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Data analysis helps organisations make sense of complex data sets, providing insights that are not necessarily visible to the human eye. The availability of higher computational, storage and networking capabilities, means that the amount of data being transferred are increased proportionately. According to Sabelo Dlamini, Senior Research and Consulting Manager at International Data Corporation (IDC) South Africa, that has resulted in the increased use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to derive insights that drive business decision-making.


“AI is one of the tools that can be used to analyse data and give the organisation deep insights. It is several algorithms that mimic human behaviour in analysing the data. Along with Machine Learning (ML) and Deep Learning (DL), it is one of the techniques used to analyse the data, apply intelligence and ultimately provide insights,” he says.



With the adoption of these analysis tools, comes the responsibility of identifying the right tools to meet the needs of the business and to hire employees with the right skills. “It comes with embracing the use of innovation accelerators such as AI, robot process automation (RPA) and using data scientists – a role which is becoming vital in organisations,” Dlamini adds that the types of insights the business wants will determine the tools they deploy. “The organisation needs to decide what type of data they want to analyse and the type of insights they are after. AI is a collective word for a number of algorithms that can be applied, so it’s more about zooming into the AI bag and seeing which tool you can be able to pick based on your needs and cross-checking your solutions to ensure they meet your needs.”



With most organisations already overwhelmed by the amount of data that is available, it is now more about prioritising what you really want out of it. “When you get all the data that is available, you can easily be side-tracked by interesting insights that might not even be relevant to the business. The key here is to know what the business priorities and KPIs are and then focusing on those when you analyse the data,” says Dlamini. “It is about knowing exactly what you want to extract from the data or why you are collecting that data in the first place.”


While AI does reduce the need for human intervention, it does not eliminate it entirely. “There will still be a need for skilled individuals or people who are able to relate and narrate insight into human experiences and communicate them. This is not something machines or robotics would necessarily be able to do. You will still need someone to interpret the data because while robots are much more advanced and able to solve complex problems, they might struggle with some of the more basic problems that require a human touch. They are also not capable of relating some of the results to human experiences that have a practical implication and must be related meaningfully to real live cases,” he says.




Dlamini says AI, the Internet of Things (IoT) and the fourth industrial revolution (4IR) are significantly changing the way data is collected, managed and analysed. “With IoT, we will eventually get to a point where pretty much everything will have computing ability or a sensor and send data on a regular basis, resulting in big data. To draw insights from that data you will require AI tools to draw the required insights. So, these are all interconnected and in the bigger picture of things, like the fourth industrial revolution (4IR), it is more about defining which use cases you will be focusing on,” he says. “It will drive change in industries as they start requiring less human intervention. In manufacturing, for example, we are envisioning factories being run by robotics or AI, or even running autonomously. It will be about having the sensors in place to collect the data, storing that data and having the AI mimicking human intelligence to make the decisions and feedback to the factory, enabling it to run on its own.”



Dlamini concludes that organisations are already being prepared for this eventuality. “While data analytics capabilities seem very new and almost futuristic, it will eventually become the same as generic computer skills. Where 30 years’ ago, computer skills were only for the select few, they have now become the norm. We foresee that soon, as with computer skills, everyone will have the skills to analyse the data and the capability to apply the right tools to draw the required insights.”



[Issued by: IDC]

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TRUfm launches the 2019 TRUTalent Search

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The South African Broadcasting Corporation’s (SABC) radio station, trufm will be embarking on the fourth annual edition of truTalent Search. Listeners between the ages of 15 – 34 are invited to audition in two of the five categories, namely: Music; Radio Presenting; Comedy; DJ’ing and a Listener’s Choice Award for the Best trufm Presenter Category, where listeners vote for their favourite trufm Presenter.

Comedians are requested to email their demo of 5-10 minutes and DJs are also invited to email their 10 – 20 minutes mixes to The closing date for all digital submissions is Sunday, 22 September 2019.


