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Mina Hi Mina celebrates 2000th episode

Posted by radio On August - 28 - 2014 ADD COMMENTS

Munghana Lonene FM Loved by both young and old, Munghana Lonene FM award winning soapie Mina Hi Mina is celebrating its 2000 episode milestone on Spring Day, Monday the 1st of September 2014.


Munghana-Lonene-logo-300x114[1]Better known for its multicultural, lingual and racial approach, the soapie Mina hi Mina has become a household name for most African language speaking and understanding masses from different cultures. So popular is the soapie that listeners have been asking to purchase copies of aired episodes, the requests also come from as far as across South African boarders e.g. Zimbabwe and Mozambique. The soapie gets audiences from abroad listening via audio streaming facilities, attesting how big and appealing whilst informing, educating and entertaining the drama is.With a careful selection of characters from station’s drama producers, the soapie addresses social life, nation building, service delivery, crime awareness, health awareness and xenophobia.


Munghana Lonene FM’s Mina Hi Mina was the first PBS serial drama to be converted into a radio soapie. The initiative was as a result of the station’s purpose of trying to address issues and set the agenda for people to be vocal about what they go through on a daily basis. The popularity of the soapie also led to the station’s decision of adopting the omnibus angle.


Writers are carefully selected from a pool of seasoned serial drama writers the station engaged in the past. Some of our soapie writers are academics from various educational institutions, which make the end product professional and appealing. Writers embark on research and brainstorm ideas before crafting their material. This approach has proven to be fruitful for both artists and producers as they have a tangible product to work with.


Soapie characters get auditioned for their different roles and although briefed about the script prior to recording artists are encouraged to be creative and innovative in order to bring out the character in question. Mina Hi Mina characters also form part of the station OBs and get booked out to events and this assist to promote the soapie, station and individual characters.


The soapie strives to depict different lifestyles in that it addresses the mine, farm, village, township and city lifestyle.


Amongst the highlights of the soapie is the fact that this was the first PBS soapie, to have won the 2013 MTN Radio Awards Best PBS Drama programme and the pinnacle is the 2000 episode mark which the station will achieve on the 1st of September 2014.


A Munghana Lonene FM audience relates to the drama due to its focus on everyday life challenges. Listeners love it and were key to the station’s decision of extending the broadcast time from 10 to 15minutes per episode with the omnibus on Sunday being on-air for an hour and 20 minutes.


“The soapie has put the station on the map and with its popularity continuing to grow and reaching countries beyond our borders, we remain confident of achieving double the numbers of the celebrated episodes and going beyond without any glitch. The station is very proud and invites all SABC radio stations to join us in celebrating this HUGE milestone” says Munghana Lonene FM station manager, Mr. James Shikwambana.

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October Earmarked For Digital Radio Testing

Posted by radio On August - 28 - 2014 ADD COMMENTS

[By: Farai Diza]


South Africa is taking concrete steps towards introducing digital radio broadcasts using a standard known as DAB+. The move will cast greater competition in the radio sector, with digital eventually likely to replace the familiar FM and AM dials.


digradioOctober will mark a new era for South African radio as it has been earmarked as the month that will witness the testing of digital radio technologies by state owned broadcasting signal distributor Sentech. The trial will also be done in partnership with the National Association of Broadcasters and the SABC.


The trial period will also enable listeners to understand the complexities around the technology and how best it can be introduced commercially to South African audiences.

According to Sentech, the pending move from analogue to digital will open the airwaves to more radio stations and improved audio quality. It is believed that the current analogue FM signal is already crowded while quality on AM and MW is often poor in many areas.


Sentech CEO, Setumo Mohapi, told the press that the benefits of going digital were huge and would spearhead the growth of local radio.

“The benefits are huge. There will be more services and more radio stations. Complementary data services will come naturally on the digital platform. We are looking at trends around the world,” said Mohapi.


Research has shown that in Australia, 60% of the population is covered with DAB+ while 22 million adults in the United Kingdom have access to DAB radio, with 94% of the population covered with digital radio signals.


Sentech is expected to provide the DAB+ signal free of charge to radio stations that want to participate in the trial which will take place in Gauteng using high powered transmitters on the Sentech tower in Brixton and on the Kameeldrift Tower outside Pretoria.

Mohapi said the migration to digital radio was unlikely to be as complex as the move to digital TV. Moreover, digital radio will enable complimentary data services such as weather, traffic, and news to be displayed on radio screens.

