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The South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC) is pleased to announce the appointment of four Business Managers (BM) to oversee six of its radio stations. These critical appointments form part of the new structure of the corporation’s Radio portfolio that will ensure audience and revenue growth. The public broadcaster congratulates the following Business Managers on their respective appointments and wishes them well in their new roles:

–        Ms. Sbongi Ngcobo, Business Manager – Ukhozi FM. Ms. Ngcobo began her career at the SABC as Marketing Manager for trufm. Before this appointment, she was Ukhozi fm’s Acting Station Manager, a position she held from February 2018. Ms. Ngcobo holds a BA degree from the University of Natal (now University of KwaZulu Natal) where she majored in English and Media and Communication for her undergraduate degree and Cultural Media Studies in her Honours Degree. Ngcobo has also studied a People Management Programme at Gibs Business School.


–        Mr. JD Mostert, Business Manager: PCS Combo (5FM and Good Hope FM). Mr. Mostert, previously the Station Manager at 5FM, is a media enthusiast with more than 12 years’ experience in the media industry. He holds a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from the Gordon Institute of Business Science Gordon Institute of Business Science (GIBS), has a Post Graduate Diploma in General Management (PGDip) from Gordon Institute of Business Science (GIBS), as well as a Bachelor of Commerce in Business Management (BCom) from the University of Pretoria.

–     Ms. Louise Jooste, Business Manager – RSG has been with RSG (and the SABC) for just over 14 years, where she played an integral part of the station’s strategy and illustrated through many successful marketing campaigns how powerful the Afrikaans radio station and its audience are. She has also been more involved in the daily operations of the radio station as acting Program Manager, working closely with the current Station Manager to continue driving one of the top brands of the SABC. Ms. Jooste holds an Honours Degree in Communications from North West University and complemented it with Business Management studies at Wits Business School.

–        Mr. Madikana Matjila, Business Manager – Limpopo Combo (Munghana Lonene FM, Thobela FM and Phalaphala FM). Mr. Matjila previously held the position of Station Manager at Thobela FM since January 2020. Mr. Matjila is a professional radio broadcasting manager, who possesses career experience and formal training in radio production, community media and broadcast policy and compliance. He holds a Master’s degree in Media Studies from the University of Limpopo, an Advanced Radio certificate from the University of Witwatersrand and a Performance Management certificate from the Turfloop Graduate School of Leadership.

The public broadcaster will announce the Business Manager’s for the Fortune Combo (SAfm, Radio 2000 and Lotus FM), Eastern Cape Combo (Umhlobo Wenene FM and tru FM), Inland Combo (Motsweding FM and Lesedi FM) and Mpumalanga Combo (Ikwekwezi FM and Ligwalagwala FM) once the appointments have been finalised.

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Argentina’s groundbreaking football radio show

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  • A team of women are broadcasting first division matches in Argentina
  • One of them is a veteran of the only similar initiative from 25 years ago
  • spoke to the people behind an inspirational programme

When Fabiana Segovia took over as the director of Radio Del Plata in November 2020, one of the major challenges she faced was finding a new direction for broadcasting men’s football matches on one of Argentina’s oldest radio stations.

“I’ve been a football fan since I was a little girl and I used to go to watch matches until I started working as a radio producer,” Segovia, who is 51 and has more than two decades of experience in the field, told “I felt that Del Plata should, at the very least, cover River Plate and Boca Juniors, but I wanted to do something different to what everyone else was doing.”

The idea for a women-only programme came from Hernan Avella, a radio presenter she had been working with for a long time.

It was a revelatory moment for her in more ways than one, as she explained: “It was a Saturday and I said, ‘I love the idea. I’ll ask on Monday’. And it was then that I realised that it was my decision to make and mine alone. I still wasn’t used to that.”

She asked other people what they thought. “I spoke to Antonio Fernandez Llorente, my co-director, and he liked the idea too. And that’s how the idea of putting together a team of women to broadcast River and Boca games came about.”



A passion shared

Discussing her next challenge, she said: “There are plenty of women who know about football, but not so many who commentate on it. I asked a few people and got a couple of recordings. They put a lot it into but they were young and they didn’t have the right voice for it yet. And then I came across Laura Corriale. She’s the stadium announcer at Huracan and she was just what I was looking for.”

Corriale, 30, is a dedicated football fan too. “I always have been, so much so that I learned to walk on a pitch,” she told She started working as a presenter at 21 and has long had links with Huracan, where she was the press officer. In 2016, she became the club’s stadium announcer, making her only the second woman to hold such a position with an Argentinian first division club.

