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Metro’s Criselda in New Ambassadorial Role

Posted by radio On November - 28 - 2014 ADD COMMENTS

[By: Farai Diza]


Widely hailed as the Florence Nightingale of South African media because of her encouraging messages to people living with HIV, Criselda Kananda has found herself as the new ambassador of the Fezile Dabi HIV/ AIDS Concert.

The Fezile Dabi HIV and AIDS awareness programme was launched by the Fezile Dabi District Municipality to raise awareness and funds for NGO’s within the district. This year’s benefit concert is slated for the 29th of November in Sasolburg.


Kananda made a name for herself at Metro FM and went on to become more than just a radio DJ as she has stood at the forefront of HIV and AIDS awareness.


“Very often people only start educating themselves about HIV when they or someone close to them is infected with it. A lot of people still need to embrace the knowledge that is out there about the virus and speak openly about it and honestly,” she attested.

Kananda has crafted her name as a distinguished motivational speaker, counsellor, television presenter, and medical underwriter best known for hosting various radio shows on Metro FM. With has worked with different government departments, as well as the corporate sector on implementing workplace wellness programmes nationally and internationally.


“Trying to educate people about the virus by scaring them is not acceptable anymore. We need to start having deeper conversations about things such as nutrition and treatment, instead of limiting our discussions to condoms,” Kananda stated.


She owns a consultancy and talk service called Positive Talk Services. Criselda has won several awards and toured the world actively involving herself in the fight for the rights of both the HIV infected and HIV negative people.


“I really hope this event becomes a benchmark for HIV awareness programmes. We need to stop seeing HIV as something that is someone else’s problem, we can’t have campaigns with slogans such as; ‘My friend with HIV is still my friend’ any more. We need to start personalising the way we learn and speak about HIV,” she concluded.

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5FM is synonymous with promoting the biggest and best international music acts that visit South Africa. The Foo Fighters will be touring SA for the first time in South Africa and the excitement is building up for the Foo Fighter fans.



The eleven times Grammy award winning rock band will be performing in South Africa at Cape Town stadium on the 10 December 2014 and at FNB stadium on the 13 December 2014.  The local opening acts for the Foo Fighters are Kaiser Chiefs and Blk Jks.



5FM announced today that they will be giving away six meet and greets to their listeners – three in Cape Town and three in Johannesburg. It is easy to win with 5FM all you need to do is the following:



  • SMS your Foo Fighters ticket barcode to 45555, first word “FooFan” and remember to include your name.


  • Then tune into Fresh@ Five to find out if you will be meeting The Foo Fighters in person!


  • Get your tickets for the Foo Fighters live in SA now at


  • SMSes charged at R1.50. Prize does not include Foo Fighter concert tickets.
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SABC sports personalities shine at SAB Awards

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Metro Fm’s Robert Marawa and SABC Sports’ Thomas Mlambo both walked away with two honours apiece


Metro Fm’s Robert Marawa and SABC Sports’ Thomas Mlambo both walked away with two honours apiece(SABC)


Six of SABC’s sports personalities, radio and television, stole the limelight when they scooped honours at the SAB Sports Awards ceremony.


The 34th instalment of the annual event, held at the Wanderers Cricket Club in Johannesburg, recognises work conducted between October 1, 2013, up until September 30, 2014.


Following the six-award haul on the night, SABC’s Acting Group Executive for Sport, Bessie Tugwana, said the broadcaster is proud to have done well. She continued: “These awards are an indication that we have the top talent in the country when it comes to sports production and presentation.


“We give our gratitude to all the winners for always being professional and bringing these awards home. Each and every award is important and we look forward to winning more awards in the future.”


The major victors on the night were Thomas Mlambo and Robert Marawa for scooping the SAB Sports Presenter of the Year (Television) as well as the SAB Sports Presenter of the Year (Radio), respectively.


The awards are held to recognise talent and hard work within the media sporting industry.

Other SABC winners at the awards were as follows:


Audio Media Award (Radio and Online)

SAB Sports Commentator of the Year 2014: Thabo Kofa (Lesedi Fm)

SAB Sports Presenter of the Year 2014: Robert Marawa (Metro Fm)


SAB Sports Producer of the Year 2014: Beverly Maphangwa (Metro Fm)

SAB Sports Media Awards 2014 for Audio Media: Robert Marawa (Metro Fm)


Video Media awards (Television and Online)


SAB Sports Presenter of the Year 2014: Thomas Mlambo (SABC Sports)

SAB Sports Video Media Award 2014: Thomas Mlambo (SABC Sports)


The awards are held to recognise talent and hard work within the media sporting industry.

