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Sisane’s Spirituals on The Art of Sunday

Posted by radio On March - 9 - 2014 Comments Off on Sisane’s Spirituals on The Art of Sunday


Brenda Sisane’s The Art Of Sunday on Kaya FM can be likened to a healer’s brew for its spirituals, or maybe even a strange fruit for its positively fueled surprises, to borrow from Lady Day. Between 10:00 -14:00 of every Sunday, Sisane invites the wary and parched for a sermon of soul inspired music(s). The radio terrain has been hers to divine ever since the days of Radio Bop. She has not by the least wavered or abandoned the cause of healing. Radiobiz got close to her alter for meditation and this is what her spirituals have in store.

Brenda S



Radiobiz : You are of a generation that is well versed in musical knowledge, do you think modern day radio formats provide enough space to share those nuggets of wisdom on sound in real listening time?


Brenda Sisane : I believe radio as the theater of the mind IS about these nuggets, especially the music formats I work with which are in my opinion ‘ contemplative’ listening, and as such about listening beyond the song.



Radiobiz : According to you what song best describes these times in South Africa?


Brenda Sisane : Caiphus and Letta, not yet UHURU, amongst many some without lyrics but sadly wailing about sadness and oppression of some sort.



Radiobiz : As a specialist communications consultant in the creative arts, what have you found are the most problematic areas in regards to local musicians positioning themselves?


Brenda Sisane : The quandary between what the record companies want for commercial reasons, and what artists bring to the table in terms of indigenous form and nuance, that can benefit the desire to build a music industry with its own character.



Radiobiz : If ever given the opportunity to creatively direct a musical theatre piece, how would you treat it?


Brenda Sisane : A Lot of what we have to offer has to be presented within a historical context that guides the thought process, so I would use voice, and images. Language being a very seductive accompaniment to musical chords.



Radiobiz : Kaya fm has become a sort of a well spring of healing via music on any given Sunday, what else do you think the programming on the last the week offers audiences?


Brenda Sisane : Offers an opportunity to unwind and take in the rest of their week, while inspiring thee listener into a new revitalized mood for the week ahead.



Radiobiz : Take us through your preparation process for the Art Of Sunday


Brenda Sisane : It starts with a feedback session with production immediately after the show, forwarding information and feedback from listeners both negative and positive so it becomes part of the discussion. Then it follows with a process of taking in the cultural activities of the week ahead, and some breaking news as they emerge relating to the show’s content. Constant communication with the team is key. We always engage to discuss the relevance and how the music aspect can enhance the The Art Of Sunday narrative. By the middle of the week we already have the show in the bag and are preparing for interviews if need be which usually takes place at the end of the week so that its as fresh as possible on the Sunday. Some heavy weight news change the skew of the planning in the middle to accommodate the issue of relevance and prioritizing news that interest our listener.



Radiobiz : There is a crop of impressive young musicians in the scene that use Jazz as a point of departure such as Tumi Mogorosi, Planet Lindela and Future History, where do you think this wave comes from and is local radio playing their music enough?


Brenda Sisane : Absolutely love this energy, it gives hope for a vibrant industry in my opinion. Most times the inspiration comes from the formative years of the musician, what they have been exposed to and the affinity this has created in them. For Some it is divine intervention during a soul searching moment when a jazz angel intervened in the form of a friend or a muse and introduced them to the art form.



Radiobiz : If you were to relive your days at Bop Radio and Radio Metro, what would you say made those platforms the giants of that time?


Brenda Sisane : Radio Bop was keen to innovate around what African language stations were offering at the time, as well as adroitly evading the restrictions of apartheid on music content, those were the days when records would be arrive with some track being scratched out because it had words that were considered ‘Undesirable ‘. So it was an era where music that affirms the black community was played on these radio stations , music that was not easily available to the man on the street. sounds such as soul, funk, R&B , as well as dialogue relating to this music provided cultural escapism for the listener. With Radio Metro, I enjoyed the opportunity to explore the musical knowledge I had amassed over time, and deliberately chose to do jazz and find my newly defined radio roots on this platform.



Radiobiz : You have more than once hailed Afrikan Freedom Station as one of the haunts to be for live music, what other pockets that house musical wonders do you recommend?


Brenda Sisane : I have to admit that at some point I was looking for a place to find comforting jazz, and the Freedom Station was there with its signature intimate gigs some exploring collaborations untried before, that was an immediate appeal to me.



