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[By Radiobiz reporter]

Irish publishing group Independent News and Media (INM) has decided to sell its South African unit, Independent News and Media SA (INM SA) for R2 billion to the Sekunjalo Consortium, headed by Cape Town business mogul and philanthropist Dr Igbal Survé.


Survé is the CEO of the Sekunjalo Group, which through its JSE-listed Sekunjalo Investment Holdings has interests in health, technology, marine and telecoms businesses. He said the consortium was a broad-based black economic empowerment group that included trade unions and a number of other parties from different parts of the country. The sale comes after the Irish group’s problems of high debt, which has seen the publishers take radical steps to restructure, including selling its flagship UK title, The Independent, in recent years.


INM’s plans to sell its South African business were first confirmed last July when it was announced Investec and Hawpoint had been appointed to advise on the sale. Other parties interested in buying INM SA included consortiums led by Cyril Ramaphosa, Moeletsi Mbeki and owners of The New Age newspaper, The Gupta Family. The sale still has to go through the finalisation of further approvals and a final agreement is to be signed by both parties. There’s also the INM shareholder approval to be considered and the green light has to be given by Competition Authorities in South Africa. The Competition Commission process is expected to take three months.


INM South Africa constitutes the country’s largest English-Language newspaper group boasting titles such as The Star, Pretoria News, Cape Argus, Daily News, Cape Times, The Mercury and Isolezwe, to name a few. Survé has announced big plans for Independent Newspapers, but he has also stated how delighted he is to bring it home. The group was previously owned by Anglo American and was sold in the mid 1990s to the Irish INM. 


His plans for Independent include expanding on its electronic publishing and to increase the number of titles in vernacular languages, praising the success of Isolezwe in KZN. “The iol website has more than 2.5 million individual visitors and this can be improved upon. I would also, ideally, like to see every province have a newspaper title in their local language, such as Sepedi in Limpopo,” said Dr Survé.


He also said he would like to expand the brand into Southern African countries like Mozambique, as well as in East Africa targeting, Kenya.  In a climate that deems the future of print media bleak since the emergence of digital and social media, as well as citizen journalism, Survé says he is optimistic about Africa.“I believe in my continent and we need to reflect positively about ourselves. The media is an important medium to convey such a message of Africa and to grow the continent intellectually and economically. The newspaper industry can be grown and South Africa has great potential,” he says, pointing out he’s not the only businessman with this view.


“Warren Buffet has just bought a lot of newspapers and there are countries like Brazil and India where readership is growing. And in Africa, literacy is growing. It’s a question of content.” His commitment and passion for nation building he says is the main catalyst for his interest in the media. Another motivating factor is his feeling that the newspapers he reads are negative and that there are other positive stories and viewpoints that are not being captured.


He has been criticised for having close ties with the ANC, which critics say may threaten editorial independence. But he emphasises that he is an independent thinker and therefore he is all for editorial independence. There are no plans to change the current management of INM SA, but the name of the group may change once the deal is completed.  


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What women want

Posted by radio On February - 22 - 2013 ADD COMMENTS

[Issued By: RAB]

Claire Mawisa, Kaya FM Head of Content says; “This time slot is more interactive and has a slower pace than both breakfast and lunch time shows – perfect for the female listener who loves to engage and discuss topics in depth. All women love to chat! I think it was traditionally known as ‘the female slot’, but I do feel that men should not be ignored, as they are also listening.

For advertisers looking to advertise to women specifically, which slot would you recommend and why?

I think the 9-12 slot is perfect, because there is an intimacy during this time slot that other shows can’t compete with. Advertising in this space has the opportunity to be less hard-hitting, to truly connect with our listener. We certainly have a strategy around women / females as we believe that the family purchasing decisions are still held by them. We celebrate successful women on air (where possible we use female experts as contributors) and through our Kaya FM activations.