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Chai FM celebrates 6th birthday with karaoke

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You know the 101.9 ChaiFM Presenters can talk – they definitely have the gift of the gab! Now let’s put them to the test and see if they can sing and we are asking YOU, the listener, to be the judge!

Karaoke Night - General Invite FINAL (2)

On Thursday night the 27th of November ChaiFM presenters and staff will take to the Karaoke stage. Come along and join our presenters on stage for a night of fun!


To add to the mix you will be provided with a box of wet tea bags and flowers to throw at each singer on stage! It’s your choice whether you feel the need to throw the flowers OR the teabags!


As it is 101.9 ChaiFM’s 6th birthday, the station decided to host the event to celebrate. 101. 9 ChaiFM’s Brand Manager commented on organising the event “everybody could do with a night of silliness, especially at the end of the year. I will definitely be looking forward to throwing some wet teabags at my colleagues”.


Join the 101.9 ChaiFM presenters for the station’s 6th Birthday Bash on 27th November! It’s all happening at the Fairmount Bowls Club, 8pm!

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DJ Sbu goes MoFaya

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Radio personality, entrepreneur and motivational speaker, Sbusiso Leope who is affectionately known as DJ Sbu in the entertainment world is redefining the meaning of energy after he announced his MoFaya Energy Drink, which is said to be South Africa’s first 100% Black Owned Energy Drink.


The energy drink was unveiled for tasting at Sunday Circle at Monte Casino late October and will also have a range of sports drinks which are set to release any time next year.


Best known for his entrepreneurial skills, DJ Sbu took to social media site Instagram to share the good news about his new business venture.

“#MoFaya to burn and melt all the NONSENSE in these fridges. Skhathele. Finally a local brand is here. #MoFaya has been three years in the making. Making sure we comply with all the health standards and regulations,” he attested.

Known for his love of empowering youths, especially those emanating from disadvantaged communities, DJ Sbu said that money generated from every can sold will go towards educating one child in South Africa.


”#MoFaya will take at least 100 students to university/ year starting 2016 and create at least 100 entrepreneurs/ province per year,” he wrote.

DJ Sbu also divulged that Mo Faya was here to make a difference throughout the country.


“We are here to EXCEL, PROSPER, VANDALIZE, INSPIRE, PISS OFF, EDUCATE YOUR cousins, nieces, kids, brothers and sisters. We don’t have funding from anyone. We are smart, sharp, ambitious, hungry, EDUCATED, have experience,” he announced.


Born in Tembisa in 1977, DJ Sbu began his broadcasting career in 1998 at the community radio station, Tembisa Info radio, where for 18 months he voluntarily produced and presented weekend shows.


Two years later, he joined the popular YFM where he produced and presented a weekend slot called Beauty and the Beast with Angela Ludekon. He has also hosted shows on Ukhozi FM.

He has also continued inspiring a generation of hopefuls from disadvantaged backgrounds with his enthusiasm, hard work and wisdom.

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Iman Rappetti’s rockstar-journo moment came when she confronted, then president of the country, Thabo Mbeki about whether he had seen the warrant of arrest that had allegedly been issued for Jackie Selebi.  This was career defining occasion for Rappetti and she has not by least ceased in her quest of truth. Iman has recently taken up Power FM’s Power Talk, a space that Rappetti is marshalling with the kind of grace that can win world wars. She invites Radiobiz in her element and unpacks the appreciation for Ayn Rand, life on radio and the need for better treatments when it comes to broadcast Journalism.

Iman Rappetti


Radiobiz : What are you bringing to Power FM?

Iman Rappetti : I hope I’m bringing realness, bringing myself and creating a space where people from all walks of life are able to have their say.


Radiobiz : Relive the duel with Thabo Mbeki

Iman Rappetti : The scandal  that was facing the nation was speculation around  the warrant of arrest for then Police Commissioner and head of Interpol, Jackie Selebi . It was one of those moments that you could not have been scripted. As a journalist you have to prepare, but no amount of preparation could’ve sufficed for what transpired.  So it was a case of shooting from the hip and following my guts. It was a hard in that Thabo Mbeki is generally a powerful man, as well as that we weren’t allowed to ask questions even after sitting for hours at the Union Buildings. But I just went ahead and did it without the knowledge of how the situation will evolve. At the end of the day, the duel was well handled by the both of us.


