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ICASA appoints new CEO

Posted by radio On October - 31 - 2013 ADD COMMENTS

Johannesburg – The Chairperson and Council of the Independent Communications Authority of South Africa hereby informs all stakeholders and the media of the appointment of Mr  Pakamile Pongwana as the new Chief Executive Officer of the organisation starting from 01  November 2013.


Mr Pongwana is succeeding Mr Themba Dlamini who is completing his three-year term at the  end of October 2013.


The Chairperson and Council of ICASA would like to express their sincere gratitude to Mr  Themba Dlamini for his contribution to the successful operations of the Authority during his tenure; and wishes him well in his future endeavours.

[Issued by: ICASA]

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Johannesburg – The Independent Communications Authority of South Africa hereby gives notice to the media and stakeholders of the public hearings to be held in respect of the applications received for Individual Commercial Sound Broadcasting Service licences in both the Primary and Secondary Markets.


The Authority has received seven (7) applications for the Primary Markets of Gauteng, Cape Town and Durban while there were three (3) applications received for the Secondary Markets of Free State and Eastern Cape.


The public hearings on this matter will be held as follows:


 Date:    14 to 16 August 2013 (Primary Markets)

              22 to 23 August 2013 (Secondary Markets)


 Time: 09h00


 Venue: Block C Presentation Room (ICASA)

            164 Katherine Street




It is the Authority’s intention to award two Primary Markets licences on the Medium Wave Band to applicants in the geographical markets in Gauteng, two in the metropolitan areas of and around Durban and a further two licences in the metropolitan areas of and around Cape Town.


With regard to the Secondary Markets licensing process, it was the Authority’s intention to award one (1) licence to the successful applicant in the Northern Cape Province. Two (2) licences to the successful applicants in the Free State Province and One (1) licence to the successful applicant in the Eastern Cape Province.  However, there was no application received from the Northern Cape.

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Hopefully this time around the capable bidders will be awarded as ICASA  starts with the public hearings process to bring about the much needed competition within the commercial subscription broadcasting licences.


The Independent Communications Authority of South Africa hereby gives notice of the public hearings to be held in respect of the applications received for Individual Commercial Subscription Broadcasting Service licences.


This process follows the invitation to apply issued by the Authority in 2012 whereby the Authority received applications and dealt with related procedural matters relating to the applications including the requests for confidentiality in terms of the relevant legislation; and later published in the government gazettes for interested parties to make written representations and for applicants to provide responses thereof.


The Authority has received five (5) applications in respect of this process from Kagiso TV (Pty) Ltd, Siyaya Free to Air (Pty) Ltd, Mindset Media Enterprises (Pty) Ltd, Close-T Broadcast Network Holdings (Pty) Ltd and Mobile TV (Pty) Ltd. The hearings will be held as follows:


Venue : Block C Presentation Room (ICASA Head Office) 164 Katherine Street Pinmill Farm Sandton Date : 24 to 26 July 2013 Time : 09h00

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ICASA warns International Broadcasters

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Johannesburg – The Independent Communications Authority of South Africa (ICASA) issued non-compliance warnings yesterday to a number of international broadcasting services for operating without the requisite radio frequency spectrum and type approval licences, including failure to produce a licence upon demand by Inspectors.


The non-compliance warnings were issued after ICASA inspectors picked up the transmission of unlicensed broadcasting signals in Arcadia, Pretoria from where the international broadcasters have been operating since the admission of former President Nelson Mandela in hospital last weekend. The affected international broadcasting services include Aljazeera, Sky News, CNN, BBC and the NBC.


For the coverage of international special events, broadcasters bring communications equipment such as Satellite News Gathering (SNG) to relay their broadcasts to international audiences.The SNG’s need a radio frequency spectrum licence to be allocated a frequency for this purpose, and some video cameras with micro-phones and a wireless capability need a Type Approval licence to make sure that they do not interfere with licensed operators. The type approval label has to be attached to the video camera and the micro-phones.


In the case of the coverage of former President Mandela’s admission to hospital, some of the broadcasters did go through the standard licensing application process that all broadcasters are required to comply with regard to special events of this nature.


They were broadcasting prior to their licence applications being approved which rendered their operations illegal. When the radio frequency spectrum licence is issued, the licensee is obliged to show it to ICASA’s Inspectors as they conduct routine monitoring and compliance duties.


