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Can DJ Fresh Unleash Radio Bomb?

Posted by radio On July - 21 - 2014 ADD COMMENTS

[By: Farai Diza]


It’s that season again when “dreamers” get the opportunity to share their aspirations with the world in a well cut talent search show –SA’s Got Talent that premieres on eTV on Sunday 7 September.


freshSeason 5 of the much anticipated show has seen some changes to its judges with the addition of Lalla Hirayama and DJ Fresh replacing Ian von Memerty and Kabelo Mabalane who have been with SA’s Got Talent for the 3rd and 4th seasons since SABC 2

But it is the emergence of DJ Fresh that will get radio enthusiasts all pumped up.


Born Thato Sikwame, DJ Fresh has been on radio for as long as I can remember having kicked off his career in Botswana in the early nineties and from the minute he was shown the mic, he has made the most of broadcasting.


After anchoring the YFM breakfast show for years, DJ Fresh joined 5FM to present the Fresh Drive before moving to the breakfast show a few months ago after Gareth Cliff’s departure.


He has also released a total of 24 house albums over a career spanning more than two decades and has shared the DJ booth with world renowned DJ’s “Little Loule” Vega, Frankie Knuckles, Armand Van Helden, Oskido and Ready D.


“The SA’s Got Talent team had been asking me to join them as a judge as I usually take bookings way in advance. The timing was never right and I’m glad that we finally found a time that’s mutually right. I have watched the shows from the start whenever I could so I am familiar with what I am getting myself into,” professed Fresh.


As usual with shows like these, there will only be one winner. But according to DJ Fresh just being on the show should be enough for anyone to push their talent to another level.

I watched last season’s talent show and was heavily disappointed when an aspiring radio soccer commentator (from Joburg) got on stage, strutted his stuff, and went home with tears.  The young man did an IsiZulu commentary mimicking the Soweto Derby match between giants Orlando Pirates and Kaizer Chiefs. When Chiefs had scored (perhaps a wrong choice) the young lad didn’t get just one or two but got all three buzzers flashing in red.


I was left with one question I failed to answer: Does the show not recognise radio presenters as talented entertainers?


One only hopes that DJ Fresh will give radio a big boast on SA’s Got Talent by noticing radio talent that’s itching for recognition.


“It is advisable to start early in the arts because your work ethic improves with age. So it all differs from one individual to the next. You have success stories of people like Usher who are still in the game and killing it, although they started out young,” stated Fresh.

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etv to air Comrade President Zuma doccie

Posted by radio On July - 19 - 2014 ADD COMMENTS

Don’t miss the documentary Comrade President: The Man from Nkandla on Sunday 20 July at 3PM.Zumare

This biopic takes a look at the life and times of South Africa’s third democratically elected state president, Jacob Gedleyihlekisa Zuma, and his difficult journey to the highest office of his newly liberated country.


Born into poverty during apartheid, his survival skills are prominent as he overcomes controversy and scandal, to continue his reign as President.


Zuma, a young Zulu boy with no formal education, was stirred into a political awakening by stories of local rebellions and socialist revolutions in distant corners of the world.


His involvement in the 1950’s Defiance Campaign lead to a revolutionary life which included spending over a decade incarcerated at Robben Island, where he also learned to read and write.


After the liberation movement ended its war, his real troubles started. His accession to power was fraught with controversy and scandal. He fell out with at least two of his closest comrades, he’s tainted by corruption, he’s fired and his polygamy and infidelities outrage the conservative center.


But his uncanny survival skills, sophisticated legal team and long-standing connections with intelligence networks, help him survive as President, leader of the majority party and still in 2014, holding the levers of power.


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Mo Flava Flavours YFM

Posted by radio On July - 18 - 2014 ADD COMMENTS

[By: Farai Diza]


The beautiful rainbow nation of South Africa has produced its fair share of entertainers. Some came out of the blue making the world stand on its feet while others were born to be the best entertainers on the land.mflava2


There is no doubting that the drive time slot on radio is the preserve of truly talented personalities because they are the most listened to shows worldwide. That is where the born entertainers step into the fray.


Tuning into YFM every week day between 3 – 7pm can leave you mesmerised.


