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Radio 2000 celebrating Nelson Mandela Day

Posted by radio On July - 18 - 2012 8 COMMENTS

Radio 2000 is celebrating International Nelson Mandela Day in the following ways:

Radio 2000 recorded & composed two original songs, two music videos titled ‘All About Love’ and ‘Happy Birthday Madiba’ and a behind the scenes video of the making of these Mandela songs.

Hours before Madiba’s birthday the station will be giving away the CD/DVD collector’s item to listeners on air as a build up to the launch of the product in stores nationwide.

Radio 2000 is a media partner towards the building of the Mandela Children’s Hospital.  This will kick off in three months’ time and all proceeds will to go to the Nelson Mandela Children’s Trust.

Radio 2000 will have an Outside Broadcast coming from his home village Qunu, from 6am until 15:00

The station’s 67 minutes of Love activation will take place in Primrose during which time the station will be feeding the homeless and assisting the elderly. Radio 2000 will partner with the Ekhurleni Municipality.

This event has been marked as public. Please contact the event organizer should you wish to participate.

For more information, visit:


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MPower FM Reach Out For Mandela Day

Posted by radio On July - 18 - 2012 3 COMMENTS

MPower FM will be participating in BNI’s initiative to reach out to underprivileged children for International Mandela Day taking place on 18 July.

Individuals and organizations around the world will spend at least 67 minutes doing good work in their own communities on 18th July, in honour of the 67 years Nelson Mandela gave in service and sacrifice.

Wimpy will be surprising the children from Dasha in Nelspruit with a breakfast over lunch time on 20 July. Even the Ford Pumas will visit the children. Looking up at the big players, the children will see why it is important to have a healthy breakfast!

The children will also be transported to the Mbombela Stadium on Saturday at 15:00 to see the muscles flex when the Ford Pumas play against the Valke.

Three of Nelson Mandela’s grandsons, Ndaba, Kweku and Luvuyo Mandela spoke of the Nelson Mandela International Day programs in which they will be involved including planting trees; building houses with Habitat for Humanity; painting schools and helping to stock school libraries. Also as Luvuyo Mandela said: “Just a simple ‘hello’ good morning a smile and something to uplift someone else’s day”.

Join MPower FM, BNI and Wimpy to put a smile on the faces of Dasha children.

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By Nyeleti Machovani

Last week Radiobiz brought to you a retrospective look about where Motsweding FM as a station comes from (, revealing to us a past grounded in the deep context of South African history. There is wisdom in knowing where ones roots emerge from, to know where you are going. With this in mind, today we look at Motsweding FM currently, and the stations’ future aspirations.


Motsweding FM presently

Bokamoso Tota, meaning “The Real Future” which is synonymous with cultural values, positions Motsweding FM as a progressive brand that delivers the future while embracing our heritage.  Today, the station speaks to over 3 million Setswana speaking and understanding South Africans and delivers cutting edge, distinctive and compelling programming that creates excitement about brand Motsweding FM and instills a sense of pride for Batswana both in South Africa, Botswana and abroad.


It is commendable for a radio station to maintain longevity in this competitive contemporary radio landscape. Re-branding and evolving seems to have been the secret ingredient which has kept Motsweding FM abreast of trends, and sustained its relevance. “The platforms for distribution of audio content are increasing, and media and telecommunications are converging across the board, defining what we mean by the “radio industry” now, or what it may become in future. So in line with these industry changes, it is relevant for Motsweding FM as the “Real Future” brand to also evolve and take advantage of new media platforms and technologies available while retaining radio’s unique strengths, which is that of being immediate; creating a platform for interaction; and providing advertisers with an opportunity to sell their products to a specific target market.


These new media platforms give a lot more options in terms of content and programming than traditional radio does. For instance, Podcast listeners can determine the time and place at which they decide what programming they would like to receive and when exactly they want to listen to it”, says Mtyali.


