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MTN Bushfire Ignites the Digital Spa

Posted by radio On September - 16 - 2021 ADD COMMENTS

Bab L’Bluz (Morocco)

Bab L’Bluz is a Franco-Moroccan band whose name means “The Gateway to the Blues”. Formed in 2018, they are a uniquely Moroccan psychedelic Rock band inspired by Gnawa and Hassani traditions, which they combine with rock, contemporary music, and popular Moroccan music.

Bholoja (Eswatini)

Mbongiseni Ngubane has wowed MTN Bushfire audiences many times over with his multi-colored, intrepid voice and a talent for writing songs that reflect on the daily life and unique culture of the people of his homeland. A true Eswatini treasure who is always ready to bring his fire! His music, dubbed Swazi Soul, is a blend of alternative soul, gospel, jazz, blues and African traditional rhythms.


Catu Diosis (Uganda)

All about love, energy and good times, Catu Diosis is a Ugandan producer and DJ. She makes the dancefloor a boiling pot of vibes with her loud and tropical sounds. From Gqom to Kuduro, she will keep you dancing and smiling. She is a talent not to be missed, with her energetic moves and engaging performances that blew up the Boiler Room and the main stage at Nyege Nyege 2019.


Christine Salem (Reunion Island)

The iconic singer-songwriter from Reunion Island blends the percussions of her island with the melodies of a virtuoso violin. In her songs, tinged with Blues, Maloya and Rock, she gives thanks to her ancestors and sings of hope for a better world.




Jeremy Loops (South Africa)

From cult live act status in his hometown Cape Town, to a chart topping album domestically, Jeremy Loops’ career hass been characterised by breaking through glass ceilings. His international breakout saw him open for Twenty One Pilots on the road, and headline a sold-out 30,000-ticket tour of his own, soon followed by a sold-out headline show at London’s iconic O2 Academy Brixton. It’s the blend of genres that catches the ear – modern Folk with an urban edge, spanning gentle, rousing ballads to anthemic arena-ready bangers.



JOJO ABOT is a nomadic interdisciplinary artist exploring evolving themes of spirituality identity and community with self as the start point to collective evolution. JOJO ABOT continues a provocative, genre-bending dialogue with a growing global audience through her uniquely coined AFRO-HYNO-SONIC sound and otherworldly perspective. JOJO ABOT continues to develop and present her interdisciplinary practice through POWER TO THE GOD WITHIN and other curatorial projects.


Mayra Andrade (Cape Verde)

Mayra’s singing is a blend of radiant, dancing colours, velvet beats and spicy melodies. Her voice is subtly seasoned with pepper, as if the Europe of pop had always been a tropical archipelago. The songs conjure up an eternal summer that disperses the mists and chills, but never resort to the tinsel of exoticism. Sung in Cape Verdean Creole, English and Portuguese, they carry us away in their warm, adventurous unpredictability


Mighty Vibration & Azagaia (Mozambique)

From Mozambique comes Mighty Vibration, a spiritually conscious reggae artist also known as Texito Langa. Azagaia is an MC who became widely known for his songs of protest and intervention in 2007. They now have joined forces to perform mixed sounds of Conscious Reggae and Hip-Hop Rap, with the aim to bring about deep awareness of the various fields of human life.


Mpho Sebina (Botswana)

Born, bred and raised in Botswana, Mpho Sebina was labeled in 2018 as “an artist to look out for” by Global Citizen. She is a singer and songwriter whose vocal talents and hauntingly minimalistic and mystic visuals capture audiences and invite them to hone in on the messaging of her songs.

Ndlovu Youth Choir (South Africa)

One of the world’s most treasured music groups, the Ndlovu Youth Choir, with their unique musical arrangements and powerhouse vocals combined with mesmerizing choreography, have inspired millions across the globe. What started as an after-school programme for orphaned and vulnerable children is now an international recording and touring sensation!


Nubya Garcia (United Kingdom)

Multi-award-winning saxophonist and composer, Nubya Garcia is a talent to be seen and heard. Her debut album, SOURCE, wascreceived with wide critical acclaim and described by The New York Times as “a life’s worth of experiences in an hour-long listen,” elevated her career and she has not come down since. She has gone on to secure a spot on UK Charts Top 30.