The country’s radio stations have been running on DAB since the late nineties but haven’t made much progress in introducing commercial services mainly because the industry has been tied up in the migration from analogue to digital terrestrial television.


South Africa has until June next year to switch off the analogue signal and it is yet to be seen if that deadline can be beaten. But the migration phase will be an exciting time for local radio as it will usher in a more robust and competitive industry.

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Lesedi FM has a new Marketing Manager

Posted by radio On August - 22 - 2014 ADD COMMENTS

Lesedi FM has a brand new Marketing Manager Mr Thabang Kelly Mohoalali who started his duties from 11 August 2014. Lesedi FM Station Manager Ms Puleng Thulo said that as a station, they are privileged and honoured to have Thabang as Lesedi FM. “This station has chosen Thabang without doubt that he is the right person for the job and we believe in his plans for this station. It is an exciting time for us as the station in our vision to reclaim 1st position in Gauteng Province and 2nd position in South Africa as one of the favourites radio station”, she said.


Thabang tells us that he is privileged to be given this opportunity by Lesedi FM Management. “ I am blessed and happy to receive such a warm welcome by Lesedi FM staff, I am looking forward to working on great campaigns for this station and bring out the best for this big brand. My strategies are always based on the most natural thing which is consumer insights. Our focus is to create a rewarding experience for our listeners both young and old across the country. Taking my job seriously and getting along with everyone has been key achievements for me to be here. Above all, this has been proven evidence that SABC is aggressively serious about developing and promoting its staff”, he says.


Thabang followed his passion for marketing when he got appointed at SABC Education, promoted to SABC International Content, moved to SABC Content Enterprise and recently worked for SABC Group Marketing as Events and Sponsorship Executive, he worked with all SABC TV Channels, Radio Stations and Sponsors countrywide. He has been with Central University of Technology, Free State (Formerly Known Technikon Free State) as student, Assistant Lecture and Invigilator. He is the founder of Language Practice Association.

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Radio Apps ,have you downloaded yours?

Posted by radio On August - 21 - 2014 ADD COMMENTS

[By: Farai Diza]


The emergence of radio applications that make it easy to listen to FM radio in areas that do not have transmission, has made it easy for South Africans to listen to their favourite shows while on the road or camping.


Older feature phones were manufactured with built in radio, usually one that only works when headsets are plugged in as they act as an antenna. Since then, there have been numerous apps that look at the radio side of things.


There is generally comfort in the wave that listeners are able to tune into their “offline” radio stations online. This best serves those with unlimited internet access or WIFI as data quickly gets gobbled up while streaming.


“Internet is easily accessible on smart phones. Nowadays, everyone has access to cell phones. Gone are the days when radio was only accessible at home, the office, and the car. Most of the populous today are on the go and use mobile devices for their communication needs. Listeners can tune in whenever they want and even download their favourite missed shows,” explained Radio Islam Website Administrator, Muhammed Ismail Bukharia.


But most stations that have radio apps have remained mum about the number of times that their apps have been downloaded.


In 2012, a storm was raised after it emerged that a shocking report concluded that online radio statistics in South Africa were heavily inflated. IT analyst Shaun Dewberry released a report back then called “The Truth Behind Streaming Internet Radio In South Africa”, saying that the listenership claimed by many online radio stations consists of “complete fabrications and utter nonsense”.


A report recently released by showed that mobile apps dominate in ‘on the go’ categories such as radio, photos, maps and instant messages. It stated that time spent using apps accounted for 51% of all digital media time spent in May.

One of the most popular radio apps found on Google Play is the South Africa Radio that was built by ISHIP Inc. ISHIP seems to be a white labelled app that was coded for another country and then spread out over the globe to each country with local content.


It is also worth noting that most South African apps such as AppMonday are all white labelled.

The South Africa Radio App has stations such as Classic FM, Bok Radio, Fine Music Radio, Highveld Stereo, Motsweding FM, YFM, Rainbow FM, 5FM, East Coast Radio, Gagasi FM, SA FM, Smile FM, Algoa FM among others.


According to Bukhari, the Radio Islam radio application was downloaded 20 000 – 30 000 times.

“Most of the connections (278 789 for July 2014) were done through our direct streaming link. Most of our streaming listeners connect from English speaking countries abroad such as the UK, US, Canada and Australia. Perhaps it is because of the availability of low cost mobile bandwidth in those countries.


