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Chilli M: A Brand Under Construction

Posted by radio On May - 3 - 2012 1 COMMENT

By Nyeleti Machovani


Photo: Vukani Masinga AKA “Chilli M” who is now at Ukhozi FM



he legacy of fame leaves a bittersweet aftertaste, as common knowledge has it that once you become a public figure, you become the public’s fodder. There is no one who knows this better than Vukani Masinga, famously known as ‘Chilli M’.  The media has been devoted in documenting Masinga’s tribulations, more so, his trials; and those who know radio, know Chilli.

However, he seems to take it in his stride. “When you’re in the public space, you are critiqued. The spotlight is on you, and negativity comes with the perks of being a public figure”, says Masinga.  Although the interview starts off with an air of cautiousness, there is some ease as it progresses.

Masinga was born in Durban, Kwa-Mashu, and later moved to the City of Gold, Johannesburg. For him, radio has always been an obvious career choice, having found his big break at age 19 working for a national radio station. “I have no tertiary education. I was like a soccer player; my career in radio was a calculated move. I knew that was what I wanted to get into”, he says.

During the radio line-up changes in early April, 2012, Masinga joined the Durban based radio station Ukhozi FM (90.8-107.4). The move is an interesting one as having previously worked for Metro FM, East Coast radio, and YFM, the infamous radio jock has only ever broadcast for English medium stations, unlike Ukhozi which is broadcast in isiZulu. In addition, the move introduces a different working environment for him, as his previous stations were commercial radio stations, and Ukhozi FM is a Public Broadcasting Service (PBS). This, however, doesn’t deter Masinga, who infact finds the changes to be more understated than anticipated. “I’m a duck on water, radio is my space, so for me, the move to Ukhozi is not a culture shock. Radio is radio regardless of where it fits, you abide by the same professional principles”, he says. When asked about the language shift, Masinga offers a reminder that you cannot be a foreigner to your own tongue; “don’t forget that isiZulu is my home language, so I’m at home at Ukhozi FM”, affirms the jock.

Masinga is still finding his feet at the new station hosting the show ‘Konakele’ on Fridays 19:00-23:00, and ‘Chillaz’ on Saturdays at 15:00-18:00 pm which he describes to be “very much experimental, aimed at upwardly mobile executives, and lifestyle orientated”. He feels content with his weekend slots, stating; “I’m happy with my allocation doing weekend shows”. Masinga affirms that he doesn’t aspire to do drive time shows because the current weekend slots allow him to free up his weekdays which are dedicated to lecturing at Vega for a radio course to radio students.

The radio jock believes in pursuing opportunities to better yourself; “having been in the industry for 14 years, you have to be able to reinvent yourself to stay relevant. In this industry you are sustained by a pure love for radio. Passion is inherent”, he says. Having said that, Masinga isn’t shy to express his thoughts about the current crop of radio DJ’s. “Nowadays, the new crop of DJ’s lack talent, we don’t have true radio personalities. In my time, you could easily spot talent, that’s why there are a lot of radio legends from that era. We no longer have the makings of a legend”, he says. However, Masinga is quick to interject, as if removing the floating assumption that he is a radio legend, “I’m not saying I’m a legend myself, at 35 years of age, I cannot call myself a veteran because I’m still a brand under construction”. According to him, the makings of a legend are someone who is constantly curious, passionate, and avoids complacency.



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We Proudly Announce SAMA Award Winners

Posted by radio On May - 3 - 2012 4 COMMENTS


Photo: Randall Abrahams, CEO of the 18th Annual South African Music Awards.


The South African Music Awards were upon us this past weekend on 29, 30 April at the Sun City Superbowl.  For those of us who couldn’t be a part of the live festivities in Sun City, we fixated our eyes on the television screen as the event proceeded and was broadcast live on the 30th from 8.30pm on SABC 1. Some have dubbed the event as the ‘Zahara Awards’ as she managed to scoop up 8 South African Music Awards from the respective categories in which she was nominated, making her supporters very proud. Of course Zahara wasn’t the only star shining bright in room; therefore Radiobiz would like to congratulate all our category winners and encourage our musicians to keep striving for excellence.

