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Home grown flavour at North West FM

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Just as you thought  North West FM was candle in tropical storm, still they rise.The station has thrown the gauntlet by being 100% local. The station has committed itself to playing only local music on Thursdays. North West FM’s “Proudly South African” music Thursdays concept is about playing local music, conducting more interviews with local artists and at times presenting live in-studio music performances.



With this concept, the station is responding to an old outcry by artists that radio stations were not promoting local music.

The station’s head of programming, Pat Cash, said North West FM was not breaking any rules by exceeding the Independent Communications Authority of SA’s (Icasa) prescribed quota of 30% local and 70% international music per day.

He said anyone who was playing less than 30% local music was breaking the law. “In fact, we are doing more than what Icasa asked us to do. We have been playing more than 30% of local music,” said Cash, who was born Patrick Guma.

“The difference is that on Thursdays, we do much more than is required by our licence conditions. It is also possible that we have, on a regular basis, exceeded the requirement of 30% local music.”

Cash said there was an untested perception that the reason there was no 100% local music station was because people did not appreciate local music. “I say, what have we got to lose by being ourselves for one day?” he asked. He said the station had also dedicated itself to unearthing and supporting upcoming gospel stars in the province.

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The advent of Metro FM, SAfm, RSG, Good Hope FM, 5FM and Ukhozi FM fairly doing well albeit the SABC’s tarnished reputation is a sign that there are discrepancies between talent and powers that be. The aforementioned stations are excellent and very popular radio stations with huge and loyal audiences.


SABC LOGOSo, while the national broadcaster’s upper management may be challenged (to be kind), this is not impacting on the running of the SABC radio stations.

While this hasn’t impacted on the popularity of the various stations, the stigma of the SABC’s tarnished reputation has affected advertising, according to Eugene Zwane, general manager of SABC radio sales.


Zwane and his team have had to work exceptionally hard to overcome this when selling ad space on their stations.


Our audience performances are consistent and we have a dedicated sales team,” says Zwane. In 2010, he says, there were problems with placing ads, billing and making money in sales. Then Anton Heunis was made commercial enterprises group executive and Zwane was appointed to his present position and things changed substantially.


We brought in real leadership and sorted out our teams. That took a while and, in fact, we are still working on it to this day because of budget and talent issues,” says Zwane. “At the time the culture was toxic and we had to get rid of the bad eggs and bring in people to add value. We dealt with cultural problems and we energised the team. We brought in fresh ideas from outside and improved in terms of our service delivery.”


Since then, he says, radio has been doing fairly well. “We’ve been growing double digits annually ever since. This year, we’re looking good,” he says. They didn’t do quite as well (around nine percent growth) as over the last four years but, he says, “it has been a much tougher year”.


One of the strong points of SABC radio is having stations that reach every national language group in South Africa. But it is a challenge getting advertising in the various languages.


The industry is reluctant to invest in languages. For me this is a major issue and that included Afrikaans. Some years ago, a decision was made that the television channels would accept advertising in English even if the rest of the content was in another language. There are visuals that can support the audio but for radio, that doesn’t work, not to mention the regulatory prescriptions that won’t allow it. The industry’s reluctance is a challenge, but we acknowledge that there aren’t sufficient vernacular creatives in our industry.”


So SABC has just launched its own creative agency that will focus on vernacular advertising. “We want to position ourselves as the best creative house for radio, and vernacular radio in particular,” says Zwane. “Our view is if we don’t do it, we can’t expect someone else to do it for us. This will work as a resource to the industry, not so much to make money but to assist this process and show how it can be done.”


And while the commercial radio owners spend a great deal of money and energy on innovation and making sure they are providing cutting edge media, the SABC hasn’t – until recently, that is. It has now created a position for a head of innovation in radio, who will be responsible for developing new and different ideas that can be implemented, says Zwane.


From our research, we are aware that there is a perception that the SABC is boring and not funky. People think that about the national broadcaster but not really about the particular brands. Anyhow, we acknowledged the challenge and have acted on it.”


Zwane says the criticism that the SABC is old fashioned and unchanging is inaccurate. “The one thing that we do well that we seldom get credit for is that we understand the listener,” says Zwane. “We do extensive research on listenership and what people want to hear. That’s been one of our saving graces.”