Oddisee (USA)

DMV rapper and record producer was born Amir Elkhalifa in Washington D.C. to a Sudanese father and African American mother. He bore witness to stark inequity early in life and became as political as the city he was raised in. Elkhalifa tackles the human condition with unwavering conviction and candour, merging elements of Jazz, Funk, and Go-Go into his Hip Hop-rooted productions.


Qhibo & Hanwah (Eswatini)

Qibho Intalektual, a poet, thespian and activist from Eswatini, uses his poetry to speak truth to power. Hanwah is a British vocalist, pianist and producer whose soothing vocals and unique production takes you into a new state of mind. Together, the duo create original sounds that reflect the current moods of Eswatini, along with what the landscape has to offer.


Sun-El Musician (South Africa)

Sanele Sithole, better known by his stage name Sun-El Musician, is a South African disc jockey, music producer and songwriter. Born and raised in Mooi River, KwaZulu-Natal, he was a producer for Demor Music before the establishment of his own record label EL World Music.


Tendaness (Eswatini)

Introducing his signature sound with his hit “Jika”, featuring Bholoja and LO, Tendaness has become an award-winning artist. Described as a “genre-bender”, Tendaness’ sound is a combination of a variety of genres, such as Jazz and Folk with Electronic elements, resulting in a sound with worldwide potential.


The Collab with The One Who Sings (South Africa) & Sands (Eswatini)

This year, The One Who Sings and Sands created a new song for the second event of the MTN Bushire 2021 Digital Series, The Collab, and now “Give Me Fire” will be screened for the very first time! Sandziso “Sands” Matsebula is a multi-talented guitarist, songwriter, performing artist and Afro-Soul singer, and one of Eswatini’s best-loved talents. The One Who Sings, Zolani Mahola, is most famously known as the former lead singer of the internationally acclaimed pan-African South African music group Freshlyground and has gone on to create a global reputation as an extraordinary singer, songwriter, actress and storyteller.





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Op-Ed:Building culture out of discontent

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By Wayne Bischoff – CEO at Mediamark


Culture is a shared ethos of an organisation; it is the glue that holds a business together. It is this intangible ‘thing’ that attracts prospective employees and clients to a company.

Ideally, all business leaders want to cultivate a company culture that supports employees and motivates them to be productive and find happiness and fulfilment in their careers. But thanks to the pandemic and ensuing economic strain, that is proving harder than before. Staff have been put under pressure with a new way of working, there are fewer employees working more hours with bigger workloads and revenue targets are looming.  It is no wonder that many employees feel overworked and underappreciated. It is the perfect storm.


When your workforce is feeling burnt out and stretched beyond capacity it is more important than ever before to focus on the company culture. A whole new approach is required to breed a positive culture out of discontent.


Act authentically


How do you show you care when you can’t even have a physical get together at the office? It feels to many like the fun and empathy is missing.


Building culture in 2021 really calls on us to blend authenticity and empathy. To show staff that you care, you need to meet their needs beyond just skills training. In cultivating culture, we can empower staff through campaigns such as an internal vaccine education drives or through mental wellness workshops.


Mediamark has not been immune to the mental health challenges that we’ve all faced due to these uncertain times, so we decided to stage trauma workshops for staff and clients. As part of a broader mental wellness campaign, we set up sessions with a professional counsellor who helped to equip employees with practical tools and tips to deal with stress and trauma.


Intentional connections

When working remotely you need to be deliberate and intentional about fostering connections. We can no longer rely on our team members picking up ideas through touchpoints in the office. To help individuals working in their own space feel part of something bigger, we need to meet them where they are at, and on multiple platforms; from virtual meetings, to mailers and personal WhatsApp voice notes.


Within our organisation we’ve launched ‘Virtual Hyper Teams’ where teams have been formed across divisions and they meet virtually at least once a week. To break down silos staff share their department’s strategic focus and see where the priority areas overlap. The feedback from staff has been extremely positive. One staff member explained it best when saying that at first she felt it was merely another box-ticking exercise, but as time went by she realised that it benefitted the teams’ level of collaboration and understanding and she now feels it has been a remarkable success.


