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Varsity Radio Network and the brand cloud

Posted by radio On March - 19 - 2013 ADD COMMENTS

[By: Kagiso Mnisi]

Student radio is mostly lauded as the perfect fertile ground to start off at for sake of learning tools of the trade. Widely known personalities such as Gareth Cliff, Metro FM’s Zeal and Nicole da Silva have all had their genesis on campus radio. More even so the network created by TUT, UJFM, UCT Radio, VUT, VoW and host of others also acts as a resource about campus goings on and academic alerts. What is newsworthy though is the awareness by the market to capitalize on the brand consciousness of University students via campus radio. Through activations and social clubs, brands have been able to intervene in student life as innovative proliferation such Puma Social Club, SMACK Republic and Power Play Griffin sessions have suggested. Campus radio has played a substantial role in mobilizing one of the financially care-free segments to take interest in these pop cultural shindigs where opportunity to influence is plenty.


Using the brand narrative of ‘creative rebellion’ brands are able to provide stimulus for the less jaded at heart and naturally students are a sure bet. Student radio stations are ran and operated by active members in this social scene and by default a controlled media space for idea exchange on where the latest exhibition, pop up shop or brand pilot is created. The Power Play Griffin Session as an example had well known Joburg DJ, Kenzhero, part of its activation story. As also a personality on UJFM he fit in effortlessly with the brand’s plot of a ‘hero’ in the city, which mirrored his accomplishments through the years plying his trade.


What gives the student radio network gravitas is its ability to forge an exploratory environment within individual stations. Just as community radio would be organic in format so do campus stations, this with the awareness that it is a myriad of subcultures and inclinations that are being catered for. A rough analytical sweep is likely to chart activity of students paying dues at NGOs, being part of book/ poetry clubs, work in clothing stores, organize gigs and an assortment of other cultural happenings in between lectures. What better way to give their maneuverings prominence on campus radio for an x- factor?


Renegade stations such as Invisible Cities Pirate radio in inner city Joburg have also given expanded space to jocks and producers from stations such as UJFM and VoW. In its affiliation with the city’s burst of subcultures, arterial byways for experimentation are extended whereby the same people at the helm of shows would also be part of an academic community. The melting pot that results has a cross referencing influence on both ends and thus steer the wave of trends in a direction of its own choosing.



Industry has a lot to gain from enclaves such as Varsity Radio Network in that there is plenty to farm in terms of developing concepts. It is where innovation germinates and gets sprouted to the rest of everything else in the ether. The generic perception that campus radio is only good for grooming is fast becoming redundant in the light that there is more happening in that world. A fresh way of thinking lives in it.

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Meet the MTN Radio Awards CEO, Lance Rothschild

Posted by radio On March - 19 - 2013 ADD COMMENTS

[By: Kgomotso Moncho]


The MTN Radio Awards are happening on April 13 at the Sandton Convention Centre. The judges for the radio industry’s prestigious night have already been announced. On March 25, a list of nominees will be revealed leading up to the main event.


Lance Rothschild is part of the judging panel, but he is also the CEO of the MTN Radio Awards. His background in broadcasting saw him as station manager of 5FM from 1986 to 1994 and he has worked with a lot of the leading names in the broadcasting scene including Alex Jay, Kevin Savage, Barney Simon, Tony Blewitt and many more. He left 5FM to join M-Net as General Manager of Premium Programming in May 1994 and subsequently spent some time in print media, gathering experience in online and social media.


He has a Marketing and Public Relations Consultancy firm and he retains a keen interest in the radio industry. Rothschild has published several articles about radio across several media and publications and he has consulted to various radio and media organisations. In 2011, Rothschild was the MC at the two-day Community Radio Conference hosted by The Media Connection at which he also presented a paper on radio station management entitled “The Business of Radio”


He has been involved with the MTN Radio Awards since their inception and has been CEO since 2011. 2013 marks the fourth year of the awards and Rothschild believes they have shown significant growth.“We have learnt a lot and we’re implementing what we learnt. These are things like how to categorise and how to even out the competition in the sections. The first year, for which the awards were a pilot project, had limited entries with only English submissions.  This inception phase had only 200 submissions.  Year two saw 400 entries including commercial and non commercial stations.  Year three had 866 entries and it was coming of age of the MTN Radio Awards,” he says.