Courtesy of


The Winners Are:

Best Alternative Album

The Dirty Skirts for Lost In The Fall

Best Kiddies Album

Wendy Oldfield for Singalong Kidz Volume 2

Best Smooth Urban Music Album

Zahara for Loliwe

Best Contemporary Faith Music Album

The Plain Truth – We Are The Shining Ones

Best Classical and Instrumental Album

CH2 for Ping

Best Collaboration

Zahara featuring Georgy for Incwad’Encane

Best Jazz Album

Jimmy Dludlu for Tonota

Best Pop Album

Lloyd Cele for One

Best African Adult Album

Zonke for Ina Ethe

Best Rock Album

Shadowclub for Guns and Money

Best Traditional Music Album

Soul Brothers for Amaphutha

Best Traditional Faith Music Album

Solly Mahlangu for Mwamba Mwamba

Best Street Urban Music Album

AKA for Altar Ego

Best Sokkie Dans Album

Snotkop for Ek Laaik Van Jol

Best Adult Contemporary Album

Elvis Blue for Elvis Blue (2CD Special Edition)


Best Maskandi Album

Thokozani Langa for I-Protection Order

Best Kwaito Album

Big Nuz for Pound for Pound

Best Dance Album

Mi Casa for Mi Casa Music

Special Award:  Best Selling Album

Loliwe by Zahara

Special Award:  MTN Best Selling Mobile Music Download

Facebook by DJ Cleo

Newcomer of the Year

Zahara for Loliwe

Duo/Group of the Year

Mi Casa for Mi Casa Music

Male Artist of the Year

AKA for Altar Ego

Female Artist of the Year

Zahara for Loliwe

MTN Record of the Year

Mi Casa for These Streets

Album of the Year

Loliwe by Zahara


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Why Radio Advertising Is an Excellent Marketing Strategy for Small Businesses

Posted by radio On May - 3 - 2012 Comments Off on Why Radio Advertising Is an Excellent Marketing Strategy for Small Businesses

One crucial part of every small business’s budget is advertising. This financial line item is crucial in order to attract customers, build new client relationships, and grow your business. However, advertising costs can mount up quickly if you’re not careful, and it’s easy to become overwhelmed, especially if there is little or no response to an advertising campaign.

Radio advertising services offer many advantages for small business owners. If you choose to use the radio for your ads, you may be able to limit your costs significantly. In fact, your only expenses will be the cost of producing the ad. In return, you’ll reap the many benefits radio advertising can provide.

Business Owners Can Target a Specific Audience

A successful radio slot, run on the correct radio station, targets the exact audience that it’s aimed for. Each radio station you speak with should have an excellent idea of their target demographic – the people who listen to their station, and at whom they’re aiming their ads. Your goal is to match your direct response radio advertising at the people you think will best respond to it.

Do this by choosing your target demographic carefully, and running your ad on an appropriate radio station. If you need assistance with this, chances are the radio station itself can provide you with some market research and educate you about the people listening in.

Your Business Receives Regular Exposure

Another benefit of radio ads is that your message reaches a regular listening audience. Radio programs build up loyal listeners, who tune in daily or weekly to hear their favorite shows. Your commercial will be heard on a regular basis by your target audience, making radio a highly effective marketing tool. You’re likely to see results quickly; as your advertisement reaches the exact people you’re tailoring it towards, and reach them during the same time slot each day.

Your Advertisement Receives Regular Attention

When people watch television, read print advertisements, or browse the web, they’re often distracted by other things around them. They may be eating dinner, reading a magazine, or attending to their children. However, when they listen to the radio, they’re often alone in their car during a work commute, or already at their office. This focused attention allows them to really listen to your message and absorb it.

People have far more time to hear radio ads, and this allows them to be highly effective. In addition, radio stations and disc jockeys work hard to develop listener loyalty, so that the same people are listening at the same times each day. Contests, giveaways, and games are all methods of building this loyalty that have proven highly effective. Ask the radio station you’re considering advertising with if they have statistics regarding their response rate or their listener loyalty – you may be surprised at the results they provide you with.

Advertising on the Radio is Highly Affordable

According to eTraffic (, “traditional marketing and advertising methods are not as effective as previously. Even the twenty second power ad on television or radio cannot compare to the effectiveness of Internet marketing and advertising methods.

Consumers now have mobile devices which form much better targets for ads. When they are not busy with their mobile phones, they are surfing the Internet or reading their emails. Less and less time are allocated to the television and radio

Good marketing and advertising methods respect the consumer. The Internet provides several ways for finding out what the consumers want. Through online surveys, polls, and web usage statistics of your site, you can establish what the consumers want, how they want it, how much they are willing to pay for it and when they need it”.


Radio Ads have Strong Psychological Effects

Humans are social animals, and we don’t enjoy spending time in isolation. Radio provides an outlet for humans to feel less alone while commuting, working in cubicles, or doing other solitary tasks. The audience listening to your advertisements, as well as the radio programs that accompany them, will quickly form an attachment to the campaigns themselves. Think about it. How many jingles do your recognize? Your listeners are no different.