“I did a commentating course in 2013,” she explained. “There were three women on it but the other two dropped out after a couple of classes. The only commentating I’d ever done, though, was during the 2018 World Cup, for a feminist initiative on a community radio station. That’s why I wasn’t sure about accepting. Fabiana gave me time to think it over, though, and here I am, delighted to be on board.”

One of the first people Segovia contacted was Elsa Silvestre, someone she knew well. “She’s pretty much the cornerstone of what we’re doing. She took part in the first women-only broadcast 25 years ago. And just as she was then, I asked her to be the main presenter.”

Though Silvestre is not so much of a football fan, the game formed part of her early days in both radio, working as a roving reporter during the 1978 World Cup, and on TV. And that was before her part in that pioneering experience a quarter of a century ago.

“There were seven of us and we went out on a FM station and a AM station, which were both local,” she told “We were on air between 1996 and 1997, but it didn’t work because we lacked support. I haven’t done any more football work until now. I thought it was important to support this project.”

Ayelen Pujol broadcasts football at Radio del Plata in Argentina
© Others

Ayelen Pujol was recommended to Segovia for the pundit’s role. A sports journalist, the 38-year-old Pujol is the author of two books on the history of women’s football in Argentina: Qué jugadora (“What A Player”) and Barriletas cósmicas (“Cosmic Kites”).

Pujol has been involved in the game for as long as she can remember and used to play before giving it up in her teens. “I’d get really upset about what they said about the women who play it,” she said.

“That all changed later and I channelled my love for the game by studying something that kept me involved. And through feminism I learned to analyse gender issues. I stopped feeling insecure about it, which was just because I hadn’t done it before, and accepted the offer. I put it all in perspective – it’s really important for women to get opportunities like this.”

Karina Vázquez broadcasts football at Radio Del Plata in Argentina
© Others

For the show’s co-presenter, Segovia chose Karina Vazquez, who happens to be the first female stadium announcer in Argentina, a post she occupied with Argentinos Juniors. “I didn’t have any connection with football until I studied broadcasting, and the first time I came into contact with the club was through a social initiative,” the 49-year-old told

“In 2016, they offered me the job of stadium announcer, which was unheard of at the time. But Fabiana’s project appealed to me in so many different ways. I loved the fact that a long-standing radio station was giving its backing to a woman and that the woman in question was brave enough to get other women involved in the job of broadcasting men’s football.”

Rounding off the team is the journalist Delfina Corti, who provides stats on the women’s game in pre-match build-ups, at half-time and after the final whistle.

Elsa Silvestre broadcasts football at Radio del Plata in Argentina
© Others

Taking shape

The whole team acknowledges that the project would not exist without Segovia. They see it as part of a wider trend in which women are occupying more prominent roles. Yet, despite the sexism they have encountered in their careers, they made an important decision at their first team meeting, as Segovia explained: “We didn’t want the programme to be feminist. We said: ‘Now that we’ve got this opportunity, we want people to listen to us because we’re good, not because we’re women’.”

“We never make a point of the fact that this is the only women-only show out there but we do touch on issues relating to feminism, in our own way,” added Corriale. “For example, if there’s a player who’s going through a domestic violence case and she’s playing well, we’ll point it out and we’ll also give out the number for the national domestic abuse helpline. We can’t pass that opportunity up.”

The show aired for the first time in December. “Everyone’s got a different take on the game, their own voice, and the challenge was, is and always will be to fit them all in,” said Segovia. “The rehearsals we did were a starting point but we’re still working on the product, which is good, and the girls, who are trying to find their own styles.”

The feedback so far has been very positive, as Silvestre explained. “When we’re on air, I can see that we’re getting a lot of approval from women, especially on social media. Men tend to text more, and though some of them say we should talk a bit faster, the messages we get are generally supportive.”

Looking to the future

The team has covered only one women’s match to date, the final of the first professional league championship between River Plate and Boca Juniors. As Vazquez pointed out, it posed a challenge on several levels: “I’ve usually got more than enough back-up info but for that match it was really hard to find. I noticed a massive difference.”

Nevertheless, the results were positive. “We got messages from Spain, Holland, France and elsewhere. It was crazy. It was a rewarding experience that gave us lots of things to think about, such as bringing more people into the team. We don’t have a second commentator and we’ll have to train one because there aren’t that many around.”