Community Engagement

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a contentious topic as the title has in many an instance proved to be the ideal cover-up for corporates to expedite selfish agendas. Mtyali feels ardent about the role of CSR in our communities: “No corporate should get involved in social responsibility for brand awareness.  Bettering the lives of our people should be the key aim.  We must all be concerned with restoring the dignity of our people more than just running a PR campaign for the sake of brand visibility”, she says.


Mtyali accentuates that Motsweding FM is an authentically caring brand.  “We ran a Back to School campaign initiative at the beginning of the year to raise funds for children who cannot afford school fees, a Car Wash CSI initiative was also executed with an intention to assist buy school uniforms for deserving children”, she says. In addition to these initiatives, the station ran a clean-up campaign at Mafikeng High which saw Motsweding FM personnel dedicate a day to a clean-up in preparations for school reopening.  The station also hosts Soup Kitchens CSI initiatives during the winter to cater for audiences in need.  “We have recently donated a fence for a school in Dipudi (Ganyesa), a vegetable Garden in Tweelagte (Rustenburg), Blankets in line with our winter campaign to communities in Mafikeng.  Last year, our on-air personalities volunteered their time at the Moses Kotane Hospital in celebration of Nelson Mandela Day, hosted a shave-a-ton in partnership with CANSA with an aim to raise funds for cancer patients”, says Mtyali.


There is no doubt that Motsweding FM has travelled a long journey, with meandering cures of self-discovery. Mr Senne, who still listens to Motsweding FM remarks “the station has improved a lot. It is free now, no longer under sanctions, and to note these changes are so interesting because there are so many differences compared to my time. There are several programmes that I certainly still enjoy’, he says.  In conclusion, Mtyali believes that Motsweding FM will still be as relevant and exciting in 50 more years’ time as it is today; “In 50years, I believe Motsweding FM will be an international brand.  With all the walls and barriers removed due to digital convergence, the possibilities are endless”, she concludes.


Radiobiz wishes the station the best, and we will certainly be keeping a watchful eye on the progress.

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Radio Stations Fined For Defamation

Posted by radio On July - 17 - 2012 4 COMMENTS

Photo: Leigh Matthews /

On July 13, 2012, the Independent Online News (IOL) reported that Talk Radio 702 and 94.7 Highveld Stereo have each been fined R25 000 for defamation, according to the Broadcasting Complaints Commission of SA (BCCSA).

The fine followed a complaint by Silvanus Naicker about a story aired in May on the kidnapping and murder of Johannesburg student Leigh Matthews.

The BCCSA said the stations were found guilty of implicating Naicker in the murder “on meagre facts available”.

“We do not think that the broadcasters acted with the intention of defaming the complainant,” the commission said.

“But in South African law, negligence is sufficient for a finding of defamation by the media. In the result, we hold that the Broadcasting Code has been contravened.”

The complaint was brought against Primedia, which owns both radio stations.

The BCCSA said the facts available to the radio stations did not justify their implicating Naicker.

“We have no doubt that the radio stations were negligent in broadcasting the material.”

BCCSA said a reasonable broadcaster would not publish such an item with such scanty evidence at its disposal.

Naicker was implicated in the Matthews murder after a source said he was a friend of convicted murderer Donovan Moodley and that they had played volleyball together.

Naicker confirmed that he had played volleyball with Moodley, but said he had nothing to do with the murder.

In their defence, the radio stations said Piet Byleveld, a renowned detective, had told the radio stations that a Silvanus Naicker had been on his list as a possible accomplice at the time.

“But (Byleveld) had not had him prosecuted, since he did not regard phone records as a sufficient source to involve a person in a murder trial,” they said.

The radio stations further argued that a member of their team had left a message on Naicker’s phone, but that he had not phoned back.

In 2005, Moodley was convicted of kidnapping and murdering 21-year-old Matthews.

In February this year, Moodley went to court claiming there was a conspiracy against him.

