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Ernest Pillay talks radio

Posted by radio On September - 9 - 2013 ADD COMMENTS

[By : Kagiso Mnisi]


Ernest Pillay has worn many hats throughout his career in the radio industry. The man has been a velveteen voiced jock, radio consultant, scenario planner, strategist, digital media expert and right back to good old hosting once more. His journey in this space started in the early 90s on Metro FM and he currently hosts the drive time show on Radio 2000. With a career that has seen him as a force on a number of radio stations that total a staggering 24, this is what he has to say about the medium and its needs.ErnestPillay_02[1]


Radiobiz: What should any youngster who has set his/her sights on radio presenting know before the plunge?

Ernest: They have to be driven by passion and a clear understanding of the power of this medium. The power has to influence positive change in society, to drive positive socio-economic dialogue. Presenters should know better than to abuse this platform with negative or selfish intent.


Radiobiz : What in your opinion is the biggest challenge faced by the local radio industry?

Ernest: We seem to be losing the fundamental basics of radio, just by tuning into some of our black radio stations, you soon realize that there’s NO induction processes in place. Presenters are just put on-air with NO training whatsoever and this has resulted in presenters going on-air with no sense of direction and responsibility in terms of content and thus resorting to SELF promotion and reckless comments on-air that add NO value to the listener and is a definite TUNE-OUT factor. Training,  training, training. Back To Basics!!!


Radiobiz: As a Programming Specialist, you were responsible for overseeing 15 of the SABC’s PBS (Public Broadcasting Services) Radio portfolios. What went into the process when looking back?

Ernest: I’ve been privileged to have worked with 24 radio stations in my 24 years in the industry, both on-air and in management. One of the biggest challenges for me from a Programming specialist point of view was to always maintain a stations UNIQUE identity whilst implementing standard programming operating procedures & innovative ideas, in other words, maintaining cultural & language nuances whilst evolving with the changing times. It was an interesting and pleasant experience in my career.


Radiobiz: What has the use of social media and multi-platforms in the medium meant for you?

Ernest: Social media brought about a whole new dimension to the way we used to approach radio. It’s exciting and it provides a unique opportunity to interact with listeners almost on a personal basis. It can also be utilized to generate additional revenue for radio. However, radio WILL and MUST always take the lead in setting the agenda. In other words, instead of just following or reading what people are saying on twitter & facebook,rather post your topic for discussion today or your competition and drive your listeners back to tuning in, because that should be a stations primary objective after all and NOT the other way round.


Radiobiz : You have hosted so many flagship shows such as breakfast, midday and afternoon drives. Which is your favourite time to host a show ?

Ernest: My philosophy has always been, give me anytime of the day on radio and I will turn it into PRIME-TIME. However, I’m perfect where I am right now and enjoying the “drive-time experience” once again.


Radiobiz : If you were not in radio, what could you be doing?

Ernest : 24 years on…I can’t think of anything else I’d rather be doing. I’m good and blessed to do what I truly love & enjoy!


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Banking product becomes ‘soap’ radio stares

Posted by radio On September - 5 - 2013 ADD COMMENTS

The new Standard Bank offering for the lower income market, AccessBanking, is fast becoming a radio star on 11 SABC and community radio stations in six languages, through the afternoon ‘soap’ Iketsetse-Zenzele, which has the show’s writers weave the branded consumer information into the storyline of every episode.


Branded content has been part of the marketing toolkit for decades, but has recently attracted growing international and local attention as marketers explore executions that move away from advertising as an interruption, towards advertising as interaction.


Iketsetse-Zenzele may not be a new departure, but the bank believes the use of so many stations and languages at once may make this campaign the most extensive use of radio-based branded content to date.


The radio show is already linked to SMS and web-based platforms, mechanisms that help bank strategists assess impact and listener intake of key product messages.


The show started in March 2013 and by July 2013, more than 290,000 entries had already been received for the show’s weekly SMS competition.



In addition, the bank’s blog enables the show’s fans to download their favourite episodes or episodes they missed. Four-and-a-half months into the series, episode downloads topped the 16,000 mark.


Jacqui Carnelley, head of marketing for personal and business banking at  Standard Bank, says, “These response figures are unheard of in this market and clearly shows that our stories resonate with our customers.” She adds that information is educational and helpful, rather than a hard sell. The bank sees branded content as a useful tool for reaching a strategically important market segment.


