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The Fête de La Musique held in Melville in 2012 was celebrated by more than 4,000 people and was one of the first events of the France-South Africa Seasons 2012 & 2013. Based on  last year’s success, and now dubbed Melville Music Day, the event, with support from a range of sponsors, promises to be even bigger and better.


This year, as was last year, the street will brought to life up with over 20 live performances along  7th Street, within restaurants and bars, and on the main stage.


This year the event will also feature a wide range of live music, food, drinks,  and also a touch of French flair. The 2nd  annual“Fête de La Musique”, Melville Music Day welcomes everyone, including families with the addition this year of a youth zone at Faan Smit Park, an additional food market, pop-up shops and secure designated paid parking areas.


Melville Music Day is free and open to the  public  and is a fun and exciting showcase of diverse local music, celebrated in a safe and inclusive atmosphere that brings commnunities together in a special moment – through music.


This year’s music line-up includes Jacaranda Muse, a jazz quartet from Zimbabwe, the French jazz pianist Laurent Coq, Stone Aged Souls, The Means, Shadow Club, Nakhane Toure, The Muffinz, Planet Lindela, Francophone Choir, BCUC, Bongeziwe Mabandla and much more.


Visitors will also be able to enjoy have unique experiences offered by the sponsors, Converse, Redbull, and Renault’s Va-va-voom experience, and Kaya FM who will also be broadcasting live from the event.


Important information for Fête de la Musique-goers and Melville residents:


* 7TH Street is pedestrian friendly for the entire day

* Youth zone closes at 5pm

* Event starts from 12pm to 8pm

* Road closure: starts as early as 6am, on the day, roads will be closed in the following   

   perimeter: from 8th street to 5th street and from 1st avenue to 5th avenue.

* Parking: four officials designated paid parking areas




The “Fête de La Musique”, Melville Music Day, is presented by:

  • ·        The Melville Resident Association
  • ·        The Melville Business Community
  • ·        The Alliance Francaise of Johannesburg
  • ·        The French Institute of South Africa



For more information about “The Fête de la Musique” in Johannesburg, visit and




Launched on 21 June 1982, on the nothern hemisphere’s summer solstice’s, the “Fête de la Musique” is above all a celebtarion of diversity through music open free to the public. Staged in outdoor spaces (streets, public parks) but also bars, restaurants or museums and hospitals, this day of music promotes the expression of all styles of music in a upbeat and community driven atmosphere.


The Fete’s aim to be inclusive of diverse communites and to target people from all walks of life. The events provide a safe, tolerant and above all a fun place to communicate and share a very special moment through music.


Over the past 30 years the “Fête de la Musique” has grown from one of the first global live music events, to also being one of the largest.  Fetes now take place on all five continents, in more than 450 cities and in 116 countries. The international growth and popularity of the event is the result of the successfful  outreach of the French cultural network abroad, with the support of local operators and sponsors.


In South Africa, the successful Richmond Hill Music Street Festival in Port Elizabeth (11,000 visitors in 2012), is the oldest “Fête de la Musique” in the country, celebrated since 2010.


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Tosin Abasi’s metal thump on 8-string guitar

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[Written By: Kagiso Mnisi]


The joburg Tosin Abasi guitar clinic gave a whole new light on an instrument somewhat mysterious: Ibanez’s 8 string guitar. The beguiling Abasi robed in a lacy black outfit, dished the know-how on an 8 string’s ability to play extended range sounds. Clearly perplexed by the enormous support he has on these here shores, his was a young Chuck Berry’s grin as he loomed large on a miniature stage like an enlightened sensei with faithfuls at his feet. For sake of background, Tosin is the lead guitarist to Washington DC.’s prog rock virtuosoes, Animals as Leaders and T.R.A.M


Abasi spoke of the guitar in Zen terms and likened it to as a vessel that can channel multiple voices. But why Ibanez? Well, it is afterall the same weapon of choice that his favourite players, one including Eddie van Halen, have laid their hands on. The guitarist relaid going to video stores as a youth, pre YouTube, to get ahold of copious amounts of tapes which featured the likes of van Halen.