This year the awards boast more than 1000 entries covering over 68 different stations making them the only radio awards that encompass the entire radio sector looking at all pillars, which are campus, commercial, PBS and community radio. Rothschild maintains the awards are a full time business programme that culminates yearly in the gala event. His work all year round involves visiting various stations and conversing with the industry. There are road shows as well as conferences and seminars that take place to get more participation from the radio sectors.


The MTN radio Awards have not been without some criticism from those who find fault with the nomination process, amongst other things.  Nomination is left up to the stations and individuals to submit samples of their best work and Rothschild feels it’s the fairest way to get entries in, while critics feel listeners or an independent panel should nominate.

“Advertising agencies submit entries for the Loeries, as well. This encourages accountability for and pride in one’s work. Stations and individuals are asked for a montage of six minutes of the best show or work. This is an opportunity to show off the best work of radio and for people to work at producing the best.  It has been rewarding for me to see the improvement in the standard of submissions. The quality is very good,” he says.


The judges are chosen from a pool of respected individuals who have great experience in radio and marketing. The likes of Koos Radebe, Zandile Nzalo and Kate Turkington are included in a list of about 33 judges.  


“We invite nominations for judges and we welcome suggestions.  We have a wide age range from all spectrums and we are inclusive.  And it is very important that we don’t allow any conflict of interest. Greg Maloka won’t judge a commercial station or a competitor for instance,” Rothschild explains. And it’s one way to ensure credibility in the adjudication system, which is set up to preclude the judges from scoring any stations within their category – either their own or their competitors.


The methodology used averages out the scores based on the number of scores submitted, helping to maintain fairness. Rothschild says the criteria used for judging looks at: content of submission; the presentation and style; the value to the listener and the production.


Talking about what the MTN Radio Awards have revealed to him about the industry he says, “We have a broad radio culture in South Africa. I believe there’s still a lot more room for more stations to accommodate talent. We are cynical about our talent when we have brilliant broadcasters with brilliant programming.  Radio adapts. And with a lot of changes that came with the technology age, I have seen a lot of innovation in radio in this country.”


He maintains the MTN Radio Awards are an ongoing programme in progress, with a high value for the radio industry.      





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On your marks, get set, go! The Umhlobo Wenene fm 10km Classic Race and 5km Fun run will see professional runners, aspirant runners, staff members and school children sprinting their way to the finishing line for a chance at a medal at this year’s race which will be celebrating its 24 years of existence on Saturday, 23 March at Kings Beach, Summerstrand.


This prestigious race is organised by the station in partnership with one of Nelson Mandela Bay’s oldest athletics club, the Correctional Services Athletics Club. One of the key objectives of this prestigious race is to encourage an active and healthy lifestyle among staff members, school children and our listeners and also give them a chance to interact with our station personnel in a fun and relaxed environment.


One of the unique traits about the Umhlobo Wenene fm 10km Classic race and 5km Fun run is its corporate social investment element. The station promotes the race by inviting schools from disadvantaged communities to submit as many entries as possible and the school that submits the most bulk entries and participates on race day wins a computer lab and an outside broadcast at the school. A handover ceremony is then done during the broadcast. “As a station, we are immensely proud to have kept this race going for 24 years and using technology as a tool to empower our children and furthering their knowledge beyond the classroom through the donation of a computer lab” says Marketing Manager of Umhlobo Wenene fm, Ayanda Makaula.


Entry fee for participation in 10km race is R30 and R15.00 for the 5km Fun Run. Lucky draws of prizes to the value of R10 000 will also be one of the highlights of the race. Entry forms are available at SABC PE offices, Brian Bands (Cape Road) Sportsman’s Warehouse (Summerstrand) and Brocketts Sports (Uitenhage). Entries for the race close Friday 22nd March 2013 and late entries will be done at the Kings Beach on race day at 5am.


[Issued By: Imhlobo Wenene FM]

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Radio made the TV star: a chat with T-Bose

Posted by radio On March - 18 - 2013 ADD COMMENTS

[By:Kagiso Mnisi]

Long narrative scribe, Bongani Madondo, gives enviably succinct accounts when interviewing two stalwarts of radio namely John Pearlman and Bob Mabena in his book Hot Type. Madondo’s paints a masterpiece of the elusive aesthetic that the two possess in ample serving. And that is to play the devil’s advocate and provocateurs without leaving a listener cringing. A listen to another, Thabo Mokwele, is an across-the-divide yet still similar example. On his Kaya FM mid-morning show Best ‘T’ in the City,  Mokwele has tread our bedroom aisles and the occasional glimpse into the closet whose door we only open slightly ajar, far from any prying eyes. All without being overzealous or being cheap. The Best ‘T’ lets us in on a bit of tasteful mischief and his dips and dabbles between stations, Radio On TV and education.