A recent Finscope survey indicates that 43% of South African adults are unbanked and 51% of adults have or use informal mechanisms for managing their finances while 19% have or use no financial products or services.


Product information, inserted into episodes of the show, highlights basic consumer benefits such as how to obtain an AccessLoan or how AccessPoints at spaza shops and retailers can be used to send or draw cash, or pay for groceries and airtime.


When it comes to educational drives in particular, fresh approaches are needed to keep the target market engaged and willing to participate.


Engaging story sells services


“While branded content may be a novel concept in South Africa, radio dramas have been around for decades. Listeners enjoy the dramas, as they are a great source of entertainment,” says Carnelley. “However, a lot of information can also be conveyed in a way that does not detract from a listener’s everyday routine.


“In looking for an innovative way to reach our customers, we tried to find platforms and channels that customers were already comfortable engaging with. We have seen a phenomenal response. Whether listeners are tuned in while travelling, or while busy with household activities, they are listening to information that is conveyed in an easy-to-understand and entertaining way. Our objective was to use alternative methods to traditional marketing to reach our customers. We found that learning about banking products and services is easier when you tell a story.”


Research on the target market and relevant messaging and story lines was carried out jointly by the bank, its media company OMD and RadioHeads, the specialist radio marketing agency that conceptualised and produced the shows.


The bank has invested in a range of interventions to support the show, including Standard Bank TV, radio, social media and its blog.


“This is one component of a much bigger integrated marketing strategy that will unfold across various media in the next month,” Carnelly concludes.


[Source: United Stations]


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Ukhozi FM Scoops Award at the BASA

Posted by radio On September - 4 - 2013 ADD COMMENTS

Ukhozi FM received the Media Sponsorship Award at the 16th Annual Business Day BASA Awards, supported by Anglo American, for its Unyaka Wesethembiso programme at an event held on the 25 August in the Johannesburg City Hall.


Unyaka Wesethembiso season 2 is a joint venture between Ukhozi FM and Ingede Consortium where creative material is read live on the station allowing listeners thereof to pre-empt the end of the story line using their creative thinking. It is also an initiative reaching out to emerging writers through seminars and workshops on creative writing.



Ukhozi FM Programmes Manager Ms. Zandile Tembe says this award is very close to the station’s heart, “This is for a book feature that the show presenter and book writer do with the help of the listener. Every next chapter of the book is written with the assistance of the listeners, who contribute and give the direction and ideas on the story line. With this programme we help promote the culture of reading and writing to illiterate South Africa. It is a who Ukhozi is and is about.”


BASA is an internationally recognised development agency that incorporates the arts into, and contributes to, corporate’s commercial success. With a suite of integrated programmes, BASA encourages mutually beneficial partnerships between business and the arts in order to grow shared value. The agency was founded in 1997 as a joint initiative of government and the business sector, as a public or private partnership.


Issued by:
Ukhozi FM Marketing


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Heart 104.9FM announces the Airborne Reunion

Posted by radio On September - 3 - 2013 ADD COMMENTS



The Airborne band was formed in 1984, has been a popular and regular attraction at venues and concerts in Cape Town and around the country. They are primarily a 5-piece unit consisting of keyboards, bass, lead guitar, saxophone & drums and regularly feature guest artists at their concerts and recording collaborations.AIRBORNE-1[1]


Sean O’Connell, keyboard player and vocalist is one of the founding members of the band and attributes Airborne’s sound and focus on excellence to Tony Schilder, one of his musical mentors who gave him the opportunity to play with ‘The Tony Schilder Trio’ at Club Montreal at the tender age of 15.  After 30 years and almost 60 band members, the core band have come together again to bring you a night of musical and social memories.


2013 marks the 30 year anniversary of the Airborne band which has become a household name having frequented many a venue such as The Galaxy, Club Montreal, The Groove, West End, Peter’s Cellars and more.


“We want to recreate the “Airborne Experience” through music, people, life experiences and the band.” “This event will host 750 people in an upmarket “dance like” concert and will include a live performance by the core band, featuring Tracy Butler and associated artists from over the years.”  “I’m really looking forward to just spending quality time with everyone.” “The memories, the musos – it’s going to be stunning” says Sean O’Connell.