He accused State advocate Zaais Van Zyl and Byleveld of creating and manipulating evidence against him. – Sapa



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By Nyeleti Machovani


Radiobiz brings you a two-part article in celebration of Motsweding FM turning 50 years this year. We first have a look at the history of the station.


Not too long ago, turning 50 was synonymous to having reached your sell-by-date, because 50 is….old, and ‘old’ is irrevocably undesirable. In 2012 however, we would like to believe that we, as a society, have somewhat matured and discovered grace in being ‘old’. Those in the know say wisdom is at the feet of the old, and if there is any truth to this sentiment, Motsweding FM is the proof in the pudding.


On June 1, 2012, Motsweding FM celebrated a noteworthy milestone. The Setswana radio station welcomed this golden age with a series of commemorations which were kicked off with a special live breakfast show where the entire station crew cracked open a bottle of champagne and joined SABC Group Chief Executive Officer Ms. Lulama Mokhobo in toasting to 50 years of Setswana broadcasting excellence. The festivities were hosted in Mahikeng, including a partnership in a music concert featuring eight (8) South African Music Award (SAMA) winner Zahara, Riot and local performers from the North West Province.


Let’s go back in history…

Sibongile Mtyali, Motsweding FM station manager takes us through the through the evolution of the station. “Motsweding FM was established during the tumultuous time of apartheid to service and meet the demands of the rural population, in particular, the Setswana speaking audiences. Obviously the agenda at the time was totally different from today’s agenda, where we are now faced with an increasingly competitive broadcasting environment. As a public broadcaster the focus is now on audience centricity, where the consumers of our services are at the fore front.  Back then, broadcasters were used as instruments to perpetuate colonial oppression and apartheid.  However, broadcasting has since transformed to a modern institution, that promotes social cohesion, nation building and democracy in our vibrant multi-ethnic society”, says Mtyali.


Reminiscing on days gone by, Rocky Senne (74) narrates his experience of working as a disk jockey (DJ) at Motsweding FM formerly known as Radio Bantu. “I started working at Radio Bantu in 1962 and I left in 1974”, says Mr Senne. “There would be 3 people in studio, the DJ, the announcer (host), and the controller. The kind of music I played on rotation was what we called bantu music, the likes of Mahotella Queens, Hugh Masikela, Miriam Makeba, to name a few”, says Mr Senne. “You must remember that times were different back then. Radio did not broadcast live 24/7, our radio programming started at 9 am and broadcasting ended at 10 pm. That was our radio”, adds Mr Senne.


The stalwarts and first radio announcers including, the first Radio Bantu News reader, Rufus Mpolokeng and other personalities like Sello Phiri, Thapelo Thipe, Tlhapi Maithufe, Alfred Mathibe, David Mothibi, Obakeng Gopane, Julius Kgori, Ben Maitsapo and many others. These personalities kept listeners entertained through vibrant content, music and competitions such as Itlhopele Senotlolo and Agang-Ka-Ditlhaka where listeners could win R2 cash prize or instant prizes sponsored by big companies back then. They played a pivotal role in keeping listeners abreast of political events happening at the time when the country was in turmoil with riots in the 1970s.


Trying to Find an Identity

The station has undergone a series of name changes and was known as Radio Bantu, Tirelo ya Setswana, Radio Tswana, Setswana Stereo and so forth, but freedom is bitter sweet for others; the former homelands and its sovereignty were dismantled in the late 90’s, Radio Setswana joined hands with Radio Mmabatho (of Bophuthatswana Broadcasting Corporation) in 1998 and after all these tremendous changes Motsweding FM was born.

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Q&A with Metro FM’s SPHEctacula and Naves

Posted by radio On July - 13 - 2012 72 COMMENTS

By Helen Phushela

This dynamic duo has managed to set decks on fire from Johannesburg to Cape Town.  You can call them the new kids in Metro FM’s block. The two inseparables host the ‘Pre Party’ on Metro FM that airs on Saturday from 6pm-8pm. The show targets the young and vibrant listeners who are either on their way to a club or getting ready for a night on the town by playing old school kwaito jams, hip hop club mixes and house music.