The station will travel to five different towns within the Eastern Cape namely:


Mdantsane City Shopping centre – 10 August

Peddie -17 August

Mbizana – 24 August

SABC Bhisho – 31 August

Mthatha – 7 September


trufm debuted its first presenter search in 2012 with only one category (Radio Presenting). Taking into consideration the aspirations and needs of its target audience, in 2015, the Station launched the truTalent campaign with various categories. This initiative was aimed at engaging and connecting with the youth of the Eastern Cape by giving them a platform that is conducive for showcasing and nurturing of their talent through workshops. In addition, it also provided employment opportunities for those that were successful in the competition.


The top two successful candidates from each category and town will visit the station in Bhisho for workshops on 27 – 29 September 2019. The workshops will be conducted by a mentor for each category where contestants will be taught more about the intricacies of their category to equip them with the knowledge that will enable them to take their talent to the next level.


The workshops will be followed by announcement of winners on Monday, 28 October 2019 live on-air.


The prizes for each category are as follows:


Music – The winner will receive R10 000 in cash and the opportunity to record a single which they can use to promote themselves in the industry.


Radio Presenting – The winner will receive R10 000 in cash and will also form part of the trufm line-up on a developmental slot where they will learn, host and be exposed to radio presenting for up to a year.


Comedy – The winner will receive R10 000 in cash and an opportunity to be a contributor in one of the station’s primetime shows for a year.


Dj’ing – The winner will receive R10 000 in cash and will be given an opportunity to be a resident DJ in one of the station’s lifestyle shows.


Listener’s Choice: Best Presenter on trufm award – the winner will be awarded the ‘Listener’s Favourite Presenter’ title for the year on all DJ promos and stings.


Mr. Masixole Mdingane, Acting Station Manager stated “this campaign is one of the many ways that trufm uses to empower the youth and to afford them an opportunity to showcase their talent and skills. The Station is committed to playing its part in youth development in the province and in making the dreams of young people come true. This initiative also plays a crucial part in curbing the high unemployment rate.”


The 2019 truTalent campaign was officially launched on trufm during Drive326EC (Mon – Fri 15h00 – 18h00) on the 26th July 2019.

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Earlier this year The Ladima Foundation announced the formation of a network of women-focused and managed film and cultural festivals from across Africa.  The first major training and development intervention for this network will be taking place later this month in Kigali, Rwanda with an intensive residency program for the staff of these partner festivals.

The network currently includes the Udada International Film Festival in Nairobi Kenya, the Urusaro International Women’s Festival from Rwanda, The Celebrating Womanhood Festival and Conference in Uganda, and Festival International des Films de Femmes de Cotonou (Cotonou International Women’s Film Festival Benin.


An initial training and mentoring session took place in March in Kampala Uganda at the Celebrating Womanhood Festival, part of the Native Voices International event. Edima Otuokon, co-founder of the Ladima Foundation hosted a workshop for female filmmakers invited to the festival on the power of film to empower and uplift women across Africa.


The Ladima Foundation is now excited to announce the first of its formal residency program for all four festival partners that will include the Festival Directors / CEO’s of these film festivals. This training will be taking place from August 13th – 17th in Kigali, Rwanda.


As an important aspect of festival management, programming must create and plan scheduled activities for visitors and participants that optimise visitor experience, increase participation of targeted demographic, whilst still maintaining the cultural integrity, vision and theme of the festival.


Some common issues with female focused festivals across Africa are their inability to:


  • develop engaging festival programming;

  • get the required number of film submissions to hold a festival;

  • publicise and market their event efficiently and effectively;

  • develop strategic partnerships and relationships; and,

  • fund most of their activities.


Furthermore, the timing of the female focused festivals often coincides with other more established festivals in Africa, Europe and North America and they have to contend with festivals like Berlinale, Toronto International Film Festival and Cannes that call for African film submissions too.


The residency program aims to increase the artistic, technical and management skills of women’s film festival management teams in Africa. The in-depth and interactive program will provide networking opportunities for women’s film festival CEOs/Directors across Africa to enhance the sharing of best practice and collaboration. 


Topics to be covered will include the curation and strategic positioning of festivals, funding, film festival partnerships and linkages, marketing and publicity, proposal writing etc.

The program will be facilitated by a range of experts from within the Ladima Foundation as well as additional support from Maxa Zoller, the Artistic Director of the International Women’s Film Festival of Dortmund/ Cologne, one of Europe’s longest running and most successful women’s film festivals.