Two-way communication

Listening to staff and meeting them half way is key to fostering happiness among employees and boosting team morale. For example, we at Mediamark, will never go back to a full-time physical workspace. We’ve found that working remotely has really inspired and worked well for our staff. So, we are investigating several hybrid models, with the Office being the “centre of gravity”.


Another way in which you can listen to staff is being brave enough to do staff surveys and to confront the hard truths that may emerge, so that employees reap the benefits of their honesty. Something as small as profiling your team members on your social media platforms can also make them feel their voices and opinions are heard.


Company that cares


Building a positive work culture starts internally, first. Fully engaged employees are dedicated to an organisation’s purpose and excited about where the company is headed.  But more than that, once authentic, a company’s culture is evident to outsiders and people want to do business with people that care about its people.

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The entertainment industry – catalysts of change

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The R4,7 Billion Film & Television sector can provide employment and transformation in the real economic sense to change lives and uplift those participating in the entertainment industry. 



Despite the growth of black filmmakers who are producing excellent local content and Hollywood blockbusters being filmed on our shores, only R15.8 Million of that investment is going to black, female and previously disadvantaged people and companies.


This is according to actor and filmmaker Wandile Molebatsi who believes that the industry has massive potential for life-changing employment and transformation in the real economic sense, yet the question he asks is: “There is still an obvious disparity in the industry, what can we do about it together?” 


As the founder and Executive Producer of Coal Stove Pictures, Wandile has been creating stories that shape a positive narrative of Africa for 25 years. His expertise and reputation in the industry have made him uniquely qualified to be one of the drivers for this transition in the South African Film & Television industry. 


Wandile is passionate about seeing more black, female and previously disadvantaged people actively participating in the R4,7 Billion that is being spent in South Africa. His mission is to encourage international stakeholders to give newer black-owned suppliers an opportunity. 



“As an industry we have the potential to be real catalysts of change at this critical stage,” says Wandile. “With the revolution that is happening in the digital space due to powerful streamers like NetFlix, Amazon, Hulu & DisneyPlus coming to the continent, it is more important than ever for the rights of producers, actors and content creators to be protected.”


From an intellectual standpoint the way that Producers (I.P creators) have engaged with MNET, SABC and eTV has been very top down. However, with the importance that the South African government is placing on real, practical and measurable transformation, we have an opportunity to navigate this space and create an industry that is diverse,  inclusive, and resilient.” 


According to Wandile the second half of the challenge comes in shifting the spending behaviour of network executives and producers. Many have long standing relationships with their suppliers and believe that taking on new entrants is risky. This challenge is then compounded by the reality that many black suppliers do not have the liquidity of cash flow to float the initial costs of any work given by those who are willing to make the change. 


There are financial incentives available from the Department of Trade, Industry and Competition (DTIC) to convince international stakeholders to support newer black-owned companies. These incentives include a rebate system that allows producers to attract international producers to shoot their films in South Africa. The Rebate works in phases. For International Co-Productions, 25% – 35% of all spend that is spent in SA will be given as a rebate for “re-investment”. In the case of Local Film production, these rebates can go up to 50% if it is a production that qualifies in terms of the BEE requirements.



There are also entities like the Industrial Development Co-Operation (IDC) and the National Empowerment Fund (NEF) that are also actively investing in the film & television sector.


“What is wonderful to see in this shifting landscape is that intelligent, pioneering black women are taking the helm of massive productions,” he says. “Watching as resilient, innovative African women rise to the highest ranks despite historically embedded challenges fills me with excitement for the opportunities the future may bring for my own daughter.” 


“Often the challenge is that black women simply be given the correct platform and be allowed to excel. Something traditional corporate South Africa – who still has a hold on the Film & TV Industry – are slow to embrace.”


Whilst there is no doubt that the industry is still structurally flawed, steps need to be taken to ensure that the South African Film & TV Industry of the future is a more inclusive space for everyone. It is the combination of policy changes, the DTIC’s incentive initiative, and the passion and drive of trusted film authorities like Wandile that will see the industry progress to an inclusive future. 