Radiobiz : Sun Ra had his philosophy on an intergalactic African diaspora and Malombo music became a philosophy in itself. What is the philosophy that you want to share with world?


Brenda Sisane : The names you mention and the word giant reside comfortably next to one anther, I’m a mere music facilitator who believes it is possible to play various tunes alongside one another and create perfect harmony…if done right…this is our constant drive with every show. It is difficult to find music freedom and be restricted in how you present it…i love every genre, and love picking the best of the bunch.





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Life after the mic for former Yfm jocs

Posted by radio On February - 27 - 2014 Comments Off on Life after the mic for former Yfm jocs

[By: Kagiso Mnisi]


Life transitions are never an easy task, especially when moving on to lead a life different to what the widespread public has come to know you for. It is not unusual for media practitioners to hang their gloves in pursuit of penning the obligatory book, going into other fields of business interest or reflecting on a career well spent. Two examples of this paradigm shift is that of once well known features on YFM, namely Dreshni “Dre” Pillay and Sandile “Sanza” Tshabala. Tracking these Y-ers from yesteryear had this in store.



Dreshni Pillay

Dreshni Pillay

Dreshni Pillay


She rose from hosting a quiz show on a newly launched etv, to producing a show for Thato “Dj Fresh” Sikwane and clinched it through a co-hosting a mid-morning gig called DK@Y alongside Fana “Khabzela” Khaba on YFM. Dreshni quickly rose to be the regional station’s darling and soundboard to the otherwise township cackling Khaba. Her latest incarnation is that of a mother. She resides in Swaziland, where she is wedded to Ian Carmichael.


Pillay has however not been completely idle, she recently hosted a concert headlined by gospel impresarios Donnie McClurkin and Cee Cee Winans. Some of her milestones in a ten year spanning career include an interview with the late Nelson Mandela and popular musos such as Ludacris, Beyonce Knowles and R Kelly.


Sandile Sanza Tshabalala


Fondly known to Harambe’s listeners as Sanza, Tshabalala advocated an urbanesque style to sports reportage on 99.2. He was one quarter of a trio that also included Thomas Msengana and Lee Kasumba. Sanza’s nuggets of wisdom, positioned him as a street savvy commentator with off the bat smarts, that sometimes teetered on comedy. Since leaving YFM, Tshabalala has established his culinary talents into a business better known by Joburg urbanites as SanzaGood Food.

Sanza Tshabalala

Sanza Tshabalala


The eatery is wedged in the colourful suburb of Yeoville. Tshabalala’s skills as chef has had Joburg in thrall through his fusion inspired dishes. His signature is to playfully fold elements of other African cuisines into traditional South African dishes. SanzaGood Food has been reviewed by reputable news outlets such as Al Jazeera and CNN,


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Naspers CEO steps down

Posted by radio On February - 23 - 2014 Comments Off on Naspers CEO steps down

On Friday Naspers announced that its CEO, Koos Bekker, will be succeeded by Bob van Dijk, currently Naspers’s most senior ecommerce chief. Bob (41) holds an MSc Econometrics from Erasmus University Rotterdam (cum laude), plus an MBA from Insead in France (Dean’s List). Among other experience, he headed up eBay Germany, that group’s biggest market outside the US, and was COO of Schibsted’s Classifieds.


“In view of our strong development focus on ecommerce, the board believes that Bob has the skills to lead us into the next phase of our growth,” said Ton Vosloo, Naspers chair. Bob takes over on 1 April. Koos (61) will stand down from the Naspers board for a year, to allow Bob the space to settle in with both Naspers top management and the board. Koos intends to travel widely and research where the group’s next spurt of growth may come from, once ecommerce has reached maturity. He will also stay on the Tencent board. In April 2015, Ton Vosloo intends to step down as chair, when Koos will succeed him.



Koos participated in four technology spurts with the group. In 1985, as a consequence of a paper Koos wrote at Columbia University, a young group in their early thirties launched M-Net, one of the first such pay-television services outside the US. At the time, Naspers was a 26% backer and Ton Vosloo the M-Net chair. Today this group operates pay TV across 48 countries in Africa and serves some 7 million households.


In 1991 the MultiChoice team under Koos, together with partners, launched the mobile phone operator MTN. Today MTN is the biggest mobile operator in Africa and one of the largest companies on the JSE. In 1997 Koos replaced Ton Vosloo as CEO of Naspers itself and the group ventured into the internet. After stumbling a few times, this is now Naspers’s biggest business segment.