The Authority issues Special Event licences for this purpose, and by end of business yesterday, several radio frequency spectrum and type-approval licences were already processed for approval to international broadcasting services.


The Authority’s website homepage has a dedicated link for Special Event licence application forms to enable international broadcasters to apply for requisite licences to cover events such as the previous held International Cricket 20/20, FIFA 2010 and Afcon 2013.


Following the issuance of non-compliance warnings yesterday, the Authority has received, and is busy processing a number of radio frequency spectrum and type-approval licence applications. These Special Event licences take a minimum of two days to be issued, and are valid for 30 days. Other licence applications were rejected as their reasons for the events were vague or non-existing.


The Authority is mindful of the fact that former President Mandela was admitted suddenly to hospital last week, and this resulted in a number of international broadcasters descending on our shores without making the necessary preparations and arrangements.


To this end, the Authority is always ready to help them in applying for the necessary frequency spectrum licences to broadcasting to international audiences.


[Issued by:ICASA]


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Johannesburg – The Independent Communications Authority of South Africa hereby notifies all interested stakeholders, applicants and media that the Authority is currently finalizing the analysis of applications, representations and responses in respect of the licensing of new Individual Commercial Broadcasting (Primary and Secondary Markets) and Subscription Broadcasting Services licensing processes.


In terms of the draft strategic plan which was recently presented to Parliament’s Portfolio Committee on Communications, the Authority plans to conduct public hearings and decide on the applications in the second quarter of the current financial year i.e. July to September 2013.


On 02 February 2012, the Authority published the Invitations To Apply (ITA) for Primary Markets on Medium Wave (MW) frequencies (Gauteng, Cape Town and Durban), Secondary Markets (Eastern Cape, Free State and Northern Cape) as well as Subscription Broadcasting Services. Subsequently, the Authority received requests for extension of the closing date of the ITA for Secondary Market which was granted.


The Authority received applications and dealt with related procedural matters relating to the applications including the requests for confidentiality in terms of the relevant legislation; and published received applications on 07 December 2012 for interested parties to make written representations and for applicants to provide responses for a period of 51 days. The Authority has received written representations and some responses in respect of this process.


In lieu of the above process, the Authority would like to inform the public and applicants that this licensing process is still on track and that the details of the hearings and/or the process will be communicated in due course.


[Issued by: Icasa]

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[Issued by:Icasa]


The Authority hereby gives notice of public hearings in relation to application by On-Digital Media (Pty) Ltd (ODM), BROADCASTING AS Top TV for the authorisation of three video channels lodged in terms of regulation 3 of the Subscription Broadcasting Services Regulations of 2006.

The public hearings will be held as follows:

Venue:             Block C, ICASA, 164 Katherine Street, 
                             Pinmill Farm, Sandton, Gauteng.
Hearing Date: Thursday, 14 March 2013.




09h30-10h00 Presentation-Channel Authorisation Top TV
 10h00-10h15 REPRESENTATIONSFamily Policy Institute PRESENTERPastor Errol Naidoo
10h15-10h30 African Christian Democratic Party Pasela Linda Yates
10h30-10h45 Free Society Institute Mr Jacques R
10h45-11h00 Doctors For Life Mr Coltman
11h00-11h15 Africa Christian Action Representative
11h15-11h30 South African Society for Sexuality Education Dr Nelia Louw



11h45-12h00 Shofar Christian Church Mr J Janse van Rensburg
12h00-12h15 Free Society Institute Active for Jesus Mr Kent Solomons
12h15-12h30 WoomaNetRadio Free Society Institute Mr van Heerden



13h30-14h15 RESPONSES Top TV
14h15-15h15 Questions and Answers ICASA
15h15-15h20 CLOSING ICASA

For more information, see ‘On-Digital Media’ Gazette No. 36204.


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Posted by radio On January - 10 - 2013 ADD COMMENTS

[By Kgomotso Moncho]


Umoya Communications recently applied for a change in their license conditions. And in their general notice, in the Government Gazette on December 19, 2012, the Independent Communications Authority of South Africa (ICASA) acknowledged in terms of section 10(2) of the Electronic Communication Act No 36 of 2005 (“the Act”) the receipt of an application by Umoya Communications (PTY) Ltd, broadcasting as Algoa FM, for the amendment of its license conditions in terms of section 10(1) of the Act.