 Who are SPHEctacula & Naves?

 SPHEctacula: My birth name is Sphe Ngwenya, I’m a driven and enthusiastic young entrepreneur born and raised in Durban.

Naves: I’m Lebogang Naves by birth, and I’m a young man from Soweto living my dreams and working hard on reaching the ones I keep discovering every day.

When and where was your first gig?

SPHEctacula:  I started out playing at home in Durban where all the neighbourhood kids hung out when I was in grade 10, which was in the late 90s. I had to entertain and since I had the coolest music, and I started connecting up the home sound system to mine so that I had two sound systems and voila, there was my first 1st gig.

Naves: I also started in the late 90s. I was at my cousin’s house for his birthday party and they asked me to play the music and I was like “hey, this is pretty cool!” Who knew it would bring me here today?

What did you study?

SPHEctacula: I studies towards a BCom Accounts degree at Wits University, which I finished in 2004.

Naves: I studied for a marketing qualification through IMM and graduated  in 2009.

Where does your passion for music stem from?

 SPHEctacula: On my end definitely, it has to be my dad. He used to sing all the time and as much as it was church music, it helped me appreciate melodies. The great record collection at my grand-parents’ house and the unattended turntable with needle always played a role. I wonder whether they ever figured out how the vinyl’s got scratched up like that. (Laughs)

 Naves: My inspiration for music has to be from my mother. I come from one of those homes where we loved to entertain guests and music was always a big element of these occasions so I grew up in touch with a lot of music over the years.

 How did the two of you meet?

 Naves: We met through common friends really. We were always on the scene with Euphonic and company, so we were pretty much aware of each other and always ended up on the same scene. Also Sphe was already Dj-ing and I was partying so we knew each other and were just became cool with each other.

How did the concept for the show ‘Pre-Party’ come about?

SPHEctacula: I think it came about through proper divine intervention. Fistaz gave us the time and opportunity when it presented itself, because it was available and he needed it taken up. He said that Naves must run the desk for me. We switched the mike on, I spoke to him and the rest is history we enjoy making.

What is the run through before you go on air?

Naves: The content of the show is prepped on every Tuesday, and so come Saturday we’re ready to roll like a well-oiled machine. When that time comes, we would have both thought about how we’re going to bring the content to life in our individual ways. We usually get there 45 minutes before the show starts, chit-chat about general stuff and then before you know it the show has started and ended and we have to put away the wands.

When did you realize you have great on-air chemistry?

 SPHEctacula: After our first radio link in May 2010. We see it as great chemistry, not necessarily just about us being “on-air” because it translates and transcends to our personal lives.

Who is the boss of whom?

Both: We believe that God is for us all and teamwork makes the dream work. There are no egos entertained here.

 How do you come up with the topics?

SPHEctacula: We have a hard working producer called Fezokuhle Zulu who is in tune with what we like to talk about so she sources a lot of stuff for Tuesday and we jointly decide what is cool for us;  we then think about what kind of soundtrack or effects we can add to that to make it more exciting for our listeners.

Which radio stations do you listen to?

 Naves: Primarily Metro FM, but we do sample other stations just so we can keep tabs on what’s happening in our industry. Music and talk radio shows really.

What are your future plans as a duo?

Naves: To keep on breaking new ground for talent in our industry and being positive role models to the generation after us by making it good in what is generally considered as an unorthodox industry for black people. All this while slowly ticking off on a very long goals checklist.

What is your life motto?

SPHEctacula: I have two really. My first one is my own one; “be amazing, be hard working, hard-loving, be sensitive to others”, and then there’s “teamwork makes the dream work”.

Naves: Mine is ; “for the brave, nothing is too difficult”.


