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SA’s first Masterchef graces Lotus FM

Posted by radio On February - 5 - 2013 ADD COMMENTS

[Issued by: Lotus FM]


The drama studios of Lotus FM were a buzz of excitement recently when a special recording took place with SA’s first Masterchef, Deena Naidoo.

The cooking expert made a special appearance in the radio station’s popular soapie Sunshine Mall. Drama producer Raeesa Mohamed said: ‘I thought it was a good idea to have a cooking demonstration as part of the story, and what better chef to feature than KZN’s own Masterchef Deena Naidoo. I called him up and he was very keen on the idea and agreed immediately. So I asked the writer to put it into the script as part of the story’.


Sunshine Mall is set in a fictitious mall on the coast of KZN and is populated with zany and funny characters who provide the drama and excitement in the story. Deena Naidoo is invited as a special guest by the Marketing Manager of the Mall to do a cooking demo.


The episode was recorded in the drama studios in the SABC building in Durban with a cast of professional actors, and directed by Raeesa Mohamed. Popular Lotus FM presenter Varshan Sookhun was also part of the recording. He played himself, covering the event for Lotus FM as a live broadcast.


Deena Naidoo says ‘This was a new experience for me and I thoroughly enjoyed it. It was fascinating to see how the whole radio drama recording process worked. I am pleased and privileged to be asked by Raeesa to do this’.

Sunshine Mall is broadcast on Lotus FM every weekday at 09h45 and repeated at 20h30.

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[Issued by: Avusa Media LIVE]

In a case of growing one’s own timber, Times Media LIVE has promoted Razia Van Der Schuur to editor of its Sowetan LIVE and Sunday World digital platforms. Effective February 1, she will be responsible for overall content on and as well as organic audience growth.
“Razia had built up valuable experience on the Sowetan LIVE website,” says GM Derek Abdinor, ‘and was then charged with injecting some impetus into the LIVE network’s social media brands. She ran the successful Mzansi’s Sexiest Campaign and is one of the few online editors who truly understand their community. She is a great fit for the brand.”

In 2011, Van Der Schuur was invited by the US Embassy to attend the International Visitor Leadership Program (IVLP), a US Department of State’s premier professional exchange program, to represent Sowetan LIVE in a discussion regarding media in the 21st century.

Sowetan LIVE is one of South Africa’s most popular news websites, and they focus strongly on their online community. The audience is young, street-wise and fashionable. Sowetan LIVE has an audience of 544,528 unique browsers and 12,933,236 page views (Effective Measure, South Africa, January 2013). Sowetan LIVE is the most engaged South African news website with users spending 10 minutes on site per session.

Veteran editor, Juliette Saunders, departs for The Times newsroom with much recognition from the industry for building the online brand. Sowetan LIVE received Bookmarks awards for Editorial excellence for the last three years.

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SABC accelerates repayment of loan

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South African Broadcasting Corporation Board Chairperson, Ben Ngubane has announced that the public broadcaster has made a once-off payment of R416 million to Nedbank as part of its endeavour to repay its R1billion government guaranteed loan as quickly as possible. 


Ngubane says the payment has accelerated return-payments by 14 months. The public broadcaster still owes the bank R230 million. Ngubane says: “We are very pleased with the performance of the organisation over the last two years. It is through the turnaround strategy and different initiatives instituted internally, that we were able to start turning the organisation around and be able to pay back Nedbank in the speedily fashion that we have done.”      

Ngubane was addressing the media in Auckland Park in Johannesburg yesterday.

Source: SABC

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Healthy living made fun with SAfm

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[Issued By : SAfm]

SAfm was involved in the 7th Kellogg’s Health of the Nation 50 hour Sports Challenge at the Southern Suburbs Sport and Recreation centre in Rosettenville. The campaign’s aim is to highlight the importance of physical activity in a child’s life and was well attended with 3000 participants getting physically “set for school”. Among the children were learners from schools from Troyeville, Denver, Yeoville and the surrounding communities.


