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ICASA Extends The Closing Dates For Commercial Broadcasting Licenses

Posted by radio On June - 27 - 2012 Comments Off on ICASA Extends The Closing Dates For Commercial Broadcasting Licenses


Johannesburg – The Independent Communications Authority of South Africa hereby informs the media and all interested stakeholders of the extension in relation to the published Invitations To Apply (ITAs) to provide commercial sound broadcasting services in the Primary and Secondary Markets.

The closing date for the Primary Markets applications has been extended from 04 July 2012 to 22 August 2012; while the submission date for Secondary Markets applications has been extended from 27 June 2012 to 27 August 2012.

In terms of the Primary Markets licensing process, the Authority intends to award two licenses to applicants in the geographical markets of Gauteng, two in the metropolitan areas of and around Durban and a further two licenses in the metropolitan areas of and around Cape Town. The frequencies to be licensed for Primary Markets are on the Medium Wave band. With regard to the Secondary Markets licensing process, the Authority intends to award one license to the successful applicant in the Northern Cape, two in Free State and one in the Eastern Cape Provinces.

This extension will go a long way in assisting all prospective applicants to gather as much information as possible in support of their applications.

For media enquiries please contact:
Paseka Maleka
011 566 3455
079 509 0702

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Metro FM Involved in Latest BCCSA Case

Posted by radio On June - 24 - 2012 Comments Off on Metro FM Involved in Latest BCCSA Case


Date of hearing: 24 May 2012

Sixholo (Complainant) VS SABC Metro (Respondent)


Hate speech based on gender – repetition of degrading joke amounting to advocacy of hatred – Sixholo v SABC2 Case No: 22/2012 BCTSA

The summary of the case reads:


The repetition of a joke on Metro FM which degraded women was held to have amounted to hate speech as a result of the repetition thereof as a promo. The SABC was reprimanded for the contravention


The complaint to the BCCSA includes the following:


“The complaint is based on material that was broadcast today 26 March 2012, (and other days before this) on Metro fM on the Tbo Touch show between 17:00-18:00pm. The material is a promotional clip that promotes the Tbo touch show where their regular caller, Mnr Van Niekerk, says that he will never be with a woman who has been with a Venda / Tsonga man because “sleeping with her would be like putting a stick in the Kimberly hole”. This clip is racist and promotes negative ethnicity based stereotypes regarding black Venda men. Furthermore it is degrading and demeaning to women’s dignity and offensive. As a woman I am so humiliated by this clip. Whilst I understand that Metro FM cannot be held accountable for caller’s views, I am appalled that they have been repeatedly playing that clip to promote the Tbo touch show. Please assist in getting the clip off the airways.

After full consideration of the impact of the repetition of the clip, the conclusion reached reads:

The SABC argued that, as the BCCSA ruling pointed out, the promo complained about was not intended to cause offence, but was rather meant to be understood in the same light-hearted manner expressed by the original caller. The Complainant indicated at the hearing that she was comfortable with the promo having been removed once the complaint had been lodged. The presenter also tendered his apology to her personally at the hearing for any offence that the promo may have caused her. The presenter has indicated his regret about repeating the call as a promo, and the station has also drawn from the matter a lesson concerning the impact of such actions – which lesson will be shared with all presenters to avoid a recurrence of any similar incident.


To read the full judgment, visit:

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Avusa Media LIVE breaks records

Posted by radio On June - 22 - 2012 Comments Off on Avusa Media LIVE breaks records

Strong content and innovation in the new structure of Avusa Media LIVE (AML) have resulted in the  AML team producing strong traffic and exceeding expectations across the board.  AML recorded a record month by reaching 2,097,317 unique browsers and 30,487,069 page views locally across their network in May 2012.    “It’s been a good year, we have realised efficiencies throughout the business and there is great content and user engagement on a scale never seen before,” says Derek Abdinor, General Manager of AML.

Sowetan LIVE saw a growth of 17% in their Unique Browsers, and their Page Views grew to nearly 15 million in May.  The Sowetan LIVE audience is one of the most engaging news sites in South Africa with users spending an average of 10:33 minutes on site per session.

Times LIVE recorded a record growth of 25% to 622,792 Unique Browsers and 27% to 5,528,052 Page Views respectively.  The growth can be attributed to strong breaking news on Times LIVE. Times LIVE Twitter (@TimesLIVE) has reached more than 50,000 followers.