Around 2008 the group entered ecommerce. It is investing heavily in an ambitious effort to become a global player in classifieds and transactional ecommerce. When M-Net was formed in 1985, Naspers was a public but unlisted company with an implied market capitalisation of R24 million. When Koos moved into Naspers as CEO in 1997, the then listed group had a market cap of R5,6 billion.


Today Naspers’s market capitalisation is R500 billion (US$45 billion). It is the largest media group outside the US and China, larger than any in Europe. R1 invested in Naspers when M-Net was formed in 1985 would have turned into R5 700 today (excluding dividends). And R1 invested in October 1997, when Koos became Naspers CEO, would be worth R24 today (without dividends).


“We are also proud of the resonance our growth has in the South African economy, via the thousands of people we employ directly and the tens of thousands in the broader ecosystems of our businesses. We particularly enjoyed the new products and services our people invented, said Ton Vosloo.”


Koos expressed his gratitude to his Naspers colleagues and board members for the opportunity to work with them. “It’s been fun,” he said. “I couldn’t have wished for a more interesting life. Now I hope to travel to places like Seoul and San Francisco where the future is being manufactured, and see if there are new technologies we should be trying out. Plus experience a few oddball spots. When Ton steps down, I’ll rejoin the board, hopefully with fresh ideas.”


Bob looks forward to taking over on 1 April. He lives in the Netherlands with his wife Tina, a senior finance executive, and two young daughters. He is a keen sportsman and speaks five languages. “Naspers is a great company and I’m honoured to lead an excellent team,” said Bob.



[Source: Naspers]

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Siyabonga Ngwekazi to present Turn Up

Posted by radio On February - 23 - 2014 Comments Off on Siyabonga Ngwekazi to present Turn Up

Channel O launches its newest and live weekly flagship show, Turn Up, this Monday, 24 February, at 16:00. Presented by Siyabonga “Scoop” Ngwekazi, Turn Up will be bringing to life the hottest music and pop culture from across the globe to your screens.Scoop_LG


The show allows music fans to determine which videos will play during the live show through Tweets and Facebook. Every week viewers will get a glimpse into celebrity lives focusing on everything from career passions to sneaker collections. Being the “It” guy on street culture, Siyabonga’s background makes him the ultimate presenter and trend spotter.


“Turn Up is something that’s going to be fresh on the TV! It will profile artists and people who are trying to make it in the industry, unlike other shows which focus on already made talent. Viewers won’t be dictated too, they get to be part of the shows and it is going to be dope” says Siyabonga.


Siyabonga – a popular face on Vuzu’s V-Entertainment alongside Dineo Moeketsi, Lalla Hirayama, Denise Zimba, and Cyprian Ndlovu – spread his wings in the entertainment realm when he co-created and starred on the hit reality show Forever Young.


With Siyabonga as the ultimate pop culturist, he will be bringing viewers exclusive interviews with local artists, and up and coming artist who will get the opportunity to hype their style and skills for their two minutes of fame.




Watch Turn Up on Monday, 24 February, at 16:00.


[Source: Dstv Online]

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SABC education to work with the CCMA on a radio campaign

Posted by radio On February - 13 - 2014 Comments Off on SABC education to work with the CCMA on a radio campaign

The Commission for Conciliation, Mediation and Arbitration (CCMA) and SABC Education radio campaign, Make Your Rights Work for You, continues live on air on eleven community radio stations. The focus of the campaign is to promote awareness of workplace rights and how best to apply them.  The CCMA’s social justice mandate of promoting dignity of all workers and access to information and services synergises well with SABC Education’s mandate of ensuring continued public engagement on civic, democracy and human rights matters so that citizens can make informed decisions on issues that affect their wellbeing.



Surekha Singh, commissioning editor at SABC Education says, “Feedback from listeners so far is that the live interviews with commissioners have been very well received and they have generated a lot of interest from workers who are not always aware of their rights to join a trade union, what to do if they lose their jobs or experience discrimination.


The public information and social development unit at SABC Education  sees the campaign as an opportunity to promote public engagement on workplace rights, through live weekly interviews with CCMA Commissioners and the chance for listeners to phone in with their queries”. Future topics include ‘What are my rights when I am retrenched’, ‘Rights of farm and domestic workers’ and ‘Working on the mines’. Special focal areas include dealing with sexual harassment in the workplace and rights as a working parent.