“Healthy living made fun” was the theme of the weekend, Health of the Nations coaches played with the children a broad spectrum of field sports from rugby,soccer,60m races netball and tennis to name but a few. The first day of the weekend challenge SAfm had a live broadcast at the grounds on the Afternoon Talk show presented by Ashraf Garda, who had the honourable Mr. Gert Oosthuizen, Deputy Minister of Sport and Recreation who addressed their involvement in this initiatives and the importance of making healthy sports a lifestyle.


The programme included an interview with the adventure couple Gugu Zulu and Letshego Moshoeu, runner ups of the 2011 SA survivor race challenge series and Kellogg’s Health of the Nation ambassadors. For over 10 years their lives have been revolving around exercise and sports, they’re certainly set a positive example.


During the course of the day the children had breaks in between with food, drinks and high energy music and live performance by Lilly Million musician, guitarist and singer.The second day of the weekend challenge the youthful showIn-Tune presented by Naledi Moleo broadcasted live at the grounds where she interviewed some of the young exercise fanatics who cheerfully said they loved this weekend sports challenge because they love playing sports most especially with friends. Following after that was the SAfm Sports Special show presented by Nick Bauer. One of the highlights on that day was the SAfm crew including the sports presenter Nick Bauer surprisingly participating in some activities.


To put the message across more effectively professional sports team Gravity Core was invited to entertain the children with performances of strength, flexibility and fitness. Gravity Core, most commonly referred to as G Core is passionate about core strengthening and body resistant training. After a long, hard working and fun weekend, all that remained were healthy children with smiles- if only one could capture the joy on the children’s faces.


SAfm would like to thank everyone that made it a spectacular weekend for the children; Mr. Gert Oosthuizen, Deputy Minister of Sport and Recreation, Kellogg’s Health of the Nation ambassadors Gugu Zulu and Letshego Moshoeu and musician Lilly Million.

SAfm would like to also thank the organizational partners that all made this possible Kellogg’s, Sporting Chance, Kia Motors, Virgin Active, City of Joburg and Good Hope fm.


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Posted by radio On January - 22 - 2013 1 COMMENT

[By Kgomotso Moncho]

 The voicemail message on Linda Sibiya’s phone goes like this,”Linda Sibiya, Mr Magic. It’s not over yet. You can make it in life if you believe in God. Anything is possible with God. Have a nice day. Cheers, bye.” And then there’s the beep to leave a message. Ukhozi FM’s top DJ, presenting the morning show, Vuka Mzansi (which won an MTN Radio Award for Best Breakfast show), is at heart a motivational speaker. This is something he does professionally and it comes naturally to him. The truth is that he has lived and practiced the motivation that he preaches. His journey into the radio industry is a humbling story and he tells it better himself.


On his background and radio career:

 “I was born in Eshowe in KZN on July 17 1974. I come from the biggest family because my father had three wives. But we were 11 kids from my mother. We were very poor and my father worked as a security guard. At 11 years old I already knew that I want to be a radio DJ. At school my mates would put me in a cupboard and ask me to back announce.



“I had suicidal thoughts at the back of my mind during my struggle, but I was also determined to make it.”   



During school holidays in 1983, 84 and 85, I’d come to Durban where my dad worked. When I wanted to come live permanently in 1986, my dad said I could not live with him, so I stayed with Umalume (my uncle) in Umlazi. I sold apples in trains until matric. My father would tell me, ‘when you finish matric you must come work as a security guard like me to take care of the family.’ I told him about college, but there was no money, so I joined Durban security and Combat force as a security guard from 1992 to 1993.


 In 1994 when we were getting ready to vote, I went to Joburg, after seeing an advertisement with the picture of Nimrod Nkosi, asking for radio and TV presenters. I had no family or friends in Joburg. So I stayed at the Hillbrow hotel for R45 a night, until they chased me out because I had run out of money to pay. I hung around President and Simmonds streets in downtown Joburg and slept at Park Station. I’d motivate myself by walking to the SABC from Monday to Friday until the SABC in late 1994 made a call out for freelancers to enroll in a course, TV and Radio Technicalities for Performers, for two weeks. I took part in the course, but because I had no money, I told them to take my ID and keep it until I was able to pay. I started selling bed linen. In 1995 I went back to KZN. I was called by Radio Maritzburg to do a 12 – 1pm slot every Thursday. I applied to Ukhozi, but nothing came of it, so I got a job selling medical aid in KZN.