It is a reminder to the team of the lack of female role models they had ahead of their involvement in the project. As a result, they are all aware of the parts they have to play, as Corriale explained. “I’m not sure I’m an example to others. The way I see it, some girls might want to commentate like me and others in a totally different way.”

Giving her view, Pujol said: “I think it’s really important that young girls can see and listen to women talking about football and say, ‘I can do it if I put my mind to it’. It’s really important to have role models.”

Rounding off, Vazquez commented: “I’m sure this project will lead on to others. People are already getting qualified. We’re leading the way and we’ve opened a door. You have to create an overall vision and have different qualifications feeding into it, not just dissertations and workshops. What we want for the people coming up behind us is for them to make it because they’re good, not because they’re women.”

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OFM listeners shared their insights about how their radio listening habits have changed during a pandemic in a research study, OFM brought to market early this year.


In the study, 54% of OFM listeners indicated that they are likely to consume more radio, and 16% indicated that they are likely to consume more streamed audio offerings than they did in 2020.

65% of the 1133 respondents indicated that they already listen to more radio, especially between 06:00 and 09:00 in the morning. The majority of respondents keep their radio tuned in between 06:00 to 18:00, in the car, at home and at work.

The study also asked pertinent questions about buying behaviours. 22% of respondents indicated that they are in the market for a new vehicle, and 15% indicated that they are in the market for a new home. When asked what OFM listeners would do with their free time, under COVID-19 regulations, 47% indicated that they intend to visit family and friends, 23% are looking forward to watching a movie, 17% want to study a new course and gain a skill, 21% need to break away on a holiday, and 28% want to get fit and lose weight.

Social media behaviours were also tested, and from the 1133 respondents, 20% indicated that they would consume more of WhatsApp, while with the pending changes to the terms and conditions for WhatsApp, 60% indicated that they are very unlikely to stop using WhatsApp. 19% of all respondents indicated that they would consume more of Facebook in 2021.

OFM listeners were asked to indicate what they are likely to spend more on in 2021 than they did in 2020. 46% indicated they would spend more money on groceries, 26% indicated they would spend more money on clothes, 16% indicated they would spend more money on DIY supplies, and 18% on personal care products, like toiletries, hair care products, and makeup.

The insights derived out of this research study indicate the absolute strength of radio and audio consumption, listener engagement, and the loyalty OFM listeners have toward OFM. In 2021 OFM turn 35 years young, and the station can be proud that radio and audio consumption is getting stronger.

The article was written by Nick Efstathiou, the Chief Executive Officer of the Central Media Group, the holding company of OFM.

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Gauteng’s biggest youth radio station, YFM, is proud to have the talented Phindile Ziqubu return to the station as newly appointed content manager.

Ziqubu is no stranger to the YFM brand, after graduating top of her class at Boston Media House, her career in radio began in 2010 as an intern in the Y Academy. She completed her internship and went on to produce and co-host some of YFM’s flagship shows. In 2016, she left YFM to join 5FM as a producer. Thereafter, she joined Primedia Broadcasting as 947’s execution specialist where she managed 947’s commercial and programming campaigns.


Says Ziqubu: “To be part of a brand that is one of the greatest pioneers of South African youth culture is monumental. Needless to say, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to return to the place that ignited my love for radio. I look forward to rejoining the YFM family, breaking boundaries and taking the brand to new heights.”


Says YFM’s managing director Haseena Cassim: “In understanding the need for a more robust content development focus, Phindi’s name was top of mind when the position opened. I watched Phindi and her content wizardry, with awe, from afar in my early years at YFM. Her post YFM experience and natural rapport with talent and peers creates the perfect combination to take on the challenge of meeting the audience expectations. I am delighted to have such a fiercely passionate and driven woman working alongside me in creating great radio.”

Tune into YFM 99.2, on the YFM app or on DSTV channel 859.

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Durban-based tech company, immedia has invested R10-million to help African media entrepreneurs to build sustainable community radio by using Fabrik (, a set of cloud-enabled digital tools that empower media entities to live-stream shows, grow and engage with audiences around the world, and benefit financially by monetising their audiences.


The 25-year-old company, which has the backing of Microsoft and the Industrial Development Corporation, has been developing their Fabrik technology since 2017. Fabrik allows media entrepreneurs to upend the traditional notion of “we broadcast and you receive”, by creating a feedback loop that directly helps the stations and listeners that use it to leapfrog old technology, to become citizen journalists, and find their strategic space in a digitally transformed world. It is already being used by 15 commercial clients, including radio stations Gagasi FM, Smile 90.4FM and YFM.




