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On Saturday 24 August the Brothers for Life Men’s rally takes place across the country in nine provinces at sports stadiums.


“SABC Education, Brothers for Life and 11 public broadcasting service radio stations have worked together to encourage South Africans to pledge support for the ‘Not in my name’ campaign.  We are taking the march a step further” explains Johan Neethling commissioning editor at SABC Education.  


“We are producing a radio series of 13 episodes that discuss a range of male related topics; ‘no woman will be raped in my name’, ‘gender based violence’, ‘alcohol abuse in relationships’, ‘reporting abuse’, ‘encouraging men to get tested’ and ‘medical male circumcision’. This means discussions will happen across the nation about what men can do to prevent rape from happening ever again” ends Johan.


The radio series starts in September with a bold approach to men related topics and is sponsored by Johns Hopkins Health Education South Africa.  Information related to men’s overall health will be available on the SABC Education website and more detail on the Brothers for life website


Listeners can tune into Brothers for Life on their favorite station:

Ligwalagwala FM Mondays 21h05- 21h30

Thobela FM Mondays 21h30 – 22h00

Mungana Lonene FM Tuesdays 21h05 – 21h30

Umhlobo Wenene FM Tuesdays 10h10 – 10h40

Phalaphala FM Tuesdays 21h05- 21h30

Ukhozi FM Tuesdays 21h05 – 21h30

Lesedi FM Fridays 10h30 – 11h00

Motsweding FM Tuesdays 21h30 – 22h00

Ikwekwezi FM Mondays 10h30 – 11h00

XK FM Wednesdays 19h05 – 20h00

Tru FM Mondays to Thursdays 09h30 – 09h35


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The 702 Small Business Awards with SAGE are back and once again, consumers are asked to nominate businesses that have provided them with excellent service. Now in their fifth year, the Small Business Awards have become well known as a platform for small businesses to gain media exposure and credibility which tends to translate directly into new clients.


Last year’s winner, Jenneth from Jenneth’s Hair Salon has been thrilled by the change in her business since she won the 702 Small Business Awards with SAGE. “Through the advertising campaign that I won on 702 I not only found a number of new clients, but two highly qualified and experienced stylists approached me too. I have since hired them and this takes the load off me so that I can focus on expanding the business as we have outgrown our premises – we are busy renovating now.”


“Sage believes in supporting small businesses by creating the freedom for them to succeed. As such we believe the 702 Small Business Awards provides the perfect platform to recognize small businesses that are making an impact in the market.”, said Tamsin Van Rooyen marketing manager for Sage Pastel, part of the Sage Group.


Nominations opened from Monday 12th August 2013 until Friday 13th September. During this time, 30 finalists will be selected. Each will be interviewed on air, on either the breakfast show or afternoon drive. Feedback from the finalists over the years shows that this short interview leads to an immediate response from potential new customers.


The 30 finalists then go through a panel of interviews with experts in various fields of business, including marketing, HR and finance, to see which businesses stand the best chance of surviving, thriving and growing. “At Talk Radio 702, we are committed to building the capacity of small businesses, to help them to create the jobs that are so desperately necessary to take our country forward,” said Talk Radio 702 station manager.


“A key indicator for business success is client focus and that’s why we have chosen customer service as the main criteria for these awards. The Sage Pastel Group has sponsored the 702 Small Business Awards for the past 5 years and we value their continued support into the future.”


All 30 finalists will then attend a gala awards function where the winner and two runners up will be announced. Each winner will take home a prize that includes an advertising campaign on Talk Radio 702, as well as a laptop loaded with accounting and payroll software from SAGE.


To nominate a business that offers great customer service, visit

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Meet Gagasi FM’s Alex Mthiyane

Posted by radio On August - 19 - 2013 ADD COMMENTS

[By Kgomotso Moncho]


Alex Mthiyane’s twitter bio reads: ‘Gagasi FM founding presenter and its living ancestor’, and this epitomises his lasting bond to the KZN regional radio station. Alex MthiyanepicWhen the station was being revamped from P4 to Gagasi FM, Mthiyane was among the first team of recruits that identified with the new direction.


