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Radio station motivates inmates

Posted by radio On August - 28 - 2013 ADD COMMENTS

It was a day well spent with inmates of Middelburg Prison on Saturday 24 August; Ligwalagwala FM took live radio into the premises of this Ligwalagwalafm306[1]correctional centre. The visit was in line with the NtjintjaGuluva (change gangster) campaign aimed at discouraging criminal elements and activities amongst the youth and also to provide a platform for offenders to have a dialogue with their victims.





More than 100 inmates assembled together on an open field to welcome the station. Entertainment was the order of the day; they were showered with Ligwalagwala FM t-shirts and motivational talks.  



The prison visit saw a live broadcast of LwesukaLutfuli from 10am – 12pm presented by Malume Stan and Sisonke Midday Grooves from 12pm – 14h30 with presented by Khaya Angel. The inmates were astounded by the stunning performance of Zakhele Thobela aka King Sisonke who is an ex-convict and has also served his term at the same Middelburg Prison. King Sisonke had these encouraging words to share, “It is not easy to live your life with a criminal record, it takes a while for the community to realize that you are a changed person. You need to accept yourself before the community can accept you.”


A female offender who was sentenced for the murder of her husband also had some encouraging words for females in abusive relationships. “I was convicted for the murder of my husband which happened because of the anger that had built up inside of me because he was very abusive, I now urge all women in abusive relationships to leave and never look back because I do not want them to end up like me.”


The visit was graced by the presence of Regional Commissioner of Correctional Services Mr Tsetsane and the Area Commissioner Mr Mandla Gerald Sibanyoni. The station will continue with its ijobijob activation this week on Friday 30 August 2013 at Makro, Nelspruit where DJ Shabbisto will work as a Store Greeter from 11am – 2pm.


In order to ensure sustainability of this campaign, a young person will be employed to perform the same duties that Shabbisto will be performing at all 5 industries. There will be lots of giveaways on the day, Khibika Natsi with Sweet Mike (12h00 – 14h30) and Asambe Drive Show (15pm – 18pm) with Shabbisto will broadcast live from the venue.


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Lotus FM’s Sunshine Mall to air 250th episode

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Lotus FM’s flagship soapie Sunshine Mall will air its 250th episode on 13th September, and it looks to continue at full speed.


It’s making waves as more and more people are tuning in, and it’s receiving rave reviews. David Baskin who writes on entertainment for the Sunday Tribune had this to say in his column: ‘Sunshine Mall is marvellous.  All of it is wonderful.  The location is a mall – great context for domestic and commercial drama – filled with little shops and a glorious variety of personalities.


These are a carefully written collection of characters, covering a wide number of social classes and age groups. Their interactions are vigorous, their engagements compelling.

Emotions are treated with light hearted respect, while the different cognitive universes and worldviews are given the careful handling they deserve. Radio demands greater skill and complexity in dialogue than does television, since the conversations have to communicate so much more.  Sunshine Mall – not just another Globovisionripofftelenovela – is more than ready to migrate to television’.


Raeesa Mahomed produces and directs Sunshine Mall. She has been drama producer at Lotus FM since 2006, and has produced a number of popular dramas for the station. She has been prolific in the media, having worked in film, television and print as well, but this does not take away her obvious excitement at the new achievement: ‘I and Lotus FM management are delighted at the reception and performance of the soapie. I have to give credit to the writer, Nadd Rama, our team of actors, and our technicians’.


Station Manager Alvin Pillay says, “Feedback like this is what every media manager dreams of. Congratulations to Raeesa and her team. We are immensely proud and pleased to have a drama like ‘Sunshine Mall’ on our platform’’.


The drama airs on Lotus FM nationwide on weekdays at 09h45, and the episode is repeated that night at 20h45. Make sure you become part of the thousands who make sure they get their daily dose.


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Stacey Goes Live on Highveld Stereo & KFM

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[By Kagiso Mnisi]


Stacey Norman is currently the doyenne rocking 94.5 KFM, which is simulcast on Johannesburg’s 94.7 Highveld Stereo. Her self-proclaimed ‘self-effacing humour’, has warmed her to the station’s listeners with a slant of quick wit on air, which listeners are lapping up at the moment.


Her career path in broadcast kicked off when 94.5 KFM had a CSI program called The Youth Day Experience that allowed High School students to “learn” about radio over a six week period. She speaks to Radiobiz about her advances in the industry.