Sport LIVE launched their LIVE Score Centre in April and is already proving highly popular with local and domestic audiences.  Sport LIVE recorded 63,846 Unique Browsers and 431,930 Page Views in May 2012.  This shows a growth of 32% on Unique Browsers and 48% on Page Views.  “Sport LIVE grew by 32 percent when our live scoring and commentary was picked up locally and overseas during the PSL and Champion League games” says Reuben Goldberg, Editor of Sport LIVE.

Marc Hershowitz, Sales and Commercial Manager, points out that “The industry has reacted very favourably and our reputation for innovation not only from an advertising and creative perspective but from a user perspective has been rewarded.  This is a talented team that is producing strong results internally and externally.

Issued by: Avusa Media Live

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Letter of Retraction

Posted by radio On June - 22 - 2012 2 COMMENTS

Radiobiz regrets the error in publishing the article “Kagiso Media Rebrands to Grounded Media”. The article reported that Kagiso Media had changed its name to Grounded Media, mistaking the fact that Kagiso Media and Kagiso TV & Communication are in fact two separate companies.

The article intended to report that the former Kagiso TV & Communications now functions as “Grounded Media” and that the new name is simply part of a rebranding process. Grounded Media is an independent, integrated communications specialist with expertise in the social development sector.

Kagiso Media Limited (the company), is not under the process of rebranding. The company is a black-owned and managed investment holding company with interests in substantial media assets through its subsidiaries, joint ventures and associates.

On behalf of the organizations involved, Radiobiz humbly apologizes for the error and confusion, and emphasizes that the basis of the retraction is not based on fabrication, but on the confusion of reporting about two separate companies.

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Up Close and Personal With Qhubani ‘Qness’ Ndlovu

Posted by radio On June - 18 - 2012 Comments Off on Up Close and Personal With Qhubani ‘Qness’ Ndlovu

By Helen Phushela


Music is the back drop of Qhubani Andile Ndlovu’s life. Known as DJ Qness, Qhubani he was born in the Vaal, where his love for production and music started. People struggled pronounce his name Qhubani, and so the name ‘Qness’ was born.  The local producer founded his company ‘Native Soul Productions’ in 2008 when he released “Fungama Unamathe” under  his stable. It was then that Qhubani “Qness” Ndluvu made his first appearance with his first debut single titled “fungama unamathe”, which rocked dance floors across South Africa; the single was featured on DJ Mbusos “Phezulu Selections Volume2.


Qhubani fell in-love with music and sounds at the tender age of 14 when his parents got him a piano for his birthday. “I was self-taught. I used to rush back home from school, while other kids were rushing to parks and soccer fields. I would be in my parent’s dining room playing the piano.” His first performance was in high school, where he was an RnB singer for a boy band. He then moved to hip hop with the band, where he became the producer.  He went on to study information Technology and Programming, where he got exposed to the likes of Mbuso and Oskido’s music. In 2005 the production industry was booming with producers popping everywhere.  Qhubani was one of the many hopefuls who were looking for a big break.


Qhubani looks back on his Vaal days as the stepping stone to his career today. “There is no typical day in the life of a producer because each day is different”, he says. He gives us a run through his day, which he says starts with a prayer, then meeting with artists from his stable ‘Native Soul Music’. He emphasizes that his day is incomplete without his family and most importantly his son, Loyiso.


South African producers have clearly upped their standards these past two years, where we have been witness to major club bangers and quality beats, some of which emerge from local studios and labels such as Native Soul. However, Qhubani feels that as South Africans, we still haven’t capitalized on our own sound. “I feel like we are failing to come up with a signature sound, that can be recognised globally and also elevate our local artists to international level”, he says. The world is waiting for South Africa to bring its own sound to events such as the Miami Invasion, with talent such as Qhubani, that shouldn’t be long.


Qhubani has hit the big time after hard work, perseverance, and support. When asked for the formula as to how one can be a producer he humbly replies, “there is no formula to becoming a producer other than your talent and ability to make hits. Then the foundation can be built from there. There are endless opportunities in the media as well as the production platform in South Africa, as compared to previous years. Everywhere you go there is a production company or a media agency”.


Native Soul is working on an exciting venture, which will benefit all upcoming DJs struggling to make it. The programme will be called Apprentice DJ, where we will see Qhubani Qness Ndlovu help find another diamond in the rough.


South Africa’s youth need someone who speaks their language and Qhubani understands the youth culture very well. “South Africa has so many trends going on and every young person wants to be an artist, and people will only listen to some who relates to their daily lives.” says Qhubani.