The other facilitators include The Ladima Foundation’s Lara Utian (South Africa), who has many years of experience in film festival production, marketing, and publicity management, Edima Otuokon, (Nigeria), a policy and business development expert as well as a film industry expert, and Lydia Idakula Sobogun, (Nigeria), a filmmaker, arts activist and consultant.


This residency program is the first of a number of similar training programs that will be held on an on-going basis in order to further support women filmmakers and festivals across the African continent.


For more information:

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METRO FM will on Monday, 05 August 2019 shake things up a little with Moeti ‘Moflava’ Tsiki taking over the coveted 05:00-09:00 breakfast slot. This exciting new show called ‘Morning Flava’ promises to keep listeners entertained, informed and ready to tackle the day ahead. He moves over with his team Pearl Shongwe on news, Owen Hannie as thesports guru of the show and Moshe Ndike who will join the team every Friday.

Moflava joined the METRO FM family in 2015 to anchor the 08:00 – 10:00 morning slot and recently hosted the highly successful afternoon drive time show #TheDrive from 15:00 – 18:00.


The station is also pleased to announce the new afternoon drive show, ‘The Kings Suite’ between

15:00 – 18:00. This new show sees the much anticipated return of the duo, the Kings Of The Weekend (KOTW), Siphesihle ‘Sphectacula’ Ngwenya and Lebogang ‘DJ Naves’ Naves, who make their come back to METRO FM after being away for the past two years.

Their show promises to bring the high paced, interactive and crazy fun to the station’s afternoon audience and Sphectacula and DJ Naves will be joined by Relebogile Mabotja on news and Angie Khumalo on sports duty. These changes will not affect the rest of the day time lineup, which still sees all other shows remain the same.


METRO FM Station Manager, Ms. Sibongile Mtyali stated “we are convinced that we’ve found the perfect balance of on-air talent to carry on with the strategy of the station and ensure that we deliver to our commitment, of keeping our listeners informed and entertained, plus servicing the needs of our commercial spenders. Our intention is to carry on delivering top quality content, the coolest way we know how and these newly introduced shows are a part of the station’s strategy to refresh its lineup through repositioning and strengthening its talent pool to ensure it still remains number one in the game”.


METRO FM is committed to maintaining its leading position in commercial radio in South Africa and has maintained its coolest station position for the past seven years at the Sunday Times Generation Next Awards.

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Discover Tab launched on Samsung Pay

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Samsung Pay, now celebrating its one year anniversary has created a revolution in smartphone shopping in South Africa. Since last year, the innovative mobile payment system has added on a host of banking partners including Absa, Standard Bank, Discovery Bank, Investec and FNB and has already hit over one million transactions. Now, with its most recent software upgrade in July, it introduced Discover Tab, which gives users access to more features and promotions.

“Samsung Pay has redefined what consumers can expect from a digital wallet,” said Justin Hume, Director: Integrated Mobility at Samsung South Africa. “Our ongoing additions such as the Discover Tab takes the convenience even further. Its additional features, promotions, subscription offers and travel deals open up a world of options to users.”


Ever since its launch last year, Samsung Pay has constantly enhanced and upgraded what it offers. The new Discover Tab continues to build on this momentum. Additionally, Samsung is running an 8-week referral promotion, where users are encouraged to refer family and friends for the chance to be in Samsung Pay’s weekly draws, running over 8 weeks. The process is simple and automised:


• A Samsung Pay user goes into Samsung Pay
• They accept the T&C of the referral promo
• The customer gets a unique code that they forward to friends and family
• For every new customer that activates Samsung Pay with the unique code, the customer gets an entry into the weekly draws,
• The referral promo commences 5 August to 29 September 2019.



With a bank card loaded on a Samsung smartphone, paying is just a swipe, authenticate and tap away. Additionally, Samsung Pay’s security exceeds other mobile payment methods. Through tokenisation from Visa and MasterCard the physical card information is never used during the payment process, but instead a unique cryptographic sequence is used for the transaction, which changes with every transaction made. Samsung Pay also works almost anywhere* you can swipe, insert or tap a card.


