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Masechaba Lekalake has it all Going On

Posted by radio On August - 13 - 2014 ADD COMMENTS

[By: Farai Diza]


Many will know her as the bubbly hostess who recently brought us the game show – Everyone Loves South Africa – that aired on eTV. Some will recognise her as the social issues tackling strong head on the eTV morning show Ekse Lets Talk.


Many will leap in thought as they link her with the presenter of numerous other shows that include the MTN game show, That’I’Zak as well as SABC 3’s Creativity game show, Out of the box with Paul Viv, Morning Live, Afro Showbiz and sports show WWP.


But the majority of South Africans will adhere that they fell in love with her on radio were she hosts The Power Life – a health, lifestyle and sex talk show on Power FM for 7-9pm.


“Power Life is the one show that cuts across various demographics on the station. It expands on the more serious matters of the heart and reflects on people’s personal issues, challenges, struggles, and triumphs. People find it easy to talk to me because I listen with genuine interest. Even strangers from outside the radio realm find it easy to connect with me. Radio became the first platform to tap into my calling and it is where I can impact on society.”


Meet Masechaba Lekalake


Born in neighbouring Zambia to Soweto revolutionaries some 31 years ago, Masechaba spent the first five years of her life in Lusaka and a few more months in Zimbabwe. Aged just 6, she took the long flight to the United States where she joined her parents in California.


“My parents travelled a lot so keeping friends wasn’t easy. I moved to the US when I was 6 because my parents went to study there. During those years I would spend most of my time alone because my parents were busy with their studies. I was what they would call a latchkey child, meaning 90% of the time, I was home alone,” she stated.masch12


Masechaba would go on to study under the bright lights of Oakland for seven years. Having returned home in 1995, Masechaba knew that her destiny was in the media industry having written children’s short stories that were published in local children’s magazines in the United States.


“I’m a shy person but I have learnt to be confident. The confidence was a conscious effort because I didn’t socialise easily. I found solace in books instead,” she confided.


Back home, her broadcasting career kicked off at Urban Brew studios but she subsequently resigned and became a freelance writer before joining the SABC. She then went on to become the anchor of terrestrial TV channel eNews Africa.


She has established herself among the cluster of vibrant young female broadcasters with other media experiences that include directing music videos and hosting entertainment events.


Power FM is barely a year old but Masechaba took it to dizzy heights when she won the stations first MTN Radio Award. Power Life won the Best Commercial Night Time Show.


“I believed that we could win the award because I like to affirm positive things but at the same time we were up against very good shows. It’s an honour because this was our inaugural year and the first time at the awards. The team is very happy with this achievement and we hope to grow from strength to strength,” she professed after winning the award.


She looks up to Power FM colleague Lerato Mbele and believes that women in radio have what it takes to match their male counterparts.

“I don’t subscribe to this industry’s fickle sheep mentality! If God created you different, why you on earth want to be like someone else? I’ve always been and will always be 100% me, inside and out,” she divulged.

She is also riding the crest of a wave as the Chief Executive Officer for Masechaba Media and she is currently an Ambassador for the Gauteng Tourism Authority, Seychelles Islands and Rainbow and Smiles.


Fact File

Full Names: Masechaba Lekalake

Place Of Birth: Lusaka, Zambia

Likes: Picnics and inspirational books

Things You Didn’t Know: She can sing but will never do it professionally. She also likes Rihanna and Nicki Minaj. She studied at Boston Media House. Masechaba means ‘Mother of the Nation’


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According to Patrick Conroy, head of News at eNCA, consumers are more sophisticated than ever before and are easily able to distinguish between editorial and branded content.  Speaking at The Future of Media & Advertising conference last week, he said the old model of television broadcasting which cast a strict distinction between editorial and advertising is no longer viable.


He was quick to point out, however, that broadcasters have not entirely abandoned all their editorial principles but have instead adopted a new content model with a combination of created content, curated content and commercial content.


future of TV_full

Created content, he pointed out, while time-consuming to produce, is what sets broadcasters apart. Curated content, on the other hand, is cost-effective but ensures you look just like your competitors. He believes even commercial content, if broadcasters focus more on the content than on the brand, can be editorially valuable.