He would then dart his eyes on the finger movements of the ‘masters’ through constant rewinds and plays, which however you look at it is admirable dedication. Primarily self-taught, Tosin later found himself at a juncture and opted to get a formal tutelage in music at the Atlanta Institute of Music.


Abasi’s clinic had him playing material from Animals as Leaders and T.R.A.M to a venue covered in a plume of cigarette smoke. Songs included favourites like Song of Solomon, Soraya, Behaving Badly and On Impulse.


Asked about how he and his band balance mainstream appeal and credibility by a person in the crowd, Abasi gave an honest: “you know what I’m the last person to ask since what we do is the antithesis to ‘making it big’ in the industry.” Abasi’s band perpetually injects metal, jazz, electronic and ambient flourishes into their overall sound, which by mainstream standards does not square up in ‘radio friendly’ mould. However, Animals as Leaders appeal has achieved worldwide acclaim especially through their electricity filled guitar clinics.



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Performing Rights unpacked by SAMRO

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When you sign up with SAMRO to administer your Performing Rights, what exactly does it mean? This is the main service offered by SAMRO to its members, yet many still get confused about the term. Fret no longer – here is a brief breakdown of what Performing Rights is all about. 


South African copyright law outlines Performing Rights as three distinct rights in a musical work: the right to perform a work in public, the right to broadcast a work and the right to transmit a work through a diffusion service. 


So, whenever an original song is broadcast, played or performed in public, the rights holders in that work should earn royalty income. The owners of the Performing Rights in a musical work are the composers, lyricists and music publishers. 

A very important point: if someone sings or plays a musical instrument on a song, but hasn’t written any part of that song, they will NOT earn Performing Rights royalties from it. Singers/instrumentalists who are not composers may well earn a performance fee when they perform live at a venue or festival, as well as revenue from CD sales or downloads via their record company, but they will not earn Performing Rights royalties from SAMRO. 


Here’s how it works: you, as a songwriter, assign the Performing Rights in a particular song to SAMRO to administer. You have to stipulate who wrote the music and the words, and who published the work. You’ll also need to outline each rights holder’s percentage share in each musical work. For example, if you’re in a band and a song was a collaborative effort, you need to indicate how the royalties should be split. 


SAMRO then licenses businesses, individuals and broadcasters to use any of the millions of works in its global repertoire. From radio, television and internet stations to restaurants, nightclubs, music festivals, shopping malls, car washes and spaza shops that play music in public – they all have to pay licence fees to SAMRO based on a sliding scale of tariffs. They also have to keep track of the music they play and submit detailed usage returns to SAMRO. 


Based on the playlists and usage returns received from its licensees, SAMRO will then calculate the royalties owing to the composers, lyricists and publishers of a particular musical work, and will deposit the money into your account during its annual royalty distribution cycles. 


So, that’s Performing Rights in a nutshell! SAMRO also administers Mechanical Rights and, through its subsidiary, the Performers’ Organisation of SA (POSA) Trust, Needletime Rights.

 [Source: SAMRO]

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13th Sekunjalo Annual Edujazz Concert

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An accolade to South Africa’s musical calendar, The 13th Sekunjalo Edujazz Concert brings us another fantastic night of jazz music.


The concert, which takes place at The Artscape Theatre on Saturday 15 June 2013 at 19h30, brings together a culmination of school jazz bands mentored under some of the Western Cape’s most talented educators. This year the line-up features Rondebosch East Primary Orchestra, The Delft Big Band and three times SAMA award winners Mi Casa. Audiences can expect a spectacular night of jazz, fun and music. As in the past, the proceeds provide educational bursaries for disadvantaged students and promote the rich culture of jazz music amongst our youth.


This concert raises funds for educational bursaries which unifies disadvantaged youth and provides a platform for inspiration and hope. Over 75 schools benefit annually from this exciting musical project. Workshops are held throughout the year in various schools and platforms and the product of these workshops is The Sekunjalo Edujazz Concert. The project allows young students to express their creative talent and to perform with well-known South African musicians on international stages.


