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[By: Farai Diza]


The Ebola epidemic has tethered through most of Africa’s impoverished countries with the World Bank estimating that $32 billion will be required to eradicate the scourge. At the time of going to print, there were 3 924 reported Ebola cases in Liberia, 2 789 in Sierra Leone, 1 289 in Guinea and 20 cases in Nigeria.


Analysts have predicted that the figures will continue escalating if a cure is not found soon. This has already had a negative effect on school children as they have been forced out of school in fear that they will contract the deadly disease.

Schools in Sierra Leone have been closed for weeks now and that countries government has launched a very ambitious project to deliver school lessons to the more than 2 million school children through the radio.


As in much of Africa, radio is the most influential and important media in public life, available to rich and poor, literate and illiterate alike.

For six days every week, school children in Sierra Leone will benefit from the influence of radio by learning through the airwaves, even as the Ebola pandemic continues raging like a wild veldt fire, proving once again why radio is the most trusted medium across Africa.


The government programme, which launched this week, has the support of many education advocates working in Sierra Leone, including UNICEF. The lessons will cover primary, secondary and senior secondary students, as well as a weekly preschool lesson on Fridays.

The AFP reported that the children will listen to four hour lessons on dozens of the country’s radio stations along with its only television channel. This has been the best option for education officials.


The Conference of Principals of Secondary Schools, Sylvester Meheaux, predicted that schools won’t be opened until early next year at the soonest. A long time for a school calendar, as it would basically mean that they will miss an entire term of studying.


A 2007 study found that radio in the poverty stricken Sierra Leone ranges from 65 to 96 percent with access higher in major cities. However, those figures include both those who own a radio and those who have access to someone else’s.


The Ministry of Education, Science and Technology has gone a step further by calling on all parents to keep their children chore free during lesson times, just like they were in a traditional classroom.

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Jenny Crwys-Williams to leave her 702 show

Posted by radio On October - 10 - 2014 ADD COMMENTS

Jenny Crwys-Williams announced yesterday that after 22 years with 702, she would be leaving her popular afternoon show.


Jenny is one of South Africa’s best known broadcasters and an authority on book, food and lifestyle matters. She joined 702 in 1992, already a respected editor and journalist and has grown that reputation to include broadcaster, author and literary guru during her time with 702.



At the end of the year, Jenny will leave the show that she has been hosting between 13h00 and 15h00 but will remain with 702 as she will continue to host her book show. She will also work with 702 on special projects that will be well-served by her expertise.


“Jenny has been part of the 702 family for two decades and has been a versatile broadcaster, able to handle any story but with an unparalleled flair for lifestyle content – a sphere in which she has become an authority,” said 702 station manager, Pheladi Gwangwa.


“We will miss her passion for arts, culture and the promotion of amazing places and we are delighted that we are able to continue to call on her for coverage of these elements on the station,” said Gwangwa.


Sam Cowen will be taking over the afternoon show. Sam started her broadcast career at 702 but has spent the last 18 years with sister station, 947 on the breakfast show.


“I’ve known Sam for years and we’ve shared many experiences. She’s going to be fabulous!” said Jenny.



As part of the Breakfast Xpress team, Sam has entertained listeners across Joburg with her wit and compassion. Her interest in current affairs and her extensive experience as a radio host stand her in good stead to transition to the talk format. She has already served as a regular fill-in for Jenny on 702 in recent years.


“This is an exciting opportunity and one that I welcome,” said Sam. “I will miss 947 but have always been a big fan of Jenny’s and of the show and I look forward to joining the conversation on 702.”


947 station manager, Ravi Naidoo thanked Sam for her contribution to the station, “Sam has been a constant feature in Joburg’s favourite breakfast shows since the beginning of 947 and she has expertly played the counterfoil to some of the biggest personalities on South African radio. We will miss her and wish her all the very best.”


Jenny approaches this change with the same panache that she handles everything that comes her way, “I will miss the thrill of live radio, and the people who have listened so loyally for many years but I look forward to the freedom of not being tied to a specific time and location each day.”


Primedia Broadcasting CEO Terry Volkwyn wished the presenters well. “Both Jenny and Sam are valued members of the Primedia Broadcasting family and both are remarkable broadcasters, I know they will make a success of their respective new ventures.”


Jenny will continue to host the 13h00 to 15h00 slot on 702 until the December break. Sam will take over the show in the new year.

