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Latest BCCSA Cases

Posted by radio On July - 5 - 2012 64 COMMENTS


CASE NUMBER: 30/2012









Respondent: Mr Bruce Mkhize, Regulatory Compliance Manager, Regulatory Affairs.


Complaint that a word denoting non-believers and people who are ignorant of the Qu’ran, in particular, is derogatory and constitutes hate speech. The Tribunal held that the term cannot be construed as hate speech as there was no advocacy of hatred based on religion, and no incitement to cause harm, the two requirements for the finding of a hate speech contravention. Furthermore, this was a bona fide religious broadcast in which a discussion on a matter pertaining to religion occurred, and so there was no contravention of the Code, and the complaint was not upheld. Baboo vs Multichoice CII Radio.

Read the full judgement here:


2.      CASE NO – 31-2012 – 94.7 HIGHVELD STEREO – NEWS – CHILDREN


CASE NUMBER: 31/2012









For the Complainant: The Complainant was invited but did not attend.

For the Respondent: Khahliso Mochaba: Group Human Capital and Regulatory Affairs Executive, Primedia Broadcasting.

The complaint concerned a news item concerning the ten-minute-long mobile phone footage of an incident where seven boys aged between 14 and 18 years raped a mentally-challenged girl aged 17. Part of the footage contained the rapists’ dialogue, and the voice of the girl was also audible. The news item conveyed that the footage had gone “viral” in Soweto. Although the Tribunal noted that the broadcaster had warned sensitive viewers of the content of the news item, the Tribunal held that clues as to the identity of the girl had, indirectly, been given, which is in conflict with the Code. The Tribunal also stated the following as a future guideline to broadcasters: The footage, which includes the audio soundtrack, probably amounts to child pornography, which in terms of the Films and Publications Act 1996 may not be possessed or distributed. Distribution would include distribution of the footage in its entirety, as well as the visuals and/or the audio soundtrack individually, by way of the electronic media, which includes mobile phones. Since this aspect was not pursued during the hearing of this matter, the Tribunal will not spend further time on the question as to whether the Respondent was promoting the distribution of the mobile phone footage, which would amount to a contravention of clause 3(b) of the Broadcasting Code. However, it is worthwhile to at least mention this possibility, as a guideline to broadcasters which fall within our jurisdiction. Of course, the mere coverage of a crime does not amount to such a promotion. However, where children are protected by criminal law, the mere mention of the availability of child pornography on mobile phones in a specific case, might amount to the promotion of a crime. Since the indirect identification of victims of sex crimes has never been the subject of a judgment of this Commission, the Tribunal decided not to consider a heavier sanction (e.g. a fine), and to restrict the sanction to a reprimand. However, such a contravention will, in future, probably lead to a stricter approach. The Complaint is upheld and the Respondent reprimanded for a contravention of clause 11(7) of the Code.  Stevens vs 94.7 Highveld Stereo.

Read the full judgment here:




CASE NUMBER: 25/2012










For the Complainants: The Complainants were invited but did not attend.

For the Respondent: Mr JD Crawford, Legal Representative, accompanied by Mr

Neil Johnson: Jacaranda Programme Manager.


The complaint before the Tribunal was that a presenter from the respondent had, during a broadcast, referred to an Alberton School rugby team as “gomgatte”, which amounts to calling them “country bumpkins” or loutish. The Tribunal held: That the accusation was directed at a schoolboy who had head-butted an opponent during a rugby game and was sent off by the referee. When the referee attempted to obtain the schoolboy’s name after the match, the latter head-butted the referee. This schoolboy, according to the broadcast, was from a school outside the Alberton area. That the reference by the presenter indicating that one might have expected such conduct from a schoolboy in Alberton, served to debunk any possible stereotype that this kind of conduct is specific to Alberton. That, in effect, the statement was not defamatory, but served to show that hooligans may be found anywhere. The complaint was, accordingly, not upheld.  Botha and Hoërskool Alberton vs Jacaranda 94.2FM.

