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King David Endorses Mandela’s Vision

Posted by radio On August - 21 - 2012

By Thato Mokhou


Just over a month after Mandela Day has been celebrated; Radio 2000 maintains the spirit of charity through its everyday initiatives.  The station’s presenter, David Mashabela, has pledged to give away a portion of his salary to assist poor families who cannot afford to put their children through tertiary education.



Mashabela, affectionately known to his fans as “The King”, ran a competition urging Radio2000’s listeners to send their stories to his show about the challenges that hinder them from furthering their education.  They were also requested to name the institutions which they would like to register into.


After a flood of entries, Ntlelo Buthelezi, Ntombenhle Gumede and Mojalefa Mophete were selected as winners expected to receive an overall amount of R21 600 from the Radio2000 presenter.



“The initiative was spurred on by my eagerness to contribute towards the legacy of Mandela Day.  The whole idea was championed by my producer and I decided to run with it,” said Mashabela.


“I had an extra R100 to spare and decided to help people who needed it more. I felt it was the right thing to do,” he added.


One of the winners, Mojalefa Mophete, joined Mashabela on his show on Friday, 17 August, to share his life story and aspirations.  Mophete and his family moved to Johannesburg from Rustenburg and they currently live in a shack in Diepsloot.  According to Mashabela, Mophete is one of many disheartened young people who do not see life beyond their challenges.


“He was overwhelmed by the experience.  He didn’t think that a small email would generate such a huge opportunity,” Mashabela said.


David Mashabela (The King)


Education is close to Mashabela’s heart and he says this is the least he could do given the myriad of challenges the country is facing.


“We make a difference when we help each other.  It’s something which can’t be achieved as individuals.”


Catch The King on “1 Night with the King” between 8pm and midnight weekdays on Radio2000.


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