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Legendary instrumentalist and progressive metal guitarist Tosin Abasi will be in South Africa in June for two extraordinary 2-hour guitar clinics – presented by Ibanez and MIDI Music. 


Tosin will be promoting the Ibanez brand alongside his own signature model and various other 8 string guitars.  Known for being one of the best guitarists in the world, Tosin will be holding two free to the public events that will showcase his talents and expertise. 


These showcases are open to all the public and will be a perfect meet-and-greet opportunity for guitar enthusiasts as well as metal lovers, in a relaxed environment and fans are encouraged to ask questions and get involved.


There will also be giveaways of Ibanez product.  Come witness one of the world’s most respected and revered guitarists at play.


10th June – Rumours, Roodepoort

Time: 19:00 – 22.00

Cape Town

12th June – Zula Bar, Cape Town

Time: 19:00 – 22.00


[Issued by: Redflag]

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Forbes Africa storms ahead with sales

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[Issued by: Forbes Africa]


Forbes Africa magazine, the continent’s first-ever international business publication localized for the African executive, has reached its highest-ever circulation with an average of 21,471 copies distributed each month during the first quarter of this year. According to the African Bureau of Circulations of South Africa, circulation grew by 22.5% from the previous quarter, from an average of 17,538 copies circulated. The magazine’s overall year-on-year growth is a remarkable 54%.


The magazine, which has been on shelves since October 2011, encompasses both the detail and personality, bringing a unique perspective to business media reporting that is delivered in a sharp, in-depth and engaging fashion.


“I am thrilled. This is the realization of a dream for us at Forbes Africa,” says Chris Bishop, Managing Editor of Forbes Africa. “We have worked hard for nearly two years in the belief that Africa needs a high-quality business magazine and this proves it is so. I also thank our growing army of readers in Nigeria, Ghana and Kenya for their support. We will be working even harder to make sure we give our readers the best business magazine on the continent,” says Bishop.


“Our growing circulation numbers are a testament to the demand for a publication like Forbes Africa,” says Davlynne Lidbetter, General Manager of Forbes Africa. “We went digital in March and will be rolling out a distribution strategy to reach all readers, across both print and digital platforms.”


As the sixteenth English-language edition of the highly successful FORBES magazine, Forbes Africa has distinguished itself as a key title, renowned for its many lists based on the levels of global wealth and power. Forbes Africa reached yet another milestone recently when the magazine went live in March, placing the local African publication on a global platform. The magazine is currently being distributed throughout South Africa, Namibia, Mozambique, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, Uganda, Nigeria and Ghana.

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So very epic and soul moving

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[By: Kagiso Mnisi]


Imagine aboard the mothership and a hologram of the late maestro Barry White towers you with an overwhelming soothsaying of sorts. Possibly an anecdote from ‘Our theme’ as heard in his ’81 release with wife Glodean. That is the kind of gravity that Shane Ngwenya’s show, The Epic Rhythm, has over Kaya FM listeners from 18:00 to 22:00 on Fridays and Saturdays . With his demi-god like voice (deep and omnipresent for someone his tender age), Ngwenya sure knows how to start a party that is nothing short of sophisticated and well paced. His genesis on radio manifested at Rainbow FM as a volunteer presenter before leaping to the self-assured world of Afropolitans.


A representative of Kaya’s narrative within the 6-10 LSM himself, though not in age but in the progressive and mature sense, Shane evokes the steadiness of a stern captain when steering The Epic Rhythm. Savvy in timing and the sensibilities of his listeners, he is the kind to set a lonely weekend evening ablaze with a to and fro dabble between eras of soulful partying. The 80s at 8 feature is the purest example of that, where Ngwenya reminiscent of soul priest (perhaps Ike Hayes) transports all those discerning to a time when blue lights in the basement were still the ultimate party trick. The 80s at 8 is a wave of ‘fro-disco, pop and earliest remnants of New Jack Swing.


Shane Ngwenya is as grounded as they come given the expected ego-trips rife in the scene. Through the vice of public speaking he frequents high schools to give inspirational talks to the growing mind. These sermons are poised to show a vista to young kids about the possibilities in life despite challenges. Another of his show’s humdingers is the Hip Hop and R&B set played by DJ 1D Nzimande. The music trip during 1D’s display has in it enough mileage to carry pivotal experiences in Hip Hop culture through artists such as Q-Tip ‘The abstract’ and other hip coercing sounds that true followers love.


