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Paul again found to us with Power Buro

Posted by radio On June - 27 - 2013 ADD COMMENTS

[By Kagiso Mnisi]


Ntone Edjabe, founder and editor of Chimurenga never fails to tell the romantic tale of how he as a newbie in Johannesburg (Yeoville to be specific,) followed close friend Winston Mankunku Ngozi  all the way to Cape Town and that is how the start of the iconic publication oddly began. The belief in a kindred spirit to the point of shouldering your prized possessions and hitting the dirt road is something that Paul Mnisi’s loyal followers have been negotiating ever since he left the airwaves in 2007.


His departure from Y FM after hosting the breakfast show, which was a stint very tepid in comparison to his more exciting days as host to Groove Kamikaze and Kamikaze Heat, left us seeking our friend in lament. We missed him. He is finally found to us as part of Power FM’s roster in his new show Power Buro and this is his gathered wisdom from the wilderness or more appropriately, the school of life.



Radiobiz : Whilst at YFM you positioned yourself as a proud cosmopolitan Pan Africanist through poetry (Politburo sessions), editorship of Y Mag and affiliations with emergent sub cultures (Chimurenga, Amandla doccie, etc.). What can be expected from Paul Mnisi as part of a 100% black owned talk station, whose Chairman was mentored by Chinua Achebe ?


I think this platform will only re-enforce all of the above elements that I am so dedicated to. I have certainly grown over the years but my viewpoint of things around me remains afropolitan.


 Radiobiz : Social media chirps have resolved to make you part of triumvirate that includes Thomas Msengana and Phat Joe. This comes from the fact that you’ll be manning the Power ship at the same time as them at their respective station. Do you feel a sense of pride in this?


Can’t be anything but proud to go head to head with my former colleagues, however I don’t see it as competition. I believe that each station has its own target market and philosophy so competing would be totally be out of the question.



Radiobiz : What is Power Buro’s vision for the next year ?


To deliver a well-rounded dose of Afrocentric edutainment.



Radiobiz : You have been away from the media’s gaze for a while. What have you been up to ?

I’ve been doing life. Living and growing.


Radiobiz : Radio analyst and fundis have been preaching convergence for the last few years. Why such little social media footprint from Paul Mnisi?


I’ve only just got on to twitter in the last week or so.I guess I’m a little old fashioned but I have not really struggled without social media. It was however important that I jump on at this stage so I can better communicate with my audience.



Radiobiz : Paul would diagnose South African contemporary culture as…..




Radiobiz : What is the one thing that Paul cannot do without these days?




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Ligwalagwala FM aims to help fight crime

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Crime is the epicentre of our social ills in South Africa, like all citizens of our country Ligwalagwala FM is equally concerned. In order for the station to play a role in the fight against crime, it has, in its programming mix conceptualised an Anti-crime or a fight against crime campaign called Ntjitja Guluva (change gangster) a concept that will live both on air and on the ground.


This is a campaign aimed at discouraging crime elements and activities in our society, especially amongst our youth since they are the future of our country. This campaign will run from the 1st of July until the end of October 2013. It is embedded in the station’s mandate as a Public Broadcaster to play an active role in the fight against crime and also ensure the curbing of the recycled crime.


“Crime in our country has evolved over the years from petty to brutal and this has contributed hugely to the decay of the nation’s moral fiber. Government’s efforts of fighting this scourge and its recycled form needs total support from everybody concerned and the station is no exception,” said Rio Mabunda, Station Manager, Ligwalagwala FM.


The station will visit prisons through Outside Broadcasts around Mpumalanga in order to discourage recycled crime and inspire inmates to develop themselves whilst in prison and enrol in skills development programs. The station will present live cases of individuals who were involved in crime and how they were able to reconcile with their victims, families and how they were re-integrated into society. Students will visit juvenile centres where they will be exposed to such institutions. The station will also host a number of experts, who will share knowledge and provide solutions to crime related problems encountered by South Africans.

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Africa Melane started hosting the Weekend Breakfast shows on Talk Radio 702 and 567 CapeTalk last Saturday , 22 June.


He took over from Kgomotso Matsunyane who had been hosting both the Saturday and Sunday morning shows from 07h00 to 10h00 for the past six months.


“We thank Kgomotso for running the show with her trademark exhuberance and passion, and we wish her the best for her future” said Talk Radio 702 station manager, Pheladi Gwangwa.


“Strategically, the Weekend Breakfast show is going to move in a slightly different direction, and we have identified Africa Melane to steer the show,” she added.


Melane has a long association with 567 CapeTalk and Talk Radio 702. He is current host of the weekday afternoon drive show on 567 CapeTalk, and has served a stint as programming manager for the station.


“Africa has an exceptional understanding of our listeners, through his on and off-air experience, and has proved more than capable of handling a diverse range of issues – just what we need on Weekend Breakfasts,” said 567 CapeTalk station manager, Colleen Louw.


