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MTN Bushfire Ignites the Digital Spa

Posted by radio On September - 16 - 2021 ADD COMMENTS

Bab L’Bluz (Morocco)

Bab L’Bluz is a Franco-Moroccan band whose name means “The Gateway to the Blues”. Formed in 2018, they are a uniquely Moroccan psychedelic Rock band inspired by Gnawa and Hassani traditions, which they combine with rock, contemporary music, and popular Moroccan music.

Bholoja (Eswatini)

Mbongiseni Ngubane has wowed MTN Bushfire audiences many times over with his multi-colored, intrepid voice and a talent for writing songs that reflect on the daily life and unique culture of the people of his homeland. A true Eswatini treasure who is always ready to bring his fire! His music, dubbed Swazi Soul, is a blend of alternative soul, gospel, jazz, blues and African traditional rhythms.


Catu Diosis (Uganda)

All about love, energy and good times, Catu Diosis is a Ugandan producer and DJ. She makes the dancefloor a boiling pot of vibes with her loud and tropical sounds. From Gqom to Kuduro, she will keep you dancing and smiling. She is a talent not to be missed, with her energetic moves and engaging performances that blew up the Boiler Room and the main stage at Nyege Nyege 2019.


Christine Salem (Reunion Island)

The iconic singer-songwriter from Reunion Island blends the percussions of her island with the melodies of a virtuoso violin. In her songs, tinged with Blues, Maloya and Rock, she gives thanks to her ancestors and sings of hope for a better world.




Jeremy Loops (South Africa)

From cult live act status in his hometown Cape Town, to a chart topping album domestically, Jeremy Loops’ career hass been characterised by breaking through glass ceilings. His international breakout saw him open for Twenty One Pilots on the road, and headline a sold-out 30,000-ticket tour of his own, soon followed by a sold-out headline show at London’s iconic O2 Academy Brixton. It’s the blend of genres that catches the ear – modern Folk with an urban edge, spanning gentle, rousing ballads to anthemic arena-ready bangers.



JOJO ABOT is a nomadic interdisciplinary artist exploring evolving themes of spirituality identity and community with self as the start point to collective evolution. JOJO ABOT continues a provocative, genre-bending dialogue with a growing global audience through her uniquely coined AFRO-HYNO-SONIC sound and otherworldly perspective. JOJO ABOT continues to develop and present her interdisciplinary practice through POWER TO THE GOD WITHIN and other curatorial projects.


Mayra Andrade (Cape Verde)

Mayra’s singing is a blend of radiant, dancing colours, velvet beats and spicy melodies. Her voice is subtly seasoned with pepper, as if the Europe of pop had always been a tropical archipelago. The songs conjure up an eternal summer that disperses the mists and chills, but never resort to the tinsel of exoticism. Sung in Cape Verdean Creole, English and Portuguese, they carry us away in their warm, adventurous unpredictability


Mighty Vibration & Azagaia (Mozambique)

From Mozambique comes Mighty Vibration, a spiritually conscious reggae artist also known as Texito Langa. Azagaia is an MC who became widely known for his songs of protest and intervention in 2007. They now have joined forces to perform mixed sounds of Conscious Reggae and Hip-Hop Rap, with the aim to bring about deep awareness of the various fields of human life.


Mpho Sebina (Botswana)

Born, bred and raised in Botswana, Mpho Sebina was labeled in 2018 as “an artist to look out for” by Global Citizen. She is a singer and songwriter whose vocal talents and hauntingly minimalistic and mystic visuals capture audiences and invite them to hone in on the messaging of her songs.

Ndlovu Youth Choir (South Africa)

One of the world’s most treasured music groups, the Ndlovu Youth Choir, with their unique musical arrangements and powerhouse vocals combined with mesmerizing choreography, have inspired millions across the globe. What started as an after-school programme for orphaned and vulnerable children is now an international recording and touring sensation!


Nubya Garcia (United Kingdom)

Multi-award-winning saxophonist and composer, Nubya Garcia is a talent to be seen and heard. Her debut album, SOURCE, wascreceived with wide critical acclaim and described by The New York Times as “a life’s worth of experiences in an hour-long listen,” elevated her career and she has not come down since. She has gone on to secure a spot on UK Charts Top 30.