By creating this type of ad program, you’re tapping into the human brain at a deep psychological level. You’re working with parts of the brain that love rhythm, repetition, and catchy jingles; if your ad is humorous, even better. Successful radio ads reach the target audience where they live; they not only advertise, they also entertain.

If you can achieve these two goals, you’ll be well on your way to a great campaign. After all, your goal is to convert listeners into active consumers, who are willing to hear your words and follow through on an accompanying action.

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Y-Academy Moulds Radio Veterans

Posted by radio On May - 3 - 2012 Comments Off on Y-Academy Moulds Radio Veterans



By Gaopalelwe Moroane

For many, talent, luck and the good old hustle are the three tools needed in order to place one strategically in a career of their choice. The radio industry is one industry that requires such, however these aren’t necessarily enough to guarantee a successful career. As a result of this, Y FM, one of Johannesburg’s biggest youth radio stations, has designed an academy which hones talent in the business. This course has been aptly termed ‘Y –Academy’.

The academy co-ordinator, Tshepo Pule, known at the station as “Stapura” describes the course as, “the most ambitious training and development programme ever put together by any media house, in South Africa or anywhere.” The academy has been running since October, 2007 and is run by the YFM CEO Mr Kanthan Pillay.

The ideal candidate for this course is a South African graduate, who together with thirteen other candidates will be taken in by members of the Y FM team. Courses in copywriting, marketing, news reading and production amongst many others will be crammed into this course, and graduates from this academy emerge with a clear idea of what goes into getting a radio production on air.

Y FM is the home to many celebrities and success stories such as the late “Khabzela”, who is one of the icons who spearheaded awareness of HIV/ AIDS in the South African youth. Others who have grown to become forces to be reckoned with, and  have successfully emerged from this stable include DJ Fresh, Bad Boy, Mo Flava, Chilli M, Dineo Ranaka, Tholi B, Rudeboy Paul, Phat Joe and DJ Sbu, just to name a few.

Rhodes graduate Sibongile Gangxa also participated in the programme last year and is now a news reporter for the station. “I managed to impress a couple of people and get a permanent contract and am now drive-time news reader. “It was just a culture I could relate to”, she says.  Like the other Y academy graduates on their video diaries, “Sbosh” as she is affectionately known has nothing but good things to say about the experience. “It’s priceless – you are getting taught things people go to school to learn about,” she says excitedly.

For more information on how one can grab a hold of this amazing opportunity, visit YFM website. Radiobiz will be doing an indepth follow-up investigative article on Y-academy and the impact the institution has in building a sustainable radio elite.

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Posted by radio On April - 18 - 2012 Comments Off on 2012 MTN RADIO AWARDS ANNOUNCES WINNERS


The much anticipated day came and left a bevy of very excited and equally deserving award winners.  The MTN Radio Awards 2012 were hosted on 14 April, 2012, at the Sandton Convention Centre. Radiobiz applauds the recognition of excellence in the radio industry. Here are the category winners.





Winner: John Robbie Show Talk Radio 702

This show is constantly relevant and maintains an excellent balance between controversy and entertainment.



Winner: Vuka Mzansi — UKHOZI FM

This show stood head and shoulders above competitors in its category in terms of its ability to engage with- and inform- listeners.



Winner: Blewitt for Breakfast — Mix93.8FM

This show is amusing, light-hearted, entertaining and professionally presented.



Winner: The FirstBeat — Tshwane FM

This is a new show presented by fresh talent. The judges felt that it has the potential to rival some of its commercial counterparts.





Winner: Ryan O’Connor — 94.5 Kfm

Ryan presents the breakfast show with flair, stamping his own brand of fun and his unique warm personality on the show.



Winner: Linda Sibiya — Ukhozi FM

Linda makes a difference in people’s lives though his witty, fun and enthusiastic presentation style.



Winner: Tony Blewitt — Mix 93.8FM

Tony brings fun, entertainment and easy listening to the morning commute.



Winner: Rob Forbes — TUKS FM

Rob’s style, energy, approachability and talent have seen him gain the attention and interest of commercial stations and he has now moved

on to a full-time slot on 5FM.



Winner: Bruce Whitfield — 567 Cape Talk and Talk Radio 702

Bruce has made this category his own over the past few years. His insightful interviews and his breadth of coverage of his subjects make him a

clear and worthy winner.



Winner — The Money Show – 567 Cape Talk and Talk Radio 702

This show has become the benchmark against which other Business and Finance Shows are measured.



Winner — Thabo Mdluli — Impact Radio 103FM

Thabo is still a relatively new and young presenter and yet he has his finger on the pulse of his community and speaks to their hearts.