Aptly named Get On The Freeway, the drive time show has the ability to make trickling through traffic seem like a walk in the park. The show is hosted by Mo Flava, christened Moeti Tsiki, and it is not a surprise as to why he squeezed his way to hosting one of the best shows in the land. The station also adheres to that notion as his profile on the YFM website describes him as an unstoppable ball of entertainment fire.


“I did the breakfast show for four years before I got the drive time slot. This shift is exactly what I had planned from the moment I joined YFM and now the time is right for me,” he testified.

Get On  The Freeway consists of various features that cater for a full spectrum audience.


mflava3A Soweto boy by birth, Mo Flava obtained a Diploma in Media Studies and majored in radio broadcasting, programming and journalism.


“The drive time slot allows me to explore various topics and conversations that I couldn’t tackle in the morning, making for better radio. Plus I get to sleep a little longer and not have to wake up before the cock crows,” Mo Flava added.  He joined the popular youth inspired YFM in 2007 and rose up the ladder from hosting Flava In The Morning. He did the morning show with so much aplomb having taken over from DJ Sbu.


He views radio as one of the main drivers, not only for information, but also of popular culture and perceptions.


“YFM has been an amazing part of my 8 year commercial radio career. Radio is continuously expanded thanks to the 20 years of democracy. New and upcoming DJ’s, who were previously unheralded, now have the scope for upward movement within the industry. This is largely because of the high number of radio stations that we have now. It’s such a great thing.” he alluded.


Mo Flava isn’t just a voice on radio. He is a born entertainer whose voice has managed to conquer the airwaves and taken him to millions of hearts within the country’s borders.

He also has a huge passion for writing and plans to write for some of the country’s most recognised publications.

Wait, this dude even has his website! Way to go my man!

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kykNET goes HD

Posted by radio On July - 17 - 2014 ADD COMMENTS

On Tuesday, 12 August 2014, kykNET will join the league of M-Net and the sport and movie channels on DStv when the channel becomes available in high definition (HD).kykNET_logo_A5


“This is great news for both us and our viewers,” says Karen Meiring, Director of Afrikaans channels. “Now our viewers will feel as if they are in the office with At Koster of Binnelanders while he’s cooking up his plans. And also riding the emotional rollercoaster of Boer Soek ’n Vrou!


“We are delighted to be able to honour our commitment to viewers in which we promised to keep on increasing their viewing pleasure. KykNET now becomes the first and only Afrikaans channel in the world to deliver programming in HD.”
Meiring says the phasing in of HD on kykNET should be a seamless process. “Our producers have been working in with HD cameras and production equipment for some time, which enables them to deliver programmes in HD immediately.”


Only viewers with PVR and Explora decoders, however, will be able to watch kykNET in HD. “Now there is yet another reason to purchase an Explora, especially now that we’re in the process of taking kykNET’s offering to a next level. The Explora will bring you a whole new world of TV,” says Meiring.

HD on kykNET won’t, however, change the viewing pleasure for viewers with previous generation decoders.



[Source: DstvOnline]

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Metro FM’ Lulo Cafe Simply Quintessential

Posted by radio On July - 16 - 2014 ADD COMMENTS

[By: Farai Diza]


He’s been referred in the media as the ‘quintessential’ DJ. Some argue that he is a shy person while most can amply testify that he is good at what he’s been doing for years – dishing out music through the airwaves and clubs.lulo3

But surely for a man who dropped out of varsity while pursuing studies in hotel management, his story is a uniquely inspiring tale that can push any dreamer to start believing.


His deck spinning name might sound exotic but his just an ordinary guy from the hood. Born Sikhululo Maliwa in the Eastern Cape, Metro FM’s Lulo Cafe has taken house music by storm having bounced on the South African scene with a bang with his 2009 Deep House Chronicles 2.


“You know the funny thing about growing up in the hood is whether you are the best looking guy or the hottest guy or you are the ugliest. You would always get teased on about something so really I didn’t grow up that confident or feeling like ‘you are the man’. I didn’t. My hood was ruthless. I was one shy guy then but now I think what I’m doing is helping me break out of it,” he exhumed about growing up.


Lulu Cafe has managed to work his way up the scene in a short space of time living proof that “you are the master of your destiny”. Since bursting the bubble, he has established himself as one of the soul and R&B house maestros ruling the roost.


