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Joburg.Radio in Strasbourg, France

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Joburg realities are rarely told with the edge that they deserve by mass media. The goings on of the city are forever evolving and in flux, from the effervescent cultural scene to the daily drudgery (or in Joburg speak, the hustle). These stories were last done justice through the YFM of the 90s and early 2000s. In a fleeting radio project, Keleketla Library and Radio Construction (France), will collaborate via a temporary online radio where features focus on collaborations of artists, to tell these fast paced chronicles prevalent within the city of gold


The first instalment was held in Joburg last year September, where the Joburg team materialised city specific content through a show known as, Joburg. Radio. The next leg will be in Strasbourg, France as part of Ososphere festival. Malose Malahlela, one of the content producers of the show says, “our approach goes against the grain of traditional radio formats and is experimental”. He continues to say, “Joburg in itself is an interestingly spontaneous city, so the show will pay homage to that.”


Joburg. Radio’s loosely conceived schedule aims to foreground the narrative of contemporary Joburg through the voices of some its active agents in the art and culture scene. It probes ways that they employ to share their practices with others in the city and the world. These are individuals that mainstream media has not engaged in a thoughtful way and have thus sought to employ self-engineered devices such as independent publishing, social media to tell their radical realities within the belly of an increasingly competitive city.


Some of the interviews in the show will give platform to collectives such as Alphabet Zoo, who have been making waves through their zine campaigns, and Joburg Bullies (made up of Siya Ngwekazi and MKay Fresh) with their social media driven ways of fetishizing street foot ware – which has  caught the eye of brands such and Puma and Nike.


Content management for radio being at the crossroads and the internet  being riddled with thousands upon thousands of stations catering to any taste imaginable, producers have to be in synch with their audience through honest story telling-which is what Joburg. Radio aims to champion. By being in touch with the perspectives and ideas of the city, this pop-up show is rendered an opportunity to be on the same wavelength as the people, which is an aspect often missed by big-wig media.



Joburg. Radio will be hosted on French Radio Station, Radio en Construction http://www.radioenconstruction

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5FM does it for Madiba

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[Issued by 5FM]


Nelson Mandela Day not only celebrates Nelson #Mandela’s life, but it is also a global call to action for people to recognize their ability to have a positive effect on others around them. The day inspires people to embrace the values that Mandela shared.

These values include democracy, freedom, equality, diversity, reconciliation, and respect.

When Madiba made his last international speech at the 46664 concert for his 90th birthday in Hyde Park, he told us:  “It’s in your hands to make the world a better place.” On July 18th – and beyond – we are expected to deliver our side of the bargain.


Join Gareth Cliff and 5FM this Mandela Day, Thursday 18th July 2013, at 8.45 as we create some “Madiba Magic” and join hands across South Africa as a gesture of unity and commitment to making our country a better place.  


According to Gareth, “Thanks to the marvels of modern communications and social media, Mandela Day 2013 is a chance for us to do something in concert and to share our experiences. Madiba Magic is something we collectively manifest at those special moments when it feels like we’re all doing something special, together”.


Whatever your age, race, gender or colour…wherever you are…whether you’re at home or at work, at school, college, university, shopping, or even in the car or taxi, make sure you’re listening to Gareth Cliff on 5FM or following on Twitter and Facebook while we join hands across South Africa on Mandela Day at 8.45 am for 67 seconds, use the hashtag #HandsAcrossSA and #Madiba5. The Grammy-award winning Soweto Gospel Choir who has sung for Madiba’s birthdays at all the 46664 Concerts at home and around the world will be joining us to honour Madiba in song.    


#HandsAcrossSA is just the start of the day’s activities, 5FM and our Deejays will be making our way to the historical Vilakazi Street in Soweto. The 5FM team and representatives will be painting the Holy Cross Day Care Centre, cooking lunch for 150 children, playing soccer with the children from the Thyolweni Orphanage and handing over donations to the Nelson Mandela Children’s Fund.


Ending off the day, The Fresh Drive will be broadcasting live from Vilakazi Street at Sakhumzi Restaurant.  Join the team of DJ Fresh, Poppy Ntshongwana, Catherine Grenfell and Duran Collett from 3pm to 7pm. Entrance is free and listeners who come through can meet the team, plus have the Big Dawg himself mix SA’s most wanted tracks during the Fresh Drive Happy Hour for Beats By Demand.

Join 5FM in giving back this Mandela Day. Should you wish to be a part of these activities, please feel free to email or follow the day’s progress on twitter by using
#Madiba5 and #HandsAcrossSA.

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Turnaround on the cards for North West FM

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Six months after acquiring Mathapelo Monaisa as programmes manager, North West FM is scrambling to keep its fires burning. Monaisa who is a figure with a sterling resume, started her career in the radio at the age four as co-host of an educational programme with siblings on Radio Setswana. She later enrolled at the University of Pretoria and joined Tuks FM as a DJ; this environment here exposed her to the cut throat industry of commercial radio.