Radiobiz: Tell us what goes into your simulcast show between Highveld and FM


Stacey: A lot of prep work. My producer, Chris, finds as many pieces as possible. We Skype and go through them one by one- keeping the “ultimate caller” in mind. We take it hour by hour. Once we’ve established what goes where and which features we’ll run, we make a short list. We chat again just after 4 and put the official rundown together.


Radiobiz: During the show we manage two text lines, two phone lines, twitter and Facebook.

Stacey: We try to put as many callers to air as possible, they’re a key part of the overall sound of the show.


Radiobiz: Who did you admire in radio when you were still growing up?


Stacey: I loved…and still love Ian F, Jeannie D was on Goodhope FM at the time presenting 7-10. I always found her so relatable.


Radiobiz: What is your plan for radio?


Stacey: My plan was 7-10. It’s a great time to be on air. The listeners are there by choice and they have a lot to say. The content is looser and there’s too to be conversational, which is more my style. In the future, who knows? Maybe a simulcast drive show? You never know…


Radiobiz: What’s the difference between Cape Town and Joburg listeners?


Stacey: I’ve always said Joburg listeners are more like dogs while Cape Town’s are more like cats.

Joburg listeners are really quick on the draw, always first in line. Whereas Capetonians need a big of coaxing. They’re quite the team, actually.

Both sets are entertaining. Guaranteed laughs every night 🙂



Where do you reside? Joburg or CTN?

I stay in Cape Town and travel to Joburg regularly. Just to broadcast from there and hang out with my work husband, more formally known as Chris- the show’s producer.

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The Power of Regional Radio

Posted by radio On August - 27 - 2013 ADD COMMENTS


Lizette Anderson, Coastal Radio Sales Director, Mediamark

Lizette Anderson, Coastal Radio Sales Director, Mediamark

The biggest impact of regional radio by far, is the connection a regional radio is able to make with its listeners. It addresses its audience in their own milieu where they identify with things happening around them – such as weather conditions, traffic situations, a community fundraiser or highlights of their favourite sports teams. The news is up-to-the-minute, in and about their own region, it’s local and it’s personal. Radio is known as a close friend in whose company you feel comfortable, which means brands can maximise campaigns in a trusted environment.


Regional radio enhances the relationship with its audience further through social media and the Internet, where more and more personal interaction is taking place. Listeners are encouraged to share their opinions through voting polls, by tweeting or by liking something on the station’s Facebook page. In turn, the station gets real-time feedback from its digitally connected consumers who indicate whether they would buy an item or how they feel about a brand.


The combination of radio and digital elements such as the station’s own interactive website or Twitter/Facebook pages has become a driving force for increasing radio revenue. Stats have also proved that radio experienced a gain in market share in 2012 and the first half of 2013. A multichannel approach with an interactive regional radio audience offers the advertiser more value for their money.


The sense of “we are a community” allows regional radio stations to reach and penetrate audiences in a friendly and non-intrusive manner, allowing advertisers to benefit from the audiences’ higher ‘time spent listening’.


Content is rich and developed exclusively to suit each region. Programmes are geared towards its consumers’ lifestyles and interests. Demographic and psychographic information about a particular target audience, enhances an advertiser’s ability to reach receptive audiences effortlessly.


Regional radio stations deliver hot-off-the-press news and pulls communities together very quickly in times of hardship or natural disasters. During such times, advertisers can play a role to help the communities through their social responsibility budgets or to act as drop-off points for food or blankets.


Regional radio has the ability to make people laugh and cry but mostly to be part of something, a sense of belonging which makes it an ideal advertising platform.


[Source: Mediamark]


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UJ FM can push the envelope a tad

Posted by radio On August - 25 - 2013 ADD COMMENTS

[By Kagiso Mnisi]


The student community is such that, you bore them, they leave you. They are of pop ups and ephemeral pursuits. A station that appeases those sensibilities has to always be ahead of the game and trends.



UJFM 95.4, has taken up the gauntlet to do just that. It prides itself as having transformed its on-air broadcast programs content, from a previously”Rock” music style type, to an “info-tainment” medium that includes an eclectic mix of music and talk. A brief listen to shows such as 16 bars, which champions the local hip hop crusade (of the raw kind) by breaking new singles and on-air freestyles from emerging emcees.