As multi award winning station that caters for the well informed, Kaya’s meteoric rise is not to be capped anytime soon. Giving space to shows such as Ngwenya’s Epic Rhythm, is one of the many ways that the station has foregrounded itself as a bastion of the distinguished. With that tip of the hat, listeners hope that young presenters at the station such as Ngwenya can be given more leeway to manouvre in terms of ideas and other vices that can further the aspirations of Kaya in unchattered territories. Strategic planning for any station is a lifetime feat and with relentless emergence of trends and tastes, Kaya has a toll order to appease Afropolitans. A job they are currently doing diligently.


For more on The Epic Rhythm







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Gauteng based commercial radio station Kaya FM 95.9  officially opened entries for the Kaya FM 67km Relay for Mandela Day two weeks ago.


The inaugural Kaya FM 67km Relay for Mandela Day is an initiative of Gauteng’s Afropolitan radio station, Kaya FM 95.9. Recently voted Best Commercial Station of the Year (2013 MTN Radio Awards), Kaya FM has collaborated with the Nelson Mandela Centre of Memory so that the event forms part of July’s Mandela Day celebrations. The station has built a sustained partnership with the Nelson Mandela Centre of Memory over the past few years and this represents the next step in that partnership.


The Kaya FM 67km Relay will effectively put the power of Kaya FM’s radio voice behind the legacy of Nelson Mandela’s most endearing principles of  reconciliation, peace and education. The relay reaches out to corporates and listeners to assemble their teams to take part in a mass participation event and thus create a fun team-building experience that also supports the Centre of Memory’s projects around education and legacy.


Kaya FM and the Centre of Memory encourage listeners to put together their teams of ten (10), begin an active health and training program and head for the Waterfall Equestrian Estate Polo Fields in Woodmead on Sunday, July 14, 2013, for what will be a fun day for the whole family. Team members will run a 6.7km leg, covering a collective distance of 67km, to highlight the Mandela Day 67 minute commitment to community and nation building.


Kaya FM will limit the event to 670 teams equating to 6 700 runners or participants. In a first for relay running in South Africa, the Kaya FM 67km Relay for Mandela Day will be timing runners, releasing both relay-leg times and combined times for teams. The day’s entertainment will feature Kaya FM DJs as well as selected local artists to ensure a celebratory vibe. Corporate Hospitality packages are also on offer for corporate teams taking part.


Kaya FM Managing Director Greg Maloka says: “A relay event reiterates the power of teamwork and what can be achieved collectively when people come together and share the work. The passing of the baton echoes Madiba’s message for the next generation: “…There is more work to be done. After 90 years of life, it’s time for new hands to take up the burdens. It is in your hands now.”


Proceeds from the relay will to go the Centre of Memory’s Library Project which aims to provide container libraries at disadvantaged schools.


[Source: Kaya FM]


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Hear ye the talk of the town

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[By Kagiso Mnisi]

A couple of years ago whilst an intern at 702’s Eye Witness News, I had an opportunity to shadow Stephen Grootes. In our to and fro chases after stories, a mystic aura would envelope him whenever he cared to dish pearls of wisdom about the brimstone scorching realm of talk radio. Like a sensei or Jedi he would glare in this young urchin’s eyes and say special-power one liners such as ‘talk radio is rock n’ roll, only without the music’. Grootes meticulously manufactured an otherworldly rant about the radio medium (specifically talk) which by any generic notion is perceived to be the stuff of even keenness and full of humdrum about socio political this and that. It is through Stephens double-bespectacled lens that the latest goings on have to be viewed—its rock n’ rollness. It is nothing shorter than a deranged guitar solo when observing the movements.


Speculations ran on overdrive when Eusebius MacKaiser bowed from 702 at the peak of a healthy following, he was tipped to be soul training his way to Power FM which launches in July this year. His signature witticism did little to allay any murmurs with most of his tweets throwing hints of a new show at the black owned station. Then as the tabloids in their ooh-ahh kid of glory, an unfounded yarn would be weaved. Sunday World drew first blood by alluding to a ‘rift’ between McKaiser and Power’s boss Given Mkhari. Sunday World came out saying that it “understands that the anchor had a disagreement with Mkhari about his role at the station.” These claims were later refuted by McKaiser on Facebook saying:


Eusebius Mckaiser


Inaccurate article about me in today’s Sunday World. I liked the title though (the sub-editor deserves a Savannah)

‘Return of the Mac to 702?’