Gauteng listeners will also be familiar with his voice as he has filled in for numerous presenters on Talk Radio 702 over the years.

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Lotus FM provides the gift of Mobility

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Last Thursday, 20th June 2013 marked a milestone for LotusFM as the station has distributed 30 wheelchairs to 30 loyal listeners.


Education around disability is long overdue in South Africa. It is with this in mind that LotusFM teamed up with the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints to improve mobility of those physically challenged. “We wanted to restore their human dignity, give these wonderful individuals a better opportunity in life”, comments Marketing Manager Donne Henry.


Station Manager Alvin Pillay, in his welcome stated, “The response from the community to which we broadcast was overwhelming from the start of this campaign. The distribution was heart wrenching as many of the recipients managed to live without a wheel chair despite their dire circumstances. Many had not even been out of their homes since their disability.”


The event ended on a profound note, as President Magaga reminded everyone that we were placed on earth to do good and not evil. He said that it’s this mandate that drives them to do humanitarian work throughout Africa.


Lotus FM mandate is to create social cohesion and will continue seeking opportunities to do so.


[Issued by: Lotus FM]

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Mediamark, a multi-media advertising sales house, has recently signed contracts with Smile 90.4FM, Capricorn FM and much anticipated Power FM to represent them in the advertising sales spectrum.


On air from March this year, Smile 90.4FM broadcasts and creates content aimed at reaching LSM 6-10 audiences in the Cape Metropole with an Afrikaans and English talk and music format. With over 1.4 million listeners, hugely popular Capricorn FM communicates to the economically active and upwardly mobile markets in Limpopo with spillage into Pretoria, Mpumalanga and North West. Lastly, the newest player in the radio space, Power FM, will target urban listeners in Gauteng and is due to go live in the nearby future.


The anticipated reach of these three radio stations is huge and will add to the collective audience of more than 6.5 million weekly listeners (RAMS 2013/1) that Mediamark currently represents. Mediamark’s present portfolio comprises popular regional radio brands East Coast Radio, Gagasi FM, Heart 104.9FM and Jacaranda FM. Mediamark’s digital stable includes Howzit MSN, one of South Africa’s leading content portals, as well as global communications giant, Skype.


Says Elton Ollerhead, managing director at Mediamark: “Regional radio is a robust and growing industry in South Africa. It offers companionship and a voice to millions of South Africans around the country and from all walks of life every day. As such, it offers advertisers great opportunities to connect with consumers. The more radio brands we offer our advertising clients, the more opportunities we can offer them to reach a range of markets, audiences and channels. We are privileged to have been awarded the media sales contract for these great brands and through these partnerships we look forward to a long and successful journey together”.


With the latest additions to its portfolio, Mediamark can help advertisers use radio to reach six out of the nine provinces, says Ollerhead.


“Now, one sales house can help you target South Africa’s major commercial centres – Johannesburg, Pretoria, Cape Town, Limpopo, Nelspruit, PMB and Durban” Ollerhead concludes.


[Source: Mediamark]

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Ukhozi’s future, history and pioneers

Posted by radio On June - 21 - 2013 ADD COMMENTS

[Written by: Kagiso Mnisi]


Whilst other other stations launch, spats over wardrobe in parliament do the rounds and Nelson Mandela’s health is fodder for news folk all over the world this month; Ukhozi FM celebrates 53 years as a forerunner on the airwaves. As one of the biggest radio stations on the planet and the largest in Africa, the station has grossed a listenership of 7.2 million over the past decade. Broadcasting in Isizulu, Ukhozi has made interesting waves through ‘useful content that is delivered with poise and deftness, affirming the cultural identity of its listeners.’


Interesting being operative, recent times have seen the station acquiring the talent of personalities such as DJ Sbu and Chilli M. The advent has clearly flagged Ukhozi as a polymorphous media entity that is able to move with the times. Among its stable it boasts long sitting figures such as Dudu Khoza and Linda Sibiya who currently hosts the breakfast show, Vuka Mzansi. Sibiya has been one of the pioneers to warm up to the hearts of Ukhozi listeners, these are folk who ‘have a sense of community and cultural affinity’ and the pride of the station.


With the broad sweep of convergence, the station has raised its hand for count with an online interface that shames some of the more cosmopolitan SABC stations. It has all the flourishes of modern day radio such as online streaming and solid social media presence. This is light years ahead from the 1940s when K. E. Masinga read the first 3 minutes news bulletin in isiZulu at 7:30pm. The History of the station is a fable the stuff of legend and inspiration. Annals tell us that amid boredom with the teaching profession, he knocked on SABC’s Regional Superintendent, Mr. Hugh Tracy’s, office door for a more fulfilling vocation.


