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SABC fulfills public service mandate

Posted by radio On December - 20 - 2013 ADD COMMENTS

The South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC) has for the ten days of mourning the loss of the first black President of a democratic South Africa, Mr. Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela, recorded remarkable numbers in viewership on our television and radio platforms.


The SABC as the country’s only public service broadcaster that is easily accessible in the country, dedicated most of its resources to a special broadcast to reflect on Madiba’s personal and professional life.


On Thursday, 05 December 2013, the night President Jacob Zuma made the announcement of Madiba’s passing, the SABC discontinued its standard programming on three of its television channels for a period of 48 hours and with its 24 hour news channel and radio dominantly featuring content for Madiba’s tribute.


On the day of the memorial service, the SABC’s 24 Hour news channel 404 on DSTV delivered half-hour ratings across the day that amounted to 80,824 viewers, with SABC 2 growing its ratings by 164% on the same day to 1.4 million viewers.  SABC 1 remained the most accessible channel for the public throughout this period.


In terms of channel share nationally, the SABC commanded 50.83% of the market share on the day of the memorial, 58.74% during the coverage of the funeral between 07h30-13h00 and a total of 45.92% for the entire final day of mourning.

The complete radio figures for this period will be available in about three months.

The SABC’s Digital Newsroom
 immediately initiated continuous live coverage of developments as they unfolded from day 1.  The online coverage included video and audio material from the SABC’s extensive radio and TV round-the-clock special programming.  This coverage continued until 16 December 2013 when a 9-metre statue was unveiled at the Union Buildings to honour the iconic former President.


South Africans and international audiences flocked to the SABC News website, the Nelson Mandela tribute website, Twitter, Facebook and Storify accounts.  The SABC’s corporate website grew its unique browsers by almost two thirds over the same period in November.


During the national memorial service on Tuesday, 10 December 2013 the number of viewers on You Tube channel peaked at approximately 55 000, with about 85% watching the continuous stream.  A total of 58 400 views was recorded for the event live stream, from the start of the service until 12 December at 16:00.

By the end of Tuesday about 600 000 people accessed the continuous stream, with more than 70 000 people watching for what YouTube describes as “a significant time”, resulting in 264 482 hours watched at the time.


Hundreds of video clips were uploaded to the SABC News’ YouTube channel, which was also used to live- stream proceedings.  Over the 10 day period the number of YouTube viewers were doubled that of the average monthly viewership, with nearly 1.7 million views registered for the bouquet of SABC YouTube channels.


Special features were also launched to give the public an opportunity to express their feelings and tell their stories, including Mandela Kids (tributes from youngsters), My Madiba Prayers (religious messages), My Madiba Moments (meeting Mandela), My Madiba Memories (special impacts he had) and a mapped book of condolences (which received over 5000 responses from around the world).
Over 2000 local and international broadcasters and agencies were supplied a live pool feed of all the related events at no cost from the SABC.
“All the international media organizations that accessed the SABC material complimented the quality of the coverage.  Eurovision went as far as to describe the coverage as exiting, colorful and excellent.  This is a testament to the SABC’s quality broadcasting on such a huge and emotive moment in history” said Mr. Hlaudi Motsoeneng, Acting Chief Operations Officer (ACOO).


The SABC’s key revenue driver, advertising, was very minimal on most of the corporation’s television and radio platforms and in other instances deferred due to the special broadcasts during this time.  It is for this reason that the SABC would like to thank the advertisers for their understanding and patience.  The SABC Board and management would also like to thank the public in general for their understanding as their favorite programmes were rescheduled.


These special broadcasts could not have been carried out with ease and so much professionalism if it was not because of the SABC’s most valuable resources, its staff members, especially in News division and Technology division.  “We would like to thank all of them individually for their efforts and spending sleepless nights to make sure that we fulfill our mandate and pay tribute to the greatest statesman ever.” said Motsoeneng.