He admitted that there are challenges in any environment constrained by leadership battles, budget problems and political issues. “You can’t move forward, so we haven’t moved with speed on the innovation front like our competitors but we hope that, going into the future, we can catch up in many areas and get ahead of the pack in the others.”

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OFM hits a splendid 28

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The 2nd June 2014, marked the birthday of central South Africa’s premier commercial station OFM celebrates 28 years on air.Nick Efstathiou, OFM General Manager: “OFM’s birthday is a day of celebration! Not only are we celebrating in studio and on air, but our listeners are also getting a chance to celebrate with us. We are hugely excited about all the activities planned for today and we hope to inspire the same excitement among our loyal listeners and everyone that is part of the OFM family.”

ofm logo



Birthday celebrations started with André Kunz and Anna Visser during The Breakfast Special. They and the rest of the daytime presenters played their favourite songs – all day long! In addition, all presenters spent the day together in studio, celebrating as the OFM family.





Nothing says “celebration” quite like a big bunch of balloons and these won’t be in short supply today. Balloons were released at 8am and 9am from the roof of the CMG building. OFM is also filling the studio with balloons and there will be plenty of pictures of the presenters having a good time on all social media.


OFM listeners are also got a slice of the cake – literally! OFM has fifteen birthday cakes that were given away between9am and 5pm.


One lucky listener also had the chance to win twenty-eight hundred rand, or R2,800 in cash. Listeners entered into the lucky draw by sending an SMS with the word “birthday” to 36OFM, or 36636. The winner was announced by Martin van der Merwe on Siesta, just before5pm.


A birthday is nothing without a party, and OFM had its birthday party with the children of Sunflower House. The 11 children at Sunflower House all have life-threatening and life-limiting conditions. We are excited about bringing some OFM magic and joy to the lives of these special children. Each child received a present as well as face-painting and everything else you expect at a great birthday party!

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Thobela FM turns 54

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Thobela FM’s(formerly known as Radio Lebowa) celebrates its 54th Birthday and to mark this occasion the station has lined up a series of events in and around the Limpopo Province for its Stakeholders and the public at large. This celebration combines the station’s new brand identity which is aimed at taking the station to a new digital space of broadcasting whilst promoting cultural diversity and the heritage of the Sepedi language. The new brand launch will set the scene for robust news reporting, content that resonates with current and future audiences and delivery of authentic stories through the usage of modern platforms.



Thobela FM station manager, Moshongwa ‘Mosh’ Matsena, said “This achievement is important to us as a station, not only do we reflect at a luminous historical journey – but we look at how radio has changed the lives of our communities throughout the years. We are truly proud to have played a significant role in sharing, interacting and empowering our listeners through riveting content and a variety of programmes that have become Thobela’s signature, expressed Matsena.”

In celebrating its success the station will be engaging with various listeners, through a sitting breakfast with key stakeholders who are playing an important role in the Limpopo Province. These group of people include Government, Businesses associates and the top echelons of society. It will be followed by a social responsibility programme, which is aimed at giving back to the community while strengthening the station affinity with its listeners. Wrapping the birthday week, listeners will be fêted to a music concert which will be held at the Peter Mokaba Rugby Stadium featuring an array of musicians from Selaelo Selota, Teargas, Chomme, HHP, Solly Moholo, and Winnie Mashaba to television personalities such as Rami Chuene and others of her caliber. On this day, two lucky winners will walk away with a R10 000 cash prize.

Continuing with the month of June, the station will give-away cash prizes to the value of R20 000 as part of incentivizing listeners who have kept the fire burning in a competitive world of radio. Listeners of the station are encouraged to share unforgettable stories, laughs and their birthday messages via on-air and also to interact with the station through its online platforms.

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A recent rant aimed at Radio Station Managers recently did the rounds. The thought leader with insightful, albeit not so new nuggets, waxed lyrical about how DJs are building personal brands on the back of any given station’s reach.