Tell more about your varying experiences between radio and TV [radio on

We managed to translate successfully radio on TV…that was groundbreaking and after 2 seasons on air, SABC followed suit. Like they say Imitation is the best compliment. We knew we had a great formula. It is still the game changing concept. We are currently on repeats on Mzansi Music; maybe Safta ’13 nominations will awaken the budget committee to renew the contract. 


You studied Chemical Engineering, what made you swap Thermodynamics and bunsen burners for radio?

Kwaaaa…Music is a passion of mine and playing it all by myself made no sense.
Everytime I wanted to listen to my own CDs during my internship and would yearn for company. I saw it then that I better pursue this career, it gave me a joy beyond measure. And I have a thing for people, I love listening to people’s views about things. So the need to share music and interact with people is the driving force behind my passion for radio.


As one of the jocks that made a name for themselves on Y-FM, do you lament the current sentiments about how the youth station has lost its
vice or do you see it as the natural order of things in the media space?

Times change and so do people, it was easy for us to craft the youth radio DNA, it was
the first ever in this country, no benchmark, we pushed the boundaries of what was ‘set’ radio norms and we broke them. It was a revolution. Yes the station has lost its spark, it needs a radical visionary to bring that youth edge back.
The JuJu effect, the no fear no favour but respectful edge, the soundtrack of the streets and the urban suave are some of the ingredients that will make YFM shine again.


Your show on Kaya FM delves into subjects that aren’t otherwise treated with the necessary wit elsewhere. These subjects sometimes teeter on
risque. How do you keep the listener tuned in no matter the uncomfortable the topic is?

My listener can sense that I respect them. That is the first thing. Am on air because of them, I am because they are.
Whatever I prepare is a reflection of the lives, one or the other. Yet sometimes I shake their cocoons so that they can have a different perspective about something.
I observe and listen a lot of what they say and do, and take that on air, in a way that will make compelling radio. 


How would you describe your personal journey during Metro FM days?

My university not only in radio but in personal development. SABC is a jungle; it is the survival of the fittest. You are on your own, and that taught me a lot.
I remember my station manager at the time, when I went to ask for a raise, he rejected my proposal by saying “T-bose this is not a job, but a ladder to greater things.” That’s the best advice he ever gave me. I then woke up from my comfort zone, hence the CD compilations I released and other business opportunities that arose from that.


Notice that you have an active blog, what are its benefits in extending conversations beyond your show?

Like I said I observe a lot, call me a closet philosopher, and I have been a student of life. Thus I have a lot to say beyond my radio program. Hence I blog my thoughts about life and its mystery. These are my thoughts about what I perceive to be the way to approach this gift of life.


What other entrepreneurial ventures are you involved in?

I have dabbled in a few ventures but I since left them. Radio is my business.


Which personality do you think has cracked the code of ‘entertaining
radio’ currently?

I have a few favorites that when I listen to their shows I can’t help but be a fan, Kaya FM is pregnant with those from weekday to weekends but outside my station Amon Mokoena and David Mashabela are the future of radio.

What has stuck out as the most memorable show for you this year?

Too many to mention, what I love the most is when my listener calls and gives their opinion on issues. I’m left in stitches most times, they are funny.

The powers that be are hell-bent on making education an essential service, what are your thoughts on that considering you experiences as
someone who went on to pursue Chemical Engineering at varsity?

But context in this matter is important, disruptions in basic education for months on end because of teachers and service delivery strikes. It is unforgivable; hence the call to make an essential service the future of our country depends on the education level of our children. We can’t over emphasize how important education is to the future and development of our country. The president must win our hearts but enforcing this as a matter of urgency. Otherwise we are in trouble. We must go back to a state when a kid is seen on the streets during schooling hours must be arrested. This will send the message home about how important education is. Parents have also abdicated their responsibilities regarding their role in the success of their own kids. We over rely on government. That must come to an end. They are in power because we placed them there; if they do not deliver we must deprive them of the power. We must own our destiny and not give away. 


