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The SABC Interim Board has told parliament on Tuesday how it intends to help the public broadcaster resolve some of its challenges which include increasing viewership numbers, bringing stability at the executive level due to vacancies and servicing the government guarantee.


The Interim Board was appearing before parliament for the first time since it was appointed. It also emerged during the meeting that only four out of the five board members are functioning.

The Board says one of its members, Dr Iraj Aberdian, cited possible conflict of interest for continuing to serve as a member of the board. Committee chairperson, Eric Kholwane, says a legal opinion is still being sought on this issue.


According to Kholwane, upon receiving the indication form, the board then requested the legal service to deal with the matter so that they can guide the interim committee in terms of now how they should move forward with the matter regarding Aberdian.



Earlier this month, interim board chairperson, Zandile Shabalala, said their immediate responsibility is to bring stability at the public broadcaster. She further appealed for calm and support during their period at the helm of the SABC board.


[Source: SABC]

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5 Minutes with Dineo Ranaka

Posted by radio On April - 23 - 2013 ADD COMMENTS

[By: Boitumelo Mmakou]



Many knew her as the open minded, and free spirited voice of YFM, others have come to know her as the ‘yummy mommy’ on Vuzu TV’s 10 over 10 show, as well as a reality TV star of Dineo’s Diary. Dineo Ranaka tells us about her latest project, how she juggles her busy life and more in a quick interview we did with her.



 Tell us about your love for radio/media when did it begin

In 2003/4 when I began training with Barney Simon for 5fm


How did the YFM gig come about?

Chilli M was looking for a producer, he called me saying he wanted me to do it and I yes.


 Besides radio at the time what else were you doing?

I was just freelancing, auditioning for TV gigs, emceeing and such.


 After you left YFM you were a lot more focused on your business, tell us more about it?

It’s been great, a very interesting journey that’s yet to realise its fruits.


 Will you ever do radio again?

Maybe … you never know.


 You were really good as a radio host, what did you do to make sure you gave the best shows?

Thank you! I gave my listeners me. I was myself without fail every day. I had fun with it and remained passionate.


 What makes a good radio host?

Being involved in the production process of your show, being yourself, passion, being well read and informed.


Who are you listening to on radio at the moment, and who would you say is your favourite radio personality?

Pabi Moloi, Anele, Glen & Unathi and my favourite …Amon and Thato


 Besides being a business woman you are a musician, tell us about your music career, new songs, and album?

It’s a hard journey, expensive and enjoyable. I’ll tell you more when I’ve made great progress.


Music wise what can we expect in future?

A good quality product


You are busy women, how do you juggle family life, three jobs, and still make time for you?

Family support, my child minder, my assistant and prayer.


 You had a show on VUZU.TV, many loved, and others didn’t, what was your experience like doing a reality show?

Making television is a very demanding process; you have to be fully committed. I thoroughly enjoyed filming Dineo’s Diary. I still do. We’re filming season 2 and again its hard work but I love it


 Who is Dineo now compared to then (back when she was starting up)?

Dineo doesn’t change, she only grows. She remains determined, hungry for success, hardworking, persistent and faithful. She’s become a mother meaning she’s more responsible.


 Favourite three things

Food, my laptop, soda


 Best three songs you are loving right now?

Bruno Mars – When I was your man

Pink – Just give me a reason

Psquare – Alingo


 Advice for the youth?

You only have 24hours in a day. Be the best you can be.

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Bloemfontein, The fountain of flowers will receive its chance to rejoice with South Africa’s favourite choir at the Vista Arena, Hamilton, University of Free State on the 4th May 2013.


Having performed to a sold out audience on all 3 nights of the Easter weekend in Gauteng, fans are guaranteed an astonishing show. Lesedi FM, Sowetan and Sunday World have partnered with MTN Joyous Celebration to bring fans a memorable music experience.

MTN Joyous Celebration fans can look forward to a number of astounding performances that will include amazing solo acts by Brenda Mtambo, Puleng March, Nhlanhla Mwelase and Charisma Hanekam which had fans begging for more during the Easter weekend.