Winner — Toy Story — East Coast Radio

This was a heart-warming project that brought joy to the lives of thousands of children. Judges commented that this was one that really touched them and had them reaching for their Kleenex.



Winner — Children of Heaven — Radio Islam

This was a campaign that told personal stories of special needs children in its broadcast community, highlighting their plight and raising awareness across the entire audience spectrum.




Winner — Gary Oberholzer and JD Mostert (Joint Winners)

After intense debate, the judges were unable to come up with a single winner and for the first time in the MTN Radio Awards history, gave a joint accolade to individuals. Gary Oberholzer of Talk Radio 702 for the exceptional dexterity he demonstrates in sourcing relevant guests and making sure the show is topical and always interesting. JD Mostert of Algoa FM for his ability to manage and smoothly produce a broad range of content and consistently adding value to the





Winner — Saskia Falken — Heart 104.9FM

Fun, friendly and fast paced presentation, Saskia has a very engaging manner and is easy to listen to.


Winner — Dudu Khoza — Ukhozi FM

Dudu is entertaining and engaging, but most of all she is relevant and important to her listeners.



Winner — Helen Desbois — East Rand Stereo

Helen has an inviting, friendly and entertaining presentation style.



Winner — Alex Caige — TUKS FM

Alex injects fun into his show and his enthusiasm and dedication to his show make him a worthy winner in this category.




Winner — Grant and Anele — 5FM

This show has fun, pace, wit, entertainment and above all, an X-factor that is one of the special properties of radio.



Winner — Afternoon Talk – SAfm

This show does not shy away from controversial issues and encourages listener participation and involvement.



Winner — Butterfly Corner — Radio Islam

Aimed at a young audience, this show is different in the way it engages with children.




Winner — Radio Vuka – SAfm

A daily drama programme that seeks to highlight national imperatives in an entertaining manner.



Winner: Discrimination — Radio Khwezi

A compelling insight into an important recurring issue that affects all South Africans.




Winner — Marian Nyako Lartey – OFM

Marian has an excellent approach to informing – whilst interacting with and entertaining – the listeners.



Winner — Cavall Burgess

Clear, entertaining and interesting presentation.



Winner — Take 40 SA — 94.5 Kfm and 94.7 Highveld Stereo

The Take 40 programme is professionally produced and presented. It is an excellent example of production preparation that culminates in an excellent show.



Winner — The Bollywood Billboard — Lotus FM

Presented with enthusiasm and flair, this show is a star in the Lotus FM constellation.



Winner — Jubel en Juig — Radio Pulpit

True to its community roots, this show is honest and entertaining.



Winner — Totally SA Show — TUKS FM

Campus radio has always played an important role in introducing listeners to new music and this show is even more important in that it focusses on SA Music.




Winner — David O’ Sullivan — Talk Radio 702

David O’Sullivan handles the issues of the day in a professional and engaging manner. He is always on top of the news issues and ensures that he gets relevant and insightful answers from his interviewees.



Winner — Nothile Zwane — Radio Khwezi

Nothile presented political issues with balance, fairness and integrity in the run-up to the local government elections




Winner — Glynis Crook — The Midday Report — 567 Cape Talk and Talk Radio 702

As the producer of The Midday Report, Glynis has an enviable contact book and is constantly able to source new voices for a variety of issues.



Winner — Veronica Fourie AM Live SAfm

Veronica is a producer who researches her subjects thoroughly and produces thought-provoking radio.



Winner — Ejaz Khan — Radio Islam

Ejaz is able to source content that is meaningful and of relevance to his audience.




Winner — The Midday Report — 567 Cape Talk and Talk Radio 702

This is a show that consistently analyses and interprets the news of the day with professionalism, speed and authority.



Winner — 50 Jarige Herdenking van Umkonto we Sizwe – RSG

This special broadcast on the history of MK was dramatic, fascinating and professionally presented.



Winner – The Big Picture Programme — Radio Islam

A compelling radio programme that reports on the big issues of the day in a professional manner.




Winner — Martin Bester — Jacaranda 94.2

Martin reduces the stress of the drive home with his mixture of warmth, with and his overall professional presentation.



Winner — Ba2cada Leine — Lesedi FM

The pace and entertainment of this presentation and the way in which there are no sacred cows makes this an entertaining and

relevant show for the younger target audience.



Winner — Yusuf Moosagie — Radio Islam

Yusuf presents a variety of content and issues, keeping his audience company and ensuring that they are informed of the events of the day whilst commuting.




Winner — The Fresh Drive – 5FM

This show is fun, entertaining and exciting and will most certainly reduce the stress of commuting.