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SABC Radio game plan unpacked

Posted by radio On October - 9 - 2014 ADD COMMENTS

Eugene Zwane, General Manager of SABC Radio advertising sales, gives the lowdown on the broadcaster’s plans for radio and how the teams are selling up a storm. Unpacking Our Game Plan Serving our markets with distinction, oomph and in all languages SABC Radio Like most other organisations in challenging economic times, the SABC has endured difficulties.zwane


I am, however, humbled that despite these testing times, the SABC has risen diligently to the occasion with amazing passion and commitment. I am immensely grateful to SABC staff that helped us make great strides forward, despite the numerous challenges.

Some of our excellent achievements include being a leader in radio services across the nation, delivering ground breaking programming as proven by the variety of local and international awards SABC Radio has won, including at our own MTN Radio Awards.


SABC Radio has registered significant audience growth in recent years, with over two million new listeners over the last year alone (mainly driven by the census data update amongst other reasons). SABC Radio has entrenched the loyalty of its listeners in unprecedented numbers in terms of time spent listening to our stations and in terms of listeners who exclusively tune in to our channels.


We have achieved this success because we are succeeding in helping our audiences lead more thoughtful, joyful, and useful lives; they are more fulfilled in the pursuit of understanding and personal growth; empowered to find solutions for themselves and their families; and inspired and comforted by moments of beauty, humour, and reflection.


We are succeeding in nurturing healthy communities which we seek to understand and care for across many dimensions – education, arts and culture, business and economics, the environment, health care, social responsibility and a deep sense of connection to their language, culture and identity.


We are succeeding because we strengthen the vitality of our democracy – the free flow of ideas and debate, accountability for those who govern, and information that helps citizens make good decisions.


These achievements are a testament to the high quality of programming at SABC Radio. We are even more thankful to all of you, our business partners and valued clients. It is through your loyal patronage that the SABC is also succeeding in the commercial realm.



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Brian Ndevu joins Trufm

Posted by radio On October - 8 - 2014 ADD COMMENTS

Trufm is proud to welcome Brian Ndevu to the station’s lunchtime show ‘The Real’ which broadcasts weekdays from 12h30 to 15h00. Brian will be co-hosting the show with AJ Blie who has been with the station since its inception. The Real Deal is a lifestyle show which tackles issues such as service delivery ‘Ezitshisibunzi’, celebrity infotainment and general knowledge about the province and country ‘Where am I?’.


Brian comes with a wealth of broadcasting experience which spans over 20 years. He started co-hosting a Saturday night party show at CKI FM in 1994 at the tender age of 15. Since then he has been a continuity presenter on SABC 1 and 3, worked on Miss SA Teen. Miss SA, Simunye Grooves and Castle Loud.


After leaving SABC 1, Brian joined Intelligence Publishing and was part of the team that started Hype Magazine in 2004.

He then worked for SABC 3 as a publicist handling international programs and sports and later joined the Special Assignment team doing scripts and voice overs.


Brian moved on to MultiChoice International at Corporate, managing 20 countries in terms of Public Relations and Communications.

He is currently on the commentary team for the Premier Boxing League which was launched in 2013 and as of 1 October 2014 is part of the trufm family where he promises to live to the station’s motto of doing broadcasting, like no one else.



[Issued by: Trufm]

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Lekker TV to be launched soon

Posted by radio On October - 6 - 2014 ADD COMMENTS

Lekker TV, a collaboration between Jacaranda FM and KykNET Musiek will launch with 9 hours of weekly television content, with music charts, sports, song requests, gossip, entertainment and on-air highlights; hosted by popular Jacaranda FM presenters: Rian van Heerden, Janina Oberholzer, Frankie du Toit, Morne JK, Robbie Kruse, Barney Simon and Martin Bester.

LekkerTV Logo

Lekker TV is positioned as an additional platform where audiences can connect and interact with the brand – further enhancing engagement for established and new fans as well as for clients.


Jacaranda FM general manager, Kevin Fine commented on the new television offering, “Our ability to create tears, laughter or goose bumps has an additional outlet and the partnership with Urban Brew Studios and KykNET makes this a powerful offering.


We’ll be taking our personalities as well as their guests, artists and magical moments to television which creates a whole new offering that will provide a new platform for our listeners to interact with us and enhance client opportunities. The exciting part is the ability to take the great content that we’re creating and sharing it with television viewers around South Africa.”


KykNET’s head of Afrikaans music channels, Janine Opperman stated, “Lekker TV is a 9-hour-long block of Afrikaans music entertainment, featuring all your favourite Jacaranda FM presenters and week’s highlights, every Saturday on KykNET Musiek. Each hour has a unique theme, presented by different jocks. Packed with music videos, witty interviews, songs, games and even field reports, the truly unique Lekker TV will change live radio music on KykNET.