“It doesn’t matter if every word is an over annunciated, mispronounced song title or time check. In fact, they’ve become that way because they aren’t really being paid enough to generate great radio. They’re being paid just enough to pitch up and build their own personal kingdom on the back of your station’s reach.



This evident in that they get paid more gigging, appearing and MC’ing. They get those gigs because they’re building their following on the back of your station’s reach.”


Our cherished opinion also states the following


Social media audience

I know, that’s how it is. There’s an understanding: you pay them less and they get benefits from the megaphone that is radio. They build enormous social media followings on Facebook and Twitter too don’t they? And when they walk out the door at the end of a show those followings go with them, to their appearances, to their dinners and to their bedside table when they go to sleep at night. 

So what happens when they walk out that door for good? Those social media audiences go with them. But it’s only digital audiences. It’s not like they’re taking your FM audiences with them, so there’s nothing to worry about because the next DJ that comes along to fill the slot will begin to cultivate and build a mass following anew on the back of building their own brand on the back of your station’s reach on the back of radio being a megaphone.

And then, one day, like property in America, the megaphone bubble that is radio will burst. Don’t get me wrong, people will always be listening – they’ll just be doing it on something other than FM and suddenly the megaphone’s batteries will lose power. When that day comes, your station’s back may break and so may its traditional FM reach and if you’ve done nothing to plug the digital dam wall holes through which your digital audiences are currently leaking like water, well then you’ll be holding onto those last few DJ’s with white knuckles won’t you? 

The bubble will burst

Don’t be surprised if the DJs that leave are one day sitting in the corporate journalism rooms of self-publishing brands, who have paid them executive communications salaries for them to continue broadcasting to the swathes of social media audiences they once built on the back of your radio station’s reach.

Forewarned is forearmed. The bubble will burst. Maybe not today. Maybe not tomorrow. But it will one day and if you have not prepared you will be left wondering, like the newspaper industry what you could have done to make it different.

If I were you I’d start with an audit of your total digital reach and then decide from there how to future proof this part of your business.

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From Tapped Ankles To DJ Ankle Tap

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[by Farai Diza]


YFM has moved from strength to strength with an amazing plethora of DJ’s living up to listeners expectations.

One of these is Bryce Clark, who is popularly known in the entertainment circles as DJ Ankle Tap. His radio tale streams back to the age of 17 when he started spinning discs at high school events. And the rest is history.



I think I first fell in love listening to the Rude Awakening with Jeremy Mansfield every morning as i drove with my father to school. There was just something about what he was doing that totally captured my imagination. I have always been a very talkative person and in 2009 my 3rd year of University a friend convinced me to go and audition for the campus radio station and so I did,” he said.


While pursing his Psychology and Communication degree at the University of Johannesburg, DJ Ankle Tap joined UJFM, starting as a DJ on the graveyard slot before moving onto midday, then finally the breakfast show.





He then got a slot on YFM’s graveyard slot before securing a midday slot presenting The Top Mansion. That was history in the making, as he became the first white dude to single handedly man a prime time slot at what is generally known as Gauteng’s leading “urban black youth” radio station.


Today he cooks and serves sumptuous YFM radio breakfast meals on his Rise N Tap show during weekdays from 6 – 9am. He also hosts the Players Club every Saturday from 9pm – 12am


But who is DJ Ankle Tap?

With a following of over 13 000 on his Facebook page, he got the DJ Ankle Tap nickname while he was still in high school.


I was born with Club Feet and have had many operations over the years on my feet, so at school whenever i played sport the other kids used to joke that they would Ankle Tap me. So when i started to DJ at age 17, the name DJ Ankle Tap came about and just stuck,” he professed.


DJ Ankle Tap was born in Carletonville and stayed there until his family moved to Potchefstroom in 1997.


He speaks fluent Tswana among several other African languages.


On the serious stuff, DJ Ankle Tap joined YFM in 2010. The station took him on board because of his personality and skills. He still avidly remembers the joy that gripped him when he was hired.


I feel that as a DJ my style was always suited for YFM and could only ever see myself being part of this particular station. I have always been a huge YFM fan and was overjoyed when given a chance to become one of the presenters. I have been seen by many as the Black White Boy,” stated Ankle Tap.