“Our South African listeners mostly connect via AM1548 and Satellite Decoders. This is due to the unavailability of low cost mobile bandwidth in South Africa. Initially, when Blackberry first came out with unlimited internet access, Our SA connections were much more,” said Bukhari.

At the time of going to print, it could not be established how many times the South African Radio app were downloaded from Google Play since July.

Google Play states that the app was updated on January 17 2014 and has between 10 000 – 50 000 downloads.

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Y-FM Ke Yona

Posted by radio On August - 20 - 2014 ADD COMMENTS

RADIO station’s “About Us ” statements tend to fall short when it comes to reflecting what the particular broadcaster claims to represent especially when it comes to local content.


yfmY-FM is probably among a few stations that can rightfully claim to have and still make a meaningful contribution in the support and growth of local music. “We (YFM) give local music a platform, as we do for unknown SA artists,” reads a line on the stations website. “We’ve defined ourselves as THE “new music station” and our core genres are house, hip-hop, kwaito and R&B, but this doesn’t mean we neglect other genres.”


The stations track record and the product delivered on air often supports the claims made. Following three weeks of constantly tuning in, one is convinced that Y-FM renders an important service where the economic activity of locally produced music is concerned. It’s also pleasing that the station’s presenters’ consistently display enthusiasm and come across as passionate about local talent and music.


Looking back at the emergence of Kwaito; it cannot be disputed that Y-FM identified, aligned itself and played a key role in exposing a huge youth market to a music style that among other things economically liberated countless black people, not just the youth. Arthur Mafokate, Mdu Masilela, DJ Oskido, Kabelo Mabalane and many others some of whom have since lost their glow and wealth are to an extend beneficiaries of Y-FM’s unapologetic and proud support of kwaito.


Today, the likes of Casper Nyovest, KO and many other mzansi musicians and producers (of hip-hop, house, afro-pop and some kwaito) probably sleep well at night knowing Y-FM has got their backs (as a partner) and that they have friend’s in most of the station’s presenters. Y-FM is most likely going to be (one day) at the centre of a book, thesis or study done on local hip-hop just as it has been the case with Kwaito.


Sadly though producers and performers of laid-back music like afro-soul, fusion or locally produced adult contemporary and jazz music cannot say with utmost confidence, certainty and pride that their backs are covered at all times by one local station or another. The situation has probably more disappointing since Radio 2000 recently took into a format that gives more action to foreign oldies. In the past 2000 gave hope and the impression that it was a home for most of the locally produced music mentioned in the previous line. Power FM does a commendable job of playing South African music, but that is only on weekends as they are a talk station. Meanwhile South African rock, dance and pop music seem to be well taken care of by stations like Highveld and Jacaranda.


Ok, emotions are threatening to digress one from the main star of this piece. Of course not everyone is happy with Y-FM for a number of reasons. First there’s an issue of attachment to ‘what used to be’. There are those still hanging on, on the memory of the Y-FM of Betrams, Rosebank, the station’s past personalities and the style and culture of that era.  One of the remnants of the past that the station can certainly do without is the mimicking or echoing of DJ Fresh’s style of laughter by several of the broadcaster’s DJs including its impressive presenter Mo Flava. Unless of course the laughter is part of the station’s sacret culture.


Perhaps what has also created a negative vibe around Y-FM was a move, a while back, that has seen less Kwaito played at the station and the disagreements between the stations’ management with a popular house music producer. Those (including yours truly) that tend to be sickened by the mimicking of American culture and mannerism have most likely dismissed Y-FM as another platform that promotes cultural colonialism trough local hip-hop performers and other means. There may be a point in that argument, however it equally has to be appreciated that local hip-hop fuse township slang and embrace African languages to a certain degree in its presentations. One is hopeful that with time and more opportunities to express themselves most of the local hip hop cats will find a sound that makes their brand of hip-hop sound even more African. Also to be honest, American music accents cut across many genres (including afro-jazz, soul, r&b and even jazz) in South Africa not just hip-hop.


If it happens you are tempted to tune in on Y-FM; MusikMag Afrika recommends you listen to The Best Thing Ever presented DJ Sabby and Tshepi weekdays from 12pm- 3pm.  It’s a fun show, often has light entertaining topics and features great music from within the continent especially during the African Boom Box feature on Friday’s. It is recommended though that you listen with an open mind especially if you are not the targeted audience (age-wise).


If any, there’s little doubt that Y-FM is about youth culture, lifestyle and is passionate about promoting South African music suited to their broadcast format, targeted audience and commercial objectives. At this point,  the station gets two thumbs and both toes up from MusikMag Afrika.