Read the full judgment here:




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Reaping the Rewards in Awards

Posted by radio On July - 2 - 2012 1 COMMENT

By Helen Phushela

The station formally known as Radio5 back in the 90s, first aired on October 13, 1975. At the time, 5fm then had eight medium wave transmitters. The nationwide broadcasting station is owned by the SABC and the name represented the Public Broadcasters fifth radio station at the time.  The station received its current name when it was re-branded with the slogan “the power of”, with music as its heart beat and supported by sports, news and traffic. The Auckland-park based radio station has grown into the giant it is today. 5fm has managed to set its standards high by basing its programming on personality.


The MTN Radio Awards which took place in April, saw 5fm being nominated 10 times in respective categories. The station managed to scoop the 4 most coveted awards, one of the big 4 being voted as winner of the ‘Best Commercial Radio Station of the Year’. In addition, in May, 2012, 5fm walked away with the prestigious ‘Coolest Radio Station’ award, for the 7th year in a row at the Sunday Times Generation Next Youth Brand Survey.


Clearly 5fm is doing something right, proving that it is the leader in trends and music for the versatile youth of South Africa. Due to their cutting edge reporting and way of delivering news and information, the station has allowed for maximum participation of listeners, which has set them apart from the rest. The intelligent entertainment feeds the knowledge-famished youth of today.

As if its accomplishments weren’t enough, 5fm was also nominated as one of the Most Influential International Stations at the Worldwide Radio Summit. What is the station’s formula to success? Station manager Aisha Mohammed attributes that “we speak to the listener, not above them or at them. Another key point is that, in a world increasingly filled with competing “noise” in the form of choice, 5FM is still relevant and stands out from the clutter.”


The station has been dubbed “the entertainment power house”, for playing most popular contemporary music and entertainment. 5Fm houses talent such as DJ Euphonic, DJ Fresh, Sias du Plessis and Gareth Cliff  just to name a few. It is the primary source of music & lifestyle trends for a nation of cool and trendy young adults.


Through its CSI project Youngblood5, 5fm continues to touch communities and change lives. Youngblood5 is supported by listeners both on air as well as on-the-ground activations throughout the year. In terms of mentorship vacancies, 5FM’s internship programmes are highly sought-after. The programme takes in interns twice a year looking for broadcast talent.


5fm has also experienced dramatic change this year during the stations line-up change in April, Sasha Martinengo who left after being with the station 17 years. We also saw the end of the dynamic duo Grant and Anele. The pair had been working together since their tertiary days, and was with 5fm for 4years. The station underwent extreme change which has affected it positively. Motivation continues to be part of 5fm programming even with the new line-up which is doing well filling the big shoes left by those who moved on.


“The youth of today are the future of our country and as the youth, the opportunities for your future are endless. However, don’t be complacent because your future is no one’s hands but your own. A culture of expectancy usually results in short term failures and long term regret. My advice to aspiring radio people out there is to follow your dream no matter the obstacles, keep the big picture in mind and never stop working towards it. This tabled with hard work and a drive to succeed will get you to where you want to go’, says Mohammed.

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T-Bose Making the Best of TV and Radio

Posted by radio On July - 2 - 2012 1 COMMENT

Photo source:

By Gaopalelwe Moroane

Memories of my high school career are embroidered with the memory of Thabo Mokwele on the radio, speaking into my spirit and playing music that made those late nights studying a little more bearable. From 9pm till midnight, I was one of the many that was accompanied through the night by Mokwele’s charm. It is mainly because of this that I jumped at the opportunity to have a chat with this man who has aptly named his current show, The best “T” in the City about himself and his relationship with music.

The Kaya FM radio host, who is popularly known as T-Bose is arguably one of the more recognizable voices of radio. While his peers participated in sports and other extra-mural activities, the qualified chemical engineer was drawn to another type of entertainment, when he became part of the pioneering team on to take the formerly named campus radio station, TUT FM off the ground. ”I played basketball for a while, but I found myself more drawn to this radio thing,” Mokwele says.  That was the beginning of a relationship with radio that has to date produced good fruit.   Mokwele, along with others such as the current Kaya FM managing director, Greg Maloka and Ashifa Shaba were the group that got TUT licensed under IBA as a community radio station.