What genuine role do you think radio can play in education beyond the generic ‘infotainment’?

It is already playing that role beyond what a class room can teach. Radio is that neighbour that has access to people and market, and has a very powerful voice that speaks to multitudes. This must thus be used responsibly to keep the nation above the national averages of competences. 






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SAMRO’s new music awards initiative is taking the world by storm, celebrating South African music that truly goes beyond borders to make waves on the international stage. To add to the excitement SAMRO has now released the official categories

Taking place on 28 June 2013, these awards celebrate local music that has enjoyed success and recognition in countries outside of our borders. The organisers have now announced the final list of categories in which SAMRO members may submit their entries, and there are a number of interesting surprises on the list. 


Wawela is a Zulu word meaning “Go Beyond” and by all accounts the SAMRO has taken the word to heart to create something new for the South African music industry. The categories reflect the uniqueness of the event, with many of the awards looking beyond just commercial success in rewarding musicians for their international achievements. A host of categories offer musicians the opportunity to receive recognition for their music which has been showcased in many different ways internationally. 


The categories have been divided into three broad groups namely; Standard Awards, Special Awards, and Statistical Awards. Standard Awards are those categories in which SAMRO members may submit their works for consideration. Special Awards are those categories that are determined solely by the nomination of the judging panel. The Statistical Award category is judged using SAMRO’s statistical data regarding each work’s performance therefore no submission is necessary in this category. 


 Perhaps most encouraging is the fact that many of the awards are not judged merely on commercial success, with many categories taking into account the artistic merit of each musical work and how each work complements the medium in which it is featured. For example, in the category, Best Sound Track in a Feature Film or Theatric Documentary, judges will be scrutinizing how well the music enhances the visual content and the emotional impact achieved by the music in relation to the visuals. While the Best song or composition in a television commercial category will be judged on the music’s ability to enhance the visual content and complement the tone and feel of the commercial. 


This means there are many opportunities for music to shine, regardless of the level of exposure it received abroad. Here are all the categories of the inaugural Wawela Music Awards, brought to you by SAMRO. 


Standard Awards 

Best sound track in a Feature Film or Theatric Documentary

Best song or composition in a television production

Best song or composition in a television commercial

Best song or composition in a radio commercial

Best creative album of the year

International hit song of the Year (outside SA)

Songwriter of the Year

Best South African Duo/Group

Best Female Artist & composer/co-composer

Best Male Artist & composer/co-composer 


Special Awards 

Lifetime Achievement Award

Breaking through the Borders / Frontier Award

Publisher of the Year

Prolific Catalogue of Works Award


Statistical Awards 

SAMRO Award for Broadcast and Live Performances

WAWELA Award for Best Selling song via Digital & Online 


There is no fee to enter, but only SAMRO members may participate in the inaugural Wawela Music Awards. Members can find out more by visiting There is an online submission feature that allows members to enter categories, upload their music and enter quickly and easily using their SAMRO account numbers. Entries close on 02 April 2013. 

For more information please call 011 712 – 8505 or 

For media related Queries please call 011 788 7632/31 or email:


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The eagerly awaited MTN South African Music Awards (MTN SAMA 19) Nominations Announcement will be held on Wednesday, 20 March at The Turbine Hall in Newtown with the main awards themselves taking place at Sun City on the 10th and 11th May.  And this year promises to be the most digitally connected awards ever.


The music industry will be holding its collective breath on Wednesday 20 March when it will be revealed who the nominees are that have made it through to the 19th Annual MTN South African Music Awards (MTN SAMA 19).   

The announcement will be streamed live and in real time on mobile ( and Facebook (  And then when celebrations begin that night at the official nominee party, fans will be able to watch interviews with their favourite artists LIVE on the Y’ello Carpet on their mobile phones and online.  


Furthermore, clips will be packaged and uploaded as Video on Demand content post the events on the 20th March, so if you do not catch the LIVE streams you can still watch all the action on the mobisite ( and on the official MTN SAMA You Tube Channel (

“After a fantastic year in South African music, the 19th Annual MTN South African Music Awards are sure to leave millions of people on the edge of their seats, starting with the nominations event on March 20. There will be shock, awe and surprises and we cannot wait for the weekend of 10 – 11 May 2012 at the Sun City Superbowl”, added MTN SAMA CEO Nhlanhla Sibisi.