We would like to send our sincere thanks to the Mandela family and the Government of South Africa for their support during this time.  It is through their support and cooperation that we were able to broadcast all the events successfully.



[Source: SABC]

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DStv opens up TRACE Sport Stars for a month

Posted by radio On December - 17 - 2013 ADD COMMENTS

TRACE Sport Stars will be open to a whole new audience for a month!


From Wednesday, 18 December 2013 at 10:00 until Sunday, 18 January 2014 at 24:00, MultiChoice will open up the channel dedicated exclusively to sports celebrities to DStv Access, Family and Compact.


Laurent Dumeau, CEO of TRACE Sport Stars and SVP Global Distribution for TRACE TV, said: “Following the success of DStv Open Week back in November, we’re delighted that TRACE Sport Stars’ brand new and exclusive content will be available to a much larger and younger audience – allowing them to enjoy the only channel specializing in exclusive behind-the-scenes sports celebrity programming.”


Aletta Alberts, Head of Content for DStv, further cemented, “DStv is the home of world class entertainment and it gives us great pleasure to showcase all this great content to a broader audience.”


DStv customers can keep an eye on the latest TRACE Sport Stars programmes, with full schedules available from and TRACE.TV, via the DStv EPG, as well as using the channel’s dedicated Facebook and Twitter pages.


New and exclusive programming

Among the exciting programmes appearing exclusively on the channel during the month are STA.RATED! and Star Block Workout.



STA.RATED! is the official rating guide where the biggest names in the sporting world face off against each another to claim the prestigious 5 star award across a wide selection of categories, including: hottest wag, best lifestyle, best role model, new stars of football, plus much more! A fresh show with a different theme will be hosted each night throughout January by knowledgeable and witty presenters Will Best, Maya Jama, Layla Anna-Lee and Craig Mitch.


Open month programmes include STA.RATED: Sporting Egos (20 December), which will look at the biggest and most demanding sporting celebrity egos and STA.RATED: Fashionistas (16 January), which will look at the most fashionable sporting celebrities.


STA.RATED: Sporting Egos – Friday, 20 December at 21:00

STA.RATED: Fashionistas – Thursday, 16 January at 21:00



Star Block Workout is a high-octane, international workout show hosted by heartthrob Terroll ‘Boost’ Lewis. This show provides the perfect way to stick to those New Year’s resolutions to get fit and healthy in 2014.


The show features brave workout challenges to a banging urban soundtrack.100% based on using one’s own body weight to develop strength, fitness and flexibility, Block Workout is the perfect way to focus mind, body and achieve the celebrity physique.


Every Wednesday night throughout open month at 19:30.

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Tribute Channel to broadcast Madiba’s funeral

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MultiChoice will broadcast Mandela’s funeral on Sunday, 15 December from 08:00 on DStv Channel 199, the special Madiba Tribute Channel. MultiChoice will carry the SABC News feed from 08:00 and the funeral will start at 09:00.


The funeral will also be available via live video streaming on DStv’s Madiba tribute website and DStv Mobile will broadcast the funeral on its special event channel.


An edited version of the funeral will be made available on the DStv Catch Up service online and on PVRs.


[Issued by: Dstv]

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SABC TV and Radio scheduling changes

Posted by radio On December - 10 - 2013 ADD COMMENTS

The South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC) in honour of the passing of  Tata Nelson Rolihlala Mandela, will be running a schedule of special programming across its 3 television channels, as well as our 18 radio station, until the day of his burial.



SABC 2 has become a dedicated News Channel; home to all the latest Breaking News, Live Events, News Bulletins, Current Affairs and top quality documentaries.  SABC 2 will be bringing viewers the latest information from across South Africa and around the world.



SABC 1 and SABC 3 have prepared schedules offering special tribute programming. The line-up includes a range of local and international documentaries celebrating the remarkable life and influence of Tata Madiba.   Also included are dedicated Music specials, Magazine Shows and Religious programmes.  Top shows from SABC 2 will be shifted to SABC 1 and 3 during this period. Our radio stations will also run special programming dedicated to preserving the legacy of Madiba.