What you hear on Jacaranda FM, you’re likely to see on Lekker TV. Lekker TV is radio-television in the true sense of the phrase.”


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When Beauty Flexes Muscles

Posted by radio On October - 6 - 2014 ADD COMMENTS

[By: Farai Diza]


Beauty and muscles were the order of the day at the recently held Mr and Miss Fitness South Africa Championships 2014 when striking models lined up to strut their stuff and wow the audience at the Cape Town International Convention Center.


The Mr and Miss South Africa Championship brings together bikini girls, models and fitness athletes from across South Africa and neighbouring countries.

Introduced to idea of participating at the event by her gym trainer while recovering from a cycling accident, KFM presenter Liezel van der Westhuizen went on to clinch third position which she describes as a huge surprise.


“I didn’t even know these types of competitions existed. I thought, I’m a tomboy, I could never do that. It was tough. Especially the last two weeks. I haven’t had chocolate for a month and I couldn’t go out for dinner with friends because I was on a strict eating plan. I didn’t set out to win. I did it for myself really. The rest was just a bonus. I was lucky I am sporty and could pull it off in such a short space of time,” she told the daily Citizen newspaper.


Liezel van der Westhuizen’s credentials exceed the norm as she has taken the entertainment scene by storm following her impressive stint on MNet Idols. As only the second women in the world to present Idols, Liezel has become the familiar face on the popular reality show in season five and six.

She currently hosts a weekly radio show – The Sunday Sundowner – on 94.5 KFM in Cape Town. But it is hard to imagine that she got onto radio a few years ago after the Jacaranda FM programme manager heard her working as an announcer at Makro after serving her apprenticeship at Tuks FM.


While at Tuks FM, she received a job offer from EMI Music South Africa as International PR Manager, which introduced her to an array of global music stars.


“I began my radio life at Tuks FM and was well and truly hooked on the joys of being able to use media to connect with people,” she testified.

The bubbly radio and television hostess has always maintained her sporty lifestyle by competing in a number of sporting events in recent years. These include the toughest canoe marathon in the world – The Unlimited Dusi Canoe Marathon and the Cape Argus Pick N Pay Cycle Challenge.

She has managed to land exclusive jobs as a voice over artist, with an impressive portfolio on television and radio voiceover work.

“I have always loved speaking in public and conveying my point of view to a broad audience. I’m passionate about young South Africans being able to stand up and speak confidently and with knowledge about the issues that move them,” she professed.


She also holds a degree in Human Resources Management and holds both an Honours and Masters Degree in Communication Management as well as attending Xhosa lessons.

Liezel is constantly driven by new challenges and it is not a surprise that she has clearly made a name for herself as an MC of note at recent events. Her heavyweight media background is still enabling her to scale past every obstacle in her path.

The script on the wall reads that she is destined for more greatness.

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Is Digital Radio on the way for Mzansi?

Posted by radio On October - 3 - 2014 ADD COMMENTS

DAB+ is on trial

Though radio is still predominately an analogue market, audiences are quickly adopting digital media on other platforms and expect radio to be similarly portable and ubiquitous.


How the radio business responds to the digital transition over the coming years will determine the shape of its long-term future.


The DAB+ standard for digital radio broadcasts is being trialed in Gauteng as a replacement for the congested FM and AM dials. The National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) and the Southern African Digital Broadcasting Association (Sadiba) have been running a 12-month trial since February 2014. State-owned signal distributor Sentech is providing the DAB+ signal free of charge to trial participants using high-powered transmitters on the Sentech tower in Brixton and on the Kameeldrift tower outside Pretoria.



In August 2014, Sentech announced that it will test DAB+ as from October 2014.Prior to any  commercial launch of digital radio in South Africa there needs to be agreement between television and radio broadcasters.

This is because the spectrum ring-fenced for digital audio broadcasting (DAB) is currently being used by television broadcasters. A completely separate trial is also under way to examine the replacement of analogue medium wave broadcasts with DRM (Digital Radio Mondiale) broadcasts. The specifi c challenge for DRM will be the availability of suitable receivers in cars.



In its August 2014 announcement, Sentech also announced that it would be testing DRM from October 2014 alongside DAB+.  Despite digital radio providing listeners a wider choice, encouraging consumers to switch will be challenging as it is thought that local authorities will not be as aggressive as those in other markets in turning off FM signals.


Despite the DAB+ trials, it is expected that traditional analogue radio, supplemented by the Internet, will continue to dominate the radio sector in South Africa for the foreseeable future.