Cindy Diamond, Sales Director: Inland at MediaMark says; “This slot is a great place to connect with all office listeners and people working from home (‘working’ encompasses stay-at-home moms as well as entrepreneurs and professionals). It’s a time of day where things are less frantic and there’s more propensity to listen to the radio for longer periods of time. The commonly-held belief is that those not too busy to listen will be more relaxed and receptive, and that many people listening at this time are not commuting and therefore have a higher propensity to engage via phone, SMS, email and digital platforms. I think the old presumptions about women being the focus during mid-morning relied on the stereotype that women stay at home and are busy with ‘housework’ at this time.

For advertisers looking to advertise to women specifically, which slot would you recommend and why?

Adult contemporary stations and those broadly targeting 25-49 year old listeners through music (I include Heart 104.9 FM, East Coast Radio, Jacaranda FM and Gagasi 99.5 in this category) tend to appeal to female listeners across the day. There is no set time that will get you the most success with females as a category. What’s important now is what kind of consumer is being targeted? If you want to reach a large number of female audiences with a brand message, then morning drive is still the best option. But if you want a more experiential campaign to promote attributes of a brand, the more sedate environment of 9-12pm will help the promotion stand out.

Malani van Huyssteen, Primedia Group Sales Manager says; “With commercial radio, we generally build audiences across the day. Programming is aimed at a broad audience across socio-economic, political, age and gender lines. There is no distinction made between male and female audiences. On talk radio, topics are chosen due to public interest, timeliness and relevance criteria for a broad audience. It follows then that there will be topics and issues for which the audience will ‘self-select’ out of personal interest. The same goes for music radio, which is targeted across all groups, depending on the station’s given license conditions. For example, 94.7 Highveld is an ‘adult contemporary’ station generally aimed at 25-49 year olds, as opposed to a classical music station.

Audiences are generally loyal to a specific radio station, rather than a certain presenter or time slot. This is unlike TV, which is programme-driven, and therefore easier to segment by gender choice.

This does not necessarily mean that radio is not a suitable medium for messages targeted specifically at a female audience. If marketers have a female specific product, it is the creative message that drives the response, rather than the presenter or the time slot”.

Florence Kikine, Head of Media Strategy, SABC Radio Sales says; “No two women are the same, want the same or appreciate the same and factors including life stages, profession, location and educational background may account for this. Radio is generally designed to appeal or speak to the different groups or markets of the population. If you look at ‘morning drive’ it generally appeals to people on the go; news, finance, business, weather, traffic interspersed with music and humor.


The African Language Stations generally deliver more females listeners across most of their time slots than males, with early mornings dominated by this group and delivery as high as 66% on some. This could be because many females have to wake up earlier to prepare the family for the day.

For advertisers looking to advertise to women specifically, which slot would you recommend and why?

Females, just like their male counterparts have various needs and communication requirements that are either time-dependent or circumstance-driven, so there is no one slot to direct them to. Women enjoy interacting with each other or with experts as they are the ones mostly responsible for the running of the household. In most stations the 9-12 slot caters for that interactivity with family or female orientated topics.


It is vital that marketers don’t narrow their search for female listeners to only one slot. Women’s’ socio-economic lifestyles are fast changing in South Africa. As more and women take charge of leadership roles within the economy, their listening habits are shifting too.

Women have a need to engage with one another, listen to and admire each other’s’ success. We have integrated this within our programming to feature more success stories from women in government, business, sport, and community builders.

African Language stations such as Ukhozi FM and Lesedi FM are popular amongst women in townships and rural areas because of their educational and informative formats. These women respond well to ‘agony-aunt’ type features.  Advertisers like Unilever (runs an educational feature with household tips on the OMO mailbag campaign), Tiger Brands (Mama Koo campaign), Sanlam (Takalani Sesame educational campaign) and many more, have all successfully benefited from the mid-morning shows audiences on SABC ALS radio stations.

Gospel music, which is essentially delivered on Sundays, is another environment that marketers may focus on when targeting female listeners. They ‘make appointments’ to listen to their favourite shows or presenters.

The female domination on radio listeners is not exclusive to ALS; RSG also delivers features including Pet shows, medical matters, book clubs and drama.

Ultimately, What Women Want is à Great programming that is relevant to their needs and is perfectly timed!