In the spirit of honouring our national leader and icon, the SABC will not be running any commercials or commercial programming across its network for the first two days following the announcement of Madiba’s passing.  We apologise for any inconvenience to our audiences and advertisers.
The SABC wishes to fulfil its role as South Africa’s public service broadcaster at this difficult time by providing a comprehensive service that keeps South Africans informed while embracing the legacy of former President Nelson Rolihlala Mandela.



[Issued by: SABC]

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Pieces of a man : Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela

Posted by radio On December - 8 - 2013 ADD COMMENTS

[By: Kagiso Mnisi]



As I wormed my way around a sprawl of well-wishers at Mandela square, Sandton where the deceased elderly statesman’s colossal statue jubilantly elbows about in signatory dance. The lingering thought that came to mind was, who was the man beyond the trappings of re- conciliatory rhetoric? Who was this man that ended becoming father of the globe albeit his absenteeism to his immediate family whilst held captive in Robben Island? The global consciousness about him is that he was capable of moving mountains and parting seas, but he was after all just a man. A man with impeccable negotiation skills, selflessness and primo usherer of what was to be known as a rainbow nation.Nelson Mandela on Day After Release




The quest to be a man


In his autobiography Long Walk To Freedom, Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela, succintly expresses the genesis of his political consciousness starting at the precise moment that he went through initiation. In that wake whilst everyone in his midst flinchingly shouted out, as expected during the surgical ritual, ‘I’m a man.’ The overseer of the process retorted in saying, ‘how are you to call yourselves men when the land of your fathers has been invaded and taken away from you?” The ‘trouble maker’ as his name Rolihlahla colloquially means, had his path in life paved for him. He was soon to be a sworn revolutionary.



Sword still in sheath : Kofifi days


Annals would say Rolihlahla ‘fled’ to Johannesburg in the wake of an arranged marriage back in Mqhekezweni. But did he really, or was this just a man in the know of the full gist of his destiny already? Soon after landing in Johannesburg, he found a kindred spirit in Walter Sisulu who went on to mentor him and become his conscience. Sisulu saw to it that Mandela wrapped up his law studies, this during a time when city slicking was slow creeping in his lanky frame. He was man about Sophiatown – vintage Cuban motor vehicles, tailored suits and women about town ogling over his impeccable public speaking about the political injustice of the apartheid regime.







Sword drawn from sheath : being radical


Soon after opening his law office, Mandela’s role in the youth league became more pronounced. The league was an organ of the ANC effervescent with unquestionable radicalism. He was soon to be held as a treason trialist with his cadres. The case did not hold much and he was acquitted. This fueled his passion even more to consider an arm struggle against the oppressive regime. In 1962, he went underground as part of the ANC’s armed force Umkhonto we sizwe. He was by then a wanted man and number one enemy of the state. Umkhonto weSizwe’s military sensibilities had with is strategic knowledge of combat through the usage of Molotov cocktails and other artillery.


In the dock at Rivonia Trial and Robben Island


In 62, represented by lawyer George Bizos, Mandela was unapologetic in his stance to liberate his people. An excerpt from his Rivonia trial speech reads as such :

“The African National Congress was formed in 1912 to defend the rights of the African people which had been seriously curtailed by the South Africa Act, and which were then being threatened by the Native Land Act. For thirty-seven years – that is until 1949 – it adhered strictly to a constitutional struggle. It put forward demands and resolutions; it sent delegations to the Government in the belief that African grievances could be settled through peaceful discussion and that Africans could advance gradually to full political rights. But White Governments remained unmoved, and the rights of Africans became less instead of becoming greater.”