No I am not returning to 702. No, there is no beef between us either — it is an excellent radio station with a great heart and my early coaches and mentors in broadcasting are there. I respect my ex-colleagues hugely. With a malfunctioning SABC we are lucky to have 702. But I am not returning in the near future. Your 702 inside source, Sunday World, is clearly not an eyewitness reporter… 😉
As for me and the gifted Mr Mkhari from POWER FM, let’s just say…watch this powerful space!!
Facts: things that depend on what a tabloid reporter had for breakfast.


Just as the wave of responsible journalism had risen and ready to break into irreparable splinters (rendering it now total hogwash), another of talk’s pockets, Safm is forever playing catch up in a bid to be credible. Still reeling from last year’s furore of its presenters being silenced in interviews with political heads, there still is no vista in sight to redeem the station. The introduction of POIB (Protection Of State Of Information bill), should have been a eureka moment for the station to openly debate the merits of this development. Safm’s ‘debate’, ‘insight’, ‘analysis’ motto just does not hold a drop, if anything it is a one way slide to outright patronisation– an equivalent to SABC 3’s news come time to close shop. It is all airy fairy, unwarranted and uncomfortable.


With all that jazz, talk is after all abuzz with activity, the kind of happenings Grootes hinted at with his Obi Wan advice. Listen closely and you can almost hear your eardrum vibrating with anything but dullness. Maybe poetry guised as commentary of our restless time. But certainly not boring.





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Google soon to play the local scene

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[By Kagiso Mnisi]


Google has dusted off the cob webs and recently launched its Google Play service. The service has been launched in the US,  UK, Germany, France, Italy and Spain. Google Play is tipped to give Spotify, Simfy and similar services a run for their money. Much like Spotify, All Access can be used to create radio stations from any track or artist, which produces playlists of similar music based on user preferences. Google Play is sure to receive a soul clap from  the music industry to see a player of Google’s magnitude and stature enter the market, hoping they’ll sell music to a whole new demographic just as iTunes did a decade ago. iTunes’ modus operandi over the years has been through a closed, standalone application that doesn’t allow purchases direct from browsers. The million terrabyte question is can Google Play fill this future gap in the market?


Marketing to Google Play will be cheaper, easier, and more effective. Content, ads, and music will be closely integrated with a user journey smoother than anything we’ve ever seen. Monitoring and scaling will be simple due to Google’s open approach to analytics and their unrivalled global reach. Functionality has in store that users can still search for music in a box up top, to the right of the Google Play logo, but instead of retrieving music with price tags, you’ll now find clusters of artists, albums and instantly playable songs. Click an artist and you’ll summon a page sporting a brief list of “top songs,” followed by a single-line carousel devoted to “albums” and another to “related artists.”


What’s in store for South Africa


Google South Africa spokesman, Julie Taylor, says the local office has “nothing to announce” at this stage. She adds, however, that Google wants to bring All Access to as many countries as it can. In the advent of the service hitting domestic shores, the radio industry hasn’t the slightest choice but to innovate. Locally, Google will either be seen as another disruption that will enable users to give a wide berth to radio or be welcomed through intergrative means. Looking at the recent  Radio Audience Measurement Survey (RAMS) by SAARF, TSL figures have dropped by 12 minutes period on period and by 18 minutes year on year. Commercial radio stations whose audiences is predominantly tech savvy are going to have to seek a median against the looming threat of losing listeners who would rather compile their own playlists.


How the local mechanics stand with Google Play’s competitor


In regards to our music industry, Google play’ competitor—Spotify pays out the majority (approaching 70%) of ALL  revenue (advertising and subscription fees) to rights holders: artists, labels, publishers, and performing rights societies (e.g. ASCAP, BMI, etc.). In just three years since launching, Spotify has paid out over $500m  in royalties worldwide. Spotify has direct agreements with record labels, digital distributors, aggregators and publisher collecting societies, to whom we regularly pay royalties, and who then pay recording artists and songwriters according to their specific contractual agreements.