Radiobiz : How do you reconcile being on both radio and television?

Iman Rappetti : It’s a no brainer,  the prime ingredients are news and storytelling for both, two things I love and excel in.  As you saw whilst in studio with me, radio is a more demanding beast for one always has to be on their toes purely based on its immediacy. Television is more predictable when compared to radio, I however love both mediums because at their heart, we are dealing with informing masses.


Radiobiz : Where do you think broadcast Journalism is going?

Iman Rappetti : I do hope it’s going in a direction where there is access and the ability to talk about anything. On the technical side I want it to more stylized and treated in an impactful way, great examples of this are ENCA, Al Jazeera and Vice. Like in any industry in the world, there is always scope for improvement.


Radiobiz : What are your thoughts about the presence of women in the broadcast Journalism realm?

Iman Rapetti : As you would have noticed the statistics are grim when it comes to women being in influential positions. Same applies for media, the numbers are unacceptably low. We are seeing a lot of female talent emerging in broadcast Journalism, but there is plenty of work to be done still to ensure that the numbers are where they should be.


Radiobiz : Were you head hunted by Power FM?

Iman Rappetti :  [infectiously chuckles] What do you mean? Of course! You know we are unnecessarily self – effacing at times. There is thin line between being proud of oneself and arrogant, I lean towards the former. It came as a surprise when I was asked to be part of Power FM . From the get go I was mindful of the great host who held the position before me. Eusebius MacKaiser  is a formidable intellect. I come in his wake to create something new. My style of anchoring relies more on partnership between myself, those who put the show together and the listeners.


Radiobiz : What are you currently reading ?

Iman Rappetti : I’m reading  one of Marian Keyes ‘chick-lits’ to mainly decompress after a long day. I’m also enjoying Pictorial essays  on The Rise And Fall Of Apartheid. Salman Rushdie’s The ground beneath her feet  is another that I’m feasting on which by the way is very dense.  I’m also deciphering Ayn Rand’s seminal work, The Fountain Head. I can relate to it intellectually and philosophically. It’s about characters with great minds but aren’t afforded recognition  at the time.


Radiobiz: What do you make of the political landscape right now?

Iman Rappetti :  The disappointment is overwhelming. It mainly arises from the kinds of promises you thought would manifest made by people you respect a lot. I love the fact that our political space is now wide open and receives plenty of participation by emergent parties .  Another  concern, is the repressive practices we are seeing  towards the Public Protector’s office.

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Radio has Heart

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Proving that Radio Works – and more importantly works well, we’ve gone right at the coalface of the medium to find out just how Radio helps rally people for good…

RAB heart2

This is underpinned by Research we’ve conducted which demonstrated that:



  • 65% of respondents believe that Radio is best at doing most for the community
  • 45% believe that it’s best at giving coverage of CSI projects that motivate them to do good
  • 63% believe that Radio is best at making them feel part of a community


This should come as no surprise. After all, Radio’s dynamism lies in its very intimate and real personal nature. The CSI projects highlighted below prove to us that when it comes to engaging with people and making a real difference in the lives of South Africans, there isn’t a more powerful way to do it than through Radio!




[Issued by: RAB]

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Metro FM Music Awards 14 launched

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It is that time of the year again!  The road to the country’s biggest music spectacle, the Metro FM Music Awards (MMA) has officially begun!  Today we launch the biggest property of the SABC to date. Over the years this property has been well received, celebrated and embraced by the industry, our audiences and the by the country at large.


The Metro FM Music Awards will be celebrating 14 years of existence and of recognizing the rich South African music and talent respectively.


The annual awards ceremony is scheduled to take place on the 28th of February 2015, at the Inkosi Albert Luthuli International Convention Centre (Durban ICC).  This will be preceded by the nominees announcement event.


The Metro FM Music Awards ceremony affords South African artists an opportunity to be awarded for their talents and encourages our listeners to actively participate in this process by nominating and voting for their favorite artists.  These awards are truly awards of the people by the people as they reflect our country’s musical landscape.


Not only are the Metro FM Music Awards, a celebration of the artists but they have matured to become a key driver of local tourism for the hosting province or municipality. They have significantly contributed towards the economic growth of these hosting cities. Over the years the MMA categories have evolved to reflect the growth of the local music industry at large.  Needless to say, by this time of the year, we as a station appreciate the anticipation and eagerness from musicians, the industry and our audiences.