Soon after, the revolutionary was sentenced to tenure of life imprisonment. However he spent 18 years in Robben Island and later served at Pollsmoor prison. Whilst detained in Robben Island, his was a scenario planning exercise whereby he spent time studying the enemy and rallying his cadres. He learnt Afrikaans as a primary endeavour. This was to be a time that his family and children would bear the yolk of an absent husband and father. International pressure ensued for his release and the threat to impose sanctions on the South African nationalist regime loomed. He was then released in 1990.


The negotiator


At odds with civil strife that was threatening to destabilise South Africa, then president F.W. De Klerk buckled under pressure and had to allow for the to be negotiations with the ANC whose president was Mandela at the time. As an astute negotiator, Mandela forced for apartheid to be abolished. These were tense negotiations which happened against the backdrop of escalating township violence. The first multi-racial elections occurred in 1994 and the ANC was voted into parliament where the rhetoric was of national unity. A new constitution was drafted and the Truth and Reconciliation commission formed to investigate past human rights abuses. Mandela’s presidency forged a belief in a rainbow nation


The diplomat and darling of the world


After serving only one term in office, Mandela passed on the reign to Thabo Mbeki to assume presidency. The act of selflessness and relinquishing of power warmed the statesman to the world. He became a beacon of hope and inspiration. This led to various humanitarian efforts, 466664


These are epitaphs that did the rounds in the scribe’s mind whilst overwhelmed by the somber crowd at the Sandton square. A reflection and realisation of his milestones and influence on the globe. During all this, that he was a man and not a heroic mythical figure. Yes in human form he did metaphorically part seas. Who is next in line? Or is the next game changer not born yet?





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Applications are invited from prospective participants in Masterclass, to be held in Pretoria in February 2014, conducted by Professor Josef Protschka from the Musikhochschule in Cologne, Germany.



In 2012, the Johannesburg International Mozart Festival (JIMF) initiated a vocal Masterclass/Scholarship Programme to support young South African vocal talents. Professor Josef Protschka from the Musikhochschule in Cologne, Germany; came to South Africa to give a Masterclass, run in conjunction with UNISA. At the end of the course, he chose three students: Siyabonga Maqungo, Nombuso Ndlandla and Andiswa Makana who have recently arrived in Germany for an academic year’s intensive study at the Cologne Music College, with full funding provided through a donation from a foundation based in Germany.


Once again, in February 2014, Professor Protschka will be offering a Masterclass for South African singers – this time in conjunction with the University of Pretoria. The Masterclass will run from Monday 3 to Saturday 8 February 2014 at the University of Pretoria. Prospective candidates are asked to forward their applications to The application should include a CV and an audi o recording (preferably mp3 files). The recording should include the following repertoire: one work each from the Baroque and Classical periods (preferably Mozart), a 19th Century opera aria, a 20th Century opera aria, plus a lied of the candidate’s own choice.



Eight candidates will be accepted as active participants. The deadline for submission of application materials is 20 December 2013. Selected candidates are responsible for organising their own travel to and accommodation in Pretoria, but there is no charge for the Masterclass.


One student will be chosen for an academic year’s study with Professor Protschka at the Music College in Cologne. The Apollo Music Trust will cover the expenses of that year of study.


For further information please email Richard Cock at the Apollo Music Trust ( or phone 011 447 9264.



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Naspers continues to grow as revenue soars

Posted by radio On November - 27 - 2013 ADD COMMENTS


Naspers chair Ton Vosloo today announced a 28% increase in consolidated revenue to  R28,8 bn for the six months ended 30 September. This growth was driven to a large  extent by the offshore internet businesses and boosted by a depreciating rand. Core headline earnings, considered by the board to be an indication of sustainable earnings performance, was up 16% on the previous year to R12,48 per share (R4,9bn in total).




This despite investing R3bn in developing future growth opportunities (referred to as development spend and expensed through the income statement). Positive free cash flow amounted to R787m.