CCMA Director Nerine Kahn says, “Our experience has shown the value of ensuring that employees and employers understand their rights and responsibilities in the workplace. This initiative is a key element of our programme to build knowledge and understanding in line with our objective of transforming workplace relations”.
The stations and time slots are:

Phalaphala FM Fridays 20h30 – 21h00
Thobela FM Thursdays 21h30 – 22h00
Munghana Lonene FM Wednesdays 21h05 – 22h00
Ligwalagwala FM Tuesdays 21h30 – 22h00
Ukhozi FM Sundays 14h30 – 15h00
Umhlobo Wenene FM Mondays 21h05 – 21h30
Tru FM Wednesdays 18h30 – 19h00
Lesedi FM Sundays 21h05 – 21h30
XK FM Saturdays 11h10 – 11h40
Motsweding FM Wednesdays 21h20 – 21h40
Ikwekwezi FM Thursdays 21h30 – 22h00
RSG Sundays 15h05 – 15h30


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SABC1 announces The Black Carpet presenter search

Posted by radio On February - 3 - 2014 Comments Off on SABC1 announces The Black Carpet presenter search

There’s palpable excitement in the air as the date for the 13th Metro FM Awards (MMAs) draws to a close. SABC1 is the natural broadcast sponsor to this popular Mzansi’s music award event held to celebrate and honour the best of local music talents. The Black Carpet has become an integral part and a draw-card of this event ceremony over many years now.?????


Part of this years’ activation will see SABC1 and Selimathunzi embark on an innovative regional talent search campaign to unearth the 3rd presenter to co-host the Black Carpet with Lunga Shabalala and Zizo Beda.



“SABC1 is constantly looking for innovative ways to engage our viewers, and with the KZN province hosting us for the 13th MMAs we thought it would be great to showcase the wealth of talent in KZN. This search is the first of its kind and will translate into compelling reality entertainment within the Metro FM Music Award offering,” remarks Dichaba Phalatse, SABC1 Portfolio Marketing Manager: Entertainment.



Do you think you have what it takes to present live on television? Are you between 18 – 26 years old and a resident of KZN? Is your knowledge of South African music and the music industry up to scratch? Then, this competition is meant exactly for you!

How to Enter

The MMAs Black Carpet Presenter Search will open on Monday 03 February 2014 and it is meant for KZN residents only. Interested entrants should log onto the Selimathunzi Facebook Account to fill in a form and upload an image or video of themselves.


On line entries will close on Monday 10 February 2014 and successful candidates qualifying for the next round of the Presenter Search will be notified via sms on Thursday 13 February.


Watch this space for more exciting developments regarding the MMAs Black Carpet Presenter Search!



[Issued by : SABC1 Marketing]

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MultiChoice to launch pop-up Oscar Pistorius trial channel

Posted by radio On January - 30 - 2014 Comments Off on MultiChoice to launch pop-up Oscar Pistorius trial channel

On Sunday, 2 March 2014, MultiChoice will launch a 24-hour pop-up channel on DStv Channel 199. The Oscar Pistorius Trial: A Carte Blanche Channel will feature round-the-clock coverage of the legal proceedings, as well as exclusive documentaries, profiles and in-depth expert analysis.



This is the first time DStv is using a pop-up channel to cover a major news event. “We previously added dedicated channels for special events such as Idols and Big Brother. This pop-up channel will give our viewers in-depth coverage of the Oscar Pistorius trial, with a rich variety of content and social media integration,” says Aletta Alberts, Head of Content for MultiChoice.



The channel will be put together by the producers of Carte Blanche, well known for their excellence in investigative journalism. “The Carte Blanche producers were the obvious choice to create and package the channel. Their mantra of ‘You have the right to see it all’ ensures viewers will get fair and balanced coverage of the trail,” Alberts added.



The channel will be available exclusively to DStv Premium, Extra and Compact customers. The Oscar Pistorius Trial: A Carte Blanche Channel will be a conduit to the inside information on the most talked about and controversial subject in recent South African history.



Pistorius’ criminal trial is scheduled to run in the Pretoria High Court from Monday, 3 March to Thursday, 20 March 2014. The trial judge will decide whether any part of the trial will be broadcast live closer to the start date.




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January embracing a full circle

Posted by radio On January - 29 - 2014 Comments Off on January embracing a full circle

[By: Kagiso Mnisi]


Siphokazi January is widely known for her tenure as a continuity presenter on SABC. The Eastern London born firebrand has court plenty of controversy and braced tabloid double pages in recent years. She however has hit a U-turn as a radio host. Shortly after the stint on local television, descended down south to Cape Town to recoup. The mother city held her down via a couple of projects, which did well to sustain her low profile.