After graduation from TUT, Mokwele along with several other big names such as Oskido were taken in for an internship at Y-fm. From then on he was headhunted by the then station manager, Romeo Khumalo, and went on to work for Metro FM for six years, before moving on to Kaya FM.

One only needs to listen to T-Bose a few times to realize that his love for music extends to more than just playing it on air. Apart from organizing very successful Thandiswa Mazwai concert during his time at Metro FM, Thabo has to date produced six albums, including house compilation albums such as Night Pulse ad C-Ndo’s album, the more recent one being the neo-soul compilation called, Hidden Hits.

One other notable change that we have found in Mokwele’s career is his ability and willingness to move between radio and television, marring the lines between the two media with ease.

The man with an undeniably contagious laugh, who is famous for coaxing giggles and truths from artists and callers alike, currently hosts Top 10 at 10: My life in music show on Mzansi Channel. On this show T-Bose gets artists and public figures such as his first guest on the show- Julius Malema to open up about more than just their careers, about their lives and the music that has touched them. A concept such as this one isn’t completely new to televison audiences, as we’ve found shows such as Expresso on SABC 3 collaborate with Heart FM in the Heart FM breakfast show, to mentiion one.

Mokwele is no stranger to television, as he hosted an SABC 2 show called Kgotlha. He states that” the studio setting makes for a much admired touch as radio audiences have always wanted to be able to see what it is that goes on in studio, and see the expressions on the interviewees faces as they respond to the bantering and coaxing”, says T-Bose.

Whether or not this radio host, is ready to banish the stereotypes put up about radio hosts with the infamous, ‘face-for-radio’ saying is, as put by the man himself, “out for the jury to decide.”

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Radio Unisa Is a Useful Provider

Posted by radio On July - 2 - 2012 2 COMMENTS


By Mpho Smart

Wherever you are in the world, you can tune in and listen to The Morning Cruise from 7am to 10am on Radio Unisa. It is one of the first student radio stations in the country to broadcast exclusively online in its bid to reach students from across the world.

It is not your typical student radio station with a host of music shows but a colourful mix of academic talk shows and entertainment programmes. Radio Unisa has come a long way since its humble beginnings in 2008. With over 50 shows, the output varies so broadly that one is sure to find something they want to hear.

For the past four years Radio Unisa has been presented by student volunteers, providing South Africa with an alternative to both local and national radio stations. Then, radio station manager, Francois van Heerden, his deputy Tali Munzhedzi and news head Kgaugelo Pule joined the team on a full time basis and added formal structure to the radio station.

Since then the station has expanded. “We are one of a kind for a Uni radio station,” Munzhedzi said. “If not the only student radio station that broadcast exclusively online in South Africa then we are one of very few. We also are the only talk show student radio station. Music makes a small component of our programs’, he added.

The station is in the process of building a state of the art studios. Munzhedzi said: “our station, although well-equipped, is not state of the art. We felt as we growing so rapidly we needed to cater for our growing number of presenters and our ever changing needs.”

Since streaming companies can be unreliable, the station took its online broadcasting in-house. “This has benefited us tremendously as we gained listeners from across South Africa and the world, thanks to our ties with our international students,” Munzhedzi added.

Broadcasting from the heart of Sunnyside in Pretoria, Radio Unisa’s listenership has jumped from 28 000 last October to 39 000 in May this year. “We aim to fulfil our mandate which is to deliver mostly academic content that covers career guidance, student lifestyle issues and student support programmes,” said Muzhedzi. He said the radio station aims to reach as many of their students as possible as a link between students, lecturers and the University.

You can tune in to Unisa Radio at



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Radio on ‘Cue’ at Grahamstown’s National Arts Festival

Posted by radio On July - 2 - 2012 Comments Off on Radio on ‘Cue’ at Grahamstown’s National Arts Festival


Photo: Picture taken from

By Gaopalelwe Moroane


Definition: Festino(s): fest-in-o/ verb: An ardent festival goer.