The Kwa-Zulu Natal Province, the City of Durban and BP remain our partners! We are also proud to announce that Brandhouse has also come on board as our beverage partner for MMA14. The station prides itself with aligning this, our biggest flagship property with superbrands such as these to ensure that we collectively continue to stand out and be forces to be reckoned with in our respective industries, but most of all, to jointly fulfill our mandate that seeks to recognize and celebrate South African Music and our undoubtedly talented pool of musicians.  As Metro FM, we couldn’t be happier and delighted to be back in the KZN Province and particularly in the city of Durban!


The process going forward will be as follows:



Call for submissions opens today, 6th November 2014 – 6th December 2014.

 Recording industries and artists are requested to submit their nominations for the year – period being

25 November 2013 – 25 November 2014.

 A group of panelists will then nominate 5 finalists in each of the categories.

 The nominees will be announced during a cocktail industry event on 15 January 2015.

 The overall winners will then be announced on the evening of the awards on 28th February 2015


Nominees Announcement

A nominees announcement event will be held in Johannesburg on the 15th of January 2014 at a venue that will be confirmed

closer to the time.


We urge the public to be very much involved in the nomination process by voting for their favourite artist/s.  These awards are not for the chosen few, but they are for the nation, therefore we encourage the public to vote in their numbers.


Metro FM Music Awards Ceremony

The main event will take place on Saturday, the 28th of February 2015 at the Inkosi Albert Luthuli International Convention Centre in Durban. And as it’s tradition with the Metro FM Music Awards, we have no doubt that they will contribute positively to the KZN economy as well as the City of Durban in as far as tourism and local business is concerned. These Awards promise to be bigger & better than 2014, with epic entertainment of international stature that the industry is yet to see amidst much camaraderie, speculation and excitement!  Tickets to this most anticipated Music Awards Ceremony will be on sale at Computicket nationwide at the beginning of February 2015.


Traditionally the tickets are sold out within hours, and in the event that you do not make it on time to get yourself the most sought after tickets, do not despair as there will be an official Public Viewing Area (PVA).  This time it will be bigger & better, with live performances from local musicians, big screens, Metro FM DJ’s on the decks, as well as loads of fun creating the most unbelievable and spectacular spirit of camaraderie the City of Durban has ever seen!




[Issued by: Metro FM]

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RSG’s renowened on-air arts festival is back from 10 to 14 November with a quality offering ranging from theatre and comedy to music and even an experiment with silence.


Last year’s inaugural radio arts festival won the Fleur du Cap theatre award for innovation, and most recently with the Business Arts South Africa (Basa) award for innovation.


The festival kicks off on Monday, 10 November with the award-winning actress June van Merch as Katriena, the famous character created by Riana Scheepers.  The Russian playwright Anton Chekov, who this year died 110 years ago, is celebrated with a short drama Op pad, as well as the solo piece Die euwels van tabak with Tobie Cronjé.

The producer of the Chekov productions is André Stolz and the cast of Op pad includes Rolanda Marais, Grethe Fox, Jacques Bessenger, Danielle Retief and Gérard Rudolf.


The performance of Shakespeare’s classical play, Koning Lear, promises to be an absolute radio drama highlight.  This story is more than 400 years old and RSG decided to produce Uys Krige’s Afrikaans translation that is more than 50 years old.  The veteran actor Louis van Niekerk will be King Lear.  This drama is also the celebration of Van Niekerk’s 80th birthday in 2015.  The director is Bettie Kemp.


The authors Dot Serfontein and Antjie Krog – mother and daughter – forms part of this year’s festival.  The multi-award winning actress Antoinette Kellerman portrays the role of Serfontein in My mense (with direction by Juanita Swanepoel and Eben Cruywagen) whilst Krog’s first volume of poetry in eight years, Mede-wete, will be launched exclusively during the festival.  Krog will personally read new poems and then discuss it with actress Susanne Beyers on-air.

The singer and storyteller Nataniël produced a unique piece for the RSG Arts Festival.  In Nataniël vertel…. eight stories can be heard from this world class performer.  This performance was recorded in front of a audience in the M1 studios in Auckland Park and will debut during the RSG Arts Festival.