Going forward, media partnerships will be vital to the future success of television as the rules of the game are redefined. Messages, he said, need to be delivered in the right context ensuring great content experiences across all relevant platforms. At the same time journalistic principles and values need to be adopted to mitigate any risks.


The panel discussion that followed Conroy’s introduction focused on the need for TV broadcasters to identify ways in which they can add value to the lives of consumers, how they need to introduce new techniques to cut through the clutter, and how they need to see themselves as more than just broadcasters.


Consumers are now firmly established in their digital patters and increasingly using second screens – perhaps a result of repetitive TV content? As a result both broadcasters and advertisers have to relook their market space: what are people doing prior to watching TV, for instance. In order to survive, traditional television broadcasters need to extend their continuum.


Television is about entertaining and informing people in a consumer and customer centric manner. Too much choice is a chore but if broadcasters understand their consumers’ needs it needn’t be a downfall.


Although branded content has traditionally been viewed as second class entertainment, today’s viewers are increasingly more forgiving of branded content where it creates value for the end consumer. Ultimately it’s about the level of trust broadcasters are able to build with their viewers that determines how and when branded content is included. At the same time advertisers are under pressure to ensure that branded content makes for compelling viewing.



[Source: Redzone]

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Siyaya TV more than just about Bafana rights

Posted by radio On August - 11 - 2014 ADD COMMENTS

[By: Farai Diza]


tvLast weekend, South Africa woke up to the news that Siyaya TV had acquired the rights to air Bafana Bafana matches for a whooping R1 billion. Newspapers were awash with the revelation that the SABC had lost the rights to broadcast the matches and these reports were confirmed by the South African Football Association who reiterated that they had won the rights to show all national team games live – from junior to senior level.


Many were left asking themselves what Siyaya TV was all about and whether they will be able to watch Bafana in the Shakes Mashaba era. The SABC contract ends at the end of April 2015.


Who really are Siyaya TV and what are they bent on achieving on the competitive South African broadcasting scope?


Siyaya is one of the five new operators who have been awarded provisional licences to operate as pay channels. The other four players are namely Mindset Media, Close TV, Mobile TV and Kagiso TV.


The Bakgatla ba Kgafela in the North West, led by John Molefe Pilane, are the major shareholders of Siyaya TV. It is a 100% black owned consortium. Other shareholders are Transnet Freight CEO Siyabonga Gama, Siyaya Board Member Aubrey Tau and TV personality Dali Tambo.


When government first called for expressions for digital terrestrial television (DTT), one of its goals was that DTT should reach rural communities and the Bakgatla are seizing that opportunity.


“We are transforming the broadcasting industry by participating in it ourselves, and not just coming in and asking for jobs. We will change the face of broadcasting through Siyaya TV,” said John Molefe Pilane adding that the television station targeted black middle and low income earners who were also at the forefront as soccer lovers.

According to City Press, the new player’s submission to the Independent Communications Authority of South Africa (ICASA) noted that viewers would be charged a monthly subscription of R70. It boasts of a strong sports heavy business model.


“We were advised to get other programmes. We decided to get the soccer before other products. Soccer is hugely popular in this country and is supposed to be bigger than rugby or cricket,” stressed Pilane.

Media reports have stated that Siyaya TV wants to start its own local soccer league and broadcast those matches for a monthly subscription fee of R70 with a PVR.


It is yet to be seen if Siyaya can withstand the heat and not fizzle like other aspiring broadcasters who got licences seven years ago and never saw the light of day. Only Top TV – which is struggling and now trading as Star Sat – has managed to keep up with the broadcast Joneses.

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SuperSport has bought pay broadcast rights to all 50 CAF Afcon 2015 qualifiers that will be produced by Sportfive.


Afcon2015-logo300x300The qualifiers, which run over six weekends, begin in early September and continue through November ahead of the Afcon tournament in Morocco in January. A minimum of seven games, all in High Definition, will be broadcast on match weekends.