Samsung Pay can be downloaded, for free, from the Google Play store or Galaxy Store depending on your Galaxy device. Once you load your bank cards, paying is always just a quick tap away. It’s convenience on the go. Samsung Pay can be used on the following devices: Galaxy S10+, S10, S10e, Galaxy Note 9, Note 8, S9/S9+, S8/S8+, S7/S7 edge, A9, A8 (2018), A70, A7 (2017), A5 (2017), Galaxy Watch, Galaxy Watch Active, Gear S3 Watch and Gear Sport Watch.

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The evolution of the IT operation

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The days where the IT operation was a separate fiefdom with autonomy are gone. In most organisations, there are now components that are relatively closely aligned with the business and they are delivering specific business outcomes. IT operations now tend to be very workload or business unit specific in their support. The downside, however, is that different silos within the organisation have very different experiences, resulting in inconsistency.


This has led to a certain level of dissatisfaction within the business, with those who are not getting their requirements met resorting to finding their own solutions. That is really where the chief digital officer (CDO) concept started to emerge, to ensure that there is someone to coordinate all of this and improve the overall performance. Despite that, most organisations in South Africa are experiencing some flavour of that inconsistent outcome and the pressure in terms of evolving is to now really start bringing in that level of consistency.




Businesses do not know what they need to focus on next, or which part of the business will be able to deliver value more quickly. They do know, however, that the support organisations need from the likes of IT needs to be repositioned so that they can deliver on-demand. They, therefore, need IT to move away from being tactical and responsive, and become more agile, with the right technology, skills, and expertise to move quickly to support the business.


Move away from typical IT behaviour

IT is typically comprised of people who like to overprepare and then deliver something appropriate. This no longer works as organisations need to be more fluid in their approach. They can no longer take months to build things out as that will strip them of their competitive advantage.

Our advice to end-user organisations is to have the right platform approach so that they are better positioned for future evolution. It has a lot to do with the management for your infrastructure, the type of data that you gather and how you interface with the business. It’s about getting closer alignment with the business, not just in a conceptual way, but a molecular way. It is also about keeping in contact, making sure that IT is part of projects and that boundary functions such as security are understood from the outset rather than being focused on later.


Tackling the issue of skills

Ensuring they have the right skills in place is particularly challenging for South African organisations. They must have at least a medium-term view of what their architectural requirements are going to be. That is getting very complicated with cloud and even more so with emerging technologies such as machine learning and artificial intelligence. You can’t anticipate everything in technology, but you must ensure that you have the pieces in place to build that out rather than having to start from scratch every time. This requires a flexible and adaptable infrastructure. This can be challenging in organisations where the primary focus is on cost-containment, as they tend to provision the minimum of what they need at the time, which almost implies minimum flexibility for the future.


Skills are in short supply and the market is very competitive. They are hard to retain, and ongoing training is difficult, but it must be done creatively and intelligently. I would recommend that organisations avoid point skills unless it is absolutely necessary, and rather ensure that your skills internally are very broad, that they have collective exposure across the business and have as much business context as possible. Where skills are required for specific technologies, use subcontractors or outsourcers, but ensure that, internally, you have the integration, business, and management skills to stitch it all together. The pivot here is to move from focusing on technical skills to ensure you have the right integration skills in place.


An evolution driven by business expectation

From the outside, it’s all about customer and partner expectations. People expect you to be able to do business differently and adjust to meet their expectations in terms of service delivery, consistency and the ability to integrate systems. Internally, people have an expectation and some knowledge of what is out there in the market. They see case studies and hear stories of how organisations can function when everything is going right, and they want that. Right now, we are in a place where the business dictates what the outcome is going to be and have an expectation around how that will be serviced, regardless of how unrealistic the outcome may be. What we need now is a closer alignment between business and IT so that the business understands when an expectation is unreasonable or an expectation of a way of doing business is just incompatible with market conditions or the regulatory environment.


This evolution is a natural progression in the business and is an ongoing discussion we have with CIOs attending our annual IDC CIO Summit. What caught IT departments and managers by surprise, was that the business evolved in unexpected ways, such as the growth of cloud computing and the CX-oriented transformation within lines of business. The business likewise had an expectation that IT operations would be able to evolve at the same pace. That led to a big disconnect, and although many businesses are over that phase, now it is about making sure business and IT go through the next evolution together.