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CNBC AFRICA, Africa’s largest business television news channel will broadcast the second episode of its new show, ‘Business behind the Arts’. The second episode takes a look at the ‘Art of Music’ and will air on Saturday, 18 May at 8am CAT. The show is sponsored by the South African Department of Arts and Culture.


The show highlights South African arts and culture as a crucial player in economic development, growth and sustainability of the arts industry in South Africa through job creation. In this episode, the channel covers the 2013 MTN South African Music Awards (SAMA) with exclusive interviews of some of South Africa’s leading musicians.


Find out what it takes to establish yourself as a successful musician in South Africa, don’t miss ‘Business behind the Arts’ on Saturday, 18 May at 8am CAT with repeats on Sunday at 11am CAT, only on CNBC Africa, channel 410!

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Johannesburg – The Independent Communications Authority of South Africa hereby notifies all interested stakeholders, applicants and media that the Authority is currently finalizing the analysis of applications, representations and responses in respect of the licensing of new Individual Commercial Broadcasting (Primary and Secondary Markets) and Subscription Broadcasting Services licensing processes.


In terms of the draft strategic plan which was recently presented to Parliament’s Portfolio Committee on Communications, the Authority plans to conduct public hearings and decide on the applications in the second quarter of the current financial year i.e. July to September 2013.


On 02 February 2012, the Authority published the Invitations To Apply (ITA) for Primary Markets on Medium Wave (MW) frequencies (Gauteng, Cape Town and Durban), Secondary Markets (Eastern Cape, Free State and Northern Cape) as well as Subscription Broadcasting Services. Subsequently, the Authority received requests for extension of the closing date of the ITA for Secondary Market which was granted.


The Authority received applications and dealt with related procedural matters relating to the applications including the requests for confidentiality in terms of the relevant legislation; and published received applications on 07 December 2012 for interested parties to make written representations and for applicants to provide responses for a period of 51 days. The Authority has received written representations and some responses in respect of this process.


In lieu of the above process, the Authority would like to inform the public and applicants that this licensing process is still on track and that the details of the hearings and/or the process will be communicated in due course.


[Issued by: Icasa]

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It’s that time of the year again where Ukhozi FM hosts its annual June event, this year launched as Ukhozi FM 53rd Birthday Celebration, also themed as Ukhozi FM 53. This celebration will take place at the Royal Agricultural Show grounds in Pietermaritzburg on the 2nd of June 2013, preceded by a full day of activation on the 1st June 2013.


The station is turning 53 years old this year and there are a number of festivities in place to celebrate this big day. The station will host a number of outside broadcasts for the week leading to the main event, starting on the 28th of May 2013.


The festivities include netball and football matches against the Municipality and entertaining the young and old. This year, our retired and Ukhozi FM legend presenters such as Muvo Maphalala, Mandla Malakwane, Lindiwe Ntuli to name but a few, will be sharing the stage with our current presenters. A big surprise awaits listeners this year, and they will be entertained by the best in South African music industry in genres such as House, Kwaito, Gospel, Maskandi, Hip Hop and pop Music.


Tickets will be available at the gate for only R55 per person and doors will be open at 8:00 am. For more information on the event please visit our Facebook page which is

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[Issued by:ECR]


East Coast Radio now boasts a listenership of 1.873 million listeners every week, making it the biggest independent radio station in South Africa. The latest Radio Audience Measurement Survey (RAMS) figures, the first of 2013, were released by the South African Advertising Research Foundation (SAARF) on Thursday, 9 May 2013.


The research period from mid-October 2012 to March 2013 also shows that over a million loyal listeners tune in to the station each day. East Coast Radio’s programming manager Naveen Singh says, “Durban’s number one is actually the country’s number one independent station. This is a huge validation for the on-air teams who have worked really hard over the last year. Their fun attitude and creativity make for great listening.”


The station’s general manager Trish Taylor says, “The massive increase in RAMS is testament to the great work that is being done on all fronts at the station. It also comes after our recent nomination for Commercial Radio Station of the Year in the MTN Radio Awards. We’re extremely proud of both these accolades and look forward to continuing to push the boundaries of innovation.”

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