Coverage will include all six home and away games featuring defending champions Nigeria, South Africa, Ghana, Angola and Zambia.


Up to two-thirds of matches featuring Uganda, Botswana, Mozambique, Lesotho and Tanzania will also be broadcast.


Towards the latter part of qualification, games featuring African giants Cameroon, Ivory Coast, Egypt and Algeria will also be featured on the World of Champions.



SuperSport plans to broadcast games on SS3, SS4, SS5, SS7 and the corresponding HD channels.


The matches will be broadcast in all SuperSport’s Sub-Saharan territories, with rights also available on multi-platforms: streaming, DVBH, Catch Up and VOD.


“I’m delighted because this is the first time we have secured a block of Afcon qualifiers,” said Brandon Foot, Acting Chief Executive of SuperSport. “With World Cup fever still in the air, it’s a great time to be a football fan. Games on SuperSport will come thick and fast: just as fans want.”


SuperSport’s selections for Match Day 1 (September 5 and 6):


Sudan v Bafana Bafana; Nigeria v Congo/Rwanda; Gabon v Angola; Ghana v Uganda/Equatorial Guinea; Zambia v Tanzania/Mozambique; Burkina Faso v Lesotho.

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M-Net and DStv add two new premium channels

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Pay-television content provider M-Net will be launching two diverse new cutting-edge general entertainment channels in October 2014 to form part of its varied family of premium channels on DStv.


While the channel names, as well as the detailed schedules, are still under wraps, M-Net has confirmed that these two channels will be aimed at distinct audiences and will allow for even more top-notch content at top-of-mind, easy-to-find channel destinations. Both channels will also be in HD.


The first of the two new general entertainment channels will be the bold, irreverent sibling of the ever-popular M-Net channel 101, renowned for its blockbuster, fresh content from around the globe. This channel will be an  unlimited playground for those who are avid followers of highly-acclaimed and award-winning, but often eyebrow-raising and thought-provoking, edgy content –  in the vein of Game of Thrones, House of Cards, True Detective, Orange is the New Black, Breaking Bad and Nurse Jackie. In addition to fresh seasons of this type of content from the US, the channel will be the home of cult fare such as Sopranos and Six Feet Under – screened every day of the week. This means that you can indulge in these iconic stories the way you would have done with a box set.


The second planned channel will be linked to the popular Vuzu brand, curating some of the best global and local entertainment. In short, it will be your “out of this world entertainment”: trendy, current, urban, and an extension of the Vuzu vibe. The channel will include brand new local reality shows, glitzy local celeb-watching and new seasons of hot international shows such as The Fixer as well as Lala’s Full Court Life and Vampire Diaries.


M-Net’s CEO for South Africa, Yolisa Phahle, says that this is an exciting, progressive move on the pay-television front: “Across the globe, television and other entertainment platforms are evolving at breakneck speed as a result of new technology and changing consumer preferences. As a company, M-Net has its finger on the pulse of these developments and we will continue to evaluate, adjust and reshuffle our channel offering accordingly for the benefit of the viewer.


“The recent Express from the US content delivery and these new channels are testament of our commitment to remain leaders in the game.”


To be able to create these two unprecedented channels, the current M-Net Series Showcase and M-Net Series Reality channels on DStv Premium will discontinue as of October. Instead, the content from these channels will in future be on either of the M-Net or VUZU general entertainment channels.


According to Phahle, series lovers shouldn’t fear that their favourite shows will disappear as a result of these changes. “On the contrary; this only allows us to curate the greatest content available in an even better way.”


More information about the new channels and their specific content will be released in due course.


“But you can rest assured – it will take our M-Net offering on DStv Premium to the next level.” says Phahle.

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Vincent Maher joins Kagiso media

Posted by radio On August - 5 - 2014 ADD COMMENTS

Vincent Maher has joined Kagiso Media, a Kagiso Tiso Holdings company, as chief innovation officer.


vincent-maherMaher was co-founder of mobile community specialist, Motribe. When Motribe was acquired by social network Mxit, in 2012, he took on the role of chief product officer at Mxit. While there, Maher spearheaded the social network’s migration from feature phones to smartphones, says Kagiso Media in a statement.