 Performing Artists:


Sean O’Connell, Tracy Butler, Ian Smith, Willie Van Zyl, Angelo Syster, Randall Cyster, Adrian Williams, Calvin Peters, Matthew O’Connell and Jimmy Nevis


 The Event:    The Airborne Reunion Concert

Venue:           Old Mutual Presentation Room, Central Campus & West Campus Venues, Jan Smuts Drive, Pinelands, Cape Town


When:                       Saturday, 07 September 2013

Time:                         18h00 – 24h00

Refreshments:         Bring your own

Costs:                        General: R150 (Round tables of 10)


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Radio with other mediums

Posted by radio On September - 2 - 2013 ADD COMMENTS


What Radio Does For Online

1 Exposure to radio advertising significantly boosts brand browsing.

In “Radio: The Online multiplier”, a study conducted by the RAB UK, putting 10% of the budget on radio increased online brand browsing by 52%

2. Radio is more cost-effective at stimulating brand browsing online than other media combined.

On average 4 x more cost effective according to the Online Multiplier Report

3. Radio has an immediate effect on browsing

Over half the browsing stimulated by radio takes place within 24 hours of exposure to advertising.

4. Radio increases online’s unaided brand recall

In the “RAEL – Radio and the Internet” study unaided brand recall increased 4-fold when 50% of internet advertising budget was deployed to radio


What Radio Does For Newspapers3003997-poster-newspapers[1]

1 Radio adds a more personal, friendly connection to Newspaper campaigns.

Radio is experienced as more personal, and humane, it ands a softer tone to Newspapers more public, high stature and authoritarian image.

2. Radio gets the “out-of-market” consumers that avoid your brand in Newspapers.

Radio is very useful for bringing things to consumers’ attention even if they think they are not particularly relevant to them. For example, a person may feel that insurance products are boring and irrelevant to them, and would never choose to read anything about them, but they would listen to a commercial which addressed the subject in an interesting or engaging way. By contrast, newspaper readers tend to edit in and out as they go, and are quick to exclude or skip over ads for brands which they think (rightly or wrongly) are irrelevant to them.

3. Adding Radio increasing Share of Mind

The medium people spend the most amount of time with his radio. On Average people spend 3.5 hours per day listening to the radio. A brand that dominates this time gets to dominate the mind.

4. Radio dramatically improves brand recall

A study by the US Radio Advertising Effectiveness Research which substituted some newspaper exposures for radio exposure acheived300% increases in unaided brand recall and200% increases in total brand recall.


What Radio Does For Televisionsamsung-led-television-40-inches-40es6200[1]

1 Radio adds a personal, friendly connection to TV campaigns.

Because Radio is personal, friendly and trusted, while TV is public, glamorous but distant.

2 Radio increases the efficacy of TV campaigns

Radio adds cost-effective frequency distribution, more executions and coverage to TV campaigns, and reaches people at more relevant times, all of which result in a strong multiplier effect

3. Radio helps to balance a TV campaign’s media presence throughout the day.

Because Radio is particularly strong in delivering audiences across the morning – in fact, it offers the largest audience of any real-time medium across the morning through to the middle of the afternoon.

4. Radio gets under the radar

Advertising avoidance is increasingly recognised as a challenge to effective advertising. With the exception of cinema, radio is the lowest avoidance medium. TV ad avoidance was measured at almost 3 times that of radio and that was before PVR!


What Radio Does For Outdoor

1. Outdoor is location-specific and radio is time-specific

Radio messages can be broadcast at times of the day when they are most likely to be relevant to the consumer and outdoor messages can be placed in locations where they will be of greater relevance to the consumer. The two work harmoniously in this respect.

2. Radio can add brand character to the brand image built by Outdoor.

Radio is different from visual advertising media in that it doesn’t deal in brand image, it deals in brand character. It’s a fairly subtle difference, and both are components of the wider concept of brand .



[Source: RAB]

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Rowena Baird joins SAfm

Posted by radio On September - 2 - 2013 ADD COMMENTS

Former Metro FM presenter Rowena Baird has joined SAfm as a mid-morning talk show host that used to be hosted by the late Vuyo Mbuli.


Rowena started her broadcasting career in the mid 1980’s at Radio BOP and has spent time at a variety of radio stations over the years, including, among others, stints at Radio 2000, Channel Africa and Metro FM. She’s read the news, presented magazine programmes, presented current affairs programmes, hosted music programmes, presented features and inserts and, of course, talk shows.