“The success of the Easter weekend is yet another reason why we feel we should show gratitude not only to God but also to our fans who have given us support for the past 17 years, buying our music and attending our concerts. MTN Joyous Celebration is looking forward to show our supporters just how grateful we are for their continued support. ” says Jabu Hlongwane, co-founder.


Do not miss your chance to witness this musical extravaganza book your tickets at a Computicket now. Tickets priced between R180.00- R260.00.

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Meet the new SAMA CEO Nhlanhla Sibisi

Posted by radio On April - 22 - 2013 ADD COMMENTS

[By: Kgomotso Moncho]


Nhlanhla Paul Sibisi took over from Randall Abrahams when he was appointed the head of the MTN South African Music Awards in September 2012.

He walked into his position after the controversy surrounding the decision to shrink and amalgamate the number of categories in the SAMAs, which caused a hullabaloo amongst industry professionals and artists.


His tenure as CEO of the SAMAs hasn’t been without controversy either. This involved an outcry from the public and the media about the inclusion of the DJ Vetkuk vs. Mahoota tune, Stokvel  and the omission of Dr Malinga’s Via Orlando in the Top 20 most played songs making up the  Record of the Year category, which is the only one voted for by the public.

“I find that the communication between members of the public, the media and the organisers of the SAMAs still need to be improved. The rules and processes which we work with are not explained properly to those on the outside. The submissions that MTN SAMA 19 is working with are from 1 December 2011 to the end of November 2012 and the Dr Malinga song was only picked up afterwards. I have had to meet with journalists to reintroduce this to them so they can relay it to the public,” Sibisi explains.


His experience includes having been the General Manager of the Recording Industry of South Africa (RISA) in 1999, which he admits comes in handy when it comes to resolving conflicts. This position at RISA also saw him working and heading the SAMAs.

“We did not have a SAMA CEO until Sean Watson became the first. So when you worked for RISA, you automatically worked on the SAMAs as well,” he clarifies.

So the SAMAs are not new to him. He has merely come back to the industry he knows very well. Talking about doing the SAMAs the second time around he says, “Back then we worked with a smaller budget. That is obviously different now, but the issues remain the same. What has improved is how the event is organised. The systems are almost flawless, processes are clear and everything is done electronically. The challenge is to communicate these processes to most people.”

Sibisi hails from Soweto in Mofolo North where he schooled and matriculated. He went to Kwa Zulu Natal where he got his law degree from the University of Durban Westville.

After completing his articles, in 1997, at one of Johannesburg’s top commercial law firm, Webber Wentzel, he continued as a practicing corporate and media law attorney prior to joining Telkom Limited, in 1999, as a Legal Advisor.  After his stint as General Manager at RISA in the same year, he joined Sony Music Entertainment South Africa (SMESA), in 2001, as its Director of Legal and Business Affairs.


In 2008 Sibisi was recruited by the SABC as its General Manger for Business Acquisitions. He was also the Chairman of the SABC 2010 operational committee which was responsible for the SABC broadcast of the 2010 FIFA World Cup.


Before taking up his current position, he was the Managing Director of Nuritone Investments (Pty) Limited (which trades as the Rights Clearance & Administration), a one-stop music rights clearance and advisory services company in Africa, focusing, primarily, on assisting Mobile Network Operators, Broadcasters, Ad Agencies, Film and Production Houses to license and clear music usage rights.


When talking about his observations of the music industry he speaks of a dynamic industry whose growth is being retarded by piracy. He feels the government has a role to play in helping to unlock the industry’s potential. “We speak of Mzansi’s untapped economy, I believe part of that is hidden in the music industry,” he says.


His vision for the SAMAs is clear. “I would love to have an environment where we start provincialising some of the SAMA activities, having mini awards in certain provinces culminating in the big event. We have massive talent in other provinces that Gauteng can’t unearth. I would love to have a SAMA that is seen to celebrate, but also develop,” Sibisi says.


He is an avid music lover who enjoys discovering new sounds and being part of the SAMAs allows him to have a broad sense of what South African music is all about. For the big MTN SAMA 19 event at Sun City on May 10 and 11, he promises a benchmark entertainment show that will keep the audiences at home on the edge of their seats.    