Winner — Sekunjalo the Exclusive Drive — Ukhozi FM

This show brings together many elements of social media, news and entertainment and has a huge degree of audience involvement making it an essential daily listening experience.



Winner — The Drive Show — Bay FM

This show is highly informative to its community.



Winner — Tessa van Staden — 567 Cape Talk

Tessa’s presentation is clear, competent and delivered with authority.



Winner — Karlien Kruger — Bok Radio

This entry won on the style, clarity and tone of the presentation



Winner — Anton Meijer — TUKS FM

Anton presents the news in a professional manner and that his clarity and delivery make him a worthy winner.




Winner — Thabiso Sikwane — Kaya FM

Thabiso is professional, empathic, and welcoming and she selects topics and guests that add value to the listeners’ experience.



Winner — Ashraf Garda SAfm

Ashraf is a consummate radio professional who undertakes thorough research into his topics and provokes excellent debate amongst his listeners.



Winner — Sakha Isizwe — Radio Khwezi

This informative, entertaining and though-provoking presentation won the favour of the judges




Winner — That Show with Rian — Jacaranda 94.2

Controversial and sometimes confrontational style makes this a clear winner.



Winner — The Weekend Fix — Lotus FM

Innovative, cutting-edge show that has increased listenership by 900% due to its entertaining music and presentation.



Winner — Sakhisizwe — Radio Khwezi

Innovative and thought-provoking radio.




Winner — Sung Intros — 94.5Kfm

The scripting, the humour and the relevance of this entry found favour with the judges.



Winner — African Renaissance – SAfm

This was part of a broader series which sought to promote and increase awareness of African issues and to promote the concept of a unified Africa.



Winner — Jingles etc — Radio Islam

This entry won favour with the judges due to the attention-to-detail and the relevance to the station’s programming and audience.




Winner — Double up — Jacaranda 94.2

This promotion increased audience retention and participation and achieved exceptional results in terms of increasing time spent listening and RAMS numbers.



Winner — Wafa Wafa — Ukhozi FM

This high energy promotion uses music and sports to keep listeners locked onto the station. It includes a high level of audience involvement and participation.



Winner — Go Green — East Rand Stereo

This promotion exceeded the station’s expectations by creating maximum visible promotion for the Station in its’ broadcast area and encouraging community participation.



Winner — 93.36 hour Marathon — PUKfm 93.6

This promotion and marathon broadcast on the station captured substantial attention amongst the target listeners and the broader connected community. It established the frequency of the station through the targeted time of the marathon.




Winner Jo Hudla — Ukhozi FM

Jo makes his commentary exciting and the game that he is calling comes alive in the eyes of his listeners.




Winner — Sias du Plessis — 5FM

This is a competitive category and Sias does excellent preparation and presents with knowledge, authority and enthusiasm.



Winner — Feroz Shaik — Lotus FM

Feroz is knowledgeable and enthusiastic and this transmits through his reports



Winner — Josie Raath — Radio Pulpit

Josie had a great ability to communicate his passion and knowledge to his listener.



Winner — Andrew Hope — UJFM 95.4

Andrew manages to get excellent content and shares this in an engaging and professional manner.




Winner — The Discovery Sports Centre — Metro FM

Metro FM through Robert Marawa have made this their own award over the past three years. Robert is a sports fanatic and the show is a fine example of his passion and enthusiasm.



Winner — The Sports Show — Phalaphala FM

This award winning presenter makes the show interesting and compelling.



Winner — Sportsfire — Radio Today 1485AM

Clear consistent presentation by a real sports enthusiast make this an excellent show.



Winner — The Sports Network — UJFM 95.4

As a comprehensive production from a small campus station, this show punches above its weight.



Winner — Kgomotso Meso — Kaya FM

Concise and straightforward traffic reports which take listener input into account. This is traffic reporting as it should be.




Winner — The Epic Rhythm — Kaya FM

This show is entertaining, informative and relevant. Listeners are left wanting more.



Winner — The Bollywood Billboard — Lotus FM

A delightfully presented look at the highlights of Bollywood. Interesting and entertaining radio.



Winner — Screaming Reels — Radio Islam

This fishing programme appeals to the pastime of a large selection of the audience and is captivating. One could say that an enthusiast could get hooked on this programme.



Winner — Sedibeng — Thobela FM

This is an empowering, informative and interesting show that covers a variety of topics without skirting controversial issues.



Winner — Phat Joe Morning Show — Heart 104.9FM



Winner — Gangsterism — The Voice of the Cape

A brave and dramatic insight into gangs in the Western Cape.



Winner — Metered Taxis — 567 Cape Talk

Whistle blowing on the metered taxi industry in the City of Cape Town.