Rowena also has Television experience presenting a series of voter education programmes and was a co-presenter of The Breakfast Club on SABC Television in the late 1990’s. Having being part of the media for most of her professional life, Rowena has had the privilege and the honour of interviewing a wide range of people, the scope of which spans from politicians, to musicians – local and international, to actors, to princes and princesses, to poets and social commentators, to entrepreneurs, to fashion icons, to business men and women, to comedians, to playwrights, to sports heroes, to iconic photographers, to captains of the media, to ordinary men and women of South Africa.


Rowena sees her role as creating and being part of the public discourse and leading and officiating over national debate, using the platform of radio.



She will be hosting Morning Talk on air from 09:00- 12:00 Monday to Friday

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Algoa FM does its bit for cancer

Posted by radio On August - 31 - 2013 ADD COMMENTS

The CHOC Lodge is now open to the mothers of cancer patients who are admitted into the Oncology wards at Dora Nginza Hospital. CHOC was the beneficiary to both the 2012 Discovery Algoa FM Big Walk and the 2012 Urban Run and used these funds to get the project off the ground.


“Previously parents had to wait in the cold early morning, from as early as 04h00 for the hospital to open to ensure that they are first in the queue to get treatment otherwise they had no transport fees to go home and return the next day for a subsequent visit to the doctor upon request.  Now the parents and the children have facilities available at the hospital when they require it”, says Branch Manager of CHOC PE, Charmaine Vosloo.


The CHOC Lodge on the second floor of Building K at Dora Nginza Hospital can accommodate 11 teenagers and their moms along with 16 toddlers and their moms complete with kitchen, laundry, entertainment and bathroom facilities.   For the security and comfort of the parents there will be a lodge manager on duty 24/7 along with a relief manager.  The units are equipped with burglar guards and a hall has been cleared where parents can access the CHOC ward without going outside of the hospital.  This hallway is equipped with CCTV cameras to ensure the safety of the parents and their children.

“Even though the lodge is fully operational now, they still require almost half a million rand to maintain the lodge annually.  For this reason we have decided to make CHOC PE the beneficiary for the 2013 Discovery Algoa FM Big Walk”, says Managing Director of Algoa FM, Dave Tiltmann.


Jody Foster, Head of Sponsorships at Discovery said, “We are cognisant of our responsibility to the broader society and our ability to impact positively on the lives of people beyond our members. With this in mind, we are humbled and proud to play a role in the creation of the CHOC Lodge”.


The walk is taking place on Saturday, 26 October 2013 at the NMMU Cricket Fields in 2nd Avenue, Summerstrand, including a 4km and 8km walk.


Walkers can expect to make a day of the event with live entertainment by Melissa Allison including many healthy and fun activities.


Entry fee for both the 8km and 4km starts at 8am for only R35 with an entry fee of R10 for all children under the age of 18 and free entrance for children in prams. Children under 18 who would like to receive a goodie bag and t-shirt will need to pay the full adult rate to participate in the walk.


Medals will be awarded to the first 7 500 walkers to complete the event.  Goodie bags will be awarded to the first 7 000 participants and t-shirts to the first 6000 participants to register for the event.


Entries open on Monday, 2 September and entry forms will be available from Sportsman’s Warehouse, Brian Bands, Action Sports, Sports World, the Footballer, Brookets Sports, all three Virgin Active gyms in Port Elizabeth as well as the Algoa FM office. There will also be an online entry available via

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Time opportune to radicalise radio

Posted by radio On August - 30 - 2013 ADD COMMENTS

[By: Kagiso Mnisi]


Radioworks 2013 by Radio Advertising Bureau had been impressively punted well in advance across various channels. The conference had enjoyed momentum, mainly through the talent it had planned to bring such as Sylvester Chauke, Ralph van Dijk, Stan Katz, Unathi Msengana and many others. On first entrance by the scribe, which had been duly late in the day’s programme. Van Dijk was in the throes of dishing the kind of smarts needed to radicalise radio.



It after all is a medium that has thrived from hot heads: Howard Stern, Pirate radio of 60s punk rock off the coast of Britain, Phat Joe and Khabzela. The Cannes 2013 Radio Jury President & Founder of Radio specialist agency, Eardrum (Australia), pummeled that radio’s survival in regards to advertising revenue lies in its ability to tap into the effervescence of popular culture.