“In recent times the composition of Naspers has changed. Offshore revenues now exceed those generated in South Africa, whilst internet has surpassed pay-TV as our main business,” Naspers CEO Koos Bekker said. “We are busy building ecommerce platforms, in particular online classifieds, and are rolling out digital terrestrial television (DTT) across more cities in West and East Africa.”



eCommerce revenues almost doubled to R7,9bn. Investment in marketing, people and product cost R2,3bn and led to an aggregate trading loss of R1,8bn in this segment. The classified businesses in most markets, Brazil and India in particular, widened their lead over competitors. The eTail segment delivered strong revenue growth, broadened categories for sale and improved fulfilment times. However, flash fashion lagged and some investments were impaired.



The pay television business grew revenues 18% to R17,1 bn. Subscribers increased by 560 000 and now totals 7,3m households across 48 countries on the African continent. Due to expanding DTT services, as well as the costs of launching new channels and services, trading profits nudged up by only 11% to R4,5 bn.


Globally, conditions remained challenging for print. Media24 managed some top line and profit growth and continues to reinvent itself by launching digital initiatives. The investment in Abril was further impaired. Naspers’s share of core earnings from associates, including Tencent in China and Group in Russia, increased by 47% to R4,5bn.


“The pace of investment in new growth opportunities will accelerate sharply over the next months. We expect development spend of about R7,0bn for the full financial year to March, compared to R4,3bn last year,” Naspers financial director Steve Pacak said.


He added: “As this investment is made largely through the income statement, it will have a dampening effect on both earnings and cash flows. However, we expect these growth opportunities to deliver shareholder value over the long term.”





The complete results are available on the Naspers website at

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We Shall Over Come On Purpose : A Kabomo Story

Posted by radio On November - 26 - 2013 ADD COMMENTS

[By: Kagiso Mnisi]



Super stardom in Joburg comes with  scars and plenty of nay saying peers. If you start from bottom in this scene, there is always is a bizarre negotiation of whether the art you produce meets the standards of your highly cerebral and most of the time, cynical community. Kabomo Vilakazi’s case is a classic example. He started off as a spoken word artist at the height of Newtown’s glory, where he waxed lyrical alongside laureates of the day such as Common Man, a younger Flo Mokale, Lebo Mashile, Napo Masheane, Tha Hymphatic Thabs and the late Robo.kabomo_yamaha_2





This was a time when the down town precinct fermented with the fervour of Electric Circus listening hipsters and card carrying feigns of a sound that could have possibly been by Basemental Platform or Township Frequency. Y FM was churning out this narrative viscerally through shows like Groove Kamikaze, Harambe and Bondo Ntuli’s late night repertoires. The air was ripe with an African Renaissance via Thabo Mbeki’s rhetoric. Everybody wore the patriotism on their sleeve.




Vilakazi is essentially a spawn of that generation. Our renaissance man ,Vilakazi known as Brown back then, has gone through interesting incarnations over the years, the kind that has always attracted bitch slaps from the pool of hardcore underground impresarios and yes, much approval from the mainstream after a nomination and performance at the SAMAs for his debut album All Things Grey.  Let’s unpack bricks where the man’s journey, shall we?


Kabomo in his own words


Kaya FM’s Mo G on Kabomo




Y Mag days


Y Mag had positioned itself as as purveyor of tidings solely concerned with the grand rebellion of Gauteng’s youth in the mid-nineties leading to the early 2000s. It had Sbu ‘The General’ Nxumalo and Itumeleng Mahabane running editorial. Spreads in the magazine had topics such ‘Why Are Black People So loud’ and the odd column by Sexa on sexual issues.




After Nxumalo and Mahabane’s exit, then came Paul ‘Rude Boy Paul’ Mnisi (now with Power FM) whose direction was assisted by Bongani Madondo as ghost editor.  Lee Kasumba took the batton from Mnisi, she was also one third of afternoon drive show Harambe .