He now hosts the breakfast show, Alex & The Morning Crew which attracts a listenership of around a million and he’s the head of news and current affairs. The charisma with which he represents the station on and off air easily makes him its ideal ambassador and spokesperson.


He remembers vividly the day P4 became Gagasi FM. “I am humbly honoured that my voice was the first when the station was launched on that cold Tuesday morning of 13th March 2006. I can still remember what I was wearing and the excitement that filled the entire building when the MD popped that champagne,” he reveals.


The station conveys a lifestyle that reflects what ordinary black youth in KZN are about and this is what Mthiyane loves about it. It provides a soundtrack to this market, offering their music, relevant topics, and news as well as appealing events.


It is known for its Zunglish signature, a mixture of Zulu and English that the presenters speak in. It is quite fascinating to hear it for the first time, especially within the serious milieu of a news bulletin. One sentence or a paragraph can begin in English and end in Zulu. And this is a major part of what makes the station what it is.


“Due to its regionality, the presenters are closer to the listener. The listeners are more than likely to meet the presenters at the mall, car wash, shisanyama and in their neighbourhood. That’s the key to us because it means we are in touch with our consumer. In that way we speak the way they speak, we eat, drink, buy, and live their lives,” Mthiyane adds.


His life was moulded in Nqutshini, in Empangeni in northern KZN, where he was born and bred. It’s a small community he rates with teaching kids the good values of life.


“We were brought up to respect the elders and even today I still can remember every household in the village,” he points out.      


For as long as he can remember he has always wanted to be a ‘radioman.’


“I used to wonder how big or small the people I heard on my father’s radio were. Radio was the only form of entertainment in a village with no electricity,” he says.


Mthiyane studied Journalism at Natal Technikon and began his radio journey with a morning show at the campus radio. He had a stint with Durban Youth Radio which was broadcasting from the then University of Natal. On his second year of study, he volunteered at the SABC Radio newsroom until editors Mtholephi Mthimkhulu and Cecil Msomi asked him to stand-in for a newsreader who did not pitch. Three years later Bhodloza Welcome Nzimande who was station manager of Ukhozi FM offered Mthiyane a youth talk show and a year later he was given the prime time slot on radio, the morning show.


He worked with Bongani Mpinga who became the first producer at the station and Victor Molefe the news anchor who co-hosted with him until the station officially hired Sbonga Zungu.


“I still consider those years as the university of my career life on radio and entertainment in general. It also presented me an opportunity to do TV news, as the anchor of the regional magazine programme KZN 2 Nite on SABC which also allowed me to be a correspondent for Morning Live and Africa 2 Africa channel,” says Mthiyane.


From wondering about the size of the people behind the voices he heard on radio when he was young, to taking on the mic himself, his first impressions of radio included the importance of being original. The listener can always detect when you’re fake and he believes the key lies in balancing well the ‘radioman’ and the person behind the voice. Praising the direct medium that radio is, he enjoys the emotion that comes with it.


“The best presenters carefully choose which words to use and how to decorate your links with emotional adjectives and adverbs. Adding colour to your features speaks volumes. I am still learning and I have a few names to credit,” he says.


When it comes to good journalism he says basic principles still apply – impartiality, good writing, varied facts and reservation of your opinion. What he strives for as the head of news and current affairs is putting the perspective of the listener first.


This is what he says to youngsters who aspire to be radio journalists, “Citizen Journalism is growing by leaps and bounds, use the digital tools to enhance the story.”


 He praises the supportive team he works with at Gagasi FM and is thankful to the station for his opportunities, as he believes in growing with a station.


On his general observations of the industry he says, “The medium has grown enormously. Listening to various radio stations, I still miss the way it was when I was growing up. I understand that it competes with some many platforms now but smart radio people will use such platforms to enhance their offering. If I could add a bit of the 90’s and today’s evolution, we are here to stay.”