Kagiso Media is positioning itself so it can take advantage of changes in the way technology is used and consumed, and is moving into the realm of linking its broadcasting assets and digital entities to obtain a deeper understanding of its audiences.


The group has several radio assets, including East Coast Radio and Jacaranda FM, as well as new media firm Gloo, property and geospatial data company Knowledge Factory, and a majority stake in Urban Brew.


Maher’s role as chief innovation officer will incorporate the development of new and innovative concepts, prototyping new products in the mobile and apps space, and looking at technical standards across the group.


“The zone where audiences, media and technology collide is where you find the greatest opportunity to innovate and create new media that never existed before. I am looking forward to getting right into the thick of it at Kagiso Media,” he says.


Maher also brings with him telecoms experience as  a former commercial manager for mobile advertising and portfolio manager for social media at Vodacom. “In this role, he was responsible for the rapid growth of The Grid, Vodacom’s location-based social network and instant messaging platform. Maher also helped launch Legends of Echo, a multiplayer location-based mobile game,” Kagiso Media notes.


Maher has also held the position of strategist at Mail & Guardian Online and co-founder of the blog search engine and article aggregator He enjoyed stints as director of the New Media Lab at Rhodes University School of Journalism & Media Studies, and as digital commerce and multimedia director at VWV Interactive.

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Videovision to focus on low-budget local movies

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Anant Singh, Chief Executive of Videovision Entertainment recently announced the establishment of a new division that will focus on modestly budgeted action films made in South Africa by local filmmakers.  The new division has been formed to nurture young filmmakers and create a profile for them, both locally and abroad.videovision_01


The new division will consider projects that meet the following criteria:


Budgets of R10 million or less

Filmmakers must have produced a film

Has a locked script which has commercial prospects

Has a director and key talent attached

Has at least 50% of the funding secured


Projects will benefit from the expertise of the Videovision Entertainment team in the following key areas:


Funding of up to 40% of the production budget

Distribution in South Africa and in international markets

Provide strategic direction on the marketing and distribution of the film

P&A Funding based on a percentage of the production budget for the release of the film  in South Africa


Anant Singh said, “We believe that we have a wealth of talent in our industry, especially young filmmakers, who have great ideas for movies that will resonate with local audiences.  Our proposed new production division is designed to provide a platform for these filmmakers.  It is part of our strategy to unlock value in the South African film industry and develop an appreciation of South African cinema by local audiences, the ultimate goal of which is to ensure that our industry is sustainable in the long term.”


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Discovery Networks will be turning the spotlight on its South African fans this weekend as it invites viewers to film Vox Pop messages about why they love Discovery Networks and its portfolio of channels at its special exhibition stand at the Good Food & Wine Show in Gauteng.


dsttlcThe dual-branded Discovery Channel and TLC Entertainment stand opened from Thursday, 31 July until Sunday, 3 August, offering visitors the chance to potentially appear on TV, by talking about what they love most about both channels.


Whether you’re mad for Discovery Channel or crazy for TLC Entertainment, we want to hear how much and why. Maybe it’s Dynamo’s magic or Bear Grylls’ thrilling missions that get you going, or perhaps you can’t get enough of Cake Boss’ creative cakes, Oprah’s inspirational interviews or Honey Boo Boo’s outlandish family. Discovery Networks is asking visitors to the Good Food & Wine Show to come along to the stand and tell them why.


Visitors can also expect delicious cake pops and tasty biltong for their efforts, with one lucky person winning a special prize of Discovery treats each day. Plus the special “Selfie Zone”, will give people the chance to get a snapshot alongside their favourite Discovery Channel and TLC Entertainment star.


“We cannot wait to open our Discovery Networks stand at this year’s Good Food & Wine Show and meet and record Vox Pops with our South African viewers,” said Lee Hobbs, VP of Channels, Emerging Business, Discovery Networks CEEMEA. “Discovery Channel and TLC Entertainment are well-loved brands in the market, so what better way to reward our fans by giving them the chance to possibly star on them!”