Radiobiz wishes the hardworking duo all the best for the future.  Make sure you diarise The ‘Pre-party’ and tune into METRO FM every Sat 18h00-20h00 for an experience you’ll never forget. Look out for another great summer this year as Naves and Sphectacular have a few tricks up their sleeves that we know you will love. Also, Check out the Annual Naves Experience Tour: 10 parties, 9 cities, 1 month. Starting from the 27th July 2012.




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The Second uVuthumlilo Maskandi Festival

Posted by radio On July - 13 - 2012 4 COMMENTS

Ukhozi FM in partnership with its Sister radio station, Umhlobo Wenene is bringing you the second Maskandi Festival called Vuthumlilo. The two SABC radio stations partner with Greater Kokstad Municipality to bring the people of Kokstad and surroundings this event which have shown a success last year when attracting more than 10 000 people who attended the event. DJs and Presenters will share the station as MCs on the day. Ukhozi FM will shows Utalagu and Top 20 will be broadcasted live at the venue of the event.

Line up: Thokozani Langa, Amageza amahle, Mjikijelwa, Ichwane lebhaca, Phuzekhemisi, iNyonemhlophe, Imithente, Izingane Zoma nabanye abaningi, Hhashelimhlophe, Mfiliseni Magubane nabanye.


Date     : 14 July 2012

Venue : Kokstad

Time    :  10 am

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11 July 2012- Radio 2000 the  leader in providing listeners with live coverage as it happens is proud to announce the  winner of the ‘2000 Voices to Wish Madiba a Happy Birthday Design Competition’.

After being inundated with entries Radio 2000 is excited to announce Lehlohonolo Patrick Mohabo as the winner whose design will be used as the CD/DVD sleeves.

The Radio 2000 Graphic design competition is an opportunity for aspiring graphic designers to break into the industry and get their work noticed.

The winner will also be featured on air, on the Radio 2000 website ’, assuring exposure of outstanding work.

Radio 2000 roped in the efforts of South African celebrities such as Pops Mohamed  Dorothy Masuka, PJ Powers, Concord ,Olu Femi, Yvonne Chaka Chaka, Loyiso Bala to name a few. The songs where composed by   Joe Arthur, Pops Mohamed, Tebogo Rameetse and Lebo Sebele.

The songs entitled ‘Happy Birthday Madiba’ and ‘All about love’ will be played across all 18 SABC radio stations including SABC 1, 2 and 3.

‘These are exciting times for Radio 2000 and we hope that the Graphic Design competition open doors for this young Graphic designer and encourage many to take part in initiatives such as these’, said Mr. Carlito Sheikh, 2000 Station Manager.

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Varsity Radio Networks Play a Key Role

Posted by radio On July - 9 - 2012 3 COMMENTS

By Helen Phushela


Student radio stations have been negatively seen as mere juke boxes, but over the years they have proven to be big role players in community development. The myth is perpetuated by the belief that varsity networks are dominated by the loudest breakfast shows and information filled current affairs programs; a noisy background of shout-outs from students in campus dorms and those living in the area. The more optimistic perspective is that varsity radio networks, in fact, serve as the thread that connects students from all departments and courses. It is a community radio for the student community.

The concept of student radio or varsity radio network originates from the United States of America in the 1960s (Collage Radio Manual). It spread out to Canada, Europe then Africa.

In South Africa we have a variety of campus radio stations namely TUT FM, Tshwane FM formally known as TUT FM Top Stereo, VOW FM, VUT FM to name a few. The IBA Act of 1993 and the Broadcasting Act of 1999 defined community radio, as a non-profit making organ. Campus radio stations help students diagnose their problems and discuss them, also informing them on relevant issues about campus life. Campus radio caters for the community as well as students. Student community broadcasters have groomed a lot of great talent that we now hear on PBS radio stations and Commercial radio as well. Most of the vibrant voices broadcasting from campus studios will soon be heard around the country.