Well they say a good breakfast energises the soul and carries the spirit throughout the day. So if you are looking for something savvier, 99.2MHz is the port of call as you Rise N Tap your way to success


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5Live presents Goodluck

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When the clock hits 3pm today, 5FM will present 5Live during ‘Forbes & Fix’ show. 5Live will be on the last Friday of every month. It will reach across the spectrum of South African bands and musicians on an intimate, yet powerful level. Performed live from the Red Bull Studios in Cape Town between 3-4pm, the show will allow the station’s audience a front row seat into a live musical journey with top local performances.

rob forbes_goodluck


Electro-swing and dance group GoodLuck will be the first band to feature on the new look 5Live. The music sensations are famous locally and have represented South Africa on international stages.


Tim Zunckel, 5FM programme manager, comments, “We are excited to go back to the reason that we introduced live music sessions on 5FM. We have enjoyed massive success with (live)5 over the last few years and 5Live gives us an opportunity to continue to partner with the industry. We see this as an exciting continuation of our live music property.” 

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Is the YFM Academy yielding results ?

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[by Farai Diza]


The wise always acknowledge that, just like fine wine, the best always mature in time. But just like the best, skills are curved by the best.

Having realised that many “would be” radio personalities were searching the airwaves pastures for that elusive breakthrough without any qualifications or experience, the popular YFM 99.2, exploited that gap and came up with an immense programme that has fuelled change in the industry.

Y academy


The station has always been in line with their ongoing vision to develop and create a platform for fresh young talent which has seen the unearthing of YTKO, DJs Shimza, ZanD and Josi Chave. Many will remember YTKO who sparked huge interest by featuring several high profile local and guest DJ’s.

The Y Academy was successfully launched and coordinated a six month radio and broadcasting internship programme that creates the future stars of South African radio.


The learners are tutored about all the different aspects of radio such as marketing, sales, copy writing, news, technical production, content production, and being the voice behind the mic!

The recruits go through a rigorous selection process and they must be armed with a passion for radio and a degree/ diploma. This is to ensure that only the ripe are plucked into the system.

After going through the learning curve, the graduates are given the opportunity to immerse themselves fully in the world of radio and they enter the much sought radio jungle with a solid knowledge of the inner workings of the machine behind the station.

A large number of the Y Academy graduates have taken their skills to newer heights. Many of them have trotted along the white waters of success and gone on to make names for themselves in radio and media and the station believes that many more stars are being moulded.

YFM has always been known for never playing it safe with anything we do. Our music offering has always been just that. YFM has always been the future for music referencing and again we promise nothing but the heat,” said Digital manager Mervyn Sigamoney.




DJ Shimza


Some of the stars who rose through the academy ranks include Mantsoe (co presented Ankle Tap’s mid morning show), Sol Phenduka (Big Brother Mzansi housemate who also former co presenter of the breakfast show with Mo Flava) and Smash Africa (co presented the Afternoon Drive with Tholi B).

Mantsoe Tsatsi, popularly known as Divas Inc, is also one of the stars who passed through the academy.

In October of 2010, I got a call to join the Y Academy. After the internship, I was one of the four to get hired. A month later I decided to leave, as I was not getting what I wanted. I have always wanted to do the 12-3pm slot. YFM has always been the plan and dream,” she tweaked.





Mantsoe Tsatsi

YFM has in the past been home to some of the country’s best radio personalities such as DJ Fresh, Bad Boy T, Thando Thabethe, Bonang Matheba, Mo Flava, Chilli M, Dineo Ranaka, Tholi B, Rudeboy Paul, Phat Joe, DJ Sbu and the late Khabzela – who is one of the icons who spearheaded awareness of HIV/ AIDS in the South African youth.

Listeners also aired their views about the talent coming from the academy.

The only thing missing on YFM is pure talent like the old YFM. The current generation of DJ’s is more of training and what they learned from the academy. The raw talent to engage and entertain listeners is not there. YFM must be commended for playing good music and giving young unknown people a chance, unlike other stations,” said a listener, Noma Sigola.

Given that feat, surely the results of the academy will start paying dividends once the graduates cut their teeth into the industry

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[by Farai Diza]

Some radio shows are just epic.