June is Youth month and as the descendants of the youth of 1976, we are going to be celebrating it differently, in different places. The earliest memory he has of June 16 is that of his performance at a school youth concert with his band.  Qhubani, ever passionate about youth development in South Africa, stresses to young aspirant music producers that “whatever you do, go to school first, then pursue your music dream, keeping in mind that there are hundreds and thousands of DJ’s out there. You have to be distinctive, just be yourself, there is only one you. People will love you for that.”


South Africa’s’ young and talented DJs must keep their ear to the ground if they want to be part of the Apprentice DJ programme.

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SABC To Commemorate June 16 in Eastern Cape

Posted by radio On June - 15 - 2012 1 COMMENT

The SABC’s CSI Department will commemorate June 16 outside Gauteng for the first time this year, by donating 2000 books to two needy schools in the Eastern Cape. SAFM will also donate various novels to the schools. Two of SABC’s Radio Stations in that region will be hosting the events. Umhlobo Wenene FM on the 13th June in Joza, Grahamstown, and tru FM on the 15thJune 2012 in Whittesea, Sada location Near Queenstown.

The two schools that will benefit from this initiative  were identified by the respective SABC Radio stations, Umhlobo Wenene FM and tru FM. Umhlobo Wenene will broadcast live from TEM Mkrwetyana School inJoza, Grahamstown. This SABC Radio station will broadcast their Women’s Lifestyle Show called Khanya Gqiyazana live from 09h00 to 12h00 at the school and the programme will be hosted by Lulu Haarmans, who was born and bred in Grahamstown.

Nompumelelo Senior Secondary School in Whittesea, Sada location has resource challenges such as a shortage of classrooms, laboratories and books, and tru FM will be broadcasting their programme called The Real deal hosted by Siphokazi January and Sisonke Kosani  from 12h30 – 15h00, live from the school.

The National Public Service Broadcaster has over the years become one of the custodians of the Youth Day commemorations. This year’s theme “Education”, has been adopted by the SABC’s CSI Department and prompted the initiative in the Eastern Cape.

The SABC’s Corporate Social Investment Department’s main function is to identify, facilitate and manage Citizen Empowerment Projects in line with the SABC’ s Corporate values, that of creating partnerships, restoring human dignity and building a common future. The National Public Service Broadcaster through its CSI Department has in the past supported and partnered with various stakeholders in Nation Building initiatives, such as Community Builder of the Year, Child Headed Households,HaitiEarthquake Disaster,just to name but a few.

Issued by: SABC Corporate Marketing

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Lotus Fm is coming to your home!

Posted by radio On June - 15 - 2012 1 COMMENT

Award wining Public Broadcasting Service, Lotus Fm has shared their experiences throughout the years with you the community, its now time for the community to share theirs with the world.

Lotus Fm’s “Midday Spice” programme hosted by Varshan Sookhun and produced by Pravina Maharaj, will be showcasing a newly inspired reality show “Full- house”  on the 18th and 19th June 2012. This outrageous yet exciting show has a surprising deviation from other shows as it will be broadcasted live from the homes of our devoted listeners and hardcore fans. Lotus Fm will be visiting the homes of Elmarie Botha, of Johannesburg Centurion, who is a huge supporter of Indian culture, food and entertainment and The Moonsamy family of Benoni, who has never missed a day without tuning into Lotus Fm.  Both listeners were chosen for their contribution to the Lotus Fm spirit and the richness of an inspiring South African family.  Pravina Maharaj has fashioned this show to demonstrate Lotus Fm’s commitment to their listeners, learning about their history and covering secret recipes, whilst celebrating South African families, who are renowned for their hospitality.

“Full-house is an ideal way of spending time with our extended Lotus family and getting to know them better. I am ecstatic about taking the show into their homes and hearts of our listeners and interacting with those who are imperative in the success of our brand” said Varshan.

The Full-house campaign is an exciting drive, exercised to confirm Lotus Fm’s passion for togetherness, diversity and family.

Tune into Lotus 87-106 Fm to share this experience.

Issued by Roberta Pillay

Lotus Fm

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Mvela Makes Firm Intention to Acquire Avusa

Posted by radio On June - 15 - 2012 Comments Off on Mvela Makes Firm Intention to Acquire Avusa

The Board of Directors of Avusa Limited has received from Mvelaphanda Group Limited through its wholly-owned subsidiary, Richtrau No 229 (Proprietary) Limited, a firm intention to make a cash and share offer to acquire all the shares in Avusa that it does not already own.