This article was first published by



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Lesedi FM gives solar geysers to the needy

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Lesedi FM in partnership with Ellis Electronics will be giving away 5 solar geysers to the needy organisations in Soweto and Sebokeng.   The handover of the solar geysers for Gauteng will take place in Soweto on 22 August 2014 at  Nkayezi Stimulation Centre, Orlando West, Soweto and Tshepo Secondary school Sebokeng Zone 6, Rodesia.



The station will be broadcast its mid-morning show Mathemalodi from 09h00 to 12h00on the 22nd August 2014 with regular hosts Twasa(@twasagirl),Dikeledi (@Dikeledidkay)and Kagiso (@KagisoSebudi), popularly known as #TeamTDK, gracing the occasion.



This is a follow-up to the Geyser Project that started in Bloemfontein in the Free State Province, where 8 geysers were donated to different organisations in dire need. An announcement was made on-air encouraging people to submit their requests for geysers and after a thorough selection process, Nkanyezi Stimulation Centre and Tshepo Themba Secondary School were chosen.


Nkanyezi Stimulation Centre is a school for the disabled that caters for 40 students in Soweto and Tshepo Themba Secondary is a public school that has 850 pupils.


Puleng Thulo-Station Manager: Lesedi FM says, “This station is passionate about caring and rewarding its listeners through its efforts of combating poverty across South Africa. This is one of many campaigns with our partners through recognizing the need to restore human dignity for ordinary South Africans” Our efforts as Lesedi FM will not be limited to this project only especially bearing in mind our reach of 4 million listeners on weekly/daily basis, we will continue to appeal to companies to partner with us in improving living conditions of our people”



[Issued by: Lesedi FM]


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Mix FM Ups Its Game With New Business Show

Posted by radio On August - 18 - 2014 ADD COMMENTS

[By: Farai Diza]


With the South African Rand continuing to weaken against major currencies such as the United States Dollar and the British Sterling Pound, Johannesburg based community radio station Mix 93.8 FM is aiming to keep its listeners updated on latest developments in the business errand.


mix_logoThe radio station will be introducing a sparkling new business show billed Media Mix on the 2nd of September with seasoned presenter David Watts expected to deliver the monetary waves.


Announcing the latest development, Mix FM Station Manager Abigail Milosevich stated that the show is aimed at anyone interested in, involved in or learning about the marketing, media and advertising industries.

“The aim of the show, which aligns perfectly with our business ethos, is to entertain our listeners through information and education while exposing our listeners to some of South Africa’s top media minds,” said Milosevich.


Media Mix will focus on the world of marketing, media and advertising. It will be aired every Tuesday night between 18:15 and 19:15. The show will be working closely with Owlhurst Communications, a publicity agency well versed in these industries, to provide relevant content and guests.


The station reaches areas such as Sandton, Randburg, Fourways, Roodepoort, Florida, parts of Krugersdorp, beyond Lenasia to Hartebeespoortdam and Pretoria, Centurion, Bapsfontein, Tembisa, some parts of Kempton Park, Edenvale, Germiston and the Johannesburg CBD.

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Radioworks is here!

Posted by radio On August - 14 - 2014 ADD COMMENTS

Marketers who advertise on radio want to know that their ads and campaigns are making the right impact.


This is the premise behind the Radio Advertising Bureau’s (RAB SA) ‘RadioWorks’ Conference, which is aimed at demonstrating the ROI/ results that can be derived when radio is used effectively within the media mix.

RadioWorks - Book now

To do this, the RadioWorks Conference this year boasts a host of local and international speakers including the RAB UK’s Michael Tull who will unpack insights from a ground-breaking RAB UK research study that incorporates data from more than 500 campaigns – the largest analysis of radio ROI ever conducted, and demonstrates how advertisers are missing out on millions in revenue by under-investing in radio.


RAB General Manager, Matona Sakupwanya says that the RAB has noted the feedback from past successful RadioWorks Conferences and identified key areas of delegate interest. These will be tackled by a line-up of expert speakers drawn from a wide range of media and marketing disciplines.


The line-up includes, amongst many top speakers:


  • UK based Sam Crowther, a pioneer in the understanding and application of sound, whose experiential presentation will explore how sound affects us both consciously and subliminally as well as how these strengths can be utilised to enhance the impact and effectiveness of sonic communication and advertising campaigns.