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VJOY entries are open don’t forget to register

Closing date: 20 September 2021.


The 2021 categories are: Live reporting/breaking news; Investigative; Opinion; Lifestyle; Features; Photography; Sport; Financial & Economics; Politics; Sustainability, Innovation in Journalism, the Young Journalist of the Year Award and the Lifetime Achiever Award.

For more information on what is expected in each award entry, and a description of each category, please visit

Journalists must enter work produced between 1 August 2020 and 31 July 2021. Click to enter here:


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Shaka iNkosi Yamakhosi, a decorated short film, produced by homegrown creative film production company, PacinaPictures has recently been announced as an official selection at this year’s prestigious Capri Movie International Film Festival from 15 – 18 September 2021

Following its successful debut at the Durban International Film Festival in July 2021, Shaka Inkosi Yamakhosi tells the story of Shaka Zulu, in way that leaves a legacy, highlighting not only Leadership, but Resilience, Courage, Faith, Innovativeness, Mentorship and Purpose. The animated short film is a narrative told from a Black South African perspective with the aim of reintroducing Shaka Zulu to a new generation.


Voiced by some of South Africa’s renowned thespians including, Lilian Dube as Gogo MaLamula Zulu, Ayanda Borotho as Queen Nandi, Mondli Makhoba as Shaka, Dawn Thandeka King as Mkabayi as well as Themba Ntuli as young Manzini, the film is set to wow audiences again at the much anticipated second edition of the Capri Movie I.F.F.

“The journey of Shaka Inkosi Yamakhosi has been nothing but fulfilling for us. From the moment we set out to produce this incredible body of work to its official premiere at DIFF 2021 which also saw us walking away with the Best South African Short award, we have been inspired and equally humbled by the reception of this story. To now have the opportunity to showcase our story at Capri Movie I.F.F. is another feat we do not take for granted, said Executive Producer and Co-Director of the film, Manzini Zungu.


Inspired by the story’s protagonist ‘Young Manzini’ — the story follows a tale told by Manzini’s Gogo about the coming-of-age story of a great warrior and King, Shaka Zulu to inspire her grandson through the strength of his lineage. Through Manzini’s journey, audiences are provoked to also find their inner Shaka to help them overcome their challenges.


“At the heart of developing this story, was a desire to own our African stories that are profuse with culture and diversity, which still capture and intrigues the world, and we are now well on way to doing just that,” concludes Zungu.

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Jozi Youth Dance Company (JYDC), brings you their 7th annual production called Phoenix, 07-10 October 2021 at the Roodepoort Theatre.

Jozi Youth Dance Company is a one of its kind, platform for young dancers, exposing them to professional choreographers and dancers. They gain invaluable experience, performing to sold out audiences, preparing them for the cut-throat dance industry.

This is JYDC’s 7th season and promises to lift the spirits of all of our audiences and be one of their biggest and best yet. This year we present to you “Phoenix”. We invite you to come and watch the rise and upliftment of artists and youth dancers after Covid-19, in JOZI Youth Dance Company’s enthralling season “Phoenix” 07-10 October 2021.

Over the past 7 years, JYDC have welcomed young dancers from all over Gauteng in order to give them a platform to showcase their talent and inspire the next generation of professional dancers. Under the directorship of Jayd Swart, the company has grown, not only in number but also quality of dance. “Young dancers need to be given the opportunity to show what they are capable of. We train them in both technique and expression and motivate them to achieve new heights while preparing them for a future in dance” said Swart.


Phoenix, the largest and most spectacular of shows produced by JYDC is guaranteed to set the stage on fire. “This year, we have the most magnificent lineup of choreographers, inspiring pieces showing how artists, performers and dancers have risen from the ashes after Covid-19.