 I had suicidal thoughts at the back of my mind during my struggle, but I was also determined to make it. In February 1996, the SABC told me they had been looking for me because they were offering training for Ukhozi. I started with the 12 – 5am in Ukhozi. In 1999 I was full time doing the 12 – 3pm slot. I was given the drive time slot from 2000 to 2008 and then from 2008 till now, I have been doing the morning show Vuka Mzanzi. I was given the nickname Mr Magic by people who mentored me and thought I had a lovely voice.


On his love and attraction to radio:

 “Because of my poor background, my love for radio grew at a young age because I just wanted a platform to talk to people and tell them they can make it. I love people and I can talk all day. Radio is real and it’s not about fame or money. It’s about passion on an everyday level. It’s about working with time and painting pictures in people’s minds.


On Vuka Mzansi:

 Our show speaks to a boy in the townships, a CEO, u’gogo at home, the youth, just to name a few. Our aim is to change people’s lives and especially changing negative to positive thinking. My father used to always tell me, ‘at the end of the day you must think, how many people smiled because of you today?’ And I live by that.


On memorable moments on radio:

 This has to be doing a show with the legend, Cyril “Kansas City” Mchunu in 1996. There was this other time in 2003 when we were running a competition called Wise Up Waya Waya. We had a caller who was too poor, but we had made him wait for an hour. That was a humbling and eye opening experience. 


On his first acting role:

 I was given an opportunity to act in an independent film called Uhlanga The Mark, written and produced by Ndaba ka Ngwane, which showed at the Durban International Film Festival 2012. When the filmmakers approached me, I related to the character because his background was similar to mine. I could not refuse. I play the role of Mandla Thabethe, who sells bananas for a living and then gets a job at a sugar-cane factory. The experience made me see life differently. 


On future goals:

 I have the Magic Communications and Events company and the Magic Tour where I do motivational speaking at universities. I would love to have a TV show on SABC, with “Change Your Mind” as a name suggestion. This is at the top of my list. I would also love to build a school and leave a legacy.


 Things you probably din’t know about Linda Sibiya:

 He has a fear of snakes

He would love to go to Disneyland with his family

He enjoys reading books by TD Jakes and going to the movies with his family.   






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Posted by radio On January - 22 - 2013 Comments Off on TONY BLEWITT JOINS OFM

Issued by: OFM


Renowned TV personality and radio presenter Tony Blewitt will soon be heard across the Central South African airwaves when he joins OFM on February 2.

Tony will present the Saturday afternoon programme from 16:00 to 19:00 and also take over the reins of Gold Retold Sundays between 9:00 and 13:00. Blewitt says he is delighted to join OFM and promises listeners a show filled with humour and a blend of great music and current affairs.


Born and bred in England, Blewitt has an illustrious broadcast experience. He was first heard on the UK’s Luxembourg Radio 208 before moving to South Africa and joining Capital Radio where he presented the station’s prime time spot. Blewitt has worked with some of the country’s best media including 5fm, 94.7 Highveld stereo, CNBC and Summit TV.


Fans of Blewitt and OFM, who wish to meet this legend, are invited to visit the station’s newly built studios in Vanderbijlpark where Blewitt will be based. The Emerald Resort and Casino is the new home of OFM in Vanderbijlpark and is an addition to OFM’s Central South African presence, which include studios in Bloemfontein and Potchefstroom.


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[By: Kagiso Mnisi]

The latest SAARF RAMS report reveals that during December 2012, local listenership dipped slightly by 54 minutes per week. These figures combine fieldwork for large urban areas from the beginning of July to mid-October 2012, and the small-urban areas/rural components for Jan-June 2012 (Gauteng’s new community station, Radio Veritas, did make a notable beep on the RAMS radar – the station has a reach of 0.1% into the province, with an audience of 7 000 on the basis large-urban data only). There has been no upward movement in listenership neither in this RAMS release, nor over the few years previous.




 And yet, the modern day radio listener exists in a time where technology constantly curves up. In light of the sluggish RAMS figures, local radio surely has no choice but to meet the constantly changing needs of audiences by considering emerging technologies. The two areas that offer great potential in enhancing the radio experience are mobile and social media. According to Kristen Purcell of Pew Internet Research “information has become free, ambient and controlled by audiences” and “radio stations must use social media to draw audiences into a conversation”.