  • Digital expert and NATIVE VML CEO, Jason Xenopoulos who will share insights on how to maximise on the relationship between radio and digital platforms for successful radio campaigns.


  • A panel of media and marketing experts who will tackle the topic; ‘Whose job is it to prove ROI on (radio) campaigns?’


  • Renowned marketer, Thabang Ramogase on how brands can create content that connects and engages with consumers.


  • Well-known personalities Bonang Matheba and DJ Suga of Heart 104.9FM, who will direct the Conference programme.


The Cape Town leg of the Conference will take place at the Clock Tower Pavilion on the 19th of August and in Johannesburg on the 21st of August at the Focus Rooms in Sunninghill.

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Radio remains one of the most popular mediums in South Africa with more than 10 million households owning a radio. Not surprisingly then, the industry is in a good space currently boasting one of the lowest incidences of ad avoidance – with the exception of cinema – which makes it a compelling medium for advertisers.somali_radio



Providing the overview of the radio discussion, Nick Grubb, MD of Radio at Kagiso Broadcasting, said in a highly fragmented media landscape, what keeps radio relevant are the authentic relationships listeners have with on air DJ’s. The medium has a way of breaking down barriers and forging a space where relevant conversations are able to take place. No other medium has the ability to be as personal as radio and it is these personal connections with listeners that will drive radio into the future.


Grubb pointed out that the way in which radio campaigns are planned has changed fundamentally including as it does digital and other platforms. At the same time, data is being applied allowing for deeper insights. However, to ensure its relevance into the future, radio needs to fall in love with its listeners again and in so doing create greater value for both listeners and advertisers.


One of the biggest benefits of the medium is its immediacy which provides advertisers with a high level of flexibility. However, with increased media fragmentation, radio needs to innovate and extend existing relationships. Mobile is key to achieving this. On the whole, the radio industry is not doing enough digitally and needs to adopt a bolder approach. At the same time the industry needs to measure engagement and return on investment more effectively.


The panel discussion that followed Grubb’s overview focused on the challenges facing the radio industry. In terms of talent the panel maintained that the industry displays ‘too much icing and not enough cake’. Radio broadcasters have in the past been guilty of homogenising talent but going forward it needs to ensure that it attracts compelling and interesting individuals as on air DJs.


The panel agreed that the key challenge facing radio in the future is how to connect with audiences. One of the mediums biggest benefits is that it has the ability to appeal to both mass and niche markets and while the industry is very aware of its mass proposition and its ability to uniquely drive listeners to niche interests, they agreed that on the whole radio has not capitalised on this sufficiently.


Mobile platforms are the real future for radio and going forward digital audio broadcasting will begin to gain traction, the panel maintained.




[Source: Redzone]

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Heart 104.9FM’s Celebrating Women at Heart

Posted by radio On August - 8 - 2014 ADD COMMENTS

August is Women’s Month and Heart 104.9FM’s Celebrating Women at Heart event will again be one of Cape Town’s benchmark celebrations.


HeartFM_SugaSaskiaIrmaG_1600x1200[1]Once again, Heart will be taking Cape Town’s women to one of the city’s most stylish venues – The Lookout at the V & A Waterfront. The Lookout boasts a magnificent view from the terraces and through glass walls of iconic landmarks like Cape Town Stadium, Table Bay, Lion’s Head and of course, the magnificent Table Mountain. Be it day or night-time, it’s the breathtaking vistas of the ocean, mountains and city surrounding it, which ensure that this venue is an exceptional experience.
On Saturday, 30 August 2014, a select group of women will gather in ultra-chic glam to enjoy an afternoon of fun, style and selfish indulgence. It’ll be a chance for women to be immersed in glamour, with top quality entertainment.


The chef has promised to delight the senses with a “harvest feast” – literally spreading tables with a range of delectable taste sensations. With attentive waiting staff, an incredibly well stocked cash bar to cater to your whims, great prizes and a glitzy dance floor – expect your afternoon to have a distinctly sophisticated feel.


If you’d like to join Kim Cloete, Suga, Irma G, Keri Miller, Meghan Hector, Kamini Pather, Julian Naidoo … and Tapfuma Makina (we did mention “eye candy” didn’t we?) so book your tickets as soon as possible.


Date: 30 August 2014
Time: 12h00 – 18h00
Venue: The Lookout, V&A Waterfront
Launch: Tickets available from 1st August
Tickets: Available at Computicket
Price: R350


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