The cash offer is R24.00 per Avusa ordinary share, while the share offer comprises a share exchange of Avusa ordinary shares (or a portion thereof) for Richtrau ordinary shares (at the prevailing 30-day VWAP). The transaction is subject to all the requisite shareholder and regulatory approvals.

The transaction offer structure provides Avusa shareholders with the flexibility to realise their shareholding in Avusa at a substantial premium and/or continue to retain their shareholding in Avusa through listed Richtrau shares. Avusa will be delisted from the JSE and Richtrau will be listed on the JSE and unbundled to Mvela’s shareholders, pursuant to the transaction. Colin Cary is to head up Avusa post the conclusion of the transaction. Blackstar Group SE, as the largest single shareholder of Mvela, is the promoter of the Transaction.

“The independent board of Avusa is supportive of the transaction and the flexibility offered to shareholders under the offer, subject to a fair and reasonable assessment by our appointed independent advisers Ernst & Young,” said Mike Robertson – Acting Group CEO of Avusa Limited and MD of the Avusa Media Division.

“The new shareholders have committed to upholding and abiding by the spirit and principles of the Avusa Media Editorial Charter, which promotes a free media and editorial independence. “We look forward to working with Blackstar and the new shareholders of Avusa towards positioning the group to capitalise on its key competitive strengths and execute on future growth opportunities,” he said.

Background on Avusa

Avusa is a media company that informs, educates, entertains and connects people. We aim to provide compelling content and creative solutions to enrich lives, helping people know more, do more and live inspired. Avusa is listed on the Johannesburg Securities Exchange with a market capitalisation of R2.6 billion. The various business units that make up the group are Media, Retail Solutions, Books and Entertainment.

The businesses are supported by end-to-end supply chain and logistics platform businesses. Avusa prides itself on having great content, great brands and great people that are the cornerstone of the continued success of the organisation

Background on Richtrau

Richtrau was incorporated in South Africa in 2008 as the wholly-owned subsidiary of the Mvelaphanda Group with the sole purpose of holding shares in Avusa, which it acquired in November 2007.

Issued by Avusa


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Mpumalanga’s Mpower FM Recovers Ratings

Posted by radio On June - 11 - 2012 1 COMMENT

By Nyeleti Machovani



On December 29, 2011, Radiobiz made note of Mpower FM’s struggle to increase and retain their listeners, as the Mpumalanga-based radio station dismally sat at the lowest number of listeners in the commercial radio space at 55000 down from 108000 in December, 2010. Their listenership figures were dwindling, and popularity waning. Indeed, the year 2011 was a bad year for Mpower FM.

The Mpumalanga-based commercial radio station, Mpower FM, took to the airwaves in early 2006 on the frequency 94.3FM, after satisfying and securing the ICASA radio license application. According to, soon after the stations inception, the then Mpumalanga premier, Thabang Makwetla said he welcomed this new baby into the province and that the Mpumalanga Government looked forward to forming close relations with M-Power FM to assist in communicating with the people of the province.



Success certainly thrives through adversity, because astoundingly, Mpower FM is making a commendable come-back. In the 2012 RAMS, Mpower FM is currently pulling 85 000 listeners as of May, 2012. Radio is a numbers game and mathematicians believe that numbers never lie; invariably, the radio industry is sustained by decimals, as they are the most telling variable of a stations growth and popularity. A 30 000 surge in listenership between five months, not only deserves recognition, but also begs the question: “How did they do it?”

Mpower FM’s Head of Marketing, Jane de Jager credits the stations new charity venture, titled ‘Take a Step for Children’, as one of several reasons behind the success of the station in growing its listenership base. “We are supporting different Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO) every week, and we have managed to incorporate that into our radio programming. Every Wednesday, we invite the chosen charity organization in studio and learn about them, while encouraging sponsorships for these organizations”, says de Jager.

What Mpower FM has done differently in comparison to previous years, is to focus primarily on community development. The importance of networking, inter-connectivity, and striving for a common goal between a web of affiliates, has proven to be a successful working formula to gain listeners for the radio station. “As of 2011, we have been in partnership with various community development programmes, and support approximately 44 NGO’s, such as orphanages, the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA), and  Life Line, to name a few”, says de Jager.

The Head of Marketing further explains that the inherent opportunity in this ‘Take a Step for Children’ charity initiative is that, all businesses aligned with these charity organizations, and support structures; such as social networking sites, i.e., Facebook, Websites, Twitter, ensure that everyone is connected. This has shown to increase the traffic of new listeners to the radio station tremendously.