As part of its Digital Leap programme (, immedia will be giving its platform to qualifying media entrepreneurs across Africa for free for a year. This includes consultation, training and support to help monetize the technology, cumulatively valued at R10 million.




Phil Molefe, a veteran of broadcast radio in South Africa, Fabrik’s Head of Business Development & Strategy, says the programme was key to the company’s vision to spearhead media transformation. He says the uptake of Fabrik by energetic entrepreneurs at community radio stations showed how empowering the suite of digital tools is. “It enables them to deepen their relationship with their audience and monetise it sustainably because the quality of their engagement with listeners is meaningful.”



Building stable, sustainable community radio across Africa

Molefe points out that while community media is often under-resourced and struggles to retain skills, the company’s case studies have shown that it is more than possible for them to thrive – and that the Digital Leap programme is the kind of opportunity they need, and can succeed on. Fabrik helps media entrepreneurs by solving key challenges for them, including:

  • Providing them with a mobile application that allows community and campus radio stations to live-stream shows, as well host podcasts, allowing them to reach audiences well beyond the geographic constraints of their traditional radio broadcast signal.

  • By shifting to a cloud-based tool, radio stations get access to archival and backup that is compliant with BCCSA and ICASA regulations. This helps them to significantly cut down on time and resources required to manually back up radio content to on-site servers or even tape.

  • Messaging functionality, including push notifications, so that stations can better engage with their communities, publish written or multimedia content, and even promote active conversation between listeners. Push notifications help drive engagement by bringing attention to active competitions, surveys and polls, recently published content, and more.

  • By encouraging listeners to register as a member and provide some of their personal information, such as geographics and demographics, stations are able to build audience profiles for their listeners, and gain a better understanding of their needs and preferences.

  • These detailed analytics provided by Fabrik gives stations the data they need to convince advertisers and marketers of the value of promoting their products and services through the station’s app, helping bring in much needed revenue.




Fabrik has a range of users, and about 60% of their listeners have an opt-in relationship with their broadcasters. By building and growing owned communities, stations then stand to benefit financially by serving highly relevant ads to their digital listeners. In addition, where sales conversions on social media are around 2%, Fabrik users enjoy 8%.




According to Tamie Mbombo, head of Marketing and PR at Izwi loMzansi, one of the largest community radio stations in South Africa, says that the platform has revolutionised the station’s engagement with its listeners, and has led the digital charge with featured podcasts and integrated advertising campaigns on the Izwi mobile app. “Community media’s aim is to provide trusted information and expression, and Fabrik has helped do that,” he says.





A change of mindset is required

The Fabrik team made some interesting observations based on the experiences of early adopters of the technology, including around community radio, where many advertisers and business decision makers are often dismissive of the audience. “For example, one of our clients is a station with an audience in the LSM 4-6 range. That audience is typically regarded as ‘too poor’ or too marginalised to go digital and yet our clients are proving that they are taking to it like ducks to water,” Molefe says.



He says that the take up by media entrepreneurs, either regarded as ‘on the fringes’ or as outliers, is the best showcase for Fabrik. “They are doing what they do because nobody told them they couldn’t – and it is proving to be a great leveller. We’ve seen how powerful this platform is in the community media space, which is why we are looking at boosting the rate of transformation.”

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Radio professionals: you have been heard!
Entry deadline for The Radio Awards extended to 31 March 2021

With a whirlwind start to 2021 that has seen a more stringent lockdown imposed, we know it’s been quite a task to reorganise, work remotely, and overcome numerous tech challenges to keep everyone on air. Finding one’s feet in 2021 has not been easy.

After receiving industry-wide requests to shift the entry deadline for this year’s Radio Awards programme, we have agreed to extend the entry deadline date to 31 March 2021.

It remains, however, that only content broadcast from 1 January 2020 to 31 December 2020 is eligible.

Mark these NEW important dates…

16 February 2021 – Station Managers Choice nominations open
31 March 2021 – 2021 Entries close
14 April 2021 – My Station Competition closes
15 June 2021 – Finalist announcement (Part 1: general categories)
02 July 2021 – Finalist announcement (Part 2: nomination categories)
16 July 2021 – Virtual Winners Announcement

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2020 marked 100 years of radio across the world, and in 2021 we look to celebrating the next century by shining a spotlight on the enduring value of radio in South Africa, and continue honouring outstanding achievements in the radio industry.