The calendars of plenty South African art lovers are marked with the reminders of Africa’s biggest National Art Festival which takes place annually in Grahamstown from 28 June- 8 July. This is the 38th edition of the ever popular arts festival. The usually quiet student town undergoes a total transformation in vibe, turning into a banquet of delectable treats for arts lovers to enjoy. There to capture all that glorious sound and give festival-goers the highlights of all the popular shows is a team of 8 Rhodes University students, who put together and run the podcast compilation that has been named Cue Radio.

Cue Radio is part of the four-legged festival media group that makes up the Cue team. It includes Cue Newspaper which has been keeping “festinos” company for more than thirty years, and Cue Online as well as Cue TV. One of the Cue Radio journalists is Babalawa Nyembezi who shows particular excitement at being a part of this team; “one of the things to look forward to in the podcast is an interview with the City Press Editor, Ferial Haffajee, as she’ll be giving an interview on her lecture that she’ll be presenting in the ThinkFest section of festival”, she says enthusiastically.

The team goes around Grahamstown, to different shows, interviewing different art-goers, participants, and stakeholders to compile the ins- and-outs of a day at the National Arts Festival to broadcast on air for “festinos” to enjoy.

Cue Radio works in conjunction with the Grahamstown community radio station, Radio Grahamstown as well as the Rhodes University campus radio station, RMR. An hour long of podcasts that have been compiled by the team are aired daily throughout the National Arts festival.


The CueRadio podcasts can be heard from midday till 1pm on RMR and from 1pm till 2pm on Radio Grahamstown

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Media Release: Naspers Growth Across Most Businesses

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photo sourced:

Naspers on June 27, 2012,  reported a 19% increase in consolidated revenue to R39,5 billion for the year ended 31 March 2012. Core headline earnings, considered by the board to be a good indication of sustainable performance, were up 15% on the previous year to R6,9 billion or R18,50 per share. This was achieved while accelerating the organic development of businesses and incurring costs of R2,8 billion in the process. Positive free cash flows amounted to R3,6 billion. A dividend increase of 24% to R3,35 is proposed.
“We experienced stronger growth across most of our businesses,” Naspers chairman Ton Vosloo said. “The internet remains the key growth area, with several new services being developed.”
Internet segment revenues advanced 59% year on year to R19,2 billion. Due to an increased focus on scaling e-commerce platforms and building operations organically, trading profits increased at a slower rate of 9% to R3,8 billion.
The pay-television business recorded satisfactory subscriber growth and now reaches 5,6 million households across the African continent. The addition of 684 000 subscribers delivered revenue growth of 15% to R24,1 billion. Trading profit growth was trimmed to 11% due to investment in broadcasting infrastructure and technology, including the rollout of digital terrestrial television services in a number of sub-Saharan countries.
Print operations in South Africa had a slightly steadier year and reported 15% revenue growth largely due to new commercial print contracts. Trading profits recovered somewhat as the business continued to manage costs.
Naspers’ share of core earnings from associates, including Tencent in China, Group in Russia and Abril in Brazil, increased by 38% to R5 billion.
“The markets and specific business sectors in which we operate remain lively,” Naspers CEO Koos Bekker said. “We have many competitive, regulatory and technology challenges, but we also have opportunities.”
Naspers financial director Steve Pacak added: “We will focus on growing our business for the long term. I expect the current levels of development spend to continue as we build businesses organically.”

The complete results are available on the Naspers website at

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Radio Production the ‘Bujy’ Way

Posted by radio On June - 27 - 2012 1 COMMENT

By Helen Phushela

Photo: Sthembinkosi ‘Bujy’ Junior Bikwa


Bujy has enough energy to light up the Jo’burg CBD for hours. Born Sthembinkosi Junior Bikwa (24), the affectionately named ‘Bujy’ has had his eye on the prize, making hard work seem like so much fun. It is hard not to notice him when he walks in the room, with his ‘in your face’ character. The Zimbabwean born star came to South Africa at the age of four in 1992, with his South African mother.