Algoa FM proposes the amendments to its broadcasting service license to broadcast at least 30 minutes of news on average per day calculated across a seven day period from Monday to Sunday, instead of being obliged to broadcast at least 30 minutes of news everyday from Monday to Sunday. Speaking on behalf of the station, Algoa FM’s Managing Director, Dave Tiltmann said, “Algoa FM took a decision to reduce their amount of news to be broadcasted on the weekend for a number of reasons including; firstly to improve its news service during the working week by increasing the number of news bulletins during the working week and particularly local and regional news content; and from an editorial point of view; to address a lower flow of news on the weekends. At the same time as reducing news coverage over weekends, Algoa FM has decided to increase news coverage during the week. The net result is that Algoa FM will exceed its current obligation to broadcast 30 minutes of news per day by more than 15 minutes per day across five days during the week and will only provide 10 minutes of less news per day over a weekend.”


ICASA’s general notice stipulates that the application is available for interested parties during the Authority’s normal office hours at the ICASA library, Block D, Pinmill Farm, 164 Katherine Street, Sandton. Interested persons are invited to make written representations on the proposed amendments to the Authority within 21 days of the publication of this notice in the Government Gazette.


Those who submit representations are required to provide proof to the satisfaction of the Authority that a copy of the representations submitted has been delivered by hand to Dave Tiltmann, at Shop 2, The Boardwalk, Marine Drive, Summerstrand, Port Elizabeth 6001 or sent by registered post t P.O Box 5973, Walmer, 6065, or faxed to 041 583 1575.


Algoa FM is entitled to respond in writing to written representations made by interested persons on the proposed amendments. Any such written response must be submitted to the Authority within 14 days from the closing date of the representations.

Algoa FM must, at the time of submitting its written response, prove to the Authority that it has delivered a copy of the response by hand, or sent a copy of the response by registered mail or by fax to the relevant persons having made written representations.


Lastly the notice stipulates that all written representations, responses and other correspondence regarding the proposed amendment must be directed to Ms Botse Matlala at Broadcasting Service Licensing Unit, at Block D, Pinmill Farm, 164 Katherine Street, Sandton, Johannesburg or Private Bag X10002, Sandton, 2146 or by fax number, 011 566 3206 or by email:

Algoa FM is the biggest commercial regional radio station from the Garden Route to the Wild Coast on 94 – 97FM.

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Posted by radio On December - 20 - 2012 ADD COMMENTS

Earlier this year ICASA issued invitations for applicants to provide commercial sound broadcasting in both primary and secondary markets. It also issued an invitation for interested parties to apply for Individual commerce subscription broadcast licenses.  This week the authority announced the receipt of these applications and has opened up the applications for inspection by all interested persons through written representations. It is based on these responses that the authority may decide to hold hearings with regards to the applications.

ICASA intends on awarding six licenses within the Primary Markets in line with the terms of the Primary Markets licensing process, two licenses to applicants in the geographical markets in Gauteng and two each in the metropolitan areas in and around Durban and Cape Town. In the Secondary Markets, the authority intends on awarding four licenses in four provinces. One license will be issued in the Northern Cape, two in the Free State and one in the Eastern Cape.  ICASA has announced that the frequencies to be licensed for Primary Markets are on the Medium Wave band.

In Secondary Markets, ICASA has received submissions from three applicants;  Histoprox (Pty) Ltd, Histotrim (Pty) Ltd and Atretone (Pty) Ltd. Simphiwe Madlose who is one of the founding executive directors of MSG Afrika Investment Holdings is listed as the contact person for Histotrim (Pty) Ltd.  MSG Afrika is part of the consortium that was awarded the Limpopo license in 2007 which led to the birth of Capricorn FM.

 One of the applications for commercial sound broadcasting licenses in primary markets has come from Capital Radio 604 Pty Ltd. A granting of this broadcast license would mean the resurrection of Capital Radio 604. The station started transmitting in December 1979 and was shut down in 1996.  Garnering support for the application through their website, it is targeting listeners in Kwa- Zulu Natal and Gauteng. The station is promising audiences’ music and content with broad appeal and independent news without fear or favour. To date, the petition to get Capital Radio back on air has been signed by 1193 people.  K2012010707 also submitted an application for a broadcast license in the Durban metropolitan area.