His second album, What About Soul, was included in Soul Candi’s 10 year compilation CD. He has also made great strides as a radio DJ for Metro FM were he hosts AudioGasms with Naked DJ. Targeting females, the show fuses hip hop and house music elements. It starts at 19:30 – 22:00 every Friday evening.


“I play soul house. I think style is always more important, your own style, because that’s what makes you. My own sound is inspired by the music I enjoy, like soul and R&B,” Lulo smiled.

To polish up his stellar career, Lulo Cafe was awarded the 2010 Metro FM Award for the Best Compilation Album.


lulo4“I joined the University of Free State campus radio station in Bloemfontein. While learning the skill of spinning I was also working in the retail industry,” he spoke about his rise to stardom.


While most radio DJ’s stream into other entertainment platforms such as acting, modelling, and singing, Lulo Cafe cannot rule out venturing into the acting world.


“I never thought I would but it seems I’m being pulled in that direction. The first time I tried it out, it was quiet cool actually and I enjoyed it so right now I’m thinking about it but also at the same time I cant really get into someone else’s shoes and in acting you have to do that so I don’t know if I would be able to break out and do it. The first time I tried it I was acting as myself so maybe that’s why I enjoyed that part,” he testified.


Lulo Cafe’s portfolio also includes being a brand ambassador for Citroen and Head Honcho, a popular South African urban hip-hop clothing label.

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Penny joins’s Sunrise breakfast show

Posted by radio On July - 15 - 2014 ADD COMMENTS

Sunrise,’s flagship breakfast show is proud to announce its new anchor, vibrant TV and radio personality Penny Lebyane who went on air yesterday – Monday, 14 July 2014 at 6am.



The show is currently in its seventh year and has over the years evolved from being a current affairs breakfast show to an interactive infotainment platform. The vision of the show is to inform and entertain viewers with the latest in business news, current affairs, news, sports, lifestyle and entertainment content.



With media broadcasting experience of over 15 years, Lebyane brings with her quality and credibility. She has tried her hand at broadcasting for radio and television, anchoring, research, producing, script-writing, and is also a motivational speaker. The multi-lingual broadcaster possesses the ability to communicate with a wide audience. She is also fluent in English, Sepedi, seSotho, Tsonga and isiZulu.


“I am an all-round media practitioner who can move from current affairs, lifestyle to social content. I have the ability to unpack and deliver all content in a manner that is relevant, inclusive and accessible to viewers. Sunrise will be my opportunity to learn, grow, and add value as creative communicator and broadcaster,” exclaimed Lebyane.



“We are very excited as a show to be acquiring the services of such a seasoned presenter like Penny Lebyane, I believe that her versatility will be welcomed by our viewers. Her passion and drive will keep discussions lively and energetic. Our overriding aim is to continue to improve our breakfast programming for our viewers,” Nicholas Maphopha, Executive producer of Sunrise.


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Big reveal on DJ Zeal

Posted by radio On July - 14 - 2014 ADD COMMENTS

[By: Helen Phushela]


DJ Zeal born Zandile Dladla from Umlazi near Durban KwaZulu-Natal is one of three kids. She got her ‘aka’ while she was a student and radio DJ at Wits University. The energetic zestful Zeal grew up in a township and says she has seen all sides of South Africa, with her family being her rock motivating her to never give up on her dreams.” This has kept me open minded over the years and I learned at a young age how to address all people from all walks of life appropriately with respect at all times.”

Image by Sunday World

Image by Sunday World


Zandile says she grew up as a clingy child, her tearful days as a child has taught her a lot of life lessons. The bright smiled Zeal is not your average DJ she has a degree in International Relations as well as Anthropology. Like most people in the entertainment industry she can’t see herself doing anything else. “I would be in theatre acting, I could be a Sunday School Teacher, I could be a great house wife to a super wealthy man (for philanthropic purposes of course) lol – gees I just don’t know hey’ she said jokingly. She enjoys working with people, while her weekend radio slots make it hard for her she still tries to work with NGOs and NPOs; she believes that the element of humility is needed especially in radio. DJ Zeal was with Metro FM for 7 years, even though radio was something she stumbled upon after varsity.