Rondebosch East Primary Orchestra was formed over a period of two years and has done the school proud on many occasions, impressing many with their determination to take on any pieces, whether contemporary or classical. The orchestra is a now a fixture in the annual graduation ceremony of the Dental Faculty at the Western Cape University.


Another exciting feature at this year’s concert is the Delft Big Band. Started in August 2008 under the directorship of music legend, Ian Smith and assistant director Dayna Pearce, the band targets vulnerable youth from high schools in the Delft area, Ian explains: “The band is the answer to getting these kids off the streets, it is enables them to turn their lives around through the positive influence of music.” The band has already performed at a number of high profile events, including The Cape Town Big Band Festival, The Cape Town International Jazz Festival, The Artscape Jazz Festival, The World Cup, The Suidoosterfees, The Oude Libertas Amphitheatre, a Live Satellite Broadcast on CNN with Jazz icon, Herbie Hancock as well as in Sweden on two occasions for Queen Sylvia of the World Children’s Prize for the Rights of the Child.


South Africa’s newest soulful house collective Mi Casa is a band of individuals who bring their explosive talent together to create a unique and original sound. This band combines the skills and talents of a singer, producer and trumpet player to produce hits such as “These Streets”, “Heavenly Sent”, “All the Glory” and “La Vida”.


The producer Dr Duda band has been in the industry for over 15 years, producing and DJing alongside the likes of DJ Fresh, DJ Mandla, DJ MBUSA and made hit tracks with vocalists talent as Benjamin RJ, and J’Something Zodwa among many others.


J’Something is a talented singer / songwriter. He began to explore music at the tender age of eleven and this is when he started playing guitar. He also worked with a lot of producers in the past, including Ganyani, Giggs Superstar DJ Shimza, Cosmic Gate, V. Underground and Dr Duda. His enthusiasm for life and music breathes energy into the band.


T-Mo is the band’s trumpeter; he oozes with talent and lives his life through music. He comes from a musical family rooted. His father taught him to play the trumpet at a young age and he has never looked back. He has played alongside DJ Fresh and Euphonik, Wake DJ, the late and legendary Nana Koyote, Steve Kekana, Alexander and the brass band and also featured in one of the greatest musical, the “Buddy Holly”, among many others.


Over the past twelve years, the Sekunjalo Edujazz Concert has seen talented music students from schools such as Steenberg High Jazz Band, Alexander Sinton High Jazz Band, Zerilda Park Primary Band from Lavender Hill and the Muizenberg High Jazz Band share the stage with jazz acts such as Jimmy Dludlu, Tucan Tucan, Virtual Jazz Reality, The Darryl Andrews Jazz Band, Vicky Sampson and Galumphing.


This year’s concert promises to be a feast of musical talent. Audiences can also be proud in the knowledge that they have played a role in contributing to a better education for our disadvantaged youth.


This year the event will be held at The Artscape Theatre on Saturday 15 June 2013 at 19h30. Tickets are on sale at Computicket at a nominal fee of R75.


For more information, please call Cherie Hendricks on: 021 427 1400.

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The Wawela Awards taking place on Friday 28th June celebrate South African music-makers who are making a global impact. There is no doubt that Freshly Ground fits the bill. 


Afro-fusion band Freshly Ground managed to top the international iTunes charts barely a month after the release of their latest and 5th studio album Take Me To The Dance, in the USA. The US iTunes World chart, which ranks the top 10 most frequently downloaded online items including songs, albums and bands of varied music genres, ranked the band’s latest album at number one in the US. This is a massive feat for a South African group. 


The band did a tour of the USA during which the album was released. Lead vocalist Zolani Mahola says, “Our years of performing live in the States and our more recent trip on the East Coast of America contributed hugely to this milestone. Chiefly I think (this happened) because the album really showcases who we are, which is a South African band very much globally musically aware.”  The album is receiving incredible airplay in the States and the NPR (USA National Public Radio) has embraced the album. 