In a time when black people were seen as underlings by white supremacy, Masinga’s packed enough smarts to the liking of broadcasting authorities. Up to the time of Masinga’s first bulletin, South Africa had only English and Afrikaans services. Special services in African languages were introduced by the SABC on the 29th of September 1942, broadcasting from 9:30am on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. Employers of blacks were urged by the Department of Native Affairs to encourage their employees to listen to the programmes. The main aim was to inform blacks about the progress of the war (in no doubt propagandist fashion), and to instruct them of the action to take in case of any emergency. Some years later, black radio stations started broadcasting on medium wave under the umbrella name of Radio Bantu.


Masinga was later joined by Hubert Sishi, and Guybon Mpanza to form a triumvirate of sorts. During that era live soccer and boxing broadcasts, drama and serials, music and request programmes were staple for listeners of the station. The year 1975, marked an abandonment of the name Radio Bantu and Black Radio Stations were given new names under ethnic groupings, such as Radio Zulu, Setswana, etc. Post democratic ’94 another overhaul, the ruling regime did away with separatist tags and Radio Zulu became Ukhozi FM.


Ukhozi FM’s celebration of its 53 years was recently held at the Royal Show Grounds in Pietermaritzburg, KZN. It was gesture for the station to connect with its listeners and way of extending gratitude for the many years of support. Its core being between the ages of 16 and 34 (LSM 4-8), sees the station at the fore front of emerging trends and liking from a broad spectrum of society. It is a feat where the future’s prosperity is the result of dedication and perseverance by those who came before such as the pioneering K.E. Masinga


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Xolani Gwala returns to 702

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Talk show host Xolani Gwala is to join Talk Radio 702 from Monday 1 July. 


Gwala will take over the afternoon drive show, 16h00 to 18h00 weekdays on 702, from current host David O’ Sullivan who moves to the early breakfast show, 04h00 to 06h00 on 702 and 567CapeTalk.  Ray White who has been hosting early breakfast returns to Eyewitness News (EWN). 


Talk Radio 702 Station Manager, Pheladi Gwangwa, said she was “thrilled Xolani is coming home”. She said discussions with Gwala started “as far back as a year ago”. Explaining the shift in the 04h00 to 06h00 slot, Gwangwa said: “David is a seasoned broadcaster capable of driving the early breakfast show to cater to the increasing listenership that is awake earlier in the mornings”.  


The move comes as David requests more flexibility to deal with a personal issue regarding his son, who is autistic.  “My son requires more attention as he gets older, and this move allows me to dedicate more time to him and his needs, while still allowing me to pursue my passion of being on the radio”.


Gwangwa said that there could not be a better broadcaster than David to take the Early Breakfast show and set the mood for the day’s programming both in Cape Town and Joburg. Gwangwa added: “These changes are part of the station’s long term strategy to remain relevant to our audience in a dynamic and ever-evolving society.” 


Gwala is currently the host of the morning show on SAfm. He joined the SABC newsroom in 1995 as a news reporter and Ukhozi FM news reader. He later became a current affairs producer and anchor. 


In November 1998, Gwala joined Talk Radio 702 as a news reporter and anchor. He subsequently re-joined the SABC as a Zulu news anchor, worked as news editor/anchor for RAMfm in the Middle East and returned to South Africa to host AM Live on SAfm.


Gwala said he was “excited to be re-joining 702. Afternoon drive is a show with pace and I will give you a wrap of the day’s news and current affairs in two hours. The lines are open all the time and talk-back will continue to form an integral part of the show.”


Ray White, an experienced journalist, said he has enjoyed every minute of hosting early breakfast and looks forward to returning to EWN. 


[Issued by 702]


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Powerful day one via social media

Posted by radio On June - 19 - 2013 ADD COMMENTS

[Written by Kagiso Mnisi]


Smack on the dot at 06h00 on Tuesday 18th June 2013, Power FM’s first day proved to be a burst of well expected energy.


The day had arrived to hear what this name studded station had in store for the masses. The tone set to wow with thought provoking talk, the official ‘christening’ came by way of Gauteng premier Nomvula Mokonyane and a few spirited words by the station’s boss, Given Mkhari. Amid the breakfast show, social media also ran amok with well wishes, scepticism, taunting of other stations and general enquiries about Power’s transmission.


However the trump came when Kaya FM’s breakfast host, Bob Mabena called in to wish Siki Mgabadeli, radio veteran Lawrence Tlhabane and the rest of the team luck. Mabena stoically mentioned that “It is going to be a long road” for the station. This comes as no fable given that it took Kaya almost 16 years to have mastery over its own brand positioning.


A tweet that by far signalled the stations intent to purvey world class content was the announcement that Tim Modise will be interviewing former President Thabo Mbeki in the coming days. Power lifted off satisfactorily and the stream of comments on social media show that masses have been waiting for a station of its calibre, one that is representative and reflective of their daily discourse.


