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Snuggle in for #Shocktober with Natasha Thahane

Posted by radio On October - 12 - 2020

Natasha Thahane is ready to hold your hand as you watch Lifetime’s (DStv 131) creepiest movies together this #Shocktober

“A Lifetime (DStv 131) movie is an addictive movie,” says Natasha Thahane (Amo in soapie The Queen on Mzansi Magic, DStv 161). “The titles can seemweird, but they’re fun to watch, easy to watch. I would recommend them to anybody.”

This #Shocktober, Lifetime fans will be treated to a host of spicy, sexy, and oh so creepy movies, full of real-world horrors. They’re airing every Saturday and Sunday in October at 19:20, and throughout the week at 14:35.

“I love watching movies that speak to women’s fears and vulnerabilities. We’re human, and tapping into that space takes a lot of courage, and not everybody can just do it. That’s why women are called ‘izimbokodo’ (rocks),” Natasha says proudly.

Natasha’s movie night setup is scary-movie ready. “I always set it up. My popcorn, I just go buy snacks. Especially now because of lockdown, I’ve been watching a lot of scary movies because I’m a ‘G’ like that. I wear pyjamas normally or just a chilled outfit with sneakers, slippers, whatever it is. Make-up off, wig off, I want to be comfortable and just enjoy that space in that moment.”

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Renting a nightmare

Natasha and her cousin, Lesego Mapeka, will be glued to Lifetime watching all their Shocktober movies, including their movie of the month, My Nightmare Landlord (on Saturday, 24 October at 19:20). Moving is stressful, expensive and difficult, and it can put women in a vulnerable position when someone they’re renting from pushes their boundaries. In this story, Lydia (Caroline Harris) is trying to make a fresh start in a new home after she breaks up with her boyfriend. And while her handsome, shirt-averse landlord, Drew (Ignacyo Matynia), might seem like something out of a romantic comedy dream, he’s a nightmare landlord, always creepy around, letting himself into her place while she’s out and sneaking through her stuff.



Natasha’s nightmare scenario as a renter would be “finding out if there’s cameras in my apartment, or finding out my landlord has an extra spare key and is then going through my stuff. Or my neighbours going through my trash. That is creepy,” she says. As to whether she’s ever had a landlord from hell, Natasha jokes, “Does my mom count?”



And you can bet Natasha will be giving her advice and commentary throughout the action. “I feel like I yell,” she admits, laughing. “‘No, don’t do it!’ I just guide them throughout the movie.” As a performer, though, she has her eye on more than just the action. “I also check other things as well, like the continuity and the frame… like ‘No! Why would you do that?!,’ So yes, I yell.”

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