Zeal’s exit from the popular public broadcaster radio station Metro FM, she wanted to build her brand and give other room. “I can’t help myself – I cannot hog a spot when I know deep in my soul that a certain platform has served its purpose in my life – that’s when I have to go and live out another adventure of service, hence Gagasi FM – it is a breath of fresh air in KZN …I have so much to do for my own province and this is the time for me to participate-NOW.


It feels so good to allow my brand to blaze at another place it is a true test of my radio capabilities and skills on another level – and this for me translates into growth.” She added. Metro brought her the highlight of her career being the Urban Beat, where she learned unspoken lessons from the likes of Vinny Da Vinci, Christos and DJ Siyanda. The platform got her to meet and interview the who’s who of the industry and grow her brand. “This experience made me RICH in the truest sense of the word.” She added.



The upbeat vocal radio DJ, looks up to Jesus as a spiritual person her inspiration comes from the one above. She lets her imagination for her to ask relevant questions. She views radio as a powerful medium.  In the industry Zandile aka Zeal looks up to Thami Ngubeni, whom in her words seems like a superhuman. “She’s got no point to prove to anyone-“she’s just doing her” in all she finds for her hands to do. She is very purpose driven – and she’s all about the light – this rubs off on those around her too.” She says in order for anyone to have such drive and understanding of their purpose, one has to have a solid foundation. Though she has little recollection of her DJ days, she still listens to music and enjoys the space she is in now. Zandile Zeal Dladla is now not just a radio personality but a motivational speaker.


Plans for her future she lively says “I plan to live more and love more, to prosper more and to share more! And of course I plan to rock the industry more. We all know that prime time is every radio personality’s dream – I will get a taste of that for some years in my life” As a true dancer to her own tunes Zeal adds the zest to life. “Let us choose life and love daily and spread it. May we always look to the spiritual to find true satisfaction and peace in all we are and all we do while we have been allocated time here on earth. And please let’s have FUN! I hope we continue to open our eyes and ears to find more good things to do to ourselves and to others. Let’s keep our “ZEAL4LIFE”!

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Free screening of Mandela movie on Mandela Day

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Videovision Entertainment, The Nelson Mandela Foundation and Ster Kinekor have teamed up to celebrate Madiba by making available the film, Mandela: Long Walk To Freedom, to the public at no cost.  The screenings will take place on 18 July 2014 at 09h45 at selected Ster Kinekor cinemas across South Africa (see list below).MANDELA-POSTER


The film which celebrates Nelson Mandela’s extraordinary life journey from his childhood in a rural village through to his election as President of South Africa is an inspirational film which will motivate people to make a difference in the lives of the less fortunate.  Having the first show on 18 July as a free screening will hopefully enable the public to watch the film and be inspired by its message and then go into their communities and make an effort to live up to the motto of Mandela Day – “Take Action. Inspire Change. Make every day a Mandela Day”.


Producer of Mandela: Long Walk To Freedom, Anant Singh commented, “We have partnered with the Nelson Mandela Foundation on Mandela Day activities since its inception and we are delighted to continue this association.  We are also pleased to be collaborating with Ster Kinekor to take the film to audiences around the country.  We hope that the audience watching the film will be inspired to give back to their communities by following Madiba’s example.”


Chief Executive of the Nelson Mandela Foundation, Sello Hatang said, as the film, Mandela: Long walk To Freedom shows, Madiba left us an incredible gift, a legacy to cherish and make our own. We believe that Madiba’s value system rests on three pillars: free yourself, free others and serve every day. Let us all emulate the servant leader we loved by all becoming servant leaders ourselves.  We urge the public to attend the free screenings.”


Fiaz Mohamed, CEO of Ster Kinekor commented, “We are delighted to host South Africans for free in our cinemas to be inspired by this magnificent film based on our Madiba’s magnificent legacy. We hope that many will leave our cinemas motivated more readily to serve others and serve our country.”

The film will be screened at the following cinemas at 09h45 on 18 July 2014:

Carnival City
Festival Mall
Mall Of The North
Mooi Rivier
N1 City
Promenade Mall
Shelly Beach


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New drama on Mzansi Magic

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SaintsAndSinners_LGThe mix of crime and love and corruption and freedom that has come in the wake of the birth of democracy in South Africa takes the spotlight in a brand new, homegrown drama series on Mzansi Magic.


