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The SABC radio station, 2000FM has found a solution and created a radio first by dividing their transmission and enabling the listeners to have a choice to listen to normal programming on the internet and mobile phones then all Sports tournaments that the radio station carries will be on FM channel 97.2-100fm. The dual streaming commenced with the ICC Champions Trophy 2013 tournament and the dual streaming is excellent and has improved the listener’s experience and made it more convenient for them. You can now listen to 2000FM on the go.


2000FM station manager Carlito Sheikh said “2000FM prides itself on staying at the innovative cutting edge of new media content delivery systems to ensure that we deliver true public value to our loyal listeners and advertisers. The future of communications in Africa lies in mobile communications, marrying the immediacy of radio broadcasting with mobile technology to 2000FM is a perfect fit as we intend to bring all the action live as it happens to our listeners.”


Normal programming will be on audio streaming on the internet and mobile phones. The station is truly covering all the action live as it happens and satisfying their listener’s needs. It has never been done before and 2000 FM is the first to divide their transmission signal into two streams to cater to the listener’s needs and wants. Please see information below on how to access the dual streaming platforms.


2000FM is keeping up with the technological trends and staying ahead of the rest in the industry by ensuring that their listeners have multiple ways to listen to the high quality content and marvellous adult contemporary music they expect and deserve. Listen to the fastest growing national radio station.


To listen to us via cellphone go to:
Click on Radio 2000 in the drop down box
Click on Guide button
Click on Listen Live – FM Broadcast.
To listen to us via streaming audio go to:
Click on the Listen Live button



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Content that matters at Unisa radio

Posted by radio On June - 13 - 2013 ADD COMMENTS

[By: Kagiso Mnisi]


Unisa radio’s online streaming is the perfect example of the way a student radio station can be influential beyond the gated community of academia. It’s the station’s vision to have content that has an “African voice” and harbours topical issues for discerning audiences across the continent. Available through mobile streaming, it offers programming on academic content which includes educational shows, career guidance, job opportunities, support and student lifestyle.


A few words Talifhani Munzhendzi, station manager at Unisa radio


Radiobiz: What kind of in-house support do you offer students that are involved in the station to be competitive broadcasters?

TM: We give them practical experience of the real world of broadcasting. We teach them to be open minded and to embrace new technology.


Radiobiz: On average what is the success rate in these students getting a job in the industry after leaving Unisa radio?


TM: A couple of our students have had success in the media industry, though some go into work in the print media.


Radiobiz: How have you used other platforms such as social media to create more brand awareness for the station?


TM: We are an online radio station and our priority is online brand activation.


Radiobiz: What is your current listenership figures?


TM: On average we are listened to 10-15 thousand times by people listening for more than 15 minutes at once, that is the way we can measure the listener. (make sure u get the full explanation on how online figures are measured)



As partner to Cell C’s take a girl to work campaign, the station has thus far hosted more than 200 girls from different townships in Pretoria and the surrounding areas. Its contemporary inclination on issues, especially politics, has rubber stamped this station outlook as well. Unisa serves as medium for prominent addresses such as the Thabo Mbeki annual lecture (available as podcasts as well) which usually takes place on 25th May, Africa Day. This also accounts for public debates, in recent times the political accountability spar between Agang’s leader Mamphele Ramphele and former Minister in Presidency, Essop Pahad, has also made for good listening on the station.


One of the station’s popular shows is The Lunch Break during 13:00 to 16:00; which marks the latest social trends, book reviews, art exhibitions, interviews with artists, curators and musicians, student/lecturer interviews, staff achievements, street talk, community outreach and the daily roundup. This level of content has given the station relevance as a platform that conveys issues that matter be it student or general affairs


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[By: Kagiso Mnisi]

Prominent in Adil More’s repertoire has always been his way of articulating thoughtfulness in a refreshing way. Since his days as a Y generationer, the man has been able to maintain a mild mannered stance on the airwaves but still with enough presence to make enthusiastic listeners to come back for more. Adil’s campaign at Metro FM began six years ago and after a couple of shake ups by programming he remains one of its most engaging hosts. Radiobiz chats to him about global competition in the radio sector, surveys and e-Toll.


Radiobiz : What are your preferred ingredients in creating an entertaining 09:00 – 12:00 slot during weekends?

‘Originality bears longevity’ has always been my compass and everything I engage in. I therefore strive to create output that’s different from what anyone else has to offer as an individual, radio show and a chart show.


Radiobiz :How do you and Minnie strike a balance between being agreeable and of opposing views so that your show stays fresh?