By: Jon Tullett, Research Manager for IT Services at International Data Corporation (IDC) South Africa

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Best International TV Series Of 2019 So Far

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Believe it or not, we’re already more than halfway through 2019, which means that Best Of The Year So Far retrospectives are popping up everywhere.

Critic aggregator site Rotten Tomatoes recently released their list of the best reviewed TV series of the year so far, and Showmax has more shows in the Top 20 than any other streaming service in Africa.


To celebrate, Showmax has put together a handy guide to the best TV series of 2019 so far. Yes, it’s obviously biased, but it’s also undeniably accurate…


Best Drama: Chernobyl
What’s it about?
Chernobyl dramatises the story of the 1986 nuclear accident, one of the worst man-made catastrophes in history, and of the brave men and women who made incredible sacrifices to save Europe from unimaginable disaster.

Who’s in it? Directed by Johan Renck (Breaking Bad, The Walking Dead), the five-part miniseries stars Emmy nominee Jared Harris (The Crown, Mad Men), People’s Choice nominee Stellan Skarsgård (Mamma Mia, Good Will Hunting) and Oscar nominee Emily Watson (Hilary and Jackie, Breaking the Waves), among others.

Claim to fame: The top rated series of all time on IMDB.

Binge: Showmax

Best Comedy:
Barry S2

What’s it about? A depressed war-vet-turned-hitman finds passion and romance in a local acting class while on a job in LA. As Season 2 opens, Barry tries to extricate himself from a violent criminal triangle involving the Chechen, Bolivian and Burmese underworld – not to mention some deeply suspicious LA detectives and Monroe Fuches, Barry’s former boss, who has found it exceedingly difficult to hire a replacement as capable as his onetime ace assassin.
Who’s in it?
Bill Hader as Barry and Henry Winkler as his acting coach – both Emmy-winning and Golden Globe-nominated roles.

Claim to fame: #2 on Rotten Tomatoes’ list of the best TV of 2019, with a 100% critics rating.

Binge: Showmax


Best Romance:
A Discovery of Witches S1
What’s it about? Adapted from Deborah Harkness’s bestselling All Souls trilogy, A Discovery of Witches is a modern-day love story set in a world where witches, vampires and daemons secretly live and work alongside humans, hidden in plain sight.
Who’s in it?
Teresa Palmer (I Am Number Four, Warm Bodies) stars as Oxford historian Diana Bishop, a witch who falls in love with the vampire Matthew Clairmont (Emmy nominee Matthew Goode from Downton Abbey and The Crown) – to the consternation of both witches and vampires…

Claim to fame: #5 on Rotten Tomatoes’ list of the best TV of 2019, with a 100% critics rating
Binge: Showmax

Best Horror:
Los Espookys S1
What’s it about: Set in a fictional dreamy Latin American country, Los Espookys follows a group of friends who turn their love for horror into a peculiar business: providing on-demand horror to those who need it. Okay, so it’s more of a comedy for horror lovers than a straight-up scare fest, but it’s the best thing horror fans have been offered so far this year.
Who’s in it?
Rising comics Julio Torres and Ana Fabrega, alongside Fred Armisen and Lorne Michaels of Saturday Night Live fame.
Claim to fame: #10 on Rotten Tomatoes’ list of the best TV of 2019, with a 100% critics rating

Binge: First on Showmax on 2 September 2019


Best Documentary Series: Leaving Neverland
What’s it about: The separate but parallel experiences of two young boys, James Safechuck, at age 10, and Wade Robson, at age seven, both of whom were befriended by Michael Jackson. Through gut-wrenching interviews with Safechuck, now 40, and Robson, now 36, as well as their mothers, wives and siblings, the film crafts a portrait of sustained abuse, exploring the complicated feelings that led both men to confront their experiences after both had young sons of their own.

Who’s in it? Michael Jackson. Aka The King Of Pop. Aka Wacko Jacko.
Claim to fame: #11 on Rotten Tomatoes’ list of the best TV of 2019, with a 98% critics rating
Binge: Showmax


Check out the full Rotten Tomatoes round-up of Best TV Shows Of 2019 here, which includes other Showmax favourites like Billions S4, Big Little Lies S2, and Veep S7 (due September 2019) in the Top 20.