However the general sentiment is that, the station could holistically embody the essence of student-hood. It bears the all too familiar traits of mainstream such as Top 40 and industry style commentary. There is minimal experimenting coming from its studios. The reality is that, much of the talent at the station has grandeur aspirations of being at say a Metro FM, 5fm or Yfm booth. So it is inevitable that conveyer-belt like treatment of programming is bound to set the tone.



Another well-loved show on UJ FM is Party People hosted by well-known music stylist, Kenzhero, which has positioned itself as an “endorsement of nothing but the best in the SA music scene” and “embodies the vibe and flair of the genre of music that is vastly improving and continuously expanding daily”



Beyond actual radio, the station’s interface spots lifestyle paraphernalia such movie, music and gaming reviews. This is safe territory to keep the student contingent interested. UJFM’s content is primarily aimed at the target audience between the ages of 16 years and 28 years; which is viewed as a reflection of the demographics of the UJ community. It entrenches itself amongst the 4 campuses of the University of Johannesburg and a platform for healthy engagement throughout the student world.



A recent spread in, revealed that UJFM’s main competitor, Voice of Wits has nearly four times many listeners when compared. An interesting finding since The Voice of Wits has a minuscule 1-watt license that means signal can only be picked up within a 4pm radius of the station, whereas UJ boasts a 50-watt range, which allows its frequency to be picked up within a 200km radius of the station. 



Above all, one would like to see UJFM pushing the envelope a bit as a station for the student community, since it finds itself wedged in a dynamic city such as Joburg where a plethora of artistic fervour is found. There is plenty of on-agenda content doing the rounds from the mainstream already, why not then have a no holds barred approach to radio? The students can do so much better!


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Barely a month into the campaign, dramatic revelations from listeners are coming to the fore. It is evident that the Ntjintja Guluva campaign has touched a raw nerve of the listeners.


Lucky Bakker is a 25 year old self-confessed drug addict and has been trapped in the habit for the past years. The Ntjintja Guluva (change gangster) campaign is aimed at discouraging criminal elements and activities in our society, especially amongst our youth since they are the future of our country.  Lucky resides at Kanyamazane township In Mpumalanga situated east of Nelspruit.


When he is under the influence of drugs he normally commits crime such as burglary, theft and hijacking, but he is now ready to live an honest life. When asked what made him take the decision to seek help to quit drugs, he had this to say “I have been living a terrible life, always hiding from police officers. I have even lost trust at home from my mom and sister because I have been stealing from them as well, but I’m happy that they didn’t kick me out of the house although I was doing bad things.”


The station is working together with South African National Council on Alcoholism & Drug Dependence (SANCA) to assist Lucky to quit drugs. The first assessment for his treatment has been conducted; he has 10 individual therapy sessions to attend at SANCA.


Lucky used to spend most of his time with his corrupt friends in the township, when asked how he is going deal with peer pressure, he had this to say; “This is my life so I don’t care what they can say and they might think that I’m stupid but trust me I will be a better man tomorrow.”


“It takes a real man to take such a decision like Lucky did, if he completes well all the sessions the station is willing to go an extra mile in making sure that he lives a healthy and better life,” said Rio Mabunda, Ligwalagwala FM Station Manager.


[Issued by : Ligwalagwala FM]


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On Saturday 24 August the Brothers for Life Men’s rally takes place across the country in nine provinces at sports stadiums.


“SABC Education, Brothers for Life and 11 public broadcasting service radio stations have worked together to encourage South Africans to pledge support for the ‘Not in my name’ campaign.  We are taking the march a step further” explains Johan Neethling commissioning editor at SABC Education.  


“We are producing a radio series of 13 episodes that discuss a range of male related topics; ‘no woman will be raped in my name’, ‘gender based violence’, ‘alcohol abuse in relationships’, ‘reporting abuse’, ‘encouraging men to get tested’ and ‘medical male circumcision’. This means discussions will happen across the nation about what men can do to prevent rape from happening ever again” ends Johan.