10 December 2020 Entries open
20 January 2021 My Station Competition opens
05 February 2021 Entries close
16 February 2021 Station Manager’s Choice nominations open
14 May 2021 Virtual Winners Announcement


Entries for The Radio Awards 2021 have officially opened and radio stations across the country are invited to submit their entries via the online entry portal available at


STEP 1: Register your profile via, complete the registration form and then click submit. Radio stations that already have a profile can use their existing username and password to login. If you have forgotten your password you may reset it. Stations entering for the first time will need to register their profile on the entry system before being able to submit any entries.

STEP 2: Once logged in, you will be redirected to The Radio Awards dashboard. Use the toolbar to navigate your way around the entry system.

STEP 3: Select and complete the appropriate entry form for the category you wish to enter by clicking the ‘New Entry’ button on the toolbar. Ensure that you complete all the fields required for each entry you wish to make.
Entries close on 5 February 2021.

For entry enquiries, please contact Phila Nkanunu | 011 340 9465​


“Tune In” series of virtual dialogues will continue into 2021. These online dialogues will focus on various topics of interest for radio broadcasters and radio marketers, allowing people across the country to learn from the experts while maintaining social distancing.

Stay tuned for the latest updates and news on social media by following us on
Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. #SARadioAwards.


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Joanne Josephs bids farewell to 702

Posted by radio On August - 16 - 2020 ADD COMMENTS

Station Manager Thabisile Mbete says Joanne has contributed to, and shaped, important social and political narratives in SA

Talk Radio Station 702, part of Primedia Broadcasting’s portfolio of radio stations, last week announced that the station will be bidding farewell to well-known radio presenter Joanne Joseph on 28 August 2020. Joanne currently hosts The Afternoon Drive with Joanne Joseph from 15:00-18:00, Monday to Friday.

Joanne joined 702 in May 2018, returning to her radio roots after a number of years hosting TV news shows with the SABC and eNCA. Over the past two decades, she has anchored several high-profile live broadcasts, most notably the live coverage of former president Nelson Mandela’s passing and his successor Thabo Mbeki’s inauguration.

Joanne has also used her media platform to raise awareness for causes close to her heart, including engaging the Minister of Justice to prioritise abuse cases and expedite interventions that safeguard society’s most vulnerable.

Commenting on her journey at 702, Joanne said: “I want to express my particular thanks to The Afternoon Drive team for their professionalism and collegiality. They have been a wonderful support system for me during my time at 702, showing infinite enthusiasm, dedication, and acting as a buffer in times of crisis. The media landscape is evolving, traditional consumption habits are changing rapidly and with the energy and agility that have characterised my work of the last twenty-odd years, I am preparing to take up the challenge in new ways.”


702 Station Manager Thabisile Mbete adds: “Joanne has encouraged a culture of empathy in tackling systemic societal issues that many would hesitate to take on. As a member of the 702 team, she has contributed to, and shaped, important social and political narratives in South Africa. We know that her next chapter will be an exciting one and we wish her well.”



702 will announce Joanne’s replacement in due course.

“Joanne has brought her own voice to The Afternoon Drive and has a unique ability to articulate key issues, bringing them to the fore. We recognise her contribution to 702 and know she will continue to be the voice for those who are still finding theirs,” comments Geraint Crwys-Williams, Acting CEO of Primedia Broadcasting.

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The Gagasi FM Shero Awards are back. Now in its fourth year, the awards celebrate extraordinary women who push boundaries and excel in their respective fields. Recognition is given to women who are making a difference in their communities, oftentimes with limited resources and without expecting anything in return.

This year, the Gagasi FM Shero Awards will once again pay tribute to such remarkable women and it’s all happening in August as part of celebrating the Women’s Month. The big change this year is that the awards will take place live on -ir and online, there will be no awards ceremony this time around due to Covid-19 pandemic. Listeners can look forward to the exciting Gagasi FM Shero Awards live winners’ announcement, full details to be shared in due course.



“We are very excited with this year’s edition of Gagasi FM Shero Awards and we believe that being unable to host the awards ceremony gives us an opportunity to explore other creative ways to execute. The awards have been growing each year and we are aiming for an even greater impact this year. From the listener’s participation in the form of submission of entries, to the selection of nominees and getting to know who they are and, ultimately, the announcement of winners and celebrating them, we are anticipating a very successful campaign,” says Gagasi FM head of brand Phinda Magwaza.