 Post student radio she wedged herself at YFM and did promotions for Primedia’s 94.7 Highveld Stereo and 702. Packing such a strong media punch, December 2012 saw her being assigned the task to breathe life into North West FM as programme manager.


Monaisa’s plate is heaps high when considering the North West FM’s turn-around, for starts the station does not have a reachable website, as your scribe discovered. To a helpless dismay, whoever wants to see sieve through the stations offers online, the only footprint is a mention on other media sites that by the way display outdated contacts. It comes as no surprise when Monaisa says, “we need a straight-forward, brand building campaign.”  She further says, “it starts with instilling a sense of pride in the presenters, passion, confidence and a strong work ethic.” Evidently a damage control strategy when looking back at tensions previously prevalent at the station, when Pat Cash as host of the breakfast show had a widely publicised tiff with then station manager, Raymond Makamo


Given the stations ailing structures which, have resulted in the failure to reach the million mark in listenership, Monaisa is however not going in guns blazing.

“As much as a change is needed, there needs to be stability too. Yes, there will be a few line-up changes, but they will be revealed in due course. Nothing has been set in stone as yet.”


Pitted against an ever green Motsweding FM, North West FM has to negotiate the region as commercial radio station. Monaisa says, “If we all rally as a team and work towards strengthening this brand, not only in Rustenburg but across the province, there’s no telling the enormity of what we can achieve.” Her confidence clearly intact she also says: “We can dominate the North West province. But it’s going to take hard work and immense dedication.”


Facts about the North West FM: 

Format: Urban Adult Contemporary
Broadcast: North-West
Listenership: 436,000 (RAMS 2013/2 – Past 7 Days)
Primary target market: Black Adults, Age 25-35, North-West

Positioning: Your window into the North West


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Ligwalagwala FM is currently running an on air campaign called Ntjintja Guluva (change gangster) aimed at educating and assisting the community from combating crime and criminal activities. In line with this campaign, the station featured on-air Zakhele Shadrack Thobela aka King Sisonke a former prison inmate during Kusile Mzansi where he shared his prison stories.


“King Sisonke” resides in Boschfontein, served a 9 year sentence behind bars for a crime he committed in his village. He was found guilty in 2002 by the magistrate court and he was charged with murder, possession of fire arm and robbery, then he was sentenced to 15 years in prison. He was granted parole in 2011 after serving 9 years in prison because of his good behaviour and showing remorse for the crimes he committed. He will complete the remaining 6 years of his prison time outside of prison under strict terms and conditions.


When asked about life in prison he had this to say, “In prison life stops you can’t do whatever you like wherever you like and even the food is not served within normal hours. You do not get to manage your life the way that you wish, your life is run with a remote control.”


He further states that he would like to thank his community of Boschfontein for accepting him back. “I have changed and I am now living a positive life. It is really discomforting to live your life with a criminal record; it is a stigma that will always follow you wherever you go. Most people associate me with these criminal activities and as a former inmate I feel like I am always a suspect,” he says.


King Sisonke has released two albums; a gospel and a traditional album. He composed his first gospel album while he was imprisoned. With both albums he wants to demonstrate that he is a reformed man.He is currently unemployed and holds four certificates that he graduated from while in prison; Grade 12, Theory of Music Grade 1, Economic Empowerment Project, Life Skills and Family Conflict Resolution.


“This campaign will bring forth, real life stories that will be shared by real people on radio like King Sisonke in order to touch the lives of all South Africans. We are currently working with professionals who will also come on-air motivate and provide solutions to the youth of South Africa. We have planned outside broadcasts that are in the pipeline and will take place in prisons around Mpumalanga.” Said Ligwalagwala FM Station Manager, Mr. Rio Mabunda.

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Adaptation of radio ad copy to a video world

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[By Kagiso Mnisi]


‘Radio copy should adapt in a visual world’, the workshop on radio advertising at Ad School (AAA) might as well have been aptly titled. The workshop streamlined the creative process of ad writing in today’s society, as well as how it intertwines with media planning and buying. Marketing and media analyst, Chris Moerdyk puts this contemporary narrative as a “multi-lane motorway interchanges that look like spaghetti gone mad.”


The average consumer is exposed to almost 10 000 marketing messages a day, the whole issue of getting the attention of readers, listeners and viewers is becoming a source of increasing deliberation. This compels the copywriter to be more creatively involved in ensuring attention through integrated approaches.


The workshop encompassed an array of models, most notably, the trends that are prefaced by the ‘audience’ community itself. The ideal situation is for the ad writer to appease the sensibility of an ever connected society who are always on the go and have a short attention span.