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Smile 90.4FM to assist Carel du Toit Centre

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New Cape Town audio brand, Smile 90.4FM, and its volunteers will give the Carel du Toit Centre, based at Tyger Valley Hospital, a new lease on life with a new coat of paint on Saturdays, 17 and 24 August.


Says Clive Ridgway, Programme Director at Smile 90.4FM: “We’re very excited to take the lead on this project. We’re hoping to complete the task over two Saturdays, with the help of our sponsors BPC Group and Pick ‘n Pay.”


Helmi Muller and his team at the BPC Group will project manage the painting. They will be on site on Fridays, 16 August and 23 August, prepping the painting area, from filling cracks, to masking tape, covering the furniture and floors, taking down frames and doing the brush work. Pick ‘n Pay will not only be sponsoring the product requirements for this project, but also cater on both Saturdays.


Smile Breakfast show presenter, Eloise Pretorius, is focusing on getting volunteers involved. Those interested can listen to her show from Mondays to Fridays between 06:00 and 09:00. Says Pretorius: “it’s the first time that we tackle a campaign of this nature for Smile in Action. We need 20 people per shift at any given time in order for us to complete this task. We have three shifts daily from 08:30 to 12:00, 11:30 to 15:00 and 14:30 to 18:00. This is such a worthy project and an excellent way to get involved in the community. We’ll be doing similar projects in the future, so tune in to Smile 90.4FM and help in spreading a smile. It’s contagious.”


Concludes Ridgway: “Smile 90.4FM is all about making a difference. We’d like everyone to join us on one of these days to help bring some cheer in the lives of all the children and teachers at the Carel du Toit Centre. Together we can make such a huge difference.”


[Issued by: Smile FM]


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Kaya FM’s Sunday Marauders

Posted by radio On August - 12 - 2013 ADD COMMENTS

[By Kagiso Mnisi]


What refreshes about Sunday radio is that, the rules of the medium can be tossed away momentarily for a line-up that is soul satisfying, enough to pacify the slog of the coming week. Kaya FM has not disappointed in giving listeners an array of these tender-on-the-soul experiences through the anchorage of George Manyosi and Nicky B. Manyosi stirs up the mood during his Two 2 Six slot (especially during The Platinum Hour from five to six), whilst Nicky B with the given baton in hand, operatically gives us the tidings of global sounds through The World Show (18:00-22:00).


During The Platinum Hour, listeners can bet on good old George to evoke the fable of The Squire For Hire by synchronising his speakerbox jazz humour through the sounds of Ronny Jordan, Mr. Scruff, DJ Spinna and Feist. And of course expect Nicky B to further indulge with Cinematic Orchestra, Malatu, Manu Dibango, Paspanga and DJ Shadow. These are the makings of your Sunday afternoon and evening in Basso temperament that will leave you negotiating a sip of wine and perhaps an elitist shrug of the Monday ahead, whilst you say : If life were this good on the daily.


Kaya’s position in the market is largely endorsed by mid-week content through figures such as Bob Mabena, John Perlman and Georgie. Even the young Shane Ngwenya with his continuous spate of fill ins for other jocks, which has rendered him resident cool kid on  Kaya’s block, is the station’s ultimate PR front to hoist high the Afropolitan flag. But non trumps the Sunday sundown experience in terms of a worldly reach. In the case of Manyosi, endless epitaphs can be rolled out of how he bolstered Bob Mabena to join  Metro FM in the early 90s. Speculatively, he was the roommate that knew how to hunt to Mabena whilst the two were at Bop Radio.


When the old glorious Sun has the need to gradually duck down on the day famed Holy, you can bet to be serenaded and taken from Douala to Helsinki via the combo of George and Nicky. They will lather you with timely sonics which you may have perhaps have heard an urban selector such as Miz Buttons, True Jones, DJ Zakes Mixmaster or Mmatseleng play at a warehouse shindig, deep in the belly of Joburg. Or maybe even DJ 1D, in his humble abode away from the overzealous scrutiny on twitter during his Friday and Saturday mixes.