Although the 2012 RAMS indicate a vast improvement from the figures of the previous year, Mpower FM still needs some heavy leg work to bring up their listenership to its former glory. In comparison to the RAMS figures of 2010, in October of that year, Mpower FM reached its highest peak with a listenership base of 120 000. “We have some exciting plans underway to make sure we keep growing our figures. Some of the upcoming projects are focused on rural development, and we will be working closely with schools and businesses in the province”, says de Jager, mindful of not revealing all the stations’ future plans to their competitors.

As June is “Youth Month”, Mpower FM has partnered with Riverside Park in Nelspruit, and organized a 10km Marathon on June 16, 2012, through the Botanical Gardens. In addition, the station has organized for Orphanages to partake in a business-to-business walk, where corporate partners will be donating items such as blankets, to guard against the cold for the under-privileged. These donated items will be hung on a lengthy washing line erected along the marathon route, in support of Youth Day.

In an active bid to successfully recover from their listenership decline in 2011; Mpower FM is continuously conducting surveys to better understand the needs of their listenership market. In doing so, the radio station is analyzing its output and working to meet the needs of their audience. Judging by the steady growth in listenership, Mpower FM definitely seems to have finally found the working formula to ride the ever turbulent radio airwaves. The station will hopefully keep building its portfolio by retaining and growing its market, through strengthening its communication and relationship with the people of the province. Nevertheless, the future certainly looks bright for this resolute Mpumalanga station.


 Did you Know?

  • Mpower FM is an English music radio station.
  • Mpower FM is owned by majority owned by local business consortium Mbombela JV with a 48% stake.
  • The other two shareholders are Direng Investment Holdings, 27.1%, and operational shareholders African Media Entertainment Limited (AME), 24.9%.
  • No station in Mpumalanga deploys more community events, contesting and marketing than Mpower FM.
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According to My Broadband, Interwebsradio recently became the first South African streaming radio station to be listed in the Radio section of iTunes.

Before getting listed in iTunes the radio station was already available on just about any computer and modern mobile device through its website and other streaming radio collections such as TuneIn Radio.

But just what does it take to run a radio station on the “Interweb” from South Africa?

“We are bootstrapping our station from open-source software, a little pocket change and an insane love of music,” Interwebradio’s Dirk Hanekom recently told My Broadband.

Asked whether the station is making money, Hanekom said that they aren’t showing a profit yet and joked that sponsors and advertisers are welcome.

“Seriously though, we do have a number of advertisers in the pipeline once we start showing real listenership figures,” Hanekom said.

The technology

Interwebsradio streams from servers in Germany, Hanekom said. “We also have a development server located in the US for most of our testing and monitoring purposes,” he added. “Some would call that the ‘Cloud’. We call it server hosting in a top-end redundant data centre.” Hanekom said that the high cost of hosting in South Africa forced them to make a choice between a little more latency and price. “The lower price won,” Hanekom said.

The service they receive in Germany is “ridiculously cheap” by comparison, Hanekom said, explaining that they get 5 Terabytes of data transfer per month before they get throttled to a “slower” speed of 10Mbps. “We aim to hit that target,” Hanekom said. “It’s a challenge!”

Hanekom said that they would love to have local server proxying content closer to SA listeners. “We’ll get there, but the ISPs need to come to the party first,” Hanekom said. If Interwebsradio decided to use overseas hosting services to cut down on costs, just how much bandwidth do they use? “It’s early days, so not nearly enough,” Hanekom said before breaking it down:

  • January: 303 GB
  • February: 430GB
  • March: 325GB
  • April: 250GB

Plans for the future

Asked about their plans for Interwebsradio, Hanekom said that they already broadcast as many events live wherever they can.

“We love the fact that we built this capability from scratch and it’s working really well… when we have connectivity,” Hanekom said.

Among the events Interwebsradio has broadcast live are album launches from The Bioscope in Joburg and concert gigs such as Park Acoustics in Pretoria.

Regarding the addition of DJs to their shows, Hanekom said: “We don’t ever want to bore listeners with the usual rubbish guess-what-I-did-yesterday-cos-I-have-so-much-time-on-my-hands that current ‘music’ stations have.”

Hanekom said that their shows will have a massive music focus.

“We’re still fighting over who has the best voice for radio,” he added. “We’re a bit shy about talking.”

Interwebsradio has a number of amateur DJs working on the planning for their shows, Hanekom said. These will include “The Old School Super Cool Rock & Roll Show”, and “Cover Lover”, among others


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