“SAMRO has signed reciprocal agreements with over 143 collecting societies from around the world. These agreements are a vote of confidence in our abilities to look after international music used in South Africa. It also gives our members peace of mind in the knowledge that their music can be commercially exploited in international markets with the same protection that is afforded local artists,” explains Xolani Zulu, Mechanical Rights Executive for SAMRO. 


The new album is packed with the band’s signature elements of honest lyrics and afropop guitar merged with dance club anthems such as the title song Take Me To The Dance. The wildly diverse material offers catchy, songs with layers of guitar, rich strings and multipart harmonies. Mahola says, “It feels great to have been at the top of the US World Music chart especially knowing how much music is actually out there. The fact that people heard about us, checked out the music and loved it enough to buy it is a special thing – not least of all because it’s so hard to encourage people to buy music rather than get it by other means in this modern age.” 


Freshly Ground’s collaboration with Shakira for the World Cup Soccer Tournament in 2010 helped to bring the bend to international attention, which they have now cemented with regular tours to foreign shores. 


“Music usage data from digital music providers like iTunes is analysed to compute streaming and download statistics used in royalty allocation and distribution.  Through reciprocal agreements SAMRO members have home-ground advantage no matter where in the world their music is consumed,” says Zulu. 


For bands wanting to break internationally, Mahola advises,” Get a lot of hours in. Practice makes you really good at your craft and brings you closer to your real musical identity. Keep playing and believing in yourself and what you have to offer. Work your hardest to get to where you want to be; this will lead you further than you thought you could get!”


[Source: SAMRO]



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Legendary instrumentalist and progressive metal guitarist Tosin Abasi will be in South Africa in June for two extraordinary 2-hour guitar clinics – presented by Ibanez and MIDI Music. 


Tosin will be promoting the Ibanez brand alongside his own signature model and various other 8 string guitars.  Known for being one of the best guitarists in the world, Tosin will be holding two free to the public events that will showcase his talents and expertise. 


These showcases are open to all the public and will be a perfect meet-and-greet opportunity for guitar enthusiasts as well as metal lovers, in a relaxed environment and fans are encouraged to ask questions and get involved.


There will also be giveaways of Ibanez product.  Come witness one of the world’s most respected and revered guitarists at play.


10th June – Rumours, Roodepoort

Time: 19:00 – 22.00

Cape Town

12th June – Zula Bar, Cape Town

Time: 19:00 – 22.00


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CNBC AFRICA, Africa’s largest business television news channel will broadcast the second episode of its new show, ‘Business behind the Arts’. The second episode takes a look at the ‘Art of Music’ and will air on Saturday, 18 May at 8am CAT. The show is sponsored by the South African Department of Arts and Culture.


The show highlights South African arts and culture as a crucial player in economic development, growth and sustainability of the arts industry in South Africa through job creation. In this episode, the channel covers the 2013 MTN South African Music Awards (SAMA) with exclusive interviews of some of South Africa’s leading musicians.


Find out what it takes to establish yourself as a successful musician in South Africa, don’t miss ‘Business behind the Arts’ on Saturday, 18 May at 8am CAT with repeats on Sunday at 11am CAT, only on CNBC Africa, channel 410!

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Bassline in Newtown, Johannesburg, is proud to announce the line-up for its ninth annual Africa Day Concert held over two exciting nights on 24 and 25 May. 25 May is celebrated worldwide as Africa Day.

This year, the concerts will move from Mary Fitzgerald Square, which has historically been the hosting venue, to The Bassline venue itself – a venue long regarded as the heart of African music in Johannesburg.


The Bassline Africa Day Concert is a celebration of music from across the continent on the day that promotes unity and solidarity as well as Africa’s vibrancy, dynamism and the global need for Africans to embrace their collective identity. It is a day for all Africans to rejoice in their uniquely rich heritage.


Over the past nine years, The Bassline has brought some of the most diverse sounds to Johannesburg in celebration of this event. This year’s eclectic mix of genres features acts from Niger, Zimbabwe, Cameroon, Nigeria and South Africa.