Oddisee (USA)

DMV rapper and record producer was born Amir Elkhalifa in Washington D.C. to a Sudanese father and African American mother. He bore witness to stark inequity early in life and became as political as the city he was raised in. Elkhalifa tackles the human condition with unwavering conviction and candour, merging elements of Jazz, Funk, and Go-Go into his Hip Hop-rooted productions.


Qhibo & Hanwah (Eswatini)

Qibho Intalektual, a poet, thespian and activist from Eswatini, uses his poetry to speak truth to power. Hanwah is a British vocalist, pianist and producer whose soothing vocals and unique production takes you into a new state of mind. Together, the duo create original sounds that reflect the current moods of Eswatini, along with what the landscape has to offer.


Sun-El Musician (South Africa)

Sanele Sithole, better known by his stage name Sun-El Musician, is a South African disc jockey, music producer and songwriter. Born and raised in Mooi River, KwaZulu-Natal, he was a producer for Demor Music before the establishment of his own record label EL World Music.


Tendaness (Eswatini)

Introducing his signature sound with his hit “Jika”, featuring Bholoja and LO, Tendaness has become an award-winning artist. Described as a “genre-bender”, Tendaness’ sound is a combination of a variety of genres, such as Jazz and Folk with Electronic elements, resulting in a sound with worldwide potential.


The Collab with The One Who Sings (South Africa) & Sands (Eswatini)

This year, The One Who Sings and Sands created a new song for the second event of the MTN Bushire 2021 Digital Series, The Collab, and now “Give Me Fire” will be screened for the very first time! Sandziso “Sands” Matsebula is a multi-talented guitarist, songwriter, performing artist and Afro-Soul singer, and one of Eswatini’s best-loved talents. The One Who Sings, Zolani Mahola, is most famously known as the former lead singer of the internationally acclaimed pan-African South African music group Freshlyground and has gone on to create a global reputation as an extraordinary singer, songwriter, actress and storyteller.





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MTN Bushfire Presents: The Collab

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The Collab is a digital event connecting & uniting the region through a unique music collaboration.


This MTN Bushfire collaborative project is a one-of-a-kind musical partnership that has inspired new creative work from two top artists in the region. The Collab event presents the song and exclusive behind-the-scenes footage from the recording, at 6pm on 27th August 2021 on the MTN Bushfire YouTube and Facebook channels, and website (


The MTN Bushfire Collab is a one-of-a-kind musical collaboration that features well-known artists from Eswatini and South Africa, with the aim of inspiring new creative work and supporting dynamic new work during a time of limited arts mobility and connectivity. Two of the top performers in the region have come together to create a unique song and share their creative journey with fans and Fire Starters around the globe.


MTN Bushfire is thrilled to reveal the stars of the Collab:

Zolani Mahola & Sands

The One Who Sings (Zolani Mahola) is most famously known as the former lead singer of the internationally acclaimed pan-African South African music group Freshlyground and has gone on to create a global reputation as an extraordinary singer, songwriter, actress and storyteller.


Sands is one of Eswatini’s best loved talents. He is a multi-talented guitarist, songwriter, performing artist and Afro soul singer who rose to fame in 2015 when he won Best Radio Song of 2015 (for his song Vuma) and Male Artist of the Year at the National Arts and Culture Awards (NACA).


The Collab has been a stunning success, with both artists exuberantly upbeat about the experience to connect musically and creatively face-to-face, something artists have not been able to do for almost two years. Sands has this to say: “Something special has come to life. Zolani is an amazing talent and I have been privileged with this opportunity to create fire with her. I can’t wait for the world to hear this jam!” While The One Who Sings states, “My collaboration with Sands has been full of ease and joy. It’s such a pleasure to connect with a fellow musician who is skilled and capable but beyond that who is eager and open to what the collaborative process can bring. In this case it brought a bright, bright continental fire and we can’t wait to share it with the world!”


This infectious spirit will be shared with the world with the digital event on 27th August with a free broadcast on the MTN Bushfire website.


The Collab was born out of the desire to inspire game-changing creative narratives that will facilitate the creation of a dynamic body of new creative work, weaving together Africa’s rich & diverse musical genres,reflecting current issues, and involving a diverse range of profile and up-and-coming artists.


The Collab digital event will form part of MTN Bushfire’s 2021 Digital Series, that also features electrifying performances, an artist empowerment workshop on the 18th of September, exclusive content, and up-close access to artists. The Series will conclude with one of the most exciting multicultural Digital Festivals to be seen on the African continent, The MTN Bushfire 2021 Digital