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As from 7 May, customers on the R99 DStv Access package (previously known as DStv Lite), will have access to more local content and movies without ad breaks when MultiChoice adds Mzansi Wethu and M-Net Movies Zone to this package.

Mzansi Wethu (channel 163) is a local general entertainment channel that builds on the success of M-Net’s Mzansi Magic brand and speaks to the hearts and minds of South Africans who haven’t had access to pay television before. The channel will feature authentic local content that covers a variety of genres including game shows, Lokshin Bioskop movies, sitcoms, local reality shows and a studio-based new Lokshin soap. More than 50% of the programming on this channel will be in vernacular languages.



M-Net Movie Zone (channel 139) is a new movie channel offering from M-Net, which will feature an exciting variety of content from dramas, comedies and family movies, to something that will satisfy the action buffs. It will treat its viewers to a wide range of well-loved stars and movies from recent years. M-Net Movie Zone will launch at 13:00 on Thursday, 7 May and Mzansi Wethu will kick off at 18:00 on the same day.

“We are committed to make digital entertainment affordable. For the first time, customers on the Access package will see great local content that reflects South Africa today  and they will also be able to watch movies without ad breaks,” said Collins Khumalo, CEO of MultiChoice South Africa.


Customers on the DStv Family, DStv Compact and DStv Premium packages will also receive these two new channels. These two new channels will complement and expand existing local content channels and enhance the viewing experience and overall value on DStv’s packages.


Over the last few months, DStv added a number of channels for customers on the R99 package, including Dumisa, Blackbelt TV, Mzansi Music and kykNET musiek. Last year it also added 2 community channels to provide these customers content that is closer to the communities in the form of 1 KZN and Bay TV. The new channels complement and expand the existing local content offering.


DStv Lite has been renamed and repackaged with more channels and relevant local content to attract new audiences to a world of extraordinary entertainment.


Source: Dstv Online

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Ukhozi FM is not only the biggest station in Africa; it is arguably one of the biggest in the entire world. Fulfilling a PBS mandate to broadcast in isiZulu and to further Zulu Culture, the station delivers information, education and entertainment to an audience of 7031 000 listeners (RAMS Feb 2013).


Throughout its history, which spans in excess of half a century of broadcasting, Ukhozi FM has made a substantial contribution to the South African radio industry. The station’s iconic on-air talent is widely known across South Africa. With the station’s guiding philosophy being to educate and inform while entertaining listeners this keeps Ukhozi FM Always on to access the station’s programme mix of news, current affairs, talk shows, drama, music, sport, education, weather, and traffic.


Programming is targeted at a broad audience of diverse needs and lifestyles. Ukhozi FM is a custodian of the isiZulu language and culture and the aim is to maintain this custodianship with pride. The station’s key priority is to ensure staying in touch with the listener’s needs and that the station remains vital to them whilst maintaining roots and culture.


Ukhozi FM is an excellent example of how PBS broadcasting can be relevant, compelling, engaging and entertaining in a mother language. This is an indication of the balanced programming and a solid execution of basic broadcasting principles throughout, which vindicates the winning of the PBS Station of the Year Award in the second year running.


The station scooped the following six 2013 MTN Radio Awards:

1. The station of the year PBS,
2. Best Programming innovation,
3. Best breakfast Show,
4. Best Afternoon Drive show,
5. Best Music Show (Sigiya Ngengoma)
6. Best News Bulletin.


We receive all these with most the humility and respect of the industry and other players. We also note that there was a huge improvement throughout the competition’s delivery in the past year and wish them all of the best as they keep us on our toes.


Issued by: Ukhozi FM

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Up Close & Personal with Eddie Zondi

Posted by radio On April - 19 - 2013 ADD COMMENTS

[By: Kgomotso Moncho]


Eddie Zondi does not like to think too hard about radio. It’s almost as if analysing it betrays his love for the medium. He does not remember dates much, he lives in the present. What comes easy to him is speaking about what he does and its impact.


His name has become synonymous with Metro FM’s Soul Movement. Together with Wilson B Nkosi and Paul Mtirara, they drive the station’s soul and RnB repertoire.