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The Standard Bank Luju Food & Lifestyle Festival, coming up on August 2-3RD with a diverse and uniquely curated program that focuses on regional flavours, tastes, trends and African vintage fashion.



Set on the lavish lawns of the House on Fire Sculpture Garden against a breath-taking backdrop of endless cane fields and rolling hills in Eswatini, just a four-hour drive from Johannesburg at the home of the MTN Bushfire Festival, this is a not-to-be missed event for any food enthusiasts, culture buffs and fashionistas.


At the 2018 Standard Bank Luju Food & Lifestyle Festival, fashion emerged as a key theme due to its power as a form of expression. Fashion stitches together layers of creativity and individuality to create a hem of experiences worth capturing and moments worth revisiting.

The Standard Bank Luju Food & Lifestyle Festival is a fashionista’s dream. Guests will find on display some of the most eye-catching and jaw-dropping designs that shine the spotlight on unique  African inspired styles that instantly transform our lush green grass into a runway.


This year’s theme, “A Return to the African Future” magnifies Africa’s rich history, captured in our strong vintage focus. We celebrate the diverse, yet colourful, traditions that make us authentically African, while embracing the prospects of a bright, promising future.

So go bold and go loud! Put your best foot forward at this year’s Standard Bank Luju Food & Lifestyle festival and flaunt your best African self.


Fashion Café

The Fashion Café is an artistically stimulating space that showcases some of Eswatini’s high-end fashion, exclusive statement pieces and indigenous products that pay homage to nature’s beauty and generosity.


Inspired by the this year’s Standard Bank Luju Food & Lifestyle Festival theme, “A Return to the African Future”, this exhibition will feature some of the country’s talented artists and creatives who have earned international recognition. Their success has been firmly rooted in their African heritage, brilliantly incorporating a strong African influence into each product.


Festival-goers can feast on the haute-couture designs, vintage pieces, bold accessories, Arab oil perfumes and locally-produced skincare ranges that will be on display. For art you can flaunt forever, award-winning and acclaimed tattoo artists from Soweto Ink will also be there to work their magic. Legends Barbershop will also bring their popular magic touch to give you a polished look that will have heads turning.


Last year’s much-loved photo-booth will also be back with a bang! Festival goers will get to flaunt fashion poses worth splashing on the cover of magazines.


Above all, the Fashion Café is an educational platform that seeks to capture the exceptional stories behind every product on display to encourage an appreciation for the vision and care that go into making them.


Luju’s Best Dressed

The Standard Bank Luju Festival Fashion Police will be on the hunt for this year’s best dressed winners! If you aren’t shy to stand out from the crowd and flaunt your unique sense of style, while artistically incorporating this year’s theme – A Return to the African Future – then we are looking for you. Afro-futurism, as we are calling it, is all about embracing Africa’s rich history, colourful traditions and unique style, while celebrating the prospects of a bright African future. Our judges will be looking for a sense of style that exhibits the following:


  • A unique approach to our Afro-futuristic theme
  • An African vintage look inspired by the township jive of the 50’s in Sophiatown and Accra’s highlife jazz bands
  • A creative design that demonstrates an understanding of Luju as a colourful social space and lifestyle hub.


Prizes Include:

1st Prize – A night for two at the Happy Valley Hotel and Phela-Live gym membership

2nd Runner-Up – A full body massage for two at The George Hotel

3rd Runners-Up – Dinner for two at Malandela’s Restaurant

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The Good Hope FM Breakfast show with Dan Corder will showcase the Top 10 Traffic Treffer Idols at 19h00 on Thursday, 25th July 2019 at the SABC Auditorium.

Traffic Treffer is a daily sensation on the Good Hope FM Breakfast show where Dan Corder conducts the biggest carpool karaoke in the Cape.  Each day, listeners suggest songs to sing with different themes.  The chosen song is played on air and listeners get to send their voice notes to the station’s WhatsApp Line of themselves singing along to the song,.  The variety of voice notes received consisting of the good, the bad and the funniest music delivery are played out on-air over the original song.   As the feature gained traction, the Good Hope FM team also noticed that some of the listeners were very talented and that is how the idea for Traffic Treffer Idols was born.