He started as a Love-Life volunteer on local radio stations in Orange Farm, while also doing vox-pops for SABC, and that is where his love for radio production took over. Sthembinkosi then developed a-hands-on approach writing scripts, choosing topics and handling the production side of things.

Bujy grew up in Orange Farm before moving to Johannesburg, where his quest for fame and fortune began. His vibrant and outgoing personality won the hearts of viewers, when he took on the television scene on the Dance Your Butt Off show SA. The show debuted with 9 million viewers; it fed his hunger for fame and being the center of attention. “Yes I was the most favourite in South Africa even though I didn’t take home the 1st prize,” says Bujy. He recently did an MTN advertisement that went viral.

In a summary of his stepping-stones to breakthrough, Bujy summarises the opportunities which have advanced his career: “I interviewed Brad Pitt at the age of 17, it appeared in The Star, I later made it onto YFM when Gauteng fell in love with my personality as a content producer and then co-hosted for the Biggest Drive time show in GP”, he says.

Sthembinkosi joined YFM in the 2009, as the producer/ co-host for Dineo Live on Drive, that’s when ‘Bujy” was born, “I loved radio more when I realized the impact it had on people, the music and the radio personalities. I have always wanted to be a media personality and I just felt like radio was the one,” he says.

Producers are the mechanics behind most successful shows and beats, they put together content of a radio show and deal with all the technicalities. Even if most producers are not as famous as the hosts of the shows they produce, Bujy is a completely different entity. The vibrant young mover and shaker made his mark behind the mic and on the production side. As much as Radio production is perceived as a job for ‘tech heads’, it also requires a creative individual who is not afraid to spread themselves thin. Writing for the ear and not for the eye, makes radio production tricky for most producers and challenges one to go a step further than everyone else.

When asked who inspires him, Sthembinkosi Bujy Bikwa answers; “God is my inspiration, as well as young people who are making it no matter what”. Sadly the vivacious character that is Bujy is no longer riding the airwaves every afternoon as well as producing Dineo Live On Drive. However, this does not mean the end of the road for Bujy. He plans on taking on South African television by storm. In addition, Bujy also has his own company named ‘BIG WAY Productions’ which organises events with a star studded line-up. His first show was on Youth Day, June 16 at the Vaal Monate Cafe.

Radio production opened doors for Bujy, who, through hard work and self-confidence, made it very far. Those who were addicted to the drive time show may not have to wait long before they see this pure uncut peace of South African talent again, as he plans to release an album in September. Bujy plans to take the entertainment industry to a new level.

There is no definition for such raw talent and inspiration, combined with hard work, but Sthembinkosi Bujy Bikwa has one that aptly sums him up: “I am a young achiever, gay, extremely talented and an entrepreneur, in a nut shell am showbiz!”



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ICASA Extends The Closing Dates For Commercial Broadcasting Licenses

Posted by radio On June - 27 - 2012 Comments Off on ICASA Extends The Closing Dates For Commercial Broadcasting Licenses


Johannesburg – The Independent Communications Authority of South Africa hereby informs the media and all interested stakeholders of the extension in relation to the published Invitations To Apply (ITAs) to provide commercial sound broadcasting services in the Primary and Secondary Markets.

The closing date for the Primary Markets applications has been extended from 04 July 2012 to 22 August 2012; while the submission date for Secondary Markets applications has been extended from 27 June 2012 to 27 August 2012.

In terms of the Primary Markets licensing process, the Authority intends to award two licenses to applicants in the geographical markets of Gauteng, two in the metropolitan areas of and around Durban and a further two licenses in the metropolitan areas of and around Cape Town. The frequencies to be licensed for Primary Markets are on the Medium Wave band. With regard to the Secondary Markets licensing process, the Authority intends to award one license to the successful applicant in the Northern Cape, two in Free State and one in the Eastern Cape Provinces.