The MTN South African Music Awards exist to recognize accomplishments in the South African recording industry and will be broadcast live to millions of viewers on the country’s favourite channel, SABC 1 on Saturday, 11 May.


Tickets for this prestigious event are available from Computicket. Please visit the official website for further details –

The full list of categories for the 19th Annual MTN South African Music Awards are:


  • Album of the Year
  • Duo or Group of the Year
  • Female Artist of the Year
  • Male Artist of the Year
  • Newcomer of the Year


  • Best Rock Album
  • Best Pop Album
  • Best Adult Contemporary Album
  • Best Kontemporêre Musiekalbum
  • Best African Adult Album
  • Best Alternative Album
  • Best Kiddies Album
  • Best R&B / Soul / Reggae Album
  • Best Rap Album
  • Best Kwaito Album
  • Best Dance Album
  • Best Traditional Faith Music Album
  • Best Contemporary Faith Music Album
  • Best Traditional Album
  • Best Maskandi Album
  • Best Jazz Album
  • Best Classic & Instrumental Album


  • Best Live DVD


  • Lifetime Achievement Award
  • International Achievement Awards
  • Best Selling Album
  • Best Selling DVD
  • Best Collaboration


  • Best Selling True-Tone
  • Best Selling Ring-Back-Tone
  • Best Selling Full-Track Download


  • Best Music Video of the Year
  • Best Producer
  • Best Engineer
  • Remix of the Year


  • Record of the Year


Highest Airplay of the Year


[Source: SAMA Awards]


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Listeners have only today left to cast their votes for their favourite radio station in the My Station category of the MTN Radio Awards.

“Voting lines close at midnight  15th March and the voting this year is exceptionally close,” says MTN Radio Awards COO, Taryn Westoby.

“At this stage, we have already received almost eight times the number of votes cast in last year’s competition and we’re expecting a lot of votes to come in during this week, particularly as stations increase their efforts to secure votes from their listeners.”


By casting a SMS vote in this competition, listeners are not only acknowledging and supporting their favourite station, they are also putting themselves in line for a unique prize bundle. One person who casts a vote in this competition will win includes 2 tickets to the MTN Radio Awards Banquet, a smartphone and R 500 airtime, and a VIP Package for 2 to the MTN SAMAs in May.


The My Station category is divided into two awards:

 My Station Votes – which goes to the station that generates the most votes

 My Station Most Loyal Listeners – which goes to the station which generates the most votes as a ratio against their  RAMS audience numbers


“It is important that we give the listeners a voice within the ambit of the MTN Radio Awards,” says Serame Taukobong, Chief Marketing Officer for MTN SA. “From the My Station category, we gain interesting insight into listener commitment to the various stations, and allows us to gauge the public’s views.”


The winners of this category will be announced at the MTN Radio Awards Gala Banquet in Sandton on Saturday 13th April 2013. For tickets to the event, contact Taryn Westoby on 011 803 2040 or or visit

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Smile 90.4FM announces exciting new line-up

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New Cape Town radio station, Smile 90.4fm, will hit the airwaves on Monday, 25 March at 7am. The long awaited newcomer to the local radio industry announced its exciting line-up today. Managing Director Tony Mallam and Programme Director Clive Ridgway of Smile 90.4fm, said: “We’re entering a new era in broadcasting in the Cape Metropolitan area. True to the station’s forward thinking approach, the new line-up will not only entertain and inform, but also inspire our listeners. Each individual has been handpicked for their skills and we’re confident that we have a strong and competent team on board.”


Ridgway continued: “Our talk and tunes format has been designed to provide a unique listening experience to the Capetonian audience and an attractive modern platform for radio advertisers. Our music format is a mix of adult contemporary and pop hits aimed at 25 to 49 year olds. The play list comprises 50% South African songs and 50% international songs. Regular music research will be conducted on the playlist to ensure that the station is in tune with our target audience.”


Lizma van Zyl, Head of Talk Content at the station, added: “The other 50% of our content will be talk. Our talk will be a mix of news, actuality, listener participation, regular features as well as interaction between News and Actuality presenters and anchors.


“The talk will be a seamless mix of Afrikaans and English with a typical Cape Town flavour. Our overall programming sound will be positive and energising with the intention of making a real contribution to the Cape Town community,” said Van Zyl.