Audiences will experience a taste of Broadway, Jazz, Contemporary and Ballet pieces that will make up the full show stopping production. Each piece bringing the own distinct personality of each choreographer to the stage with their story of rising through Covid-19 and bringing the arts back onto the stage and audiences back into theatres, said Swart. Choreographers include; Weslee Swain Lauder, Jayd Swart, Kent Jeycocke, Miane Shepard, Navin Jacobs, Sabelo Maphumulo, Aviwe November, Claudia Monja, Almar Kanda, Faiz Dalman, Joanne Liebenberg
and Kingsley Beukes

JYDC has opened up many doors for company members including a training tour to South-Korea, Romania, China, Bulgaria, Portugal, USA, Canada & Croatia. This production will form part of an International Tour is also been scheduled to show case this wonderful production.

All our graduates have received jobs within the industry, both Nationally and Internationally. We are so proud to be developing this kind of talent within the South African Dance Industry.


For more information on the production, Phoenix or auditions for the next season,
Jayd Swart on 076 213 8867 or e-mail
Ticket Bookings for the Production: Cost: Tickets: R180p/p and

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MTN Bushfire Presents: The Collab

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The Collab is a digital event connecting & uniting the region through a unique music collaboration.


This MTN Bushfire collaborative project is a one-of-a-kind musical partnership that has inspired new creative work from two top artists in the region. The Collab event presents the song and exclusive behind-the-scenes footage from the recording, at 6pm on 27th August 2021 on the MTN Bushfire YouTube and Facebook channels, and website (


The MTN Bushfire Collab is a one-of-a-kind musical collaboration that features well-known artists from Eswatini and South Africa, with the aim of inspiring new creative work and supporting dynamic new work during a time of limited arts mobility and connectivity. Two of the top performers in the region have come together to create a unique song and share their creative journey with fans and Fire Starters around the globe.


MTN Bushfire is thrilled to reveal the stars of the Collab:

Zolani Mahola & Sands

The One Who Sings (Zolani Mahola) is most famously known as the former lead singer of the internationally acclaimed pan-African South African music group Freshlyground and has gone on to create a global reputation as an extraordinary singer, songwriter, actress and storyteller.


Sands is one of Eswatini’s best loved talents. He is a multi-talented guitarist, songwriter, performing artist and Afro soul singer who rose to fame in 2015 when he won Best Radio Song of 2015 (for his song Vuma) and Male Artist of the Year at the National Arts and Culture Awards (NACA).


The Collab has been a stunning success, with both artists exuberantly upbeat about the experience to connect musically and creatively face-to-face, something artists have not been able to do for almost two years. Sands has this to say: “Something special has come to life. Zolani is an amazing talent and I have been privileged with this opportunity to create fire with her. I can’t wait for the world to hear this jam!” While The One Who Sings states, “My collaboration with Sands has been full of ease and joy. It’s such a pleasure to connect with a fellow musician who is skilled and capable but beyond that who is eager and open to what the collaborative process can bring. In this case it brought a bright, bright continental fire and we can’t wait to share it with the world!”


This infectious spirit will be shared with the world with the digital event on 27th August with a free broadcast on the MTN Bushfire website.


The Collab was born out of the desire to inspire game-changing creative narratives that will facilitate the creation of a dynamic body of new creative work, weaving together Africa’s rich & diverse musical genres,reflecting current issues, and involving a diverse range of profile and up-and-coming artists.


The Collab digital event will form part of MTN Bushfire’s 2021 Digital Series, that also features electrifying performances, an artist empowerment workshop on the 18th of September, exclusive content, and up-close access to artists. The Series will conclude with one of the most exciting multicultural Digital Festivals to be seen on the African continent, The MTN Bushfire 2021 Digital Festival on 24th September, featuring customized and upgraded immersive online experiences, enabling fans to safely enjoy and share the magic that is MTN Bushfire.

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The popularity of podcasts continues to grow especially over the last year, where people valued convenience and instant access to a range of interesting topics. With over 2.9 million podcasts available on Spotify there’s something for everyone.

Spotify recently revealed the top podcasts streamed by female listeners across South Africa. Over the past three months, these top podcasts have favoured topics such as:

  • Infotainment
  • Wellness
  • Motivation


Below are the Top 10 Most Streamed Podcasts by Female Listeners in South Africa and attached is an infographic that represents the categories most streamed by female listeners in South Africa.