When you think Eddie Zondi, you think soothing romantic ballads. This association has helped solidify his longevity and relevance, as well as boosting Metro FM’s profile.


“Over the years it has been proven that people want sing-along-songs. With the Soul Movement we promote love and companionship. We do this with sing-along-songs that people are familiar with. Each of our shows commands over a million listeners. My show, The Romantic Repertoire, alone has 1.8 million listeners.  This gave birth to the Sunday Soul Sessions event which is now big and established. Paul and I are booked almost every weekend nationally. And the sponsorship for the sessions is also beneficial to the station,” says Zondi.


The Romantic Repertoire is the only show he does on Metro FM now. He no longer anchors his late night weekday show, The Obsession, as he’s moved on to expand on his romantic music fetish on television with a new show on Mzansi Magic, called Sounds of Soul.


This is his first time on television in a very long time. The early years of his broadcasting career saw him presenting a Saturday Breakfast show at Bop TV back in the day.


Eddie Zondi was born in Soweto and grew up in Kwa Zulu Natal. He schooled in KZN and came back to Johannesburg to matriculate at Embongo High school in Dlamini, Soweto.


He studied at the School of Broadcasting in Braamfontein before getting a break on a small radio station at High Gate Shopping Centre.


“Koos Radebe saw me there and offered me an opportunity to be a field sports reporter for Metro FM. I was not a sports commentator, but the station would cross over live to me and I would report from the stadium,” Zondi recalls.


“Romeo Khumalo was doing the Sunday show I’m doing now and I remember wanting to be on air because of people like him. From 1998, I would sit in for different presenters who were not available. In 1999, I was given the 3-6 morning show called Wake Up Call, which I did for seven years,” he says.


His love of radio was sparked when his mother took him to what was then called Radio Zulu. He’s always loved music, but that trip sealed his destiny of wanting to be a broadcaster. He says his experience has taught him how to communicate with people and to gauge their behaviour. He has done a lot of night time radio in his career and this has shown him something else.


“Radio at night is much more open and intimate. People are in their space, they can think and reflect and most times they see you the presenter as a shoulder to cry on. If someone is having problems with their husband, they share it, for instance,” he says.


Zondi is always rooting for young talent, pushing for young musos like Moneoa, Berita, Afrotraction and Donald on his show, and praising the work of young presenters like Ismael Abrahams, Carol Ralefeta and William Lehong.


He’s also working with youngster, Zak Dakile on his new television show, Sounds of Soul at 5pm on Sundays. “We’re almost done with Season 1 and are working on Season 2 already. And we want to improve it by including more of our local artists,” he says.


He attributes the success of the Soul Movement and the Sunday Soul Sessions to the fact that he is a believer of love and soul music.


He reiterates this with a “Just try me,” and a self assured chuckle.    



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Lotus FM’s World Book Day celebrations

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Last year Lotus FM’s “Midday Spice” programme hosted by Varshan Sookhun and produced by Pravina Maharaj, partnered with Tongaat Central Library, who successfully ran the ‘Today a Reader Tomorrow a Leader’ book drive. A thousand books were collected for underprivileged schools.


The Midday spice is continuing its efforts to create  awareness on the importance of  reading and developing a love for books with a Special broadcast from Verulam Library on Tuesday 23rd April 2013 between 12h00-15h00. This broadcast will be to commemorate World Book Day and also to highlight the valuable work that Verulam Library carries out in the community. “Literacy plays a vital role in the development of communities and it’s imperative that Lotus FM contributes to the progression of literacy,” said Station manager Alvin Pillay.  


World Book Day does not only celebrate literacy but brings awareness to copyright. Since Copyright is a big issue in the world of books and writing, there is always a focus on the issue on the World Book Day.


The Verulam community is invited to join the Midday spice show for a fun live broadcast from Verulam Library.


There will be great entertainment and prizes to be given away and of course a celebration of books! For more information tune into the Midday Spice weekdays 12h00-15h00 on Lotus FM 87.7.


Issued by

Lotus FM Publicity

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As TopTV continues to operate under the business rescue plan, announced in October 2012, it has become necessary to review the pay-TV operator’s current channel line-up and make certain adjustments in the interim period.