For more on this visit



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Kagiso Media Limited has announced the promotion of Omar Essack, the group’s current executive director and CEO of broadcasting, to the position of Deputy Group Chief Executive Officer. Essack will take on this new role with immediate effect, reporting to the Group CEO, Mark Harris.



essackOmar Essack, who is the longest serving member of the Kagiso Media group executive, has headed up Kagiso Media’s radio broadcasting assets since 2004. Group CEO Mark Harris says of Essack’s appointment, “He has provided consistency in the leadership of Kagiso Media Limited and continues to maintain the legacy on which Kagiso Media has been built. As Deputy Group CEO, Essack will play a critical role in developing new media businesses in both linear and non-linear video. The Deputy CEO will also build a new business in content and channels.”



Essack has vast and varied experience within South Africa’s media landscape. While at East Coast Radio he led the station’s strategy to make it the first radio station in South Africa to appeal to audiences across the racial spectrum. He has also been instrumental in helping turn around Gagasi and Heart FM from struggling businesses to viable radio stations. Their audiences grew within one year to 18 months of Kagiso Media’s involvement.



Reporting directly to Kagiso Media Limited’s Deputy Group CEO will be the CE Radio: Nick Grubb, CE Channels (to be appointed) and CE Content (to be appointed). He will also have Urban Brew Studios in his portfolio. Essack will also provide business direction and guidance to the Chief Innovation Officer, Vincent Maher.



The Deputy CEO will also be the automatic stand in for the CEO whenever the CEO is not available and will also automatically be included in all group forums and structures.


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101.9 ChaiFM’s 2014 Radiothon a huge success

Posted by radio On October - 2 - 2014 ADD COMMENTS

On Thursday 18 September 101.9 ChaiFM hosted an extremely successful fundraiser. This was the stations fifth annual Radiothon!

Chai-FM-LogoHaving raised over R13,5 Million for charities in 6 years as well as having won 2 MTN Radio Awards for the radiothon two years running, the Jewish community talk radio station is no stranger to fundraising and puts its money where its mouth is. Some of the charities that have benefitted include The Selwyn Segal, Hatzolah and the Yad Aharon and Michael Food Fund and this year the Radiothon was hosted for the DL Link.


The voting process for this year’s radiothon took place over a 6 week period and was divided into two different rounds. In round one of the nomination process, listeners were asked to nominate their charity to be entered into a final vote between the top three finalists. Over the past three weeks, from the 24th July, 101.9 ChaiFM received thousands of SMS nominations for the 2014 Radiothon from communities nominating their charity of choice. The station asked listeners to SMS the name of their favourite charity and the word “radiothon” to 34519. The top three finalists were chosen from unique votes sent in.


The second and final stage of the nomination process took place online where listeners were asked to vote for their winner out of the top 3 finalists by filling in an online survey. The winner with the highest percentage of the votes won the radiothon. The winner was announced on Monday 01 September on the Morning Mayhem Breakfast Show just before 9am.


The recipient of this year’s Radiothon was a well-deserving organisation which provides support for patients with Cancer as well as their families – the DL Link.


The day began at 6am and ended just after 10:30pm. Between the atmosphere at the 101.9 ChaiFM station, the buzzing of people at the hotspots as well as non-stop calls throughout the day at the call centre, the entire day had an energy which was felt by all. A whopping R1,555 005.00 was raised through the Radiothon. This was definitely one fundraiser to remember!

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Jeremy Maggs joins Power FM

Posted by radio On October - 2 - 2014 ADD COMMENTS

Jeremy Maggs has joined Gauteng’s commercial talk radio station POWER 98.7


Maggs adds veteran power to POWER 98.7’s talk offering Maggs joins POWER 98.7 from Sunday, 5 October and will host a media-focused talk show called POWER WEEK every Sunday from 10am to 12pm. POWER WEEK will cover and analyse news media, advertising, creative, online trends and developments while creating a platform for broader, robust discussions with its listeners.



Maggs calls POWER 98.7 a station that continues to outdo itself, adding, “From day one it has punched above its weight, giving its counterparts a run for their money.”


Maggs adds: “I have always loved its fresh approach to news and analysis; I enjoy the level of engagement it has with its listeners. I am looking forward to joining the station so that I too can participate in this media revolution and assist the station as it cements its place as the leading talk station in our country.”



POWER 98.7 Chairman Given Mkhari says Maggs is a welcome addition to the POWER family and says that attracting him to the station is part of the station’s broader strategy to facilitate authentic conversations through credible voices like that of Jeremy Maggs.



Mkhari concluded: “we have developed a culture of challenging ourselves through continuous innovation. POWER Week and POWER Newsroom are new offerings in the lives of our listeners and should go a long way in meeting their quest for some talk services over the weekend.”

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