  1. The Joe Rogan Experience
  2. Oprah Super Soul
  3. Crime Junkie
  4. ASMR Aaron
  5. Audice Wellness Services
  6. Bible at Bedtime
  7. The Self Love Fix
  8. On Purpose with Jay Shetty
  9. Relaxing White Noise
  10. The Mindset Mentor
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Joburg’s iconic radio station Kaya 959 turns 24 in August. To celebrate the milestone, the station is awarding cash to listeners whilst celebrating the moments that put it on the map.


Dubbed ’24 Kaya Magic’, the radio station is awarding cash to its loyal listeners from 24 – 29 August. 24 listeners will each win R2400 to mark the 24th birthday. The winning moments happen from 6am to 6pm. 


“There are so many reasons to celebrate this birthday,” says Kaya 959 Managing Director Sibongile Mtyali. “In this year we have repositioned the station as part of our strategy to appeal to a bigger audience. We have made extensive changes to the brand’s look and feel. We have brought on board new talent and reconfigured existing shows to bring them into alignment with this strategy. We are continuously improving our playlist for a stronger music offering. And we are constantly challenging ourselves to meet the needs of our listeners and clients.” 


“The history of this station is very rich,” says Commercial Programming Manager, Maekanya Morotoba. “Some of South Africa’s most-loved public figures have at one time or another been part of Kaya. Former presenters over the years include the late Bra Hugh Masekela, Bob Mabena, Mam Sibongile Khumalo and Dr Sindi van Zyl, pop act Mark Alex (Mark and Alex Rantseli), Lawrence Dube, Masechaba Moshoeshoe, David O’Sullivan and so many more. In 2021, we continue to be home to Gauteng’s leading radio talent including Thomas and Skhumba, T-Bose, Unathi, Sizwe Dhlomo, Gugulethu Mfuphi and many other excellent personalities”.


Two current presenters have been on Kaya 959 since the radio station first opened its doors in 1997: Nicky B and Colin Kgari. “There have been some remarkable moments. Some of those that stand out include the first Breakfast show broadcast by Lawrence Dube, winning Station of the Year twice, 2013 in 2017, as well as seeing two listeners marry in Newtown as part of the Two Strangers and a Wedding competition,” says Morotoba. 


How to win cash with #Kaya24Magic:

Listeners are invited to register on to enter the competition. 

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Podcast and Chill with MacG heads to Channel O!

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Whether talking about their careers, personal lives or other people’s business, few shows get SA celebs to open up as much as Podcast and Chill with MacG does. And now, the hugely popular series is heading to our TV screens as it joins the Channel O line-up next month with brand new interviews.


Hosted by DJ and radio personality MacGuyver Mukwevho, Sol Phenduka and the mysterious Ghost Lady, Podcast and Chill is one of the most popular podcasts in the country, with over 250 000 subscribers on YouTube, millions of views and a regular spot as one of the top five most-streamed podcasts in South Africa.

“We love giving our viewers content that is relevant, relatable and topical, and Podcast and Chill with MacG is exactly that. The interviews are always candid, interesting and impossible to ignore. The chemistry between MacG and his guests makes for great television and we’re thrilled to have them join Channel O,” says Nomsa Philiso, the Director of Local Entertainment Channels at M-Net.


Channel O will be broadcasting the celebrity edition of Podcast and Chill with MacG, featuring brand new interviews with SAMA-winning and platinum-selling singer-songwriter Zahara, and kwaito legend, author and fitness mogul Kabelo ‘Bouga Luv’ Mabalane to mention but a few.

Some of the high profile names that have been featured on Podcast and Chill include Israel Matseke Zulu (formerly known as Israel Makoe), who plays the character of Don on Mzansi Magic’s popular telenovela Gomora and The Ranakas reality TV star and TV producer Dineo Ranaka.

No topic is off-limits, from the deeply personal (battling illness, life in prison, childhood traumas), to fame, politics and navigating media scandals. The conversations are so honest and raw that the viewer sometimes feels as though they are eavesdropping on private chats between close friends, a sign of interviewing done right.

Tune into the celebrity edition of Podcast and Chill with MacG on Channel O, DStv channel 320, starting on 1 September 2021 at 21:30.

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