According to many a murmurs, Kasumba put the final nail in the rag’s coffin. Y Mag was headed for ruin at her helm. When Kabomo Vilakazi assumed editorship. It was almost a one man steered hack job whereby every second page had the man’ overly indulged trace on it. From the editorial space to features, Vilakazi might as well had declared that he was going to single-handedly put the magazine together by himself. He was all over it!




The Coming of Age& Rising of a phoenix


After a period that marked a regular column in True Love magazine, a life of homelessness and anxiety to produce a second album, Kabomo’s  odds were to live up to the  mould  of ‘having made it’ looked dire. A member of one of the few remaining and consistent poetry collectives in Joburg known as Likwid Tongue, Richard Quaz Roodt, remembers a scruffy looking and head phone wearing Vilakazi in 2010 showing up at OST, Newtown with the world on his shoulders.






Roodt describes the moment, “ You know what, when I saw him I thought it’s a theatrical thing that he is testing out.” Roodt carries on, “I mean this was Kabomo, to see him living from hand to mouth had me in disbelief.” Quaz goes on to say, “But it was also an ironically interesting time, in that when he climbed on stage during one of our shows he blew the crowd with material he was working on for his album.”





The launch of Memory Remains at Yamaha House




Kabomo’s sophomore album launch kick started with an opener from an emerging artist known as Solo. Flanked by two mpc players, namely Solid of Third Wave and L The Third. Solo embarked on a trip of neo raps synonymous to the craze of Danny Brown, Odd Future, Kendrick Lamar and Joey Bad Ass. Solo’s performance evoked themes of urban love, ‘the hustle’ and the juxtaposition of street credibility against an ever increasing totem of economic freedom.




Then from the silhouetted stage came the main act. Kabomo Vilakazi with a sermon of soul, rap and street life blues. His second album, Memory Remains is a meandering escapade that will land you at a few stops. If finely attuned, you are guaranteed to go past Raphael Saadiq’s ‘Different Times’ from the album Gospeldelic, to the machine gun raps of Zubz, Proverb& Tumi with ‘The performance Of Your Life..’ The night’s campaign had  with it collaborations from Nothende to improvisations with scat-stars such as Zarcia Zecheus. Even the lovely union that is Tshepo Mngoma and Swazi Dlamini had a chance to dazzle at Vilakazi’s command. Even more endearing was his rendition of Sankomota classic.





Underground, above ground….whatever!


As subjective as truth is. Kabomo is living testament that street dreams can come true. He is renaissance man that we all aspire to be. A dude that has cut his teeth doing this and that, well he ended up having prime time viewers in captivation and gawking at his Joburg style at the SAMAs. His humble beginnings from Jungle Connection to Horror are a thread that motivates and yells  out to the growing mind that “You Can Be Whatever You  Wanna Be.”


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Johannesburg,  Discovery Networks Central & Eastern Europe, Middle East and Africa (CEEMEA) and MultiChoice today announced the launch of a new, dedicated High Definition feed of Discovery Channel, exclusively for DStv subscribers in South Africa and across Sub-Saharan Africa.

The new Discovery Channel will launch in Q1 of 2014 and will mean that HD Premium DStv subscribers will be able to enjoy all of their favourite Discovery programmes, including Dynamo, Auction Hunters, Bear Grylls, River Monsters, Wheeler Dealers and Gold Rush Alaska, in true HD for the first time.

The new HD Discovery Channel will also be a dedicated feed for DStv – meaning that the channel will be scheduled with all of Africa’s favourite programmes and offer advertisers even more brand partnership and sponsorship opportunities.

To tie in with the launch, Discovery Networks will be bolstering its existing factual entertainment programming line-up with its first scripted drama, made by Hollywood director Ridley Scott (Gladiator, Robin Hood). KLONDIKE, an epic 8-part mini-series, will star Academy Award-winner Chris Cooper (American Beauty, The Bourne Identity); Tim Roth (Reservoir Dogs, Pulp Fiction); Richard Madden (Game of Thrones); Abbie Cornish (Limitless) and Sam Sheppard (The Right Stuff, Black Hawk Down).  The mini-series is based on Charlotte Gray’s book Gold Diggers: Striking It Rich in the Klondike, and brings to life the tale about six strangers and their collective fight for survival and wealth in a small, frontier town in the remote Klondike.