Keeping with timeliness, the Career24’s ‘second chances’ campaign was exemplar of creative strategy to woo consumers. The campaign uses an array of iconic radio voices to communicate the brand message that Careers24 is where you need to be if you are looking for a new job or the ideal candidate. It is aesthetically treated to address problems such as unemployment and thus a message that can be engaged by the majority of South Africans. If the local radio ad scene wants to purvey ‘ideals’, it first has to diagnose a nations psyche and come up with solutions to challenges facing it.


However the workshop could have done with some savvy of its own in regards to content. Given the formidable partnership of AAA and Radio Advertising Bureau, where a platform is created for industry heavyweights to discuss modern day copywriting advances, the expected result would be there to be an online story about the goings on of the workshop. Unlike Joburg Radio Days which had a consistently perpetuated hash tag that broadcasted everything within the confines of the workshop, the ad school hosted gathering fell short of regular updates. Which did little to epitomise the convergence spoken about.


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Lotus FM Mandela Day telethon

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Lotus FM collects school shoes and raincoats in aid of the underprivileged  


If Nelson Mandela – an ordinary man, a shepherd boy from a rural village in a small little country on a very big map called South Africa- became the most honoured man of our time – what’s stopping you?


SABC radio station Lotus FM is delighted to announce its commitment to honouring Nelson #Mandela’s legacy by celebrating Mandela Day. This is when Lotus FM staff, freelancers and stakeholders come together to dedicate 67 minutes of their day to ensure that Madiba’s dream for the children of Southern Africa comes true.


The public broadcaster will host a telethon to collect as many school shoes and raincoats as possible on Mandela Day. All staff, listeners and viewers are encouraged to come down to the SABC KZN -100 Old Fort Road – to dedicate 67 minutes to calling friends, family and corporate companies to donate towards this worthy cause.


All raincoats and school shoes donated on Mandela Day will be distributed as part of Lotus FM’s Warm Hearts campaign. “Your gift will help us to realize Mandela’s legacy wish,” says station manager Alvin Pillay.


“It is imperative that we teach the children of this country to be the best at whatever they do, they must be the difference, be the change and in their own way, they will be changing their future world”, comments Lotus FM marketing manager Donne Henry.



But we need your support. If you’d like to donate school shoes and rain coats in honour of Madiba’s Legacy, dedicate 67 minutes by purchasing these gifts and drop them off at SABC KZN – 100 Old Fort Road – or give us a call on 031 362 5444 to register to be part of the telethon.  


[Issued by Lotus FM]

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[By Kagiso Mnisi]


The measure of cost in reaching consumers by buying adverts in the media, as sought by inflation watch organisation Ibis Media Data Service, reveal that Dstv continues to be a strong contender because of its reduced price of packages. Along with that, radio has also been staking its claim with advertising in comparison to other media due to its consistency in audiences and the ability to converge admirably through new digital platforms.


Radio, has soured significantly by 8,01%. Whereas Online media ad rates dropped by 1,3%, cinema rose by 6,2% and outdoor increased by 2,5%. Radio’s talk format, is considered the most reliable as it holds a captive and engaged audience. Primedia’s COO Ryan Till believes radio revenue has the biggest scope for growth of all media in SA and says, “though radio’s share [of the R32bn annual marketing spend in SA] is staying at a relatively constant 13%, the amount of radio ad sales increased 11,4% last year when compared with the previous year.”


Till further say, “Of course one thing that is masked in the radio figures is that the medium, due to its fit with digital, is offering advertisers more solutions that cross over from traditional radio to digital, so this distinction in spend can be a little blurry. The volume of this is still relatively small, but it’s where we are seeing more growth.”


Black format stations upped their rates by +9.9% and Performance by +1.4%, where rate increase through the swing of 2 massive stations Kaya and Metro pushed overall measure to +10.3%.


View local rate card here:




702 Talk radio


Heart FM



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Radio Days post the FM era

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[By Kagiso Mnisi]


Amongst a flurry of speculations about the future of global radio at the first day of Joburg Radio Days, the single point of agreement is that people make the medium and not stations. The annual conference held at University of Witswaterand has a programme with speakers such as Dan McQuillan of Broadcast Bionics, Gregg Maloka, Ravi Naidoo and Randall Abrahams amongst others; has thus far focused on how audiences can be built beyond traditional listening. This factors in the dynamic that broadcaster can longer dictate to audience but should rather track trends via tools such as Twitter, Facebook and YouTube for engagement.



Embedded in that philosophy is the ability to be organic as 94.7 Highveld Stereo programmes manager, Ravi Naidoo put it: “during Justin Beiber’s tour in South Africa we sought to have a 16year old Beiliber to manage our social media”. He further said “this was an opportunity to engage Beiber’s fans from a social perspective that an elderly radio practitioner would not have been able to.” Naidoo’s sentiment were also re-iterated in another fashion by Dan McQuillan by saying “stations should see every moment as a viral one” and that “fans not listeners drove creativity and success for Hamish,” when speaking of a radio comedy show in Australia.