Yes these are the sounds that no one told you about, you shall testify to begrudging the Monday that follows. Thanks to Manyosi and Nicky B



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Ode to the radio producer

Posted by radio On August - 7 - 2013 ADD COMMENTS

[By Kagiso Mnisi]


Behind every radio show, either tepid or worth listening to, there is structure and form made possible by a content producer. Radio production is at the crossroads in the advent of digital tools. Producers have to ensure that content fits both the traditional and convergent models that are presently used. Here are some producers who explain the need for being multi skilled when orchestrating a radio show




DJ Mixmaster @zakesmixmaster  (technical and content producer for Joburg Radio via Radio En Construction)


As part of the Joburg Radio team, that will be exhibiting an experimental radio show, my role is to shape the content in a way that best describes the city’s narrative. Our campaign entails interviewing some of Joburg’s most active artists, crafting the show’s indents and jingles. I’m also a hip hop DJ and beatmaker, so I infuse that background into the show.



Content production and DJing are similar in that they are both about story telling. The show is multi-pronged through video, sound and other experimental niceties. This allows us to convey the message on various social networking platforms. To me production is all about knowing your position in the market, preparation and more preparation. People tend to think that radio shows just happen from nowhere, there is plenty that goes into it. 



Ben Matjiu @Ben_Matjiu[1]

I produce content for the weekend breakfast show hosted by Thomas Msengana on 5FM. The show is positioned in a way that appeases a weekend audience through sports and light hearted commentary. As part of the team, I line up content and ensure that it is well anchored by the host through quick and snappy script writing.



I inject my knowledge of script writing, which is a craft I’ve honed over time.  I also am a copywriter for Idea Engineers, a communications agency, which arms me with more skill for radio. Of course, today’s radio has to live via Facebook, twitter and websites; so the need to play around with such tools is necessary. The content put on these also goes through an editorial process, so there is no room for complacency even with new way of broadcasting 


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Celebrating Women with Heart FM

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August is Women’s Month and this year Heart FM is celebrating women at Heart with a glamorous event at “The Lookout”, a magnificent venue located at the V&A Waterfront.


On 24 August 2013, Heart FM will host 650 female listeners during an afternoon of fun, conversation, entertainment, style and indulgence. Attendees will find themselves in a beautiful space, evoking elegance and femininity. The venue setup will allow women to engage one another with great conversation, or simply relax and enjoy the day’s entertainment.


This year’s event concept is based on the extremely successful Heart FM Style Workshop event model created in 2010. The Style Workshop event aimed to speak to the ‘woman’ within every female, as opposed to the mother, colleague, friend or sister. It was designed to pamper women while at the same time informing them of the latest in trends, finance, etc. The event ran for two years and sold out each time.


2013 will see women’s month culminate in the “Celebrating Women at Heart” event. The experience is intended to spoil women with entertaining performances, delicious food, personal pamper sessions and beautiful decor. This celebration will be an afternoon to remember!


Entertainment includes: Suga, Irma G, Matthew O’Connell , Jimmy Nevis and hosted by Tapfuma Makina together with the women at Heart – Saskia Falken, Keri Miller and Meghan Hector.


Heart FM are true to their word in supporting women in the workplace. MD Gary Petersen strongly supports the empowerment of women – stating that this is a critical issue being addressed in South Africa and globally, not only in the workplace, but in everyday life – and as such he is thrilled to confirm that Heart FM’s vibrant team is comprised mainly of women and that the company continues to be dedicated to the development and advancement of its female staff.  He goes on to say that the “Celebrating Women at Heart” event will be the celebratory culmination of the station’s month-long focus on giving women’s issues a much needed and highly interactive platform.


For more information go to : www.1049.FM

Tickets are R300 and include: Complimentary drink, feast style lunch and entertainment

Time: 12h00 – 18h00

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New Time Changes in Jacaranda FM Line-Up

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As from today , 5 August, Jacaranda FM will be packaging 4 hours of a great breakfast show into 3 hours. This will allow the station to bring you 20 percent more music throughout your work day.