Traffic Treffer Idols is a competition to make Good Hope FM listeners’ wildest music dreams come true.  On the 25th of July, the top 10 will perform live on stage in front of a sold-out audience at the SABC Auditorium, for the ultimate prize.


Good Hope FM Station Manager, Brendan Ficks stated “The Station proudly supports local artists and we take pride in unearthing and showcasing new talent. This competition is a testament to how invested we are in finding and promoting new talent”.


The winner will record an original song with one of Cape Town’s biggest music stars, Dani Bagel and one of the city’s most successful producers of radio hits, Omar Morto.  Some of the finalists have pursued musical careers, others sing in church, and some have never sung to an audience before.  One of them will walk away with a collaboration that will make them a radio-play listed musical performer courtesy of Traffic Treffer on Good Hope FM Breakfast Show with Dan Corder.

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  •  QLED delivers a breath-taking choice of entertainment
  •  Gamers now have a TV that does what few TV’s ever could
  •  QLED is connecting South Africans to the world like never before

When Samsung announced its 2019 QLED range, Forbes Magazine described it has having “Pictures that are as breath-taking as they are ground-breaking”. All around the world new QLED customers agree. Besides the revolutionary picture quality and audio experience, it’s a smart TV that takes innovation and artificial intelligence into a new era. This is reflected in the content, streaming options and gaming technology.

Game on – QLED is made for winners


With QLED, Real Game Enhancer optimises the gaming experience through a unique set of gaming features. It features AMD Radeon Freesync™ variable refresh rate technology, which helps prevent tearing and stuttering, as well as Game Motion Plus, which removes motion blur and judder. Real Game Enhancer combines these technical innovations with Auto Game Mode, which minimises input lag on compatible devices. It also includes AI-based audio and video enhancements that optimise the settings to deliver cinematic sound and smooth, lifelike visuals that can remain clear even during bright and dark scenes. QLED is clearly a level up all gamers will love.


A New World of Entertainment Has Arrived


Samsung QLED takes the viewing experience to the next level by offering iTunes Movies and TV Shows and Apple AirPlay 2 support. In an industry first, it includes a new Apple iTunes Movies and TV Shows app which offers endless movies and series from around the world. Using the new iTunes Movies and TV Shows app you can access your existing iTunes library and browse the iTunes Store to buy or rent from a selection of hundreds of thousands of movies and TV episodes — including the largest selection of 4K HDR movies. With AirPlay 2 support, Samsung customers will be able to effortlessly play videos, photos, music, podcasts and more from Apple devices directly to Samsung Smart TVs, including QLED 4K and 8K TVs as well as other Samsung UHD and HD models. Overall, streaming the content you want has never been more effortless.


TV has never been smarter


QLED 2019 even offers more ways for you to discover and watch content. It features an improved Artificial Intelligence algorithm that uses your subscription services, favourite content and TV viewing habits to offer customised recommendations about what to watch. You can also even use the new Voice Command and Amazon Alexa and the Google Assistant to easily control your TV and access content. And with Samsung’s OneRemote you can quickly and easily navigate your content. Then with the addition of Far Field Voice Capability on the OneRemote, you can control your TV by voice, even if you are across the room from the remote.


Mega entertainment, awe-inspiring gaming, endless content and cutting-edge convenience – those are just some of the ways Samsung QLED has changed TV forever.

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TRUfm launches the 2019 TRUTalent Search

The South African Broadcasting Corporation’s (SABC) radio station, trufm will be embarking on the fourth annual edition of truTalent Search. […]

MoFlava to serve breakfast, Sphe & Naves are back at Metro

METRO FM will on Monday, 05 August 2019 shake things up a little with Moeti ‘Moflava’ Tsiki taking over the […]

Good Hope FM showcases Top 10 Traffic Treffer IDOLS

The Good Hope FM Breakfast show with Dan Corder will showcase the Top 10 Traffic Treffer Idols at 19h00 on […]

Phemelo Motene joins SAfm

SAfm is pleased to announce that Ms Phemelo Motene will be joining the station from Monday, 08 July 2019. Ms […]