There are established expectations and roles from programming and the station that are outlined based on presenter strengths which fortunately diffuse any of the above mentioned potential situation/s.


Radiobiz :What other aspects of the radio medium to you still want to explore?

My goal – I suspect every radio presenters goal – is

1) Host a prime time weekly Morning Show.

2) Move up to programming.

3) Complete integration of radio with social media.


Radiobiz :Radio has proven to be a resilient medium in South Africa, what do you think the sector still needs to do to compete globally?

Imagine BLACKCOFFEE was a station and not a DJ. In other words improved and clear identity of the sound of South Africa and Africa gives us a prospect to embrace our pride like never before.


Radiobiz : Do you think research surveys such as Radio Audience Measurement help programming in any way ?

They are certainly the frame of reference for corporate and that speaks directly to programming. Personally? In my years of broadcast am yet to meet anyone who’s had any kind of contact with surveyors.


Radiobiz : Media sites and literature have punted Power FM as the station to watch, as a radio practitioner what good do you think will come out of the station’s presence ?

Options are always welcomed there’s certainly room for that and more. An opinion from a ‘native’ perspective would be an interesting and relatable one.


Radiobiz :Are you for or against E-Toll and why ?

I am for any effort that improves the livelihood of all involved as long as it’s within the affordability of its people, there is no point in initiating anything if it’s going to further cripple the majority for the benefit of a few.


Radiobiz :Looking back at your time spent on the airwaves, can the pursuit of career advancement ever exist alongside genuine service to the public ?

Yes … otherwise politicians of genuine intentions as few as they may be would never exist.

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Apple Announces iTunes Radio

Posted by radio On June - 10 - 2013 ADD COMMENTS

Apple® today announced iTunes Radio™, a free Internet radio service featuring over 200 stations and an incredible catalog of music from the iTunes Store®, combined with features only iTunes® can deliver. When you tune into iTunes Radio on your iPhone®, iPad®, iPod touch®, Mac®, PC or Apple TV®, you’ll have access to stations inspired by the music you already listen to, Featured Stations curated by Apple and genre-focused stations that are personalized just for you. iTunes Radio evolves based on the music you play and download. The more you use iTunes Radio and iTunes, the more it knows what you like to listen to and the more personalized your experience becomes. iTunes Radio also gives you access to exclusive “first listen” premieres from top selling artists, Siri® integration, plus the ability to tag or buy anything you hear with just one click.


“iTunes Radio is an incredible way to listen to personalized radio stations which have been created just for you,” said Eddy Cue, Apple’s senior vice president of Internet Software and Services. “It’s the music you love most and the music you’re going to love, and you can easily buy it from the iTunes Store with just one click.”


iTunes Radio offers music fans access to thousands of new songs every week, as well as serving up exclusive music from new and popular artists before you hear them anywhere else. Whether it’s an exclusive single from an up-and-coming band or a pre-release stream of an entire album, iTunes Radio has it all. iTunes Radio will also be home to special events including live streams direct from the iTunes Festival in London and other exclusive iTunes Sessions.


Coming this fall, iTunes Radio will offer you an incredibly personalized experience on day one based on your listening history and past purchases from iTunes. In addition, if you’re listening to a song you like from iTunes Radio or your music library you will be able to have a station built around those. It’s easy to create and customize stations based on whatever you want to hear. Search for artists, songs, or genres, and iTunes Radio will instantly build a station around your choice.


Let Siri make your listening experience even more fun. Ask Siri “Who plays that song?” or “Play more like this” and Siri will make it happen. Say something like “Play Jazz Radio” or ask for any of your existing favorite stations and genres. Shape your stations by telling Siri what you like and don’t like, or tell Siri to pause, stop or skip. You can also have Siri add songs to your Wish List to download later.


iTunes Radio is ad-supported and free for everyone. iTunes Match℠ users get iTunes Radio ad-free, so instead of hearing the occasional ad on iTunes Radio, iTunes Match makes your listening completely ad-free. With iTunes Match, all your music—even songs you’ve imported from CDs—are stored in iCloud®. So iTunes Radio can use information about your entire music collection to make your stations even more personalized. iTunes Match costs $24.99 for a year.


Apple designs Macs, the best personal computers in the world, along with OS X, iLife, iWork and professional software. Apple leads the digital music revolution with its iPods and iTunes online store. Apple has reinvented the mobile phone with its revolutionary iPhone and App Store, and is defining the future of mobile media and computing devices with iPad.