Winner — Most Number of Votes — Ukhozi FM

Winner — Most Loyal Listeners — Radio Islam




Winner — 5 FM



Winner — Ukhozi FM



Winner — Radio Tygerberg



Winner — TUKS FM

Visit for more information.

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SABC Scoops ‘Em Up!

Posted by radio On April - 18 - 2012 Comments Off on SABC Scoops ‘Em Up!


The South African Broadcasting Corporation’s (SABC) can proudly raise its pennon in celebration as the broadcasters’ radio stations have done extremely well.  The broadcaster managed to rake in over 20 accolades at the MTN Radio Awards, which were held in Sandton on Saturday the 14th of April.

Excellence must be applauded and celebrated. The SABC radio stations proved to be the crème de la crème of an arguably competitive radio industry by emerging as top performers in the previous financial year, which was between April 2011 and March 2012. The top radio stations were namely; Ukhozi FM, 5FM and SAfm as these three stations scooped up various awards. Of the three top contenders, Ukhozi FM proved its tenacity by pocketing 9 well deserved awards including the coveted Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) Station of the Year award.

5FM managed to bag the Commercial Station of the Year award, as well as walking away with 4 awards. Also on par, SAfm claimed five 5 awards and sealed that it is the station of choice when it comes to credible information by winning the News and Information Leader award.

Metro FM, Thobela FM, RSG, and Lesedi FM each walked away with an award, and Phalaphala, Lotus FM, and Chanel Africa each pocketed 2 awards. SABC Acting Head of Radio, Lesley Ntloko is appreciative that there is a platform which acknowledges excellence in broadcasting, because indeed, hard work pays off. He is quoted saying: “these awards are most valued by the SABC, especially the Station of the Year awards, which are voted for by the listeners. It becomes meaningful to note that the SABC still by far, heeds the call to inform, educate and entertain the South African audience. These awards are a testament to the hard work and dedication of all the SABC Radio stations.


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Posted by radio On April - 18 - 2012 Comments Off on YFM ESCAPES HATE SPEECH CASE


The Registrar of the Broadcasting Complaints Commission of South Africa (BCCSA) has received a complaint regarding the use of the word “nigger” in a broadcast of an afternoon YFM programme titled ‘Prime Mode’ on 15 March 2012 between 14h00 and 15h00.

The complainant, Tshepo Motaung, contends against the use of the word “nigga” which he heard being used quite liberally on the afternoon show. Motaung’s claims rest on the issue of “hate speech based on race clause”.

The applicable clause to the case as it stands is:

Clause 4(2): Broadcasting Service licensees must not broadcast material which, judged within context, amounts to (a) propaganda for war; (b) incitement of imminent violence or (c) the advocacy of hatred that is based on race, ethnicity, religion or gender and that constitutes incitement to cause harm.

The judgment observed that “it cannot seriously be suggested that the broadcast was intended to or indeed even had the effect of advocating hatred, less still that it constituted incitement to cause harm. The use of the word “nigga” was plainly not intended to have any of these effects nor did it indeed have such effects”.

Therefore upon revising the case, the judgment did not find the broadcast station (YFM) in violation of clause 4.2 of the BCCSA code of conduct and the complaint is therefore not upheld.

To read the full adjudication, visit:

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MTN Radio Awards Countdown Begins!

Posted by radio On April - 13 - 2012 2 COMMENTS


There is officially less than a week to go, and the countdown to the long-awaited MTN Radio Awards 2012, which will be hosted on 14 April, 2012, at the Sandton Convention Centre is in full effect.

The station categories have been divided into 4 main categories, namely; Commercial, PBS (Public Broadcasting Station), Community,  and Campus. Radiobiz brings you a synchronized package of the show-business report.



Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and if your first meal does not set your day off to a good start, then you should revise your diet, in this case- what you are listening to. The saying “if a station is not in profit by 9 a.m., then it never will be” makes this particular award one of the most important. The judges will be looking for a show that captures the energy and essence of its target market both geographically and demographically. Morning radio can often sound the same in many markets, so the judges will look for style, content and presentation that is original, creative, exciting and enticing.  Morning radio is often about team-broadcasting, and judges will, therefore, pay special attention to how the team blends together and plays off one another. The best morning radio, while often tightly packed and pre-produced, can be a meaningful vehicle for advertisers.