The Discovery Channel HD simulcast will remain on Channel 121 on DStv and will replace the current Discovery HD Showcase channel. Discovery Showcase content will however not be lost to viewers – as this content will be made available exclusively to DStv viewers via the brand new Explora HD PVR decoder VOD service and Online VOD.  As such, DStv subscribers will have the opportunity to watch even more of Discovery’s HD content – at their convenience.

“The launch of the new dedicated HD Discovery Channel is an important milestone for our services in Africa and represents our continued commitment to offering DStv viewers the best, high quality programming experience possible,” said James Gibbons, Senior Vice President, Emerging Business, Discovery Networks CEEMEA. “We’re sure that our DStv viewers and South African advertisers will relish the chance to watch their favourite Discovery Channel programmes in unbeatable high definition quality.  We’re also planning more new shows targeted at our DStv viewers, starting with the launch of the epic Klondike drama.  Watch this space for more details!”

Commented Mark Rayner, COO of MultiChoice South Africa; “We want DStv to be our customers’ home for great entertainment. Offering the adventurous and life-affirming content on Discovery as HD simulcast to our customers gives our Premium customers access to the best HD content in the world.”

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Mediamark’s newly launched TV division has been appointed as the official advertising sales representative for Glow TV, a new free-to-air channel on the OpenView HD satellite bouquet. This forms part of the company’s ongoing strategy to diversify from its roots in radio to become a true multichannel media sales house.

Mediamark’s newly launched TV division has been appointed as the official advertising sales representative for Glow TV, a new free-to-air channel on the OpenView HD satellite bouquet. This forms part of the company’s ongoing strategy to diversify from its roots in radio to become a true multichannel media sales house.

Glow TV is the product of cooperation between Kagiso Media and Nolava Television. It focuses on offering ‘eastern-inspired’ content for all South Africans on Platco’s new Openview HD free-to-air platform.

“Glow TV is an excellent starting point for our expansion into television,” says Elton Ollerhead, Managing Director, at Mediamark. “While the new TV division will operate as a standalone department with Mervyn Naidu leading the sales team, it will leverage Mediamark’s excellent reputation, infrastructure and media expertise to provide clients with TV solutions that deliver relevant audiences, and value to advertisers.”

Founded 16 years ago as Radmark with the specific focus on radio sales, Mediamark today represents about 16% of all radio advertising spend in South Africa. In recent years, the company has added a range of top digital offerings to its portfolio and more recently, events. Mediamark’s present portfolio comprises popular regional radio brands Capricorn FM, East Coast Radio, Gagasi FM, Heart 104.9FM, POWER 98.7, Jacaranda FM and Smile90.4FM. Mediamark’s digital stable includes Howzit MSN, one of South Africa’s leading content portals, as well as global communications giant, Skype.

“It is our intention to build a similarly strong presence in TV, adding a range of channels to our offering that give our advertisers the ability to speak to a range of audience segments,” says Ollerhead. “We will focus on those to allow advertisers to connect with underserved markets and execute innovative campaigns, including converged solutions.”

Ollerhead concludes, “Following the rapid expansion of our traditional radio business as well as our entrance into the events and digital spaces, TV forms the next cornerstone of our strategy to become a true converged media solutions company. Each of the offerings in our existing portfolio is a top player in its medium. But even more importantly, we are positioning ourselves to offer our clients converged media buys that help them to better coordinate campaigns across multiple media channels and hence improve the returns they get from their marketing spending.”

[Source: Mediamark]

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TRUfm launches the 2019 TRUTalent Search

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MoFlava to serve breakfast, Sphe & Naves are back at Metro

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