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Power FM’s stars and wild cards

Posted by radio On June - 6 - 2013 ADD COMMENTS

[By: Kagiso Mnisi]


Power FM’s imminent launch has been doing the rounds for quite a while and the day of truth finally did come. In its presser the station alluded to a campaign which “taps into everyday colloquialisms which give South Africans a unique language identity, including the use of the term ‘robots’ for traffic lights and ‘lifts’ for elevators.” Essentially this is a station for local thoroughbreds and matchstick suckers with novel thoughts in their dome. The English-medium, talk-based commercial radio station’s line up boasts a roster of personalities such as business journalist  Siki Mgabadeli, Lerato Mbele, Eusebius MacKaiser, Lawrence Dube and Tim Modise to mention a few.


What also rocked the social media landscape was the news of AK ‘Mgaga’ Tshabalala and Paul Mnisi joining the black owned station. After several years in self-imposed exile, Paul Mnisi steps up to complete the weekend triumvirate, 6AM – 9AM Saturdays/Sundays, as head-butter to former YFM fellows in Thomas Msengana of 5fm and Phat Joe ( Metro FM). By far the stations wild card, AK Tshabalala will be hosting 12Noon -3PM Saturdays/Sundays slot. This comes after tenure in the world of screen and also as Executive Producer to award winning local film, Man Above Ground.


But then again the lay of the land is way more vast than Power FM, other moves resulting from the chosen going to Mkhariville include Tholi B from Y FM filling Pabi Moloi’s slot at Highveld Stereo and Siphokazi January from Tru Fm replacing Azania Mosaka at Metro FM.


Competition to Power has thus far kept mum with a few giving their two cents worth, more poignantly from its main adversary Kaya FM, whose MD Greg Maloka says: “We are not threatened. In fact, it’ll create amazing opportunities for black people.” Even keeled and measured as that statement is as if straight from a spin doctor’s pen, say maybe Chris Vick’s

(who also is part of Power FM), the microphone beckons and listeners await for ‘powerful’ rhetoric.





6PM – 9PM Fridays/Saturdays – Pabi Moloi (resigned from Highveld Stereo)

9PM – 12Midnight Friday/ Saturday – DJ Franky (Power Lounge) (leaves 5FM)

12Midnight – 3AM Saturdays and Sundays – Mandla Maluleke

3AM – 6AM Saturdays/ Sundays – Thabo Mdluli (Joyous Celebration member)

6AM – 9AM Saturdays/Sundays – Paul Mnisi (formerly known as Rude Boy Paul)

9AM -12noon Saturdays/Sundays – Mio and Queenie Khondleka

12Noon -3PM Saturdays/Sundays – AK Tshabalala

3PM -6PM Saturdays/Sundays – Ursula Chikane (keeps her job at Top Billing)

6PM-9PM on Sundays – Lerato Mbele

9PM -12Midnight Sundays – Jadene Tager

12Midnight -3AM Sundays – Ndumiso Ngcobo (columnist and author of Some of my Best Friends are White)



3AM -6AM weekdays – Asanda Magaqa

6AM-9AM weekdays – Lawrence Dube (has new surname Tlhabane) and Siki Mgabadeli and 3others (Andrea van Wyk, Thabiso and Ferial)

12Noon-3PM – Azania Mosaka (left Metro FM last month)

3PM -5PM – Thabiso Tema and Tshidi Madea

5PM – 6PM – Owen Nkomo (Power Business)

6PM -7PM – Chris Vick (Power Hour) (former spokesman for Minister of Human Settlement Tokyo Sexwale)

7PM -9PM – Masechaba Lekalake (Power Life)

9PM -12midnight – Tim Modise (Power Perspective)


The station will start broadcasting on June 18.






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Metro FM railroads 5FM at Generation Next

Posted by radio On June - 5 - 2013 ADD COMMENTS

[By Kagiso Mnisi]


The recent Sunday Times Generation Next awards saw Metro FM voted the coolest radio station and unseating 5FM after several years owning the accolade. The awards have always served as a yardstick that determines where brand loyalties lie among the youth and by the looks of things, there allure of celebrity has worked in Metro FM’s favour this time around, in this curious case through one called Pearl Thusi.



Generation Next’s survey involved six thousand youths aged eight to 22 who are considered major trendies in their own right. This bunch’s aspirations are the stuff of the screen, social media feeds and popular sounds on radio. Celebrities such as Thusi are unofficial paragons to these youngsters, especially with the ample footprint they have in the media space.