Other companies that have applied for sound broadcasting licenses in the Gauteng area are; Extriserve PTY Ltd, Ltd Simascape (Pty) Ltd and Main Street 1035 PTY Ltd. In Cape Town; Magic 828 (Pty) Ltd, and K2012010697 (Pty) Ltd has also expressed interest.

ICASA has also received five applications for Individual Commercial Subscription Broadcasting licenses from Kagiso TV (currently rebranding as Grounded Media), Mindset Media Enterprises, Mobile TV (Pty) Ltd, Siyaya TV, Close-T Broadcasting Network Holdings (Pty) Ltd.  Mobile TV (Pty) Ltd is planning on introducing a mobile television service in the country, if ICASA give the go ahead for a license, Mobile TV (Pty) Ltd will be the second company to offer mobile television services after MultiChoice introduced DStv Mobile.

The granting of licenses to many of these applicants will have a ripple effect on the ICT industry by posing competition to both PBS and Commercial offerings. The process is in the early stages and interested parties who will be submitting representations with regards to the applications have 30 working days. The clock has been ticking since the 11th of December 2012 and respondents will have twenty one days to respond to any submissions made regarding their applications



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The Independent Communications Authority of South Africa has noted recent media reports about the SABC cancelling a current affairs studio interview before it went on air earlier this week. The Metro FM programme was to involve a panel discussion with some journalists regarding developments in the run-up to the ANC Mangaung conference to be held in a week’s time.

The Authority has requested the SABC to provide facts related to this incident with the purpose of determining whether the incident referred to constitute a violation of its licence terms and conditions as well as the SABC Editorial Policy.

In addition, the Authority has requested the SABC to provide the recordings of the Metro FM programme concerned, subsequent to which the Authority will apply its mind to determine its next course of action.

The Authority gave the SABC until Tuesday, 11 December 2012, to respond to the matter.


Issued by ICASA

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The Independent Communications Authority of South Africa has received a Court Order to close down Magareng FM, a community radio station in the Northern Cape today for broadcasting without a valid service and frequency spectrum licences, thereby contravening the Electronic Communications Act.

Magareng FM applied to the Authority for a Community Sound Broadcasting Service licence in October 2008 to provide a broadcasting service within the Magareng Municipality in the Northern Cape. Magareng FM’s application was considered and processed by the Authority; and was subsequently granted a Five Year Community Sound Broadcasting licence. The licence was therefore not issued due to the fact the Magareng FM had to comply with pre-licencing terms and conditions, one of which was the registration certificate as a non-profit entity. The station was informed about the Authority’s decision on 25 March 2009.

Magareng FM supplied the Authority with a certificate of registration as a non-profit organization and a copy of their constitution. In considering Magareng FM’s constitution for compliance with the pre-licencing terms and conditions, the following were noted:

  1. That the constitution does not address the quorum for the Annual General Meeting as stated in the Authority’s letter dated 25 March 2009;

  2. That the constitution does not address appeal process as stated in the Authority’s letter dated 25 March 2009; and that the constitution which was lodged with the Department of Social Development is not the same as the one that was considered by the Authority when the registration for a class community sound broadcasting service was approved.

 Based on the above concerns, the Authority’s Licensing Unit was of the view that Magareng FM has not complied with its pre-licensing conditions as outlined in the Authority’s letter dated 25 March 2009, and as a result cannot recommend that Magareng Community Radio be issued with a Class Community Sound Broadcasting Service licence, until such conditions are fulfilled.

In the interest of wanting to assist the station to comply with the conditions and commence with the broadcasting service, the Authority paid the station a visit and it was discovered that Magareng FM is providing an illegal broadcasting services on 90.7 MHz to the community in Warrenton without broadcasting service and frequency spectrum licences as required by the Electronic Communications Act.

The Authority decided to send a letter to the station on 30th October 2012 requesting them to desist from an illegal broadcast and informing them to stop broadcasting within fourteen (14) days of the date of the letter. Following receipt of the letter, the station’s management requested a meeting with the Authority to find a solution to the matter. The Authority agreed to have the meeting but Magareng FM’s management failed to attend the meeting they requested.

 All the attempts to assist the station to comply and to find a solution to the matter have been exhausted by the Authority and Magareng FM is still broadcasting without a community sound broadcasting service licence and a spectrum licence, despite the instruction to desist from the action and is therefore in contravention of the ECA and ICASA Act. The Authority has therefore confiscated the broadcasting equipment used by the station to provide an illegal broadcasting service.

Issued by ICASA

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