Saints and Sinners, a 13-part drama kicks off in August. It is a gripping family drama centered on the lives of two very different families, living in the south of Johannesburg.


The show is being produced by Penguin Pictures and stars a superb line-up of acting talent, including, Nthati Moshesh, Tumisho Masha, Nomphilo Gwala, S’dumo Mtshali, Tshepo Maseko, Warren Masemola, Sibulele Gcilitshana, Yonda Thomas and Siyabonga Radebe.


Inspired by a quote by Nelson Mandela (“For to be free is not merely to cast off one’s chains, but to live in a way that respects and enhances the freedom of others”), Saints and Sinners focuses on the new struggle faced by South Africans – an inner quest that revolves around economic freedom, issues of identity, the fall of traditional family structures, and lack of cohesion within the nucleus and community at large.


The two families at the heart of Saints and Sinners represent this struggle in such a compelling way that the series is likely to become essential viewing alongside other homegrown Mzansi Magic dramas like Rockville.


“We are excited about the debut of Saints and Sinners which follows on the huge success of Rockville. Our dramas tell poignant, resonant stories that allow the viewers to self-reflect as much as they are entertained. We aim to tell stories that are rooted in character driven narratives with a meaningful edge, speaking to the state of our country from an individual perspective. Saints and Sinners will showcase how we are connected as people through the choices we make, which affect others” says, Nkateko Mabaso, Director of Local Interests Channels at Mnet.


One of these families is the upwardly mobile Khumalos. Headed by matriarch Mamohato and her two attractive daughters, Phindi and Boni, the Khumalo family lives in the upmarket suburb of Bassonia. The other family is that of hard-working Lulama and Thabang Moloiswa who live in a modest home in Diepkloof with their adored son, 12-year-old Tshepiso.


The Khumalo and Moloiswa families present two contrasting South African ideals.


Driven by a fear of poverty, the Khumalos’ aspirations appear to be entirely materialistic, and they are not averse to bending the law to achieve their ends. Meanwhile, the Moloiswas’ driving force is to alleviate poverty in their community, and to share their knowledge and expertise to create a better South Africa for all. But their altruism will be sorely put to the test during the course of the series when they suffer a cruel tragedy, while the self-serving Khumalos will come to realise that material wealth does not compensate for poverty of the soul.


The first episode of Saints and Sinners sets the scene for the series when an armed robbery sets off a tragic chain of events that will tear both families apart.  Viewers will follow the drama as the characters respond to the choices in front of them; the choices that determine the arc of their own journey and those of the people that surround them.


Saints and Sinners – 1 Murder. 2 Families – Torn Apart. Don’t miss the premiere on Sunday, 3 August 2014 at 20:00 on Mzansi Magic, channel 161.



[Source: Dstv]

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Police Confirm Jozi FM DJs Arrest

Posted by radio On July - 9 - 2014 ADD COMMENTS

[By: Farai Diza]


Police have confirmed the arrest of Soweto based community radio station, Jozi FM DJ Donald Sebolai who is suspected of killing his 32 year old girlfriend. Her body was found at their Soweto residence on June 29 after she had allegedly been stabbed several times with a knife. The duo had reportedly been sharing a flat together in Jabulani.Donald-Sebolai


A R50 000 reward had been put up for information leading to his arrest. According to details released earlier on, the suspect apparently disappeared after phoning his girlfriend’s friend shortly after stabbing her to tell her what had happened. The circumstances surrounding the death of the woman remain unclear at this stage.


He had last been seen on the day of the murder driving off from a block of flats in Jabulani. The white Fiat Palio was later found in a park about 2km from the flat with his clothes and beer bottles scattered in the back.


Confirming the arrest, SAPS Warrant Officer Kay Makhubela, told the press that he was in prison custody after being arrested earlier this (Tuesday) morning at 10:30am. “We had been searching for him since last week. He was arrested today for murder. The arrest was due to a tip off that police received,” Makhubela stated.



Makhubela also disclosed that the suspect will be appearing in the Protea Magistrates Court soon. A manhunt for Sebolai was launched with tip offs leading police to Rustenburg and again to Soweto where he was finally arrested.


According to reports from the popular Citizen newspaper, his former colleague described him as an abusive man.

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