Metro’s ‘coolness’ peculiarly comes after Thusi has been ‘volunteering’ since April on the weekend breakfast show hosted by Phat Joe. Station Manager, Martin Vilakazi says, “This allows Metro FM to leverage on transversal opportunities presented by our sister channels. Through this arrangement we are confident that METRO FM’s output will be strengthened.” Given other appearance on SABC 1’s Liveamp, a handful of ads and recently on Isidingo, Thusi’s magnetism has been healthily top of mind to the growing mind.


Generation Next’s methodology


The ninth Sunday Times Generation Next Study is dubbed leading annual experience which takes into account youth brand preference and consumer behaviour survey. There are two components to the overall study, the first which focuses on brand preference and the second which focuses on lifestyle and consumer behaviour. Generation Next represents a significant portion of the population (precisely 50%) which is well under the age of 23.











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This year, 94.7 Highveld Stereo and Momentum encouraged early bird entrants of the annual Momentum 94.7 Cycle Challenge to outline the reasons that they are riding for a purpose or a charity and if drawn, they could be the lucky recipient of R50 000 cash for their chosen purpose.


Early bird entries closed on 31 March, 2013 and hundreds of motivations were received. Andy Zoepke, whose early bird entry and motivation for his ride for a purpose, was selected for the R50 000 cash prize explained during his interview with 94.7 Highveld Stereo’s Breakfast Xpress, that this year he will be riding and raising funds for the Paediatric Burns Unit at Baragwanath Hospital. “This Unit, the surgeons, nurses and support staff do an incredible job in treating and looking after children who have burn injuries. To see these young kids with different degrees of burns, suffering through the pain of surgical procedures, dressing changes and rehabilitation, is a heart wrenching experience,” said Andy.



He further motivated that the staff remained incredibly efficient, despite sometimes limited resources, and are dedicated to helping the children get back home to their families as soon as possible. “The R50 000 prize money will be used toward making the children’s physiotherapy gym more child- friendly. We will be working toward incorporating play into therapy and a revamped activity area will certainly help,” says Dr. David Kloeck of Baragwanath’s Paediatric Burns Unit. Dr. Kloeck further explained that some of the money will be used for purchasing sanitary pyjamas for the children. Keeping burn wound infection at bay is essential, so pyjamas assigned to the Burns Unit will ensure that each child has a fresh set to wear every night of their stay.


The awarded money will also be used for the purchase and installation of much needed heaters for the surgical rooms that are used to dress the children’s wounds. Danie van den Bergh, Head of Brand at Momentum said, “We are very proud of what Ride for a Purpose has achieved and the willingness and support of so many to make a meaningful contribution. Over the last two years approximately R11.3 million has been raised and distributed to over 104 charities registered with the race and many others. “We are particularly glad that the funds raised are shared amongst so many worthwhile causes and that Ride for a Purpose gives everyone a chance to support a cause that may be close or meaningful to them, personally. It is that heart and compassion that we see on race day and what makes the 94.7 so special.” Ravi Naidoo, Programming Manager at 94.7 Highveld Stereo, in turn said “Whether a cyclist rides to raise funds for a charity, in memory of a loved one, to support a good cause or to show that a disability is no impairment to living an active life, the idea is to add another dimension to the event, beyond the physical challenge.



We fully support and believe in Andy’s selfless purpose, and look forward to him crossing the finish line in November.” Currently in its 17th year, the iconic Momentum 94.7 Cycle challenge has certainly established itself as one of the most celebrated sport events in the country with a whopping 27 000 cyclists taking to the streets of Johannesburg on Cycle Challenge Sunday last year. The renowned festival of cycling kicks off with the Kiddies Ride on Saturday, 9 November and the much sought after Mountain Bike Challenge on Sunday, 10 November.


The main race will follow on Sunday, 17 November. For more details on the Momentum 94.7 Cycle Challenge and to enter, please visit or call the Race Office on (011) 017 2700. Follow us on Twitter at @Momentum947 and find us on Facebook on the Momentum 94.7 Cycle Challenge page. Ride for fitness… for yourself… for the challenge. Let’s Ride for a Purpose! Hosted by the City of Joburg- a world class African city!

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Channel Africa hosted a cake cutting ceremony on the 29th of May in celebration to its 47 years of existence in the broadcast sphere. The station has achieved many successes in the past years and has grown by leaps and bounds.