These are some of the social media comments on the day of the launch:

Gugu Lethu.. ‏@guglesh_gugu5h

1st Lady of Gauteng and @MkhariGiven are on aır @Powerfm987 wıth the Power Breakfast Team..


Ntando Kunene ‏@ntandohk5h

“Inclusive authenticity” what defines @Powerfm987! Congratulations to @MkhariGiven, his partners and the team for this important milestone!


Khathutshelo Bapela. ‏@Kay_TheRadio4h

POWER RT @TimModise: I’ll be interviewing President Thabo Mbeki this Thursday at 9pm.

Retweeted by Siki Mgabadeli


Azania mboya ‏@azaniamboya2m

@702David can’t wait for Xolani Gwala to provide some rare balance & integrity on 702, Listen to Power FM if you are tired of Eurocentric bias


ThandieN ‏@MsTtee5m

702 needs some competition though.. I hope Power FM is not just loaded with popular names and no zing.

For live streaming visit







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[Witten by Kagiso Mnisi]


The art of great copy for radio ads has faced challenges in the age of YouTube, image libraries and many other digital design applications. The ability to write a compelling 30 second radio spot with 78-80 words has been swept ashore in the stream of convergence instead of being part of the wave.


Rare as it is for sterling copy to clinch accolades, it is not a dead practice as the FNB Steve campaign has illustrated. In its wake the campaign led to a 40% increase in sales since inception. “The campaign came about by trying to turn a slice of life insight on its head. Most of it came from customer complaints such as ‘how dare a bank call me at 7:30pm in the evening, selling me something,” says Barrett Whiteford, head of marketing at Credit Card and Vehicle finance.


Two years in the run has made ‘Steve’ a member of most radio listening households. Its traction lies in the ability to resort to quirky mischief when ‘Steve’ tries to lure customers away from FNB. His attempts are turned down by the FNB customers who then rattle off a list of reasons that they will remain loyal to their bank.  This approach to radio advertising has resulted in more than 10 999 opened (and swiped) FNB Gold Cards since the launch. Beyond radio, the campaign was also supported by print and television.


Ever since the ‘Steve’ crusade, the lay of the land has thus far resulted in greater challenge for copywriters to produce more engaging and creative material. Radio as a low involvement medium allows listeners to do other things whilst listening, it therefore requires strategies that are salient oriented, which is contextually valuable for a writer.


FNB’s ‘Steve’ campaign has proven that visual has not deterred the radio copywriter at all. It has redefined the way radio commercials are treated and given a new lease of life to the copywriter to challenge him or herself to produce above average material.



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Walk for Freedom with Metro FM

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Metro FM will be hosting the annual “Walk for Freedom” event as part of commemorating “June 16” in Soweto.

2013 will be the station’s third year to commemorate “June 16” through this event which seeks to remind our listeners of where we come from as a people. On June 16 we will stage the walk from Morris Isaacson High School to Phefeni Junior Secondary School in Vilakazi Street where the march will end. This walk will be instrumental in ensuring that the station maintains and grows the audiences within the target market.


Metro FM wishes to honour all the young people who lost their lives in the struggle against Apartheid and Bantu Education. The proposed “Walk for Freedom” will give the listeners an opportunity to retrace the steps of those heroes who resuscitated the fight for democracy as well as giving the youth of today an opportunity to experience what their predecessors went through.


This event will support the station’s programming position as a progressive urban lifestyle brand that is reflective of its history by contributing towards educating the current youth and future leaders about our legacy and ensuring that the message of our history is relayed and remembered, lest we forget where we come from. The station presence will also create an opportunity for a brand visibility.


The station will contribute towards educating the current youth and future leaders about our legacy, highlight the meaning and understanding of Bantu Education and encourage youth to be positive and opportunistic.


In the evening the station will host the Young and Free Celebration powered by MTN, and it aims to celebrate youth day as an important day in the country’s calendar. This activation will also be star-studded with the likes of DJ Black Coffee, award-winning Donald, DJ Zinhle, AKA, Metro FM’s very own DJ’s Naves & Sphectacula, Lulo Café’ and last but not least, the Station’s Amon Mokoena.


Details for the “Young & Free” Celebration

Date : 16 June 2013

Venue: Zone 6 Diepkloof, Soweto.

Warehouse No. 28, Blackchain Centre

Time: 3pm – till late

Entrance fee: R50 at Computicket or R100 at the gate.


Metro FM’s Message:

South Africa, nothing will ever compensate for your loss, but we can become each other’s companion. Let us join hands in commemorating the class of 1976, in our walk for freedom on June 16th at 06:30 from Morris Isaacson to Phefeni Junior Secondary School, Soweto.


[Issued by Metro FM]

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