The radio series starts in September with a bold approach to men related topics and is sponsored by Johns Hopkins Health Education South Africa.  Information related to men’s overall health will be available on the SABC Education website and more detail on the Brothers for life website


Listeners can tune into Brothers for Life on their favorite station:

Ligwalagwala FM Mondays 21h05- 21h30

Thobela FM Mondays 21h30 – 22h00

Mungana Lonene FM Tuesdays 21h05 – 21h30

Umhlobo Wenene FM Tuesdays 10h10 – 10h40

Phalaphala FM Tuesdays 21h05- 21h30

Ukhozi FM Tuesdays 21h05 – 21h30

Lesedi FM Fridays 10h30 – 11h00

Motsweding FM Tuesdays 21h30 – 22h00

Ikwekwezi FM Mondays 10h30 – 11h00

XK FM Wednesdays 19h05 – 20h00

Tru FM Mondays to Thursdays 09h30 – 09h35


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The 702 Small Business Awards with SAGE are back and once again, consumers are asked to nominate businesses that have provided them with excellent service. Now in their fifth year, the Small Business Awards have become well known as a platform for small businesses to gain media exposure and credibility which tends to translate directly into new clients.


Last year’s winner, Jenneth from Jenneth’s Hair Salon has been thrilled by the change in her business since she won the 702 Small Business Awards with SAGE. “Through the advertising campaign that I won on 702 I not only found a number of new clients, but two highly qualified and experienced stylists approached me too. I have since hired them and this takes the load off me so that I can focus on expanding the business as we have outgrown our premises – we are busy renovating now.”


“Sage believes in supporting small businesses by creating the freedom for them to succeed. As such we believe the 702 Small Business Awards provides the perfect platform to recognize small businesses that are making an impact in the market.”, said Tamsin Van Rooyen marketing manager for Sage Pastel, part of the Sage Group.


Nominations opened from Monday 12th August 2013 until Friday 13th September. During this time, 30 finalists will be selected. Each will be interviewed on air, on either the breakfast show or afternoon drive. Feedback from the finalists over the years shows that this short interview leads to an immediate response from potential new customers.


The 30 finalists then go through a panel of interviews with experts in various fields of business, including marketing, HR and finance, to see which businesses stand the best chance of surviving, thriving and growing. “At Talk Radio 702, we are committed to building the capacity of small businesses, to help them to create the jobs that are so desperately necessary to take our country forward,” said Talk Radio 702 station manager.


“A key indicator for business success is client focus and that’s why we have chosen customer service as the main criteria for these awards. The Sage Pastel Group has sponsored the 702 Small Business Awards for the past 5 years and we value their continued support into the future.”


All 30 finalists will then attend a gala awards function where the winner and two runners up will be announced. Each winner will take home a prize that includes an advertising campaign on Talk Radio 702, as well as a laptop loaded with accounting and payroll software from SAGE.


To nominate a business that offers great customer service, visit

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Meet Gagasi FM’s Alex Mthiyane

Posted by radio On August - 19 - 2013 ADD COMMENTS

[By Kgomotso Moncho]


Alex Mthiyane’s twitter bio reads: ‘Gagasi FM founding presenter and its living ancestor’, and this epitomises his lasting bond to the KZN regional radio station. Alex MthiyanepicWhen the station was being revamped from P4 to Gagasi FM, Mthiyane was among the first team of recruits that identified with the new direction.


He now hosts the breakfast show, Alex & The Morning Crew which attracts a listenership of around a million and he’s the head of news and current affairs. The charisma with which he represents the station on and off air easily makes him its ideal ambassador and spokesperson.


He remembers vividly the day P4 became Gagasi FM. “I am humbly honoured that my voice was the first when the station was launched on that cold Tuesday morning of 13th March 2006. I can still remember what I was wearing and the excitement that filled the entire building when the MD popped that champagne,” he reveals.


The station conveys a lifestyle that reflects what ordinary black youth in KZN are about and this is what Mthiyane loves about it. It provides a soundtrack to this market, offering their music, relevant topics, and news as well as appealing events.


It is known for its Zunglish signature, a mixture of Zulu and English that the presenters speak in. It is quite fascinating to hear it for the first time, especially within the serious milieu of a news bulletin. One sentence or a paragraph can begin in English and end in Zulu. And this is a major part of what makes the station what it is.


“Due to its regionality, the presenters are closer to the listener. The listeners are more than likely to meet the presenters at the mall, car wash, shisanyama and in their neighbourhood. That’s the key to us because it means we are in touch with our consumer. In that way we speak the way they speak, we eat, drink, buy, and live their lives,” Mthiyane adds.