The station will kick off with an ‘info hour’ from 6 to 7am, spearheaded by news heavyweights Reinard Ludick and Bobby Brown. Said Ridgway: “The Breakfast Show will follow, anchored by the best young radio professional around right now, former Ofm presenter, Eloise Pretorius.  Cato Bekker, another talented youngster with local and American radio experience, will produce the 7 to 10am Good Morning Cape Town.

“It will be the first time in the history of radio in Cape Town that a breakfast team will be led by two women. On the content side, they will be supported by Bobby Brown and well known sports journalist, Brandon Baatjies,” Ridgway said.

A familiar voice to Cape Town audiences, Benito Vergotine, takes over from 10am to 1pm. “Benito has years of broadcasting experience and brings a wonderful warmth to the airwaves. Newcomer Danie Marais will follow from 1 to 4pm. Danie, an accomplished journalist with broad knowledge of pop culture, will guarantee entertaining radio.” Ridgway commented.

The afternoon drive time slot (4 to 7pm) will be spearheaded by someone who needs little introduction, Maurice Carpede. Ridgway added: “Maurice has been on radio up north for years and has also hosted various programmes on national television. We’re delighted that ‘Mr Personality’ has decided to make the move to Cape Town and join our exciting new venture.”

Tracey Lange will take over from Carpede. “Tracey is another familiar voice and face in Cape Town, as well as a Bravo! Presenter. We’re really excited about her joining the team.  She’s a bubbly on-air personality and will keep it upbeat during her 7 to 10pm time slot,” said Ridgway.

Mehboob Bawa late night radio’s ‘Doctor Love’, will take over from Lange from 10pm to 2am. Named after famous Indian film director, Mehboob Khan, Bawa’s other interests include movies and being an actor himself, Mehboob is sure to keep his listeners informed on the subject. Jeffrey Stevens will present the 2 to 6am show. Describing himself as the “happy-go-lucky chappy and the most optimistic person I know”, his show is bound to be uplifting.

The line-up changes over weekends with veteran anchor Dmitri Jegels taking care of the 6 to 10am slot. Ridgway continued: “Many people will remember Dmitri from his early radio days and we look forward to welcoming him back on the airwaves.” Gavin Arends is the other daytime host, filling the 2 to 6pm seat. A street smart Capetonian, Arends uses the radio platform to show how perfect the city can be.  Added Ridgway: “Gavin has been involved in radio for the past 20 years and relishes the chance to work with some of his radio heroes.”  

The energetic Kia Johnson takes over from 6 to 10pm with Party Central. “Kia is a television and radio presenter as well as producer. She’s passionate about people, the environment and ‘down to earth’. Party Central will be a first for Cape Town in that Kia will play both English and Afrikaans party hits – music that blends into Cape Town weekend culture. It will be the coolest and most inclusive party in town,” said Ridgway. Philip de Lange will take over the Party Central desk from Kia during 10pm to 2am slot. He describes himself as “a Free State kid with a curious brain and a passion for radio”.


The anchors will be supported by experienced content presenters. Continued veteran newswoman Van Zyl: “Reinard Ludick is a passionate Capetonian, TV devotee and animal lover and Bobby Brown has worked in all the mainstream media. Brandon Baatjies is a familiar face and voice on SABC and we’re delighted that this sports enthusiast has joined our ranks. Unity Ruiters has been working in the media industry for close to ten years and is a self-confessed news aficionado. Jo Lennox is a former media liaison officer in the Ministry of Community Safety and has diverse media experience, among other having worked in radio for many years. Florentia Roman is a recently qualified journalist whose ultimate goal was to work in radio.


“Our weekend team Leoni Kok and Lynne Matthysen have their work cut out for them, presenting news bulletins and generating compelling content.  I’m confident that the content team will keep listeners up to date with the latest news and events not only happening in Cape Town, but around the world.”


Mallam concluded: “Smile 90.4fm is committed to developing new and ground-breaking anchor talent and this new line-up comprises experts in their respective fields. Hear it … feel it … Smile 90.4fm

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When praises go up, blessings do come down indeed; this becomes evident as the mighty MTN Joyous Celebration return for their 17th season with a fittingly titled tour: The GRATEFUL Tour.