The overall Shero Award category for this year has been named after the late television icon Mama Mary Twala. Every year, this award is named after a female icon whose journey has been inspirational and whose life significantly represents a true Shero. The winner for this overall award is chosen among winners of the other categories.



Submission of entries is now open, listeners can visit and click on the Gagasi FM Shero Awards 2020 banner to access the nominations page. More details will also be available on the official Gagasi FM social media pages with a link to the nominations page.

The categories for the Gagasi FM Shero Awards are as follows:

  • Entertainment and music

  • Sport

  • Science and technology

  • Big Business Professional (legal, medicine, finance, administration, HR, marketing etc.)

  • Enterprise (small business)

  • Social entrepreneurship

  • Education

  • Public service

  • Community leadership

  • KZN ambassadors

  • Mama Mary Twala Award

The winners’ announcement will take place on the 28 August 2020 live on-air and online.

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  • The show will focus on bringing about change and driving solutions through conversations.

  • The first and second episodes will unpack the triggers and trauma of rape through the stories of three incredible young women.

  • The first two shows will interrogate the idea that South Africans do not understand consent.

  • Perspective on Y will explore legal structures available for victims of rape, the criminal justice system’s resources and shortcomings.

  • The conversation will end with a discussion on the way in which boy children are being raised.


YFM 99.2, Gauteng’s number one youth station is launching a one-of-a-kind talk show – Perspective on Y. The hard-hitting show will air between 7pm and 9pm every second Thursday, starting on 9 July.

The first two episodes of Perspective on Y will focus on the prevalent and very serious issue of rape, its consequences, victims and the people behind the laws that are meant to protect. The Perspective on Y, rape episodes, will be hosted by guest presenter and YFM news editor, Mfundo Mabalane.


“There are several burning issues in our country that need honest conversations but, more importantly, solution-driven conversations. Perspective on Y will be that platform. This generation must play its part in the deconstruction of a society, which has enabled a culture of violence against women and children, corruption, and injustice against the marginalised,” says Mabalane.

The Perspective project is a concept created by YFM’s weekday producers, who are also at the helm of their respective daytime shows. This is the team behind Y Mornings, Krunch with Khutso, The Shakedown, The Best Drive, Anathi’s Nights on Y and Y Talks. The group has teamed up to share their talents and editorial skills on this latest addition to the YFM programming lineup.


Taking the reins as senior producer of the first Perspective episodes is Lumko Johnson, who also produces Anathi’s Nights on Y.

Johnson is a Wits University-trained creative content specialist, who over a career spanning close to 10 years, has conceptualised content solutions in the urban youth space, for television, digital advertising as well as radio.


Episode one

Expect a raw and frank discussion about rape and the subjects that underline it. Mabalane will be joined by three experts who have worked extensively in the space of gender-based violence and the show will address multiple talking points such as rape culture, structures and resources available for victims, trauma and triggers, toxic masculinity as well as the psyche and/or pathology of South African men that incite violent behaviour towards women.


Date and time: Thursday, 9 July 2020, 7pm–9pm.


Episode two

Here, the topic of gender-based violence will remain front-and-centre, with the focus on consent. Joining Mabalane in the studio will be a panel of guests sharing their stories, including the devastating and traumatic impact the abuse has had on their personal lives and the experience of someone refusing to hear the word no. Accompanying them will be credible voices from the legal, justice, and psychology fraternities to explore the topic even further. There will be a discussion on the Sex Offenders Register, its purpose in our society, and ways in which the general public can gain access to it.


Date and time: Thursday, 23 July 2020, 7pm– 9pm.

Says YFM’s MD, Haseena Cassim: “The effects of gender-based violence can be life-long. We want to use our platform to create a safe space to provide some kind of guidance about how to deal with the horrors of this type of violence. This show is one that we are very proud of at YFM and hope that we can make a difference in our listeners’ lives by offering a voice to those who need it most.”


In the following months, many other topics and themes will be tackled and produced by YFM’s top brains behind some of the great content that is heard on YFM.


The show plans to educate listeners by tackling a wide range of social issues affecting the South African youth by having frank and honest discussions on air. Each episode will feature well-informed guests, thought leaders and credible experts to discuss the issues and solutions.


Listeners are encouraged to join in the conversation by sending any questions, comments, or relevant stories on the YFM app or YFM’s social media channels.

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Metro FM changes see LKG getting her own show

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trufm announce line-up changes

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For more information on COVID-19 and government regulation: Click here