The effect of this is that two of the TopTV channels, Top Movies +24 and Top Junior, will be discontinued with effect from midnight on Wednesday, 17 April. TopTV regrets the timing of this change to its channel make-up but, due to operational reasons, it has become necessary to prepare for a proposed new channel structure.


TopTV is currently in negotiations with a prospective investor and more details regarding this issue will be made public in the coming weeks. These talks are at an advanced stage and should they reach finality, a much-needed cash injection will be made into the operation that could result in a restructure of the business and the channels that are currently on offer.


TopTV would like to take this opportunity to thank its loyal subscribers for their continuous support over this trying period in the company’s history, as it awaits confirmation of new developments for an exciting new future for the pay-TV operator.


[Source: OnDigital Media]

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Jay and radio rockstardom

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With the recent MTN Radio awards giving a nod to the industry’s excellence, there is none who has accomplished such an accolade as Alex Jay. His omnipresent voice has been the stuff of glamour on Top Billing and a warm guiding light on our stereos. The Highveld stereo stalwart has crossed floors from one station to the other, all with an admirable following intact. The news of his axing from 5FM in 2002 came as a tear jerking prospect to many which over and above rubber stamped Jay’s clout as an anytime-anyday companion to listeners. Radiobiz visits his rock oozing abode to uncover the man’s sensibility as a respected media practitioner and one of the very few to pull off a ‘just got outta bed’ hairdo without losing a shred of credibility.



Radiobiz: It seems the media bug bit whilst you were still a wet rod.

Your were editor to your school’s newspaper, what made you step up for that during those years?


A need to communicate! Weird but true.


Radiobiz: As an Edinburgh born lad, you must have had dinner table brushes with Haggis. Are you keen on our local produce of Amathumbu



Alex Jay :Lol! I prefer skop!


Radiobiz :You went on to contribute for publications such as Penthouse [gusp] and Rand daily Mail, do you think writing is a self-exploratory device and are you still wielding the pen?


Alex Jay :Sadly not writing but hoping to remedy that as I’m working on…*gulp* my autobiography.


Radiobiz :The gig at 702 then came, how would you describe the world of radio at that time from personal experiences as a late night jock?


Alex Jay: In those days you could be section 16’d over a comment you might’ve made on radio! But what a vital period in our country and what an honour to be part of the transition to a sane society.


Radiobiz :During your tenure at 5FM you were revered as a master interviewer if Paul Rieket’s – of the band Battery9 – sentiments are to hold water. What is key in interviews?


Alex Jay :Listen!! And don’t fake enthusiasm. If you don’t get what your guests vibe is all about well it’s their passion so let them explain.


Radiobiz :Why do you think there was so much disgruntlement from listeners when you left 5FM?


Alex Jay :Because we were kind of like family.


Radiobiz: What are your thoughts on the idea of award ceremonies to ‘celebrate’ figures in the media space ?


Alex Jay :Unless there’s a cash prize attached, who cares? It’s the listener response and audience figures are the real arbiter. Having said that it’s always great to be recognized buy your peers.


Radiobiz: What puts you off about modern radio, if anything ?


Alex Jay :Too many people being put on air without proper training. Not everyone’s a winner! It’s the radio station’s duty to ensure that new broadcasters are given all the tools they need to succeed.


Radiobiz: Your distinct voice (enough to envelope a room) also braced our screens via Top Billing and coincided with the glamour of the show. What went to preparing those shows?


Alex Jay :Too much! 4 hours of recording scripts just to get 10 minutes of narration on air. Eish. Give me live radio anytime!


Radiobiz :Given the bit of music in you. Slash or Sid Vicious? Choose


Alex Jay :Hmmmm. Can I rather be John Legend?


Radiobiz: As we all know afternoon drive time shows are not for the squirmish. How do you make it worth your listeners while without losing the plot on 94.7′ Highveld’s, The Mid-Morning show?


Alex Jay: I have a brilliantly interactive audience who help me keep the radio show fresh and interesting.

Nice people! And they are, indirectly, my bosses!




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