Rian Van Heerden, presenter of the Complimentary Breakfast show and incidentally, winner of the radio personality of the year award (YOU spectacular); said that he is excited at the prospect of bringing our listeners a jam-packed 3 hour slot from 06:00am-09:00am. He concludes, “I look forward to increasing smiles and laughter in the traffic in our new 3 hour show.”


Program manager at Jacaranda FM, Naveen Singh, advised that “We are extending our Workzone which will now start at 09:00am with Frankie du Toit on from 09:00am-12:00noon. Barney Simon will follow the line-up from 12:00noon-16:00pm.” Naveen notes further, “for all our rock fans, it’s an extra hour of Barney a day for you and; 20 percent more music in our daytime lineup.”

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In a boost for tourism and the positive positioning of the Nelson Mandela Bay, Algoa FM is the proud media and music partner for the first African “Color Run™” in the city. Known all over the world as “The Happiest 5k on the Planet”, the fun race will be run on Spring Day, September 1 – which is also the start of tourism month.




First run in Phoenix, Arizona, in January 2012, The Color Run™ event toured 50 US cities and three international cities in its first year, attracting over 600 000 participants, 650 000 Facebook fans, and over 4 million views on YouTube, while raising donations for over 60 charities.





“As the leading radio station in the region we understand the importance of tourism to the Metro economy. We are pleased to be able to support this iconic event in the Friendly City – its natural home on the African continent,” says Algoa FM Marketing Manager Toinette Koumpan.


Participants set off wearing white – anything from white T-shirts to white tutus. A festival of colour is sparked by the starting gun. Volunteers shower runners with clouds of brightly-coloured powder at each kilometre mark – they go from white to yellow, red, blue and then purple over the course of the run.


The powder used is made from eco-friendly coloured corn-starch and food-grade colouring. The race ends with a colour-throwing party where Color Runners and spectators get to make the world a brighter place, turning the finish line into what CNN iReport described as looking “like a tie-dye convention”.


This year The Color Run™ will be splashing its trademark palette over 100 US cities and scores of cities across Europe, Australia, South America and Asia, with over a million participants worldwide. “Every day, hundreds of people make requests on our Facebook page for us to bring the event to their favourite city,” says Snyder. “We’re now excited to be answering the call in South Africa!”


The Color Run™ organisers chose PE because locals have a reputation for giving 100% when it comes to supporting events in their city. It’s all about having fun, celebrating life and promoting healthy living, getting all of PE up and out and enjoying a unique community experience, he says.
Entries are open for The Color Run™ 5k event in PE. For more information on how to enter visit, or pick up an entry form at Brian Band Sports in Newton Park, News Café at the Boardwalk, or the Zports offices in Sydenham.


Because if you miss this one, there’s only one colour you’ll be … blue.


[Source: Algoa FM]


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SAfm in partnership with the ACT & UJ

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SAfm in partnership with the Arts and Culture Trust (ACT) & UJ Arts and Culture Centre at the University of Johannesburg (UJ).


The ACT | UJ Arts and Culture Conference, will be held at UJ’s Kingsway Campus on 06 – 08 August 2013.This year’s conference has attracted participation and support from a number of influential players in the arts and culture space, including the European Union (EU), British Council, the European Union National Institutes for Culture (EUNIC) network, Arterial Network and the Visual Arts Network of South Africa (VANSA).


Arts and Culture conference is in the position to invite arts, culture and heritage practitioners, academia and people who are involved in the commerce of the arts and culture industry. The conference will have rigorous debate around trade and exchange in the arts and culture environment. Content will go beyond trade and exchange in economic terms but the conference will also look at the multi-dimensional perspective which includes the interchange of ideas, research, information and knowledge.


A second edition of the SA Arts and Culture Listing, an up to date national database of industry stakeholders, will be released at this year’s conference. Arts industry stakeholders that are engaged in performing arts, visual arts, music, dance, heritage, arts training, community art, literature and South African arts and culture festivals, as well as agencies engaged in the sponsorship of arts and heritage will be included on the database.


For more information or visit:

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