The SABC Radio stations deliver more females than males at 13.9 million. The African Language stations alone deliver 11.2 million women, representing 53.4% of all listeners


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[Issued by: Kaya FM]

The annual Africa Energy Indaba is pleased to announce that Kaya FM is an official media partner of its 2013 event.

The fifth annual Africa Energy Indaba (AEI) is the Continent’s premier energy event, endorsed by the South Africa National Energy Association, the World Energy Council and supported by the African Union and the NEPAD Planning & Coordinating Agency. It is the forum and business networking opportunity for decision-makers and leading role-players planning and developing Africa’s energy future.


Africa is the fastest urbanising continent in the world, and must provide enough energy to meet its annual urban growth rate, which is twice as high as that of Asia and Latin America. Africa, as home to the poorest of the poor, must innovate energy solutions for 50% of the world’s impoverished that live here in order to meet its enormous growth potential for the future.


Liz Hart, Managing Director of the Africa Energy Indaba, says “We welcome the opportunity to work with Kaya FM as they share our vision for a prosperous Africa that can achieve sustainable solutions for our Continent in the energy space. They are notably committed to informing South Africans about tomorrow’s growth opportunities in Africa, including the exciting energy sector.”


Kaya FM Managing Director, Greg Maloka agrees, “Our partnership with the Africa Energy Indaba affords our “Afripolitan” listeners opportunities to engage in the debate on Africa’s energy future from a uniquely African perspective, whilst exploring and optimizing new business opportunities on their home ground.”


The Kaya FM listener is defined as “Afropolitan”: a mature, sophisticated, socially-conscious individual rooted in heritage and a progressive thought leader. The Afropolitan is a self-determining, discerning individual who is well informed and a player in the global environment

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OFM to give away an experience of a lifetime

Posted by radio On February - 18 - 2013 ADD COMMENTS

[Issued by: OFM]

Central South Africa is abuzz with exciting news that OFM will give away a sound of your summer experience in Las Vegas in partnership with Emerald Resort and Casino worth R120 000.

A lucky listener and a partner could be jetting off to Las Vegas to see the legendary Elton John perform live in his Million Dollar Piano concert at Caesar’s Palace. This prize includes five nights’ stay at the Emerald Resort and Casino in Vanderbijlpark, four nights’ stay at Caesar’s Palace as well as flights and entertainment.


On air, weekdays from February 18, OFM will play snippets of Elton John songs. Various call-to-action adverts will be used to inform listeners what to listen out for. When they hear the snippet, they will then send an SMS to 36636 (R1.50/SMS) to be in the draw to become a finalist. There will be 20 finalists over the two weeks of the campaign. A winner will be announced on February 28.


Except for on air, the sound of your summer campaign will be promoted across all of OFM’s touch points including our webpage (, mobi-site ( and our Facebook and twitter accounts (@OFM9497). According to OFM Communications Manager Tumi Sefemo, the summer campaign is now in its second year. The campaign celebrates the essence of being a South African. South Africans love summer and what better way than to give our listeners an opportunity to experience summer in a city renowned as a major holiday destination?


In 2012, OFM through a similar campaign, the summer of your life, made the dreams of Maureen Louw come true when she dashed off to Las Vegas to see Celine Dion perform live.

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SAARF releases first RAMS for 2013 – Commercial

Posted by radio On February - 18 - 2013 ADD COMMENTS

Late last year [December 2012], RAMS figures by South African Audience Research Foundation [SAARF] charted a significant change for some commercial radio stations. The methodology of these RAMS is through self-completion of diaries, which respondents are left to complete in their homes over a seven-day period. Among the risers were Thobela FM, its weekly reach rose from 7.8% to 8.9%, with audience numbers breaking through the 3million mark to settle at 3.119million. The latest RAMS [February 2013] shows that radio listenership is stable, with both time spent listening and incidence of listening remaining comparable to the previous release, RAMS Dec 2012


Listening levels are relatively the same in comparison to RAMS Dec 2012. Contributing to the slight peak is the event of striking farmers in the Western Cape, which listed in the last RAMS along with Nelson Mandela’s admittance to hospital, Mangaung conference and the Eastern Cape floods.


Overall listening levels are:

Seven-day listening – 89.5%, with declines in metros, Gauteng as a whole, and Johannesburg and Soweto specifically. Seven-day listening is significantly up on the 88.1% seen in RAMS Feb 2012. 

Average Monday to Friday – 69.3% [with growth in metros]

Saturday listening – 65.7%

Sunday listening –  65.4%


Time spent listening

Total time spent listening (TSL) per day is down by a minute, marking no change from the previous RAMS. TSL is 3h30 per day, and 24h30m per week.


Demographic ups & downs for commercial radio stations


Kaya FM lost audience in cities and large towns on an average Monday to Friday.

5FM lost audience in cities and large towns [past 7 days ]

Metro FM charts at 2171 in the adults age 15+ bracket with -2.3% diary on diary

Other stations who lost listeners against the previous period are  Capricorn FM, East Coast Radio , Algoa FM, Kfm , Jacaranda FM , 567 Cape Talk

The commercial stations that gained listeners are, Yfm, Gagasi FM, GoodHope FM, Heart FM, North West FM, SAfm and Talk Radio 702.


The second RAMS release of 2013 will be on 9 May 2013.











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The social climax of radio stations

Posted by radio On February - 16 - 2013 ADD COMMENTS

[By: Boitumelo Mmakou]


Currently, radio stations have to compete not only amongst themselves but with the evolution of the internet. People can get information whenever they want to, and download music they want to hear off the internet without having to tune-in to any radio station. Hence the reason why radio stations across the globe has a huge reliance on social media. Social networks such as Facebook have become the perfect way to interact with the listeners.


Metro FM, an urban radio station that thrives on making sure that both their young and old listeners interact with the station. Metro FM gains over 1 136 fans per/week making over 5 260 fans per month, this according to the Social baker, a social media analytics platform established in 2009 to allow all kinds of brands on the social network to compare, contrast and measure themselves to their competitors, in order for the brands to become more effective and maximize their brand through the social network.



5FM which marks itself as a youth radio station with drive and passion to entertain its audience has more than a 90% fan base in South Africa, and just above 1% of fans in the United Kingdom, United States and other neighbouring countries. 5fm has fast become a leading radio station of its kind to have a fan growth of a 748 fans per week. Social Bakers states that 5FM gains around 3 375 fans per month. The station is one that is constantly interacting with the fans.


Highveld stereo’s Express breakfast show is one with diversity, bringing in lots of fun, entertainment and hot of the press news every weekday, between 6am and 9am. The weekday breakfast team consists of the bubbly presenters Darren Simpson, Deysel, Bongani Nxumalo and Sam Cowen. The active team has gained a fan increase of 180 fans per week, and over 708 fans per month.  The Express breakfast show on Highveld stereo is one, that’s on many people’s lips, and fingertips with over 3 553 people who have spoken about the show on Facebook. It is not only because of the great voices that the breakfast show on Highveld lives, but mainly because of the listeners that clearly show their support on Facebook.


One other radio station that is making waves on the shores of Cape Town is KFM. Situated at the heart of the mother city KFM is home of the greatest hits as well as a vibrant gang of presenters, and one in particular being Ryan O’Conner the host of the morning breakfast show on weekdays. The success of this show is coined by the fans that support the show through the social network. According to Social Baker statistics KFM has over 87.6% of fans in South Africa alone, and above 1% of fans in other parts of the country who listen and like the KFM breakfast team. The Cape’s breakfast team has over 416 fans per week, to 1 079 by month.



Thanks to Social baker’s statistics that give insights into just how many fans really do love the radio stations, also radio stations have immense assistance in finding ways to gain more listeners and grow as a station through their success on the social media.


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Cape Town Radio (PTY) Ltd to launch mid-March

Posted by radio On February - 15 - 2013 2 COMMENTS

Joint chairpersons of Cape Town Radio (Pty) Ltd, Anant Singh and Dr Ernest Messina announced that the company’s brand new radio station will go on-air in mid-March this year.  They also announced the appointment of an experienced executive team comprising of Managing Director, Tony Mallam, Programme Director, Clive Ridgway, Head of Talk Content, Lizma van Zyl and Marketing Manager, Nomfundo Calana, all of whom come with a wealth of knowledge.

Singh commented: “We are excited about launching a brand new radio station in Cape Town. Our format is based on extensive research and it is designed to deliver to the market the under-served elements of talk, news and current affairs, especially in the Afrikaans language.  Additionally, the station will take heed of what our listeners want to hear and this will further inform our content.  For us, we are very excited that the station is a venture following Cape Town Film Studios and we are confident that it will meet with the same success.”  

Dr Messina added: “We will further develop vibrant new radio talent who will be supported and nurtured by experienced professionals in our team.  To this end, we are convinced that we have assembled an experienced and formidable team who has the necessary skills, passion and commitment to ensure the long-term viability and sustainability of the station.  Our objective is to establish and develop it to become the Number One radio brand in Cape Town.”

Says Managing Director, Tony Mallam: “The station, which will broadcast in both Afrikaans and English, will be a hybrid talk and music station and will broadcast live 24/7 in the Cape Town Metropolitan area.”


Commenting further on the station format, Programme Director, Clive Ridgway said: “Our music format is a mix of adult contemporary and pop hits, aimed primarily at listeners between the ages of 25 and 49 years old. The playlist comprises 50% local South African songs and 50% international songs.  Regular music research will be conducted to ensure that the station is in tune with the target audience.


“The other 50% of our content will be talk.  Our talk programmes will be a mix of news, actuality, listener participation as well as interaction between news anchors and content presenters. The talk will be a seamless mix of Afrikaans and English with a typical Cape Town flavour. This will be managed by our Head of Talk Content, Lizma van Zyl,” continued Ridgway.

The overall programming sound will be upbeat and energising with the intention of making a positive contribution to the diverse Cape Town community.  According to Mallam the ‘talk and tunes’ format has been designed to provide a unique listening experience to the Cape audience as well as being an attractive modern platform for radio advertisers.

Ridgway further commented: “What we will be launching is more than a radio station.  It’s a purpose driven audio brand started by a conscientious group of Cape Town radio professionals, business and community leaders. As custodians of a powerful communication medium, we understand that we have an obligation to make a constructive contribution to our community and we have chosen to do so through positive programme content and being solutions-driven on air. Through our research, we will be broadcasting with the knowledge that we have a deep understanding of the needs and sentiments of our listener-community.    We will be presenting content with the knowledge that what you hear, affects how you feel – how you feel, affects what you do and what you do affects who you become.”


About Cape Town Radio (Pty) Ltd

Cape Town Radio (Pty) Ltd is co-chaired by renowned film producer, Anant Singh who also chairs Cape Town Film Studios.

Co-chairperson, Dr Ernest Messina is a respected business leader with an academic background.  Dr Messina chairs among other bodies, the Groot Constantia Trust.

Historically Disadvantaged Individuals hold 88.7% of the shareholding of Cape Town Radio (Pty) Ltd.  The shareholders have significant media, entertainment and business experience with a deep understanding of the radio industry.

The shareholders are: 

·      Videovision Entertainment (Pty) Ltd

·      Women’s Development Bank (WDB) Investment Holdings

·      Allparts Cape (Pty) Ltd

·      African Peoples Investment Company (Pty) Ltd

·      Radio 021 (Pty) Ltd


Issued by  :    Gina T Z Ganswyk

                      Cape Town Radio (Pty) Ltd

                      Tel: 021 914 6388 / 082 578 5010


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Radio 2000’s Online Streaming need not be linear

Posted by radio On February - 14 - 2013 ADD COMMENTS

[By: Kagiso Mnisi]

Radio 2000 now has an internet-only transmission whose purpose is to cast special events and sports coverage. The station  found on a 97.2-100 frequency width nationwide, can now leverage  on a hallmark that has long served as its positioning device- sporting spectacles- via live streams. The AFCON experience has recently fell within this perimeter in the commentary of live matches; the advantageous aspect of this is that there is more instantaneous reach to a wider audience. Other events that stand to benefit in this move are national attention grabbers such cricket and rugby matches. This extension bridges the limitations that come with traditional way of radio broadcasting.


The online streaming phenomenon presents listeners with a continuous stream of audio that cannot be tuned forth or replayed, the service has the benefit of accessibility from anywhere in the world. In the case of Radio 2000’s interface, the prominent features are tabs which offer a choice to ‘listen live’, ‘studio cam’ and DJ Blogs. As supplement, there is a continuous update of developing news which in essence is a perpetual feed of incoming information.


Other noteworthy aspects of the station’s streaming feat are presidential addresses on matters with a bearing on national interest. If popular wisdom is anything to go by, this will surely guarantee more reservations from opposition on the issue of SABC AS an abyss of spin for the state. Radio 2000’s content is fairly balanced with a crop of what may termed as renegade jocks. They include Ernest Pillay, Just Ice and Angela Ludick to mention a few, whom have had colourful careers at other stations in earlier years. However even with that kind of breed, the dynamics of interactivity are at play on radio and it takes more than streaming to be ahead of the curve.


At face value, Radio 2000’s portal is static, brochure-like and barely aligns with the stations more attractive appeal via frequency. It is a well known fact that radio streaming makes for a more effective intervention if coincided with podcasts. This enables the listener to revisit memorable programmes close to their heart at leisure and continue to be brand loyal. Being devoid of this only hurts the station’s its streaming campaign strategy.



The new internet-only transmission venture is a novel feat and modern day necessity, but it can only be effective with a more dynamic homepage/interface. For greater appeal it should be populated with diverse content that will accompany the live-listening aspect. A veer in that direction will not only appease Radio 2000’s infotainment oriented listeners but also allow it to successfully chart the online terrain.





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Ligwalagwala FM donates to disadvantaged learners

Posted by radio On February - 13 - 2013 ADD COMMENTS

[Issued by: Ligwalagwala FM]

Ligwalagwala FM ushers 2013 with its yearly and powerful back to school campaign, 100 disadvantaged pupils from various high schools will be beneficiaries of this noble initiative. The uniform will include; shirts, dresses, trousers, socks, jerseys and shoes that will be delivered to them by the station on the week of 18 February 2013.


In December 2012 the Breakfast Show hosted by Dumisane “Madumane” Simelane opened its telephone lines to listeners to nominate a school that they felt had children who were in need of school uniforms. The schools that will benefit from this project include; Makhosana Manzini High School Mkhuhlu, Chief Charles High School Empakeni, Thembeka High School Kanyamazane, Zikode Secondary School Gutshwa, John Mdluli High School Mataffin.


“The plight of our poor and vulnerable members of our communities will continue to touch and call us to action, as a caring station we saw it fit to ignite hope where there is none in existence, this little gesture from us will go a long way in making a difference in their young lives” said Mr Rio Mabunda, Ligwalagwala FM Station Manager.


In 2012 the station was involved in a number of social investment projects, where more schools benefited from school uniforms, orphaned children were treated to a warm breakfast with the Breakfast Show team. The Breakfast Show team also assisted immensely in burying a listeners’ mother. Lender “Mancane” Malope together with the Film and Publications Board and Sibusisiwe Foundation assist disabled children in Witbank by donating mattresses, wheelchairs and toys. The Midday Show and Vodacom closed off 2012 by hosting a Christmas lunch for orphaned children in Elukwatini.


In 2013 the station will continue to give back to the community of Mpumalanga in order to ensure that its listeners are empowered.

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SABC joins UNESCO in celebrating World Radio Day

Posted by radio On February - 12 - 2013 ADD COMMENTS

February 13 is a date proclaimed by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation UNESCO as the World Radio Day – a day to celebrate radio as a medium; to improve international cooperation between broadcasters; and to encourage major networks and community radio alike to promote access to information and freedom of expression over the airwaves.


As radio continues to evolve in the digital age, it remains the medium that reaches the widest audience worldwide. This multi-purpose medium can help people, including youth, to engage in discussions on topics that affect them. It can save lives during natural or human-made disasters; and it provides journalists with a platform to report facts and tell their stories.


UNESCO encourages all countries to celebrate World Radio Day by planning activities in partnership with regional, national and international broadcasters, non-governmental organizations, the media and the public.

Let’s celebrate!

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