Don’t miss your chance to grab your moment in the spotlight when the Discovery Networks stand which opened from Thursday, 31 July at the Good Food & Wine Show. And catch Buddy Valastro, star of TLC Entertainment’s hit series Cake Boss, who will be cooking up a storm across the four days as one of the show’s special star chefs.



[Source: Dstv Online]

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A vastly altered media landscape

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ftmedMedia tycoon Koos Bekker transferred Naspers into a global powerhouse before recently stepping down as CEO. He sat down for an exclusive one-on-one video interview for the Future of Media & Advertising Conference.


Asked what his predictions for the future of media were, Bekker said his predictions in the recent past have all been wrong because consumers often react counter-intuitively.

He said he found the advertising industry an interesting fraternity because they appear as though they’re looking into the future although they are basing all their prediction on the past – and the past is a bad predictor of the future, he claims.



Media houses, he stated, are clueless. His prediction: a few newspapers will survive but in South Africa only a few will make the transition from print to digital. He went on to say that most media houses and agencies were just as clueless.


The biggest challenge facing the media industry, he believes, is the ability to transition to the point where the consumer is the co-creator of news. He agrees with Rupert Murdoch’s prediction that print will be dead within the next 10 to 20 years, arguing that there comes a point where it’s no longer profitable. The Internet, however, will lead to the birth of a new generation of news interpreters and competitors, far from being local only, will be global.


Content will become increasingly important, he says, and brands will move into content.

Big data, he said, while commercially useful, is socially ambiguous. And while e-commerce company’s inevitably know a great deal about us, a certain amount of privacy protection is required.


Although mobile will become a primary form of communication, to date the quality of mobile advertising has been fairly poor. Add to this the fact that users are easily distracted and advertisers have a tough call to make between quantity of a mobile audience or the quality of a better educated newspapers audience, for example.

Globalisation, said Bekker, means that it’s not only local competitors we need to be concerned about also global powerhouses like Google and Facebook.


Turning to his investment interests, Bekker says there have been many lessons learned including the fact that timing is everything. His first investment venture in China failed spectacularly, he admits. The problem with success, he reveals, is that if you’re always successful all you learn is how clever you are, whereas when you fail, you learn so much more. If you can survive a failure, it’s often more productive than a modest success. E-commerce, he believes, is a fundamental shift in the way we live and will continue to dominate for the next few years.


– See more at:


[Source: Theredzone]

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NDTV Prime redefines entertainment

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NDTV Prime, the entertainment half of the dual channel NDTV Profit/Prime, has replenished its 21:00 slot with five new shows, since Monday, 28 July.


ndtvThe Boss Dialogues will air on Mondays and will let viewers see intimate conversations with directors, writers and entertainers of Bollywood. It will be hosted by Indu Mirani and will have guests like Karan Johar, Sanjay Gupta, Ayan Mukherji, Farhan Akhtar, Imtiaaz Ali, Salim Khan and many more. This programme will offer an intelligent and meaningful, yet entertaining, dialogue with the “bosses” of Bollywood.


Every Tuesday, former radio jockey Mihir Joshi will raise a toast to good music and dig deeper into the private lives of some of the most renowned names of the Indian music industry. Personalities ranging from independent artists to Bollywood playback singers will be brought to your living rooms straight from the console by Mihir Joshi.


Every Wednesday, NDTV Prime will air Prime Documentaries that have in some way managed to document and capture Changing India.


Every Thursday, Prime Talkies with Pocket Films will showcase different styles of cinema with a generous dose of entertainment. Every episode will telecast three to four films that are critically acclaimed and are production of young and aspiring film makers and students.


Friday will be all about the latest Bollywood movies and its scorecard in ticket sales. Film critic Mayank Shekhar and filmmaker Fahad Samar will host the weekly Friday Double Bill, to help pick a film to watch for the upcoming weekend. Along with that, straight from the sets of the movie in the making.

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