, Ms Cosmo and Justin Toerien join the music powerhouse.


Proud Capetonian, Stephanie B, joins 5FM to host the 10pm–1am slot from Mondays to Thursdays, replacing the 5FM Power Nites shows. The vibrant Stephanie B is passionate about music and will bring you brand new 5FM tracks!


Ms Cosmo is arguably the hottest up-and-coming hip hop DJ in South Africa. She’ll be delivering a unique hip hop experience to you on Sunday nights, 10pm – 1am.


Joburg-based Justin Toerien started his career on campus radio and is a well-known voice on Regional radio. Justin joins us in the early morning slot on weekends from 1am – 4am.


It’s also great to have with us a new weekend newsreader, Vic Naidoo.





5FM’s formidable daytime line-up of Gareth Cliff on 5FM Mornings (6-9am), Rob Forbes and Fix (9am-12pm), Rob Vember (12-3pm), The Fresh Drive (3-7pm) and The Roger Goode Radio Show (7–10pm) will continue to deliver edgy music and unique personalities exclusive to 5FM.


Weekends still kick-start with Thomas Msengana and the Weekend Breakfast team (7–10am).





Due to popular demand, The Ultimix Weekend Edition – hosted by DJ Euphonik on Saturdays – gets an extra hour from 6-10pm (previously 7-10pm). That means more top class music entertainment getting you into Saturday night party vibe. (Live) 5 with Catherine Grenfell now takes up the hour between 5pm and 6pm.


5FM’s Beats by Demand (Sunday live request show, 10am-2pm) will find an extended home in The Fresh Drive, using mobile technology.


With Stephanie B now on at 10pm-1am Monday to Thursday, Angela Gaustella’s show now starts at 1am, ending at 4am, with Nicole Da Silva taking the reigns from 4-6am.



NEW LINE-UP (from Monday 1 April):


Monday to Thursday:

01:00 – 04:00 – Angela Gaustella

04:00 – 06:00 – Nicole Da Silva

06:00 – 09:00 – Gareth Cliff on 5FM Mornings

09:00 – 12:00 – Rob Forbes and Fix

12:00 – 15:00 – Rob Vember

15:00 – 19:00 – The Fresh Drive

19:00 – 22:00 – The Roger Goode Show

22:00 – 01:00 – Stephanie B



01:00 – 04:00 – Angela Gaustella

04:00 – 06:00 – Nicole Da Silva

06:00 – 09:00 – Gareth Cliff on 5FM Mornings

09:00 – 12:00 – Rob Forbes and Fix

12:00 – 15:00 – Rob Vember

15:00 – 19:00 – The Fresh Drive

19:00 – 22:00 – The Roger Goode Show

22:00 – 01:00 – The Shakedown with DJ Milkshake



01:00 – 04:00 – Justin Toerien

04:00 – 07:00 – Dineo Lusenga

07:00 – 10:00 – 5FM Weekend Breakfast with Thomas Msengana

10:00 – 14:00 – 5FM Top 40 with Sureshnie Rider 

14:00 – 17:00 – Krazy Boy Weekends with KB

17:00 – 18:00 – (Live)5 with Catherine Grenfell 

18:00 – 22:00 – Ultimix Weekend Edition with Euphonik

22:00 – 01:00 – Saturday Night Fix with Fix 



01:00 – 04:00 – Justin Toerien

04:00 – 07:00 – Dineo Lusenga

07:00 – 10:00 – 5FM Weekend Breakfast with Thomas Msengana

10:00 – 14:00 – Beats By Demand with Bongi Mbelu

14:00 – 17:00 – Krazy Boy Weekends with KB

17:00 – 19:00 – Poppy Ntshongwana

19:00 – 22:00 – My House with Euphonik

22:00 – 01:00 – Ms Cosmo 



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McKaiser exits 702 as Talk@Nine gets a new host

Posted by radio On March - 28 - 2013 ADD COMMENTS

[Issued by: Talk Radio 702]


Talk Radio 702 and 567 CapeTalk have announced that respected news and radio personality, John Webb will be hosting Talk@Nine from Sunday, 31 March 2013.


Webb replaces the current host, Eusebius McKaiser, who has resigned. John Webb started with Talk Radio 702 as a reporter in the newsroom in 1999. He spent five years covering some of the biggest stories of the time including stints in the Congo and Iraq. He also hosted a Sunday afternoon current affairs show called Webb’s World on the station.


Webb moved on to Carte Blanche, where he honed his journalistic and broadcasting skills before spending some time in Ireland where he worked for a sports broadcaster. He returned to South Africa in February this year.


“I am thrilled to be offered the Talk@Nine show and to have this opportunity to engage with a vibrant audience,” said Webb. 702 Station Manager, Pheladi Gwangwa has thanked Eusebius for hosting Talk@Nine and wished him well for his future plans.


The change will be effective from Sunday 31 March 2013. Aubrey Masango will continue to present Talk@Nine on Friday nights. Talk@Nine broadcasts on Talk Radio 702 and 567 CapeTalk on weeknights and Sundays from 21h00 to 24h00.


For media queries, please contact Pippa Rowles on 082 365 6732 or e-mail

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SABC make two senior appointments

In line with its commitment to ensuring organisation stability, financial recovery, and sound governance, the South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC) […]

Jozi FM joins United Stations stable

United Stations has been appointed with immediate effect, as the exclusive national sales partner of choice, for 22 year old […]

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 5FM’s Station Manager wins Veuve Clicquot Elle Boss Award

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