The contenders for this coveted category go to:

COMMERCIAL -5FM / 94.7 Highveld Stereo / 567 Cape Talk / Good Hope FM / KFM / Kaya FM / Talk Radio 702
PBS – Phalaphala FM / Ukhozi FM / Umhlobo Wenene FM
COMMUNITY – East Rand Stereo / Impact 103FM / Mix 93.8FM / Radio Islam / Tygerberg FM



This category is open to all radio stations that have a bona fide news and actuality programme comprising original news and current affairs of fifteen minutes in duration or more, and broadcast at any time of the day or night.  This excludes hourly news bulletins. The category would also be open to a broader talk show that covers current affairs. The show will be assessed on the way in which stories and issues are handled in terms of presentation, immediacy style and objectivity.
COMMERCIAL – 567 Cape Talk / Kaya FM / OFM / Talk Radio 702 X 2
COMMUNITY – Radio Islam (The Big Picture Programme, Al Masaa Afternoon Drive and Sabaahul Muslim) / Radio Pulpit (Josie Raath) / KQFM (KQ Talk)
PBS – RSG / SAfm (Andries Tatane and United Nations)



This category is open to all shows broadcast on all radio stations across the time channels that typically are not defined as either Breakfast time, or as Afternoon Drive time (e.g. between 09:00 and 16:00) during weekdays and over weekends. The show will be assessed on how well it understands the unique needs of the time channel and programmes accordingly, and judges will be looking for freshness in presentation, and how uniquely each broadcast hour is used.  Consideration will also be given to whether advertisers have got value for money, and whether the show deserves the accolade of being a regular essential appointment with the listener. High production values are a must.

The contenders for this category are:

COMMERCIAL – Alex Jay Show (94.7 Highveld Stereo) / Grant and Anele (5FM) / Lunch with Ayanda (Good Hope FM) / The Jenny Crwys Williams Show (Talk Radio 702) / The Midday Report (567 Cape Talk) / The Redi Thlabi Show (Talk Radio 702)
PBS – Ashraf Garda (SAfm) / Sedibeng (Thobela FM) / The Real Deal (Trufm)
COMMUNITY – Aboo Bakr Dawjee & Sulaimaan Ravat (Radio Islam) / Helen Desbois (East Rand Stereo) / Sameera Buccas (Radio Islam) / Saskia V (Mix 93.8FM)

Although it doesn’t pull the same audience numbers as Breakfast, afternoon drive is critical to the station’s mix on air and plays a significant role to the overall Time Spent Listening (TSL) and cumulative audience figures. The pace of the show is critical with a substantial volume of news and information having to be incorporated into the mix. Getting this show right requires a skilful mix of the ingredients that will keep the listener locked to the station and provide that mix of information, and entertainment that shortens the ride home and reduces the stress of rush-hour traffic.

The contenders for this Category are:

COMMERCIAL – 5FM / 567 Cape Talk / 94.7 Highveld Stereo / Algoa FM / East Coast Radio / Good Hope FM / Jacaranda 94.2 / Kaya FM / Talk Radio 702 /
PBS – Lesedi FM / Phalaphala FM / Ukhozi FM / Umhlobo Wenene
COMMUNITY – Bay FM / Mix 93.8FM / Radio Islam



This category is open to all radio stations across all categories broadcasting from 19:00 to 05:00 in the morning, weekdays and over weekends. Night-time broadcasting typically requires a change of pace and mood and the show must reflect this.  Judges will also look at how the show best addresses the needs of the audience, as well as excellence in presentation and production. Given that night-time radio audiences tend to dwindle as it gets later, judges will be asking one key question:  “What compels me to stay with this show?”

The contenders are:

COMMERCIAL – 5FM / 94.2 Jacaranda / 94.7 Highveld Stereo / Good Hope FM / Kaya FM / Talk Radio 702 and 567 Cape Talk
PBS – Lotus FM / SAfm (Chiawelo and Andries Tatane)
COMMUNITY – Radio Khwezi / Radio Islam / Radio Pulpit / RadioRiverside


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By Nyeleti Machovani

Photo: The V Drive Show Team

From Left to Right: Bonga Zulu (Technical Producer), Linda ‘TheGame’ Ndimande (Presenter) & Nokwanda Ngema (Content Producer)


Vibe FM’s Linda ‘The Game’ Ndimande who presents the show V-Drive, has been nominated for the category ‘Afternoon Drive Presenter’ in the MTN sponsored Radio Awards.  The prestigious event which is to be held at the Sandton Convention Center on 14, April, 2012 is around the corner. It therefore makes sense why the community radio anchor’s infectious enthusiasm resonates as we speak about his nomination. “I’m very excited, I was not aware that my craft is acknowledged; even if I don’t walk away the official ‘winner’, being nominated- that alone is amazing. It inspires me to work even harder”, says Ndimande humbly.