The first day at Joburg Radio Days also gave platform to recently launched Power FM and Kaya fm. The former on its twitter campaign before launch, which was inclusive of comers when the station’s marketers consciously followed anyone who bid them well; and the latter on the merits of winning MTN Radio Awards and its steady rise to where it currently is. McQuillan who has worked with radio giants expressed how the local radio scene is so exuberant compared to the morbid landscape in regions such as the UK and America.



These are some of the tweets that streamed at Joburg Radio Days on day 1


Pippa Green @green_pippa5h

Social media has made radio content live longer says @ravi947 at #jhbradiodays


Andy Carvin @acarvin7h

“The truly marginalized are those who don’t have the opportunity to engage with the rest of society.” – Prof. Adam Habib at #jhbradiodays


Ntumi Kondile @ntumz4 Jul

#JHBRadioDays social networks help enhance radio but shows should not depend on them. It’s a way to engage with some of the listeners!


Wits Vuvuzela @WitsVuvuzela5h

@Ravi947: @947Highveld has two businesses, 1 part traditional, other experimental. Create a lab environment. #jhbradiodays


Denzil Taylor @DenzilTaylor41m

#JhbRadioDays – All great on-air people are crazy – your job is not to fix them – keep them crazy … I like this one …



Joburg Radio Days runs from 2-5 July at University of the Witswaterand

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When you think of the month of July you are without a doubt compelled to think of our former statesman Mr. Nelson #Mandela, 27 years he spent in prison, 67 minutes of doing good on Mandela Day and goodwill. All these remind us of how privileged we are and to take a minute to think of and help those who are less fortunate then us.


Munghana Lonene FM has made it a practice to make this month a month for giving and making a difference in the lives of our communities. Every year the station partners with different organizations or individuals in building houses for needy families amongst other activities.


“Munghana Lonene FM has since 2009 built and handed over more than 15 houses to the needy. We will continue to work very closely with business people and communities on this worthy course”, said Munghana Lonene FM Station Manager, Mr. James Shikwambana.


This July 2013 the station in partnership with Botsoleni local church under the leadership of Pastor Malungani a religious contributor to the station hands-over a house on Mandela International Day – 18th July 2013 to a child headed family in Botsoleni in the Malamulele area. The parents died leaving the four kids to fend for themselves. The event will be witnessed by Malamulele local council members, Thulamele District representatives, local business people, local churches and the community at large.


“We have made it the station mission to work with communities in identifying families that are in dire need and we step in with the help of our stake holders to pledge our services and assist in restoring pride and dignity to our people”, said MunghanaLonenefmMarketing Manager, Ms.Vongi Nkanyane.


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Talk Radio 702 and Liliesleaf will be marking the 50th Anniversary of the Rivonia Raid with a real-time Twitter feed, @RivoniaRaid that will update followers on significant events that led to the raid.


On 11th July 1963 the Apartheid Government Police swooped on a farm in Rivonia, which was then on the outskirts of Johannesburg. The farm, called Liliesleaf, had been the nerve centre for the ANC underground and the Police interrupted a meeting on Operation Mayibuye, which was the plan to overthrow the Apartheid government.




Through the arrests and evidence found at Liliesleaf on the 11th July, 12 ANC stalwarts, including Nelson Mandela, Walter Sisulu, Ahmed Kathrada and Govan Mbeki were convicted through the infamous Rivonia Trial and most were sentenced to life imprisonment on Robben Island.


The Rivonia Trial was also important in South Africa’s liberation struggle as it exposed the injustices of the Apartheid system to the rest of the world.


@RivoniaRaid started tweeting at 12h00 on Tuesday 2nd July. On this day in 1963, ANC leadership instructed Ahmed Kathrada to leave his home and move to a safe house in World’s View owned by the Kreel family, who were ANC supporters. The police had been clamping down on ANC members and Kathrada was also disguised as a Portuguese national.


Over the coming days, the story of the ANC leaders as well as well as the Police officers who were tracking them down, will unfold via 140 character tweets, with links to photographs and supporting material from the Liliesleaf archives. Due to the nature of the underground movement, records from the ANC in 1963 are scarce and much of the history is cobbled together from personal accounts and testimonies, taken years after the events.


For this reason, exact times, and sometimes even dates, are hard to come by and archivists have worked with the information that they have, to piece together the timeline as best they can.


The Twitter timeline will ramp up on the 11th July, when the Jenny Crwys-Williams show will broadcast from Liliesleaf farm, to get more stories from the raid and the subsequent trial. The show will include a real-time re-enactment of the raid itself, which allegedly started at 15h00.


From the 12th July, the Twitter feed will shift focus to the Rivonia Trial.


Follow @RivoniaRaid for all the details.



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