TUT FM has played a major role in the success of people such as Shonisani Muleya also known as Ashifa Shabba. Muleya, who was part of the SRC when the station was formulated in 1993, learned radio from scratch at TUTFM then known as TNTFM. “Yes TUT FM shaped me to be the person I am today. I had a dream of owning a radio station one day”, he says.

“My partners Given Mkhari, Simphiwe Mdlalose, Andile Khumalo and myself now own two commercial radio stations. Capricorn FM in Limpopo and Power FM in Gauteng. These partners have community radio background’, adds Muleya.

In as much as it has been argued that the content of most campus radio stations leans more towards being commercial, varsity radio network such as TUT FM caters for institutions and academics while accommodating the community of Soshanguve. Community Campus stations, are still facing past ghosts of funding are development. This cannot be combated if the stations are not taken as seriously as commercial stations.

In 2004 TUTFM formally became a community radio station; however, this does not mean they have stopped catering for students. Campus based radio stations such as UNISA FM (radio UNISA) still cater for students and cover student life issues only. TUT FM and TOP stereo which is now Tshwane FM now cater for the community as well.

“Students are not different from the general public in fact they form part of the general public so even if we were not a campus based station we would still cover the educational and campus life content. In a nutshell our content is driven by the typical lifestyle that exists in our community as per our research findings”, says Kedibone Mahapa, acting station manager at TUT FM.

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photo: Mio Khondleka. Source:

What started as a fun adventure while studying in Australia as an exchange student has grown into a career for newly-appointed Algoa FM programme manager Mio Khondleka. His break into radio came when he qualified with a broadcasting certificate from the Melton FM Radio Academy while attending school at Mowbray College in the city of Melton. The city is around 35 kilometres from Melbourne, Australia.

Khondleka then became one of the youngest presenters on the daytime line-up at Melton FM, a community radio station which serves the greater area of Melton in Victoria.
The radio and entertainment bug had bitten, and when he returned to South Africa, Mio worked as a musician, voice-over artist and club rugby player.

In 2003, while studying at what is now the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University, he joined the campus radio station CBFM as a presenter. He was part of the team which took the station off campus, to become the Bay FM community station, where Khondleka was programmes manager. He then moved to Kaya FM in Gauteng as music manager.

The station recorded significant audience growth after Khondleka was tasked to re-packaged the music mix. Khondleka and Queenie Grootboom (his wife and on-air soul mate) also hosted mid-mornings at Kaya FM, and built up a large listenership before accepting an offer to join M-Power FM as the breakfast team.

A decision by the power radio couple to return to their home town coincided with the restructuring of Algoa FM. This created an opening for a programme manager – and incumbent Alfie Jay is more than happy to hand over the reins to Khondleka.
“I first met Mio at a record company function in Port Elizabeth and have been watching his career progress since then.

“While consulting to M-Power FM, I recruited Mio and Queenie to present the breakfast show and worked with them in Mpumalanga. Mio has comfortably kept the pace in senior positions both on and off air in the high pressure environment of commercial radio. We are delighted that he applied for the position and has accepted an offer to work with us” says Jay, who has been appointed into the position of operations director at Algoa FM.

Khondleka is up to the challenge of taking Algoa FM into the future as it consolidates its position as the station serving the Eastern Cape and Garden Route. “My motto: ‘Bringing fun to radio’ has always served me well, and I’ll be working hard at Algoa FM to bring that theme across,” says Khondleka. “Mio’s approach is systematic and he has a dynamic skillset” adds Jay.

“Radio is always evolving, and I’m looking forward to learning and discovering new things with the dynamic Algoa FM team. “Algoa FM has consistently been performing at a high level for a number of years, and my goal is to continue to uphold that consistency. I’m looking forward to the challenges ahead in being part of a radio brand that has proven itself as the leader in the region,” says Khondleka.


Issued by: Algoa FM

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