This rhetoric evoked remembrance of the iconic radio advertising such as the inception of Cell C on the local scene circa 2001. The sultry voice of the unseen lady behind the advert, reverberated throughout the collective psyche of the nation and won the cellphone service provider ample subscribers.



All because of the mystery behind it. Other successful campaigns during this time would include Y-FM’s voice overs, which were signatory of the radical culture that the station stood for. “This kind of Radical Thinking is a sound for sore ears in this day and age,” says Van Dijk.



It is typical of brands for brands to involve themselves with the cutting edge and contemporary and radio has to appease that sensibility. However its sometimes stringent rules hinder the dynamic by being behind. This largely due to a lack of engagement between the brand world and consumers of brand. Rather bizarre in these times of social media.



Treatment of radio ads has garnered to be directional and devoid of allure. “This preachy approach should be turned on its head,” says Van Dijk. The radio ad needs to be entertaining once more and not an intellectual endeavour to listeners, Facebooker or hashtaggers in Twitterville. The ‘back to basics’ way of approach need not be boring but rather audacious as well. And that is the sound of radical thinking according to our esteemed guest at Radioworks.






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Seasoned radio fundi, Zane Derbyshire, joins the East Coast Radio management team as programming manager from Monday, 2 September.


 In his various roles in the radio industry Derbyshire has been always actively involved with on-air talent and promotions. Of his appointment at East Coast Radio, he says, “I am most looking forward to be working with one of the best programming teams in the country. I see it as a real privilege to be leading this team.”


Derbyshire takes over from Naveen Singh, who has moved to Kagiso Media’s other majority owned radio station – Jacaranda FM. Derbyshire believes he has a good ear for on-air talent and says, “I love working with different personalities and think this is going to be an area of focus for me initially. There is a lot of talent to unearth at East Coast Radio and I hope to develop them to their full potential, giving listeners the most compelling on-air and digital offering 24/7.”


Derbyshire’s strong broadcast background began back in 1999 at campus radio. From there he joined Algoa FM as a producer and programming assistant before moving to 94.7 Highveld Stereo in 2007 as music compiler and presenter of a South African music show. Most recently Derbyshire has been music manager across Primedia’s various music stations.

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Radio station motivates inmates

Posted by radio On August - 28 - 2013 ADD COMMENTS

It was a day well spent with inmates of Middelburg Prison on Saturday 24 August; Ligwalagwala FM took live radio into the premises of this Ligwalagwalafm306[1]correctional centre. The visit was in line with the NtjintjaGuluva (change gangster) campaign aimed at discouraging criminal elements and activities amongst the youth and also to provide a platform for offenders to have a dialogue with their victims.





More than 100 inmates assembled together on an open field to welcome the station. Entertainment was the order of the day; they were showered with Ligwalagwala FM t-shirts and motivational talks.  



The prison visit saw a live broadcast of LwesukaLutfuli from 10am – 12pm presented by Malume Stan and Sisonke Midday Grooves from 12pm – 14h30 with presented by Khaya Angel. The inmates were astounded by the stunning performance of Zakhele Thobela aka King Sisonke who is an ex-convict and has also served his term at the same Middelburg Prison. King Sisonke had these encouraging words to share, “It is not easy to live your life with a criminal record, it takes a while for the community to realize that you are a changed person. You need to accept yourself before the community can accept you.”


A female offender who was sentenced for the murder of her husband also had some encouraging words for females in abusive relationships. “I was convicted for the murder of my husband which happened because of the anger that had built up inside of me because he was very abusive, I now urge all women in abusive relationships to leave and never look back because I do not want them to end up like me.”


The visit was graced by the presence of Regional Commissioner of Correctional Services Mr Tsetsane and the Area Commissioner Mr Mandla Gerald Sibanyoni. The station will continue with its ijobijob activation this week on Friday 30 August 2013 at Makro, Nelspruit where DJ Shabbisto will work as a Store Greeter from 11am – 2pm.


In order to ensure sustainability of this campaign, a young person will be employed to perform the same duties that Shabbisto will be performing at all 5 industries. There will be lots of giveaways on the day, Khibika Natsi with Sweet Mike (12h00 – 14h30) and Asambe Drive Show (15pm – 18pm) with Shabbisto will broadcast live from the venue.


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