This extension will go a long way in assisting all prospective applicants to gather as much information as possible in support of their applications.

For media enquiries please contact:
Paseka Maleka
011 566 3455
079 509 0702

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Metro FM Involved in Latest BCCSA Case

Posted by radio On June - 24 - 2012 Comments Off on Metro FM Involved in Latest BCCSA Case


Date of hearing: 24 May 2012

Sixholo (Complainant) VS SABC Metro (Respondent)


Hate speech based on gender – repetition of degrading joke amounting to advocacy of hatred – Sixholo v SABC2 Case No: 22/2012 BCTSA

The summary of the case reads:


The repetition of a joke on Metro FM which degraded women was held to have amounted to hate speech as a result of the repetition thereof as a promo. The SABC was reprimanded for the contravention


The complaint to the BCCSA includes the following:


“The complaint is based on material that was broadcast today 26 March 2012, (and other days before this) on Metro fM on the Tbo Touch show between 17:00-18:00pm. The material is a promotional clip that promotes the Tbo touch show where their regular caller, Mnr Van Niekerk, says that he will never be with a woman who has been with a Venda / Tsonga man because “sleeping with her would be like putting a stick in the Kimberly hole”. This clip is racist and promotes negative ethnicity based stereotypes regarding black Venda men. Furthermore it is degrading and demeaning to women’s dignity and offensive. As a woman I am so humiliated by this clip. Whilst I understand that Metro FM cannot be held accountable for caller’s views, I am appalled that they have been repeatedly playing that clip to promote the Tbo touch show. Please assist in getting the clip off the airways.

After full consideration of the impact of the repetition of the clip, the conclusion reached reads:

The SABC argued that, as the BCCSA ruling pointed out, the promo complained about was not intended to cause offence, but was rather meant to be understood in the same light-hearted manner expressed by the original caller. The Complainant indicated at the hearing that she was comfortable with the promo having been removed once the complaint had been lodged. The presenter also tendered his apology to her personally at the hearing for any offence that the promo may have caused her. The presenter has indicated his regret about repeating the call as a promo, and the station has also drawn from the matter a lesson concerning the impact of such actions – which lesson will be shared with all presenters to avoid a recurrence of any similar incident.


To read the full judgment, visit:

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Avusa Media LIVE breaks records

Posted by radio On June - 22 - 2012 Comments Off on Avusa Media LIVE breaks records

Strong content and innovation in the new structure of Avusa Media LIVE (AML) have resulted in the  AML team producing strong traffic and exceeding expectations across the board.  AML recorded a record month by reaching 2,097,317 unique browsers and 30,487,069 page views locally across their network in May 2012.    “It’s been a good year, we have realised efficiencies throughout the business and there is great content and user engagement on a scale never seen before,” says Derek Abdinor, General Manager of AML.

Sowetan LIVE saw a growth of 17% in their Unique Browsers, and their Page Views grew to nearly 15 million in May.  The Sowetan LIVE audience is one of the most engaging news sites in South Africa with users spending an average of 10:33 minutes on site per session.

Times LIVE recorded a record growth of 25% to 622,792 Unique Browsers and 27% to 5,528,052 Page Views respectively.  The growth can be attributed to strong breaking news on Times LIVE. Times LIVE Twitter (@TimesLIVE) has reached more than 50,000 followers.

Sport LIVE launched their LIVE Score Centre in April and is already proving highly popular with local and domestic audiences.  Sport LIVE recorded 63,846 Unique Browsers and 431,930 Page Views in May 2012.  This shows a growth of 32% on Unique Browsers and 48% on Page Views.  “Sport LIVE grew by 32 percent when our live scoring and commentary was picked up locally and overseas during the PSL and Champion League games” says Reuben Goldberg, Editor of Sport LIVE.

Marc Hershowitz, Sales and Commercial Manager, points out that “The industry has reacted very favourably and our reputation for innovation not only from an advertising and creative perspective but from a user perspective has been rewarded.  This is a talented team that is producing strong results internally and externally.

Issued by: Avusa Media Live

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