The reason that makes this celebration special is that it coincides with the 50th Anniversary of the Organisation of the African Unity (OAU) now called African Union (AU). As a result, the station has channelled most of its programmes towards the centenary, also taking into account that May is considered Africa Month. “We’re using the anniversary to empower our listeners about the aims and objectives of the OAU/AU and why the transition from OAU to AU. As an African station it is important that we constantly reinvent ourselves, in order to keep up with the evolving radio trends and to be at the forefront of broadcasting. We also thrive to remain deep rooted to our mandate, to grow and to be the radio station of choice to our listeners”, said GM: Channel Africa, Mr. Solly Phetoe.


Solly further explained that the station’s pay off line The Voice of the African Renaissance means African renewal. “As Channel Africa we are there to be the voice of such campaign or process. The African Renaissance is the concept that encourages African people and nations to overcome current challenges confronting the continent and achieve cultural, scientific, and economic renewal”, he said.


SABC Head of Radio, Mr. Lesley Ntloko, commended the station for playing an important role in promoting democracy, unity and social cohesion. “I am thankful for being part of this milestone and celebration. It also befitting to announce that we are continuously engaging our various partners to ensure that we keep this channel sustainable and to see to it that it grows and is of excellent service to the African continent as a whole”, he said.


Mr. Max Bushoke, Channel Africa’s member of staff and the SABC choir provided astounding entertainment that everybody ululated and danced to. All the musical items were in African languages and people couldn’t help but showcase their cultural dances that fitted perfectly to the music.


Channel Africa is an International Public Service Radio station whose mandate is to support South Africa’s Foreign Policy enshrined in the Department of International Relations and Cooperation’s Vision and Mission. Its main role is to contribute to the development of Africa by promoting peace, democracy and good governance through the production and broadcast of innovative, dynamic and stimulating news, current affairs and informal knowledge. The station broadcasts in six languages, namely: English, Kiswahili, French, Chinyanza, Silozi and Portuguese.

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DStv audio and radio channel number changes

Posted by radio On May - 28 - 2013 ADD COMMENTS

[By DStv Online ]


MultiChoice will change the channel numbers on its audio and radio channels on DStv at midnight on Tuesday, 11 June 2013. The channels are currently in the 100 number range on the audio bouquet and will now be changed to the 800 number range. For example, DMX-Adult Contemporary which is currently channel number 101 will change to channel number 801.


The changes have been implemented to eliminate duplication with channel numbers on the video channels. The changes should not impact customers in any way as the channels will stay where they currently are located. MultiChoice recommends a decoder reboot to customers who experience any problems on the audio bouquet after this change.

Download the flyer
for your convenience, or take a look at the changes below.


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SABC Radio Increase Audiences

Posted by radio On May - 28 - 2013 ADD COMMENTS

Following SABC Radio’s exceptional performance at the recent MTN Radio Awards, and  now the portfolio has also delivered a sterling performance in the May release of the (The South African Audience Research Foundation) SAARF RAMS data which covered the period Oct 2012 – Mar 2013.


SABC’s share of all adult listening increased to a substantial 68.8%. This represents a 1.3% share increase from last year’s 67.5% and is certainly the highest share SABC Radio has achieved since the early 2000’s


10 Stations posted healthy audience increases from the previous period, 3 remained stable while the remaining 4 experienced marginal declines. Share of LSM 7-10 listening remained stable from the previous year with SABC accounting for 52% of all listening in this lucrative market segment PBS Radio collectively delivered 36.3% and PCS Radio 15.7% share in the LSM 7-10 market.


Leslie Ntloko, GE: Radio says, “The SABC has a constitutional mandate as a public service broadcaster, to encourage the development of South African expression and to play an important role in shaping the future of South Africa. With the fight for the hearts and minds of South African Audiences, SABC Radio’s healthy audience performance is commendable and needs to be maintained especially in light of the new primary market commercial players recently launched in Gauteng, Western Cape and KZN. In today’s more complex media landscape, it is important for the SABC to continue to engage with the South African audiences both to ensure that these public purposes reflect what is important to them, but also measure the SABC’s contribution in these areas”.


10 SABC Stations recorded audience gains from the previous period with Ligwalagwala FM gaining a significantly higher 213 000 listeners after a recent period of declines.  Munghana Lonene fm, Lesedi fm, RSG and Ukhozi FM also gained new listeners in various demographics. The 2 national stations SAfm and 5FM also posted healthy increases. The stable set comprises of METRO FM, Umhlobo Wenene FM, Good Hope FM, Motsweding FM and Trufm. SABC Radio in total gained 353 000 new listeners over previous period and currently reaches 26 725 000 South African adults.


[Issued by:  SABC]

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