Even as a youngster, the 37 year old Umlazi born radio jock never felt ambivalent about his life’s journey. He knew that he wanted to see himself in the radio industry. To achieve this goal, he set out to lay a foundation of solid media references by building a portfolio of relevant working experience.  Ndimande started out as a radio presenter at Cani 96.7 FM in 1997 and then relocated to present at the Durban News Radio in 2005. He honed and refined his skills at Gagasi FM in 2010, before joining Vibe FM 94.7 FM in 2011. Evidently, the years spent cultivating his skills have rewarded him with recognition in a very competitive industry. “I’m at home at Vibe FM. I have the freedom to be myself and enjoy radio. I have the freewill to give my show direction, and I have gained the confidence to mature my craft here”, says Ndimande.


The community radio station Vibe FM which officially aired on 20 March, 2009, is situated in KwaMashu within the Ethekwini Metropolitan Municipality. It was granted a four-year broadcasting license by ICASA which took effect on 5th April 2007 to broadcast to the community of KwaMashu and surrounding areas. Ndimande believes that radio is still very much a relevant media outlet in contemporary South Africa; “radio stations reach millions of listeners, and can effectively change people’s mindsets”, says the V-Drive Show presenter.


Affectionately nicknamed ‘The Game”, Ndimande describes his show, the V-Drive, as young, fresh, current and energetic. “Our show speaks to 18-25 year olds. We remain current, popular and relevant because in radio you need to know what you are doing. We also engage the community through outreach programmes”, he says. Part of the stations’ social responsibility is to empower an otherwise impoverished rural community. “We are working together with various Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO)’s in the area which assist us to build houses for the underprivileged , as well as to host educational talks in schools regarding issues affecting South Africa, such as HIV/Aids and unemployment amongst other issues”, he says.


When asked about the likelihood of bagging this coveted award of Afternoon Drive Presenter, Ndimande evades attributing the success of the show to his own outstanding skills, but gives praise to his equally commendable team, which comprises of two other co-presenters, namely; Bonga Zulu, the shows’ technical producer, and the content producer Nokwanda Ngema.


Even in the face of tenacious competition, being that Radio Islam received 24 nominations for the MTN Radio Awards 2012, and managed to walk away with four awards in the previous year, Ndimande seems optimistic about Vibe FM’s chances of taking the prize this year. “I believe that we may be likely to win this category because of the advantage we have over our competition. The show I present considers the diverse South African youth, in ethnicity, religion, and language. We are not specific to a certain group. We also incorporate English and Zulu in presenting so that we can appeal to a wider audience”, he explains.


Clearly an avid believer in hard work, drive and initiative, Ndimande holds a Boston certificate in Communication. “It is a great initiative for a large company like MTN to sponsor these Radio Awards. It shows that there are big investors who are backing the radio industry. That should inspire people to believe in their craft and to not be afraid to start something new because you never stop learning, so you should never stop enquiring”, concludes Ndimande.

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A Newsreaders Guide (Part 2)

Posted by radio On April - 5 - 2012 1 COMMENT

Ways of presenting Radio News

To establish a distinct “voice” for the station, consider using a solo news reader to be the anchor. A solo news reader can read the headlines effectively, and introduce stories from contributors.

The dynamic of two news readers, who are respectively male and female, provides an interesting contrast and can break up longer news pieces effectively. Interviews which are either conducted by the anchor, collectively (the joint two anchor newsreaders), or remotely; from a reporter on the ground who is live at the scene of the story, often provides great audio material.

Spokespersons from organisations involved in the subject matter give the official statement, and add the necessary balance, not only to the story itself, but to the benefit of the listeners well. Although spokespersons seldom give their own opinion, but represent the organisation, it is important to get the alternative perspective, for depth and credibility.

Consider using Vox Pops to aid news telling as they add local colour and interest to the news. They’re quick (or should be) and are a chance for the station’s own listeners to get involved, depending on the station and the nature of the story.

There are various other types of contributors available to add colour and interest to the audio of a news bulletin. These range from professional broadcasters who are closer to the scene. These can either be freelancers or as employees who are part of a bigger news broadcaster or organisation.

Music in the News Bulletin

As news reports and the bulletins themselves become quicker and shorter, especially in music driven format stations, some stations feel it necessary to add a music bed running underneath and throughout the news. That is an alternative. Opinions are divided on how short news can be delivered, yet still be effective. Each station generally tailors its own format to suit its individual agenda.

Radio listeners get their news from a variety of sources and some turn to their radio station for in-depth coverage whilst other listeners are content with the headlines. In the radio industry, listeners ultimately have carte blanche to decide what type of news they want from their station, and it is for that station to deliver  what is appealing to their target audience.





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