In 2 tot 16 in 80 minute a total of four grand pianos and eight of South Africa’s leading pianists share a stage for a once off music extravaganza.  The pianists Wessel van Wyk, Willem de Beer, Leatitia Orlandi, Bart Joubert, Paul Ferreira, Brian Bae, John Theodore and Annalien Ball will perform a potpourri of Scott-Joplin to Afrikaans folk music.  How does Handel’s Halleluja choir, Ravel’s Bolero or the famous walz from Faust sound when 80 fingers play it?  Tune into this programme, produced by Salon Music, which has four concert pianos playing simultaneously.



The RSG presenter, actress and writer Renske Jacobs created a special children’s series, Die Ploeters kom aarde toe, which will debut during the festival.  The actors include Botha Enslin, Johny Klein, Debre Rossouw, Christelle van Tonder and Esté Gross.



In Die Afrika in Afrikaans, the musical boundaries will be moved with creative force.  Anna Davel, Gloria Bosman and Timothy Moloi creates a musical and rythmic synergy between Africa and Afrikaans under the musical production of Janine Neethling.  This 80 minute production, produced by Ilse Schürmann, will keep the listeners glued right to the end.

Some of the other arts festival offerings include a comedy series, created especially for RSG by the comedian Mark Banks, and a team of poets embrace their language with Ilse Salzwedel in Die woordketting. Various new writers will be heard and everyone gets the opportunity to learn how to sketch a still life on paper within a few minutes.  The Arts Festival is concluded with Stilte, an experiment in sound that was commissioned especially for radio for the arts festival.

In the daily Kunstefees-klets a variety of topics will be addressed – ranging from nepotism in the art world, the future of journalism in art circles, the timeless appeal of Shakespeare, and also asking the question whether the arts is drowning.  Kunstefees-klets will broadcast at 08:00 and 14:00 daily.

The RSG Arts Festival will broadcast on RSG from Monday, 10 November until Friday, 14 November.  The festival can also be experienced on-line through visiting or following @zarsg #RSGfees

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New voices for POWER 98.7

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POWER 98.7 has announced that award-winning journalist, Iman Rappetti and celebrated author and strategist Victor Kgomoeswana are joining POWER 98.7 from Monday, 03 November 2014.


Rappetti, who is currently senior news anchor at 24-hours news channel eNCA, will host POWER TALK, previously hosted by Eusebius McKaiser, weekdays between 9 am and midday. In August Rappetti hosted a special broadcast of POWER TALK as part of the station’s special Women’s Day celebration show. The response by the POWER listeners was so overwhelming that they asked her to come back. She brings to POWER House her journalistic heritage of creating authentic dialogue informed by her passion for cultural diversity. Rappetti will continue anchoring News Night on ENCA weekdays 19h00 – 21h00.


Rappetti says, “It is a privilege to have a voice on two powerful platforms. I’m looking forward to being a part of the POWER team. I am so excited about being able to play a constructive role in creating real, challenging and meaningful conversations with all aspects of SA society.”

“The show has been in such awesome and capable hands before, it’s a foundation I want to build on and perhaps reinvent in a way that shines a light on the uncomfortable, the real and the hilarious truths about who we are,” said Rappetti.


Author of Africa is Open for Business, Victor Kgomoeswana is also no stranger to broadcasting, having contributed on African business matters on television and radio stations 702 and SAFM. He was previously an executive in Business Development at PPC and was also part of the team that established and ran Ernst & Young’s African Business Centre. Kgomoeswana is a highly sort after speaker on strategy and advising corporates on doing business in Africa.


Victor Kgomoeswana

Victor Kgomoeswana

Kgomoeswana brings his wealth of knowledge to the POWER 98.7 listeners as host POWER Hour every Monday to Thursday from 18:00 to 19:00. Well-respected economist Lumkile Mondi, who currently hosts POWER HOUR, will continue to feature on the show focusing on big transformation and economics related content as well as contributing to POWER BUSINESS on matters relating to the broader economy.


“We continue to challenge ourselves in attracting the people we know will help us continue to push the boundaries in broadcasting, while adding tangible value to the lives of our valued listeners. We are also committed in ensuring that our audiences remain stimulated by the content we offer and adapt to a culture of voicing out their opinions. The quality of the two additions to the POWER family, further entrench our positioning as a credible facilitator of much needed honest dialogues in our country” , said POWER 98.7 Executive Director, Andile Khumalo.

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