Image by: Timeslive

Image by: Timeslive


Broadcast being her forte, January joined Tru FM, where she initially did a graveyard slot. She in a short space of time proved her skills as an entertainer and ascended to hosting a midday show. Her most memorable show whilst at the station was an interview with contemporary Kwaito star, Professor, after his stunt of attracting the might of the law by wearing police uniform. Siphokazi’s cheeky repertoire has won her fans as much as it has foes. This dates back to her days in front of the camera. Tru FM was the perfect space for this index-finger-waving power, as it primarily caters for a vocal youth.


When it was announced that she was going to fill the slot previously anchored by the more mature Azania Mosaka on Metro FM, the red alert flashed to oblivion. Mosaka’s Total Bliss listeners were more attuned to a sensible presentation, the opposite to January’s fiery energy.


January has held on to Metro FM 9-12 reins with a measured demeanor. Her show, Full Circle, unashamedly takes from the metaphor of January having to ‘come full circle’ from a beady eyed teen on the screen to a grown up radio host. Strategic or otherwise, it has been reasonably stable. The show tackles societal issues just as it was Total Bliss’ tone, but a tad short on Mosaka’s stellar sophistication.


With a Twitter and on air rhetoric such as:


“Have you forgiven your cheating partner and why?”

“Where are the men we can trust?, who can protect us ?, who can love us unconditionally , where are they? !!! “

and “But how do u settle for being a no#2 or no#1 knowing u sharing ur man with another woman? “


January is steadily building her own community of young modern day feminists. That said, radio is for long gamers. Does Siphokazi have the stamina?


Full Circle is on between 9am and 12 pm Monday to Friday on Metro FM.


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Vote for Smile 90.4FM’S Tracey Lange and stand a chance to win

Posted by radio On January - 26 - 2014 Comments Off on Vote for Smile 90.4FM’S Tracey Lange and stand a chance to win

Smile 90.4FM presenter Tracey Lange and Independent Newspapers Special Projects Manager Charl Reineke were challenged by Cavendish Square Shopping Centre to create unique J&B Met fashion, inspired by this year’s theme “Made to Conquer – Dress Victorious”. The inspiration behind Lange’s outfit was “The Mystery of Ancient Egypt.”


Lange says: “It’s truly an honour to be chosen as a muse; it generally only happens to superstars”. Lange will be presenting popular kykNET TV programme Bravo! at the 2014J&B Met. “The J&B Met is a great dress up event and the people are all always in a great mood – it makes for a very fun event.”


The dress worn by Lange is by Chica Loca, accessories by Zuri, and shoes by Queue Shoes. Smile 90.4FM listeners can vote for her and Reineke on Facebook, and stand a chance to win two VIP tickets to the 2014 J&B Met valued at R10 000, an overnight stay for two at Aquila Game Reserve valued at R8 500, and a R1 000 Cavendish Square shopping voucher.


Visit the following link to place your  vote:

The Competition closes 27 January 2014 at 8am. The winner will be announced on 27 January 2014 at 12pm.



[Issued by: Smile FM]

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SuperSport gives SD viewers the full picture

Posted by radio On January - 25 - 2014 Comments Off on SuperSport gives SD viewers the full picture

From Tuesday, 4 February 2014, SuperSport will switch its standard definition (SD) channels over to a widescreen format, also known as a 16:9 aspect ratio. SuperSport SD viewers will now have a richer, fuller viewing experience and won’t miss a single second of the action! The switch over also brings these SD channels in line with international broadcasting trends and with other channels on the DStv platform.



Sport is all about the action. Its beauty is in those slow-motion images that capture the agony and the ecstasy as athletes push themselves to the fringes of human endurance. It’s about teamwork, compassion, competition and the heat of battle.


So there’s nothing more frustrating than being pulled out of an adrenaline-filled immersion in your favourite game because part of your picture’s been cut off. That was the problem with the old 4:3 aspect ratio when combined with modern flat screen TVs.



If you have an older TV, fear not – there’s a workaround. Just use the SHIFT key on your DStv remote to select ARC and change it to 16:9 letterbox. This will display the full 16:9 image on your 4:3 screen with black bars at the top and bottom of the screen.



Brandon Foot, Acting CEO of SuperSport, confirmed that this development brought SuperSport into line with international trends. “It offers a far richer viewing experience, particularly for sport which is often fluid and panoramic. We’re looking forward to its implementation and expect that viewers will enjoy the new format.”

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