 Research shows that radio still has 80% ‘share of the ear’ as global radio analysts from audience dialogue point out (, where the experience starts with audio but as trends suggest, doesn’t need to end there. The same research reveals that South Africa has recently seen an upward surge in the number of online radio stations available to audiences. This has largely been due to the fact that online radio stations do not require licenses from the regulatory body, ICASA. Ballz Visual Radio (a brainchild of former Jacaranda jock, Darren Scott), and 2oceansvibe are the more well-known online stations




At the recent Radio Days Europe, Tim Davies who is BBC’s head of audio suggested that “the most important thing you can do today is tell your mobile operator that you want phones to receive (digital) broadcast signals, as IP can’t deliver us the growth that we need”. All over the world radio is still “a speaker in the box”, as British radio futurologist James Cridland has put it, but it is also streamed, podcast, transmitted via satellite or to cellphones, programmed by the listener. Technical innovations are driving change in radio, making interaction with audience instantaneous and constant, and putting on the pressure to deliver quality content and creative ads. One of these emerging trends is former 5fm presenter, Mark Gillman, who as a radio consultant based in the UK has founded TMGS Creative. It is a company he says sells imaging, broadcast services and production creating tailored programming for brands. Gillman says in the UK, what’s most apparent is that radio has embraced new media rather than try to compete with it. “Those behind it have realised the usefulness of new media to showcase their medium. It is used as a tool to build audiences.” Gillman’s TGMS Creative has brought a new concept to South Africa, Broadcast My Life, which illustrates how new media can be used to present new programming concepts.




Broadcast My Life transposes new media onto radio by allowing BlackBerry users direct interaction with radio via BBM. The developments in radio have surged over the years; this is in the wake of there being demographics that are entirely at home with technology. One of the key opportunities for radio in using the online space is to offer 21st century audiences the opportunity to listen at the time of their choosing (podcasts). The content has to be worthwhile and go beyond inane comments by presenters about the weather.

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It’s hard to remember a time when there were no radio traffic reports, just as much as it’s hard to remember a time when there were no cell phones and the internet.

Periodic traffic reports at any time of day have become so entrenched in the lifestyle of everyday driving workers, that they have become a necessary part of daily life. It’s useful to know what is happening on major routes across the country to help you make better decisions about getting to where you need to. 

A traffic report could set the tone for the rest of your day and traffic reporters and presenters are there to make things a little better for the commuter. Names that tend to stick out when it comes to traffic and South African radio are Rob Byrne and Aki Anastasiou.

Anastasiou won an MTN Radio award for Best Traffic Presenter 2011.  He presents traffic Radio 702 and he admits to have witnessed horrific accidents from the helicopter that left him completely speechless. 

Traffic reporting has evolved from being specified to being accessible to anyone. Rob Byrne, who presents instant reports across national radio stations, set up TrafficNet – a real time information network for radio stations nationwide, available to radio presenters. It combines incident reporting with real time speed date to offer the most comprehensive traffic news service in the country.

As much as traffic presenters provide listeners with traffic information, most of the time it is the listeners who are providing that information. “90% of usable info comes from the motoring public. They phone in, sms and even email,” says Byrne.

Social media has also had a hand in this. Just as it has created the citizen reporter, it has also created the citizen traffic presenter with characters such as Pigs potter, as an example.

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Motsweding FM Angels – a CSI movement made up of the radio station’s staff members, launched its 2013 Back2School programme on Friday 11th. The Angels, together with educators, learners and their parents spent the day at Onkgopotse-Tiro Comprehensive School in Tsetse [Mahikeng] giving the school a face lift by cleaning, painting and refurbishing all 23 classes and general surroundings.

The school which is named after South Africa’s student activist, Abram Onkgopotse Tiro, under the leadership of Principal Edwin Kgonothi, achieved I00% pass for both Grade II and 12 in the 2012 academic year.

The Angels also presented the learners with much needed essentials, which include school socks, sanitary towels, toothpaste, soap, etc.