Picture this: Its exactly 15:00hrs and most of the country’s freeways are becoming congested as people make their way back home after a hard day’s work. While texting on the road could prove fatal, tuning into Lesedi FM’s Ba2cada Leine can take you safely home, with his hyped Reya Kubeletsa Afternoon Drive Show.



The afternoon drive time show is powered by Ba2cada, who is a high status presenter, and it is an information packed package with news, fashion, HIV/ AIDS, Teenage Pregnancy/ Crime, Nation Building, Traffic Update, Career Guidance, Campus Corner, Sports Updates, Education, Health, Technology, Business and a whole array of vibey elements.



Ba2cada, born Nyakallo Leine, has risen to radio prominence with his funky 3 – 6pm show code named Reya Kubeletsa which is aired weekdays.

Ba2cada, who describes himself as reserved and shy, aspires to be the greatest presenter ever from his generation and so far, so good!

“My greatest inspiration is to be the greatest radio presenter ever of my generation. Knowing that there are people whose lives are depending on me and who depend on me financially keeps me going,” said Ba2cada who was born and raised in Botshabelo.

“Reya Kubeletsa is a very informative and fun filled show. It’s a very energetic show with a lot of laughter and funny moments. I try by all means to encourage those young people that have given up because i know how frustrating it is not to be working and just chilling in the kasi,” he spoke of his show.

His love for radio bubbled out when he was still a young lad. But he never imagined taking the country by storm, as he is now a household name.

“This radio bug started at a very young age. I remember going to the Bloemfontein show at about 11 years with my parents, i would stand there watching the late Thabang Rampoona doing his thing. But unfortunately i didn’t get to know him personally and I’m trying to keep his legacy on radio. Radio has always been part of my life and I can safely say it’s a dream come true,” he professed.

He still has love for the late Rampoona whom he recently rated among his top 5 radio personalities on his Facebook page. The other four are himself, Thapelo Madumane, Big Boy Moagi and the late Khabzela.

Asked whether he would love to host Ha Reye morning show in the future, the energetic Ba2cada said: “It all depends on the management of Lesedi FM. You see it’s not about Ba2cada, it’s about the station. I’m a team player and can never be bigger than Lesedi FM.”

The avid soccer fan has won many awards that include the Best Afternoon Drive Presenter Award twice in a row – in 2012 and 2013. Besides radio, he runs an events management company and an NGO that holds motivational sessions at schools and prisons.

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2000FM has officially pledged its support for the #BringBackOurGirls and #SAVEOURGIRLS campaigns.The national adult contemporary radio station has actively embarked on a drive create pressure on Nigerian authorities via their on-air campaign as well via the station’s Twitter handle #SAVEOURGIRLS to take action now. In the wake of the FIFA World Cup being in sight, Radio 2000 aims to force the global football authority FIFA to re-consider Nigeria’s participation in the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil.

2000FM’s station manager, says, “One can hardly imagine the pain felt by the families of young girls kidnapped by Boko Haram. Only Africa can bring peace to Africa – as we celebrate Africa Day or Africa Month as 2000FM/SABC. We as a SABC national public broadcasting radio station have decided to lend our voices to the hundreds of thousands of fellow Africans that want to see these young girl children be released immediately. 2000FM has therefore launched an on-air and new media twitter campaign called ‘Africa Fridays’ which will see the station’s programming draw special and increased attention around the kidnapping of over 200 Nigerian school girls. The station and its listeners want to see action being taken and the restoration of human rights and religious tolerance restored or respected as we observe Africa Day on the continent. 2000FM is well known for its coverage of live sport and especially the role it played by being the first ever Official Radio Station for the 2010 FIFA Soccer World Cup. The station will also lead the charge to have Nigeria expelled from the FIFA World Cup happening in Brazil should not action be taken in the coming days leading up the 2014 FIFA World Cup. We are encouraging all friends and fans of the station especially fellow South Africans and Africans alike to tweet their support to – #SAVEOURGIRLS – The2000FMTwittercampaign. In the words of the Father of the Nation, Nelson Mandela, ‘There can be no keener revelation of a society’s soul than the way in which it treats its children.’”

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