This award-winning gospel ensemble will ascend the stage at the Big Top Arena in Carnival City to launch their national tour. The MTN Joyous celebration 17 tour kicks off on Friday 29 March, Saturday 30 March and Sunday 31 March 2013. These performances will coincide with the launch and release of the Joyous 17 CD and DVD also titled “Grateful,” recorded live in Johannesburg.


“For the past 17 years, there has been a presiding force that has kept this ensemble alive and strong. God’s mercy, blessings and favour have seen us through the storms and we’d be remiss to carry on, unwittingly, without acknowledging His love for us. This album and tour is our special tribute to Him. We simply give thanks to Him,” says Lindelani Mkhize, co-founder.

MTN Joyous Celebration has plenty of reasons to be GRATEFUL for. In July 2012 the ensemble walked away with three awards at the African Gospel Music Awards held in London, this after they scooped up a number of trophies in their genre at the South African Music Awards in March 2012. Apart from winning prestigious awards, this gospel outfit also enjoys a very strong and loyal fan base throughout South Africa, the Continent and the Diaspora.


“Our fans are everything to us. Without them, there is no Joyous Celebration. So in essence, Joyous 17 is also our token of appreciation for the support they have shown us over the years and the journey they’ve taken with us since the very first album,” says Jabu Hlongwane, co-founder. Having sold-out all concert tickets and filled up venues during the Joyous 16 national tour, MTN Joyous Celebration reached platinum status from the sales of their 16th album, an achievement for which Sony BMG presented them with an award.


Another nod the ensemble received from Sony Music was for a record-breaking sale of 2.8 million copies since Joyous 1 right through to Joyous 16, a first and new record for a gospel concept in South Africa. “Our success is due to a number of reasons; amongst those are the artists who’ve been with us, the great musicians and singers and the fans who have contributed significantly to the success of the Joyous Celebration concept. To you, we are eternally GRATEFUL,” he adds.


Tickets for the concert are priced between R150 and R300 each and can be booked via Computicket or any Shoprite/Checkers outlet. All shows start at 19h30 for all three nights.


[Source: Joyous Celebration]

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SAfm Appoints New Marketing Manager

Posted by radio On March - 13 - 2013 ADD COMMENTS

SAfm has announced Ms Liesl Hefkie as the station’s new Marketing Manager effective March 1, 2013.

In this role Liesl Hefkie will be the custodian of the station’s overall Marketing Strategy. For the last seven (7) years Liesl has worked for the SABC Corporate Marketing office.

Liesl Hefkie


Ms Hefkie was in charge and responsible for all the activations, events, campaigns as well as special projects driven by this office for the broader SABC objectives. She also spent close to 2 years looking after the marketing of 2 SABC Radio Brands (SAfm and Radio 2000), where her love for radio deepened.


Ms Hefkie holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree majoring in Theatre Arts, Design and Production, English Communication & Literature from the University of Stellenbosch. After spending 4 years in theatre of the arts undertaking various positions to give her an all round view of the industry, she then went into advertising where she was appointed as the production co-ordinator for all Above-the-Line executions for both radio and television.


This is where the bug for marketing led her to the SABC Corporate Marketing office. Liesl is not new to the SAfm family having acted as the Marketing Manager for the past 11 months. This appointment now makes her stay official.


“Liesl has acquitted herself well while acting and has been instrumental in forging some important partnerships for SAfm and driving some marketing initiatives that will bear fruit for some time to come. She has crafted a Marketing strategy and implementation plan for the new fiscal starting in April.


The plan will again benefit SAfm as she strives to create brand awareness and make SAfm a revered brand of some distinction and influence. ” said SAfm, Station Manager Dennis O’Donnell.


Over the years Liesl has garnered the experience required for her new role from the different managerial capacities she has served under. She brings a wealth of knowledge that will help further entrench SAfm’s position and enhance the brand.


[Issued by: SAfm Publicity]

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SAfm announces new line-up

SAfm remains a radio station with the largest footprint in South Africa, and it is important to refresh, strengthen and […]

The listeners have voted – Liberty Radio Awards

Which is the most loved Radio Station in South Africa in 2018? All will be revealed on Saturday 14 April […]

YFM introduces a new line-up & the #BEYOU campaign

YFM, was introduced 20 years ago into the South African media landscape as the official platform for the voice of […]

5FM Line-up changes announced

5FM has announced that new talent will join the 5FM family in April. The station will be on-boarding on-air presenter […]