The line-up is as follows:

Friday, 24 May
Tanga Pasi – Zimbabwe (brought by ProHelvetia)
Della & Friends – Cameroon
Olufemi – Nigeria
Headline Act: Lira – South Africa


Saturday, 25 May
Alhousseini Mohammed Anivolla – Niger, and Guy Buttery – South Africa (brought with the support of DOEN, African Synergy Trust, the French Institute of South Africa (IFAS) and the Alliance Française)
Tanga Pasi – Zimbabwe (brought by ProHelvetia)
Della & Friends – Cameroon
Olufemi – Nigeria
Headline Act: TBC


Tickets are available from webtickets at R150.00.

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All the MTN SAMA 19 Winners

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Millions of viewers tuned into SABC 1 and witnessed the glitz, glam and the pizazz at the 19th Annual MTN South African Music Awards as Toya Delazy and Khuli Chana dominated the evening taking home 3 awards each at the Sun City Superbowl on Saturday, 11 May 2013.


For Toya Delazy who had kicked off the evening with a high octane performance alongside rapper Reason, the awards for Newcomer of the Year and Best Pop Album serve as confirmation of her newly found status in the industry after a breakout year in 2012 with her debut hit album, Due Drop Deluxe. Jax Panix scooped the Best Producer award the previous night for his work on Toya’s album.


The outrageously talented Khuli Chana finally had his moment to shine in the spotlight as all the years of hard work finally paid off for the former Motswako protégé as he took home the coveted Best Male Artist, Best Rap Album and Album of the Year awards.


Multi award winning Afro-fusion group Freshlyground scooped what must be fast becoming a familiar statuette for Duo or Group of the Year, further cementing their place as music royalty in South Africa.

The fiercely contested Female Artist of the Year award saw songbird Kelly Khumalo beat off stiff competition from a very talented field.


The almost three hour long show witnessed some unique and iconic collaborations from amongst others Zonke and Kabomo, ChianoSky with DJ Zinhle ft. Busiswa, Bobby van Jaarsveld with Oskido ft. Candy, Zozo & Sangere Superbeat, Desmond & The Tutus with Kabelo, Professor, Sfiso and Khaya ft. Proverb, Donald, Lira and crowd pleasers DJ Vetkuk & Mahoota ft. Dr Malinga & Manqoba amongst others.


The guest presenters on stage to hand over the awards were some of the leading names in the entertainment industry: Rapulana Seiphemo, Tsholo Monedi, Gareth Cliff, Zahara, Loyiso Bala, Tailor, Pearl Thusi, Tumi Morake, Theo Kgosinkwe, Nhlanhla Nciza, Zolisa Xaluva, Glen Lewis, Penny Lebyane, Tumi Morake, Greg Carlin and Thami Mgqolo.


An emotional tribute to artists and other industry players that have passed on during the last year was movingly performed by Bongeziwe Mabandla, Nina Schumann, Steve Dyer, Herbie Tsoaeli and CH2 over a visual montage of these fallen icons.


The Album of the Year medley was one of the major highlights of the star studded night as Khuli Chana, Kelly Khumalo, Maleh, Ntokozo Mbambo and The Muffinz took to the stage and left the over 5 000 strong crowd in rapturous applause.


It was then left to the popular Menzi Ngubane and Sophie Ndaba to close off the night and present the coveted Album of the Year to an utterly surprised Khuli Chana.


The full list of categories and winners for the 19th Annual MTN South African Music Awards are:

Album of the Year

Khuli Chana Lost in Time

Duo or Group of the Year

Freshlyground Take Me to the Dance

Female Artist of the Year

Kelly Khumalo The Past, The Present, The Future

Male Artist of the Year

Khuli Chana Lost in Time

Newcomer of the Year

Toya Delazy Due Drop Deluxe

Best Rock Album

Zebra & Giraffe The Wisest Ones

Best Pop Album

Toya Delazy Due Drop Deluxe

Best Adult Contemporary Album

Elvis Blue Journey

Beste Kontemporêre Musiek Album

Theuns Jordaan Roeper




Best African Adult Album


Maleh Step Child

Best Alternative Album


iScream & The Chocolate Stix The Paradox

Best R&B/Soul/Reggae Album


Khaya For You

Best Rap Album


Khuli Chana Lost in Time

Best Kwaito Album

Professor The Orientation

Best Dance Album

Black Coffee Africa Rising

Best Traditional Faith Music Album


Various Siprit of Praise Vol.4

Best Contemporary Faith Music Album

Ntokozo Mbambo Filled

Best Traditional Album

Soul Brothers Isiphithiphithi

Best Maskandi Album


Ichwane Lebhaca Inkunzi Yomthakathi

Best Jazz Album


Herbie Tsoaeli African Time

Best Classic & Instrumental Album – Presented by Kgomotso KG Moeketsi & Khetha Gwala





Best Live DVD – Presented by James Shikwambana & Hanlie Nel


The Captured Tour Concert Film Lira

Best Collaboration


Riot Feat. Zahara Thetha Nami

Best Music Video of the Year – Presented by Penny Lebyane and Ben Maitsapo


Claudio Pavan for Honey Spiders (The Parlotones)

Best Producer – Presented by Penny Lebyane and Ben Maitsapo


Jax Panik for Due Drop Deluxe (Toya Delazy)

Best Engineer – Presented by Penny Lebyane and Ben Maitsapo


Mark Beling for Strong (BlackByrd)

Remix of the Year


DJ Kent for Thinking about You Ft. Zonke DJ Kent Remix (Theo Kgosinkwe)

Best Selling DVD

Vol. 16 Live at Carnival City Joyous Celebration

Best Selling Album

Roeper Theuns Jordaan

Best Selling Tru-Tone

Follow Me DJ Cleo ft. Teddy Bears

Best Selling Ring-Back-Tone

Loliwe Zahara

Best Selling Full-Track Download


You’re The Voice Shout/J23 – Artists for a safer South Africa


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Big winners on first night of MTN SAMA 19

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The focus was on technical brilliance and sales prowess


The 19th Annual MTN South African Music Awards (MTN SAMA 19) kicked off in impressive fashion in the Royal Ballroom at  Sun City on Friday, 10 May 2013.


Hosted by the comical Tumi Morake, the show proved to be more than just a curtain raiser to the main, live broadcast event following on Saturday night at the Superbowl, with elaborate collaborations and a star studded guest presenter list.


The prestigious Lifetime Achievement Awards were presented by the renowned Vusi Mahlasela and Ray Phiri to three legendary icons in the South African music industry: Dr Thomas Chauke, Sizwe Zako and posthumously to Johannes Kerkorrel.


Popular new sensation Khaya picked up the coveted “Best R&B/Soul/Reggae Album” award.


Songbird Lira scooped the “Best Live DVD” for her The Captured Tour Concert Film, while DJ Kent deservedly picked up the “Remix of the Year” title for his remix of the hit Theo Kgosinkwe track, Thinking About You Ft. Zonke.


Jax Panix was rewarded for his sterling work on Due Drop Deluxe with the “Best Producer” award, with the talented Mark Beling getting the statuette for “Best Engineer” for BlackByrd’s album, Strong.


The guest presenters on the night were some of the biggest and influential names in the industry; Penny Lebyane, Ben Maitsapo, Kgomotso KG Mooketsi, Khetha Gwala, James Shikwambana, Amor Vittone, Michelle Constant, Lerato Sengadi and Jared Orlin. 


Keeping the crowd entertained were leading names Zahara, Riot, BlackByrd, Lindiwe Maxolo, Dr Thomas Chauke na Shinyori Sisters, Sizwe Zako, Hlengiwe Mhlaba, Teddy Bears, L’vovo Derrango and Professor. Elvis Blue delivered a breath-taking tribute to the late Johannes Kerkorrel.


All the attention now turns tonight’s show which will be streamed and broadcast live on SABC 1 at 8:30pm from the Sun City Superbowl.


For the full list of SAMA 19 first night winners go to



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