His life was moulded in Nqutshini, in Empangeni in northern KZN, where he was born and bred. It’s a small community he rates with teaching kids the good values of life.


“We were brought up to respect the elders and even today I still can remember every household in the village,” he points out.      


For as long as he can remember he has always wanted to be a ‘radioman.’


“I used to wonder how big or small the people I heard on my father’s radio were. Radio was the only form of entertainment in a village with no electricity,” he says.


Mthiyane studied Journalism at Natal Technikon and began his radio journey with a morning show at the campus radio. He had a stint with Durban Youth Radio which was broadcasting from the then University of Natal. On his second year of study, he volunteered at the SABC Radio newsroom until editors Mtholephi Mthimkhulu and Cecil Msomi asked him to stand-in for a newsreader who did not pitch. Three years later Bhodloza Welcome Nzimande who was station manager of Ukhozi FM offered Mthiyane a youth talk show and a year later he was given the prime time slot on radio, the morning show.


He worked with Bongani Mpinga who became the first producer at the station and Victor Molefe the news anchor who co-hosted with him until the station officially hired Sbonga Zungu.


“I still consider those years as the university of my career life on radio and entertainment in general. It also presented me an opportunity to do TV news, as the anchor of the regional magazine programme KZN 2 Nite on SABC which also allowed me to be a correspondent for Morning Live and Africa 2 Africa channel,” says Mthiyane.


From wondering about the size of the people behind the voices he heard on radio when he was young, to taking on the mic himself, his first impressions of radio included the importance of being original. The listener can always detect when you’re fake and he believes the key lies in balancing well the ‘radioman’ and the person behind the voice. Praising the direct medium that radio is, he enjoys the emotion that comes with it.


“The best presenters carefully choose which words to use and how to decorate your links with emotional adjectives and adverbs. Adding colour to your features speaks volumes. I am still learning and I have a few names to credit,” he says.


When it comes to good journalism he says basic principles still apply – impartiality, good writing, varied facts and reservation of your opinion. What he strives for as the head of news and current affairs is putting the perspective of the listener first.


This is what he says to youngsters who aspire to be radio journalists, “Citizen Journalism is growing by leaps and bounds, use the digital tools to enhance the story.”


 He praises the supportive team he works with at Gagasi FM and is thankful to the station for his opportunities, as he believes in growing with a station.


On his general observations of the industry he says, “The medium has grown enormously. Listening to various radio stations, I still miss the way it was when I was growing up. I understand that it competes with some many platforms now but smart radio people will use such platforms to enhance their offering. If I could add a bit of the 90’s and today’s evolution, we are here to stay.”

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Smile 90.4FM to assist Carel du Toit Centre

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New Cape Town audio brand, Smile 90.4FM, and its volunteers will give the Carel du Toit Centre, based at Tyger Valley Hospital, a new lease on life with a new coat of paint on Saturdays, 17 and 24 August.


Says Clive Ridgway, Programme Director at Smile 90.4FM: “We’re very excited to take the lead on this project. We’re hoping to complete the task over two Saturdays, with the help of our sponsors BPC Group and Pick ‘n Pay.”


Helmi Muller and his team at the BPC Group will project manage the painting. They will be on site on Fridays, 16 August and 23 August, prepping the painting area, from filling cracks, to masking tape, covering the furniture and floors, taking down frames and doing the brush work. Pick ‘n Pay will not only be sponsoring the product requirements for this project, but also cater on both Saturdays.


Smile Breakfast show presenter, Eloise Pretorius, is focusing on getting volunteers involved. Those interested can listen to her show from Mondays to Fridays between 06:00 and 09:00. Says Pretorius: “it’s the first time that we tackle a campaign of this nature for Smile in Action. We need 20 people per shift at any given time in order for us to complete this task. We have three shifts daily from 08:30 to 12:00, 11:30 to 15:00 and 14:30 to 18:00. This is such a worthy project and an excellent way to get involved in the community. We’ll be doing similar projects in the future, so tune in to Smile 90.4FM and help in spreading a smile. It’s contagious.”


Concludes Ridgway: “Smile 90.4FM is all about making a difference. We’d like everyone to join us on one of these days to help bring some cheer in the lives of all the children and teachers at the Carel du Toit Centre. Together we can make such a huge difference.”


[Issued by: Smile FM]


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