“Education is a very important weapon in fighting poverty and a much valued brick in build-ing a better future for South Africa and Africa.” said Motsweding FM Station Manager, Sibongile Mtyali, during the donation hand-over. She pledged the station’s continuous sup-port to the learners and urged them to stay in school despite the challenges they face every day.

Mr Edwin Kgonothi thanked Motsweding FM Angels and indicated that the gesture will not be forgotten. This he said in the presence of officials from the North West Province Department of Education, Ngaka Modiri Molema Regional Office, who showed up after hearing the call to action on Motsweding FM. The delegation was led by Central Circuit Manager-Mahikeng, Mr Pat Mmolawa who ex-pressed gratitude and appreciation to Motsweding FM Angels for their continued support, selflessness and commitment to community development and nation building.

The Angels will continue to spread love on Monday 22nd January 2013 at Batswana High School, a school which like Motsweding FM, celebrated 50 years in 2012. The program for Batswana High School will however be different in that the focus will only be on emotional preparedness of the leaners to face the 2013 academic year.

Issued by: Motsweding FM

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[By Kgomotso Moncho]

Radio sponsorship is a numbers and lifestyle game. Radio mirrors people’s lifestyles and sponsorship on radio operates with that DNA. It works because it is specifically calculated and targeted at the market the sponsor or advertiser wants to reach. In this way, it is more direct and cost effective than television. While television and print have the advantage of visuals, radio just merely needs to grab the listener’s consciousness. And radio is more immediate. Promotions and sponsorships make up one of the biggest growth areas and revenue in commercial radio. It is estimated that it already accounts for about 20% or more of most stations’ annual income.

But when a promotion or sponsorship is done well, it is win/win situation for the advertiser and the station. And it has to be, otherwise partnership would not exist.

Let’s take Metro FM’s mid morning show, Total Bliss and its partnership with international cosmetic company, Elizabeth Arden as an example. Total Bliss is presented by Azania Osaka, a very good looking woman who commands attention in the public. Elizabeth Arden is targeting females. But the company has had to check Azania’s influence in the media as well the number of audience her show has. And they would check that with the South African Amps Research foundation, which has information on Amps from year on year to weekly and daily assessments.

Azania’s listeners are as urban as she is. And her profile has shown that she is well groomed and so fits in perfectly with the Elizabeth Arden Market as well. She can also influence her listeners. What she does on a weekly basis is have celebrity make up artist and Elizabeth Arden ambassador, That Mashishi on Total Bliss to give make up tips for specific occasions. Currently they’re looking at holiday grooming /make up tips. She has also had a model and the South African face of Elizabeth Arden, Lerato Moloi on the show, speaking about how the products work. With a good sponsorship you get the listener’s buy in while the advertiser basks in the glow of a trusted and influential radio station presenter or DJ.


Social media used by both parties also lends a hand in extending the net’s reach. And the result will be in the audience flocking to Elizabeth Arden stores to buy their products. Another example is the sponsorship deal that MTN struck with Metro FM by sponsoring the Robert Marawa daily sports show. This deal came with a competition that the listeners who are sports fans, come up with a new name for the show. The fan/listener that comes up with a winning name would win R20, 000. They had to play by SMS-ing their name suggestions to a specified SMS line. Besides the revenue gained from the sms’s, MTN, as a constant feature on the sports show (and through the competition) is able to then influence other fans/listeners that are not already with the telecommunications brand to join it.  The brief of the competition stipulated that the name of the new show had to have MTN in the name suggestion. After 12000 entries from listeners across the country, The Metro Fm Sports Centre is now called 083 Sports @6 with Robert Marawa and the partnership is on for three years.  There’s a lot that can and will happen to reap the financial benefits of this union.

The same elements would apply if say a wine company from Cape Town targeting an upper LSM contacted KFM for a sponsorship deal. It is recommended that a sponsorship always be backed with an airtime campaign. Sponsorship should be regarded as an additional rather than a replacement for mainstream advertising activity. And the budget is usually determined by the advertisers, but it can be the other way around when the sales team of a radio station seeks sponsorship.

 So it’s all about pairing. The numbers and the target market have to make sense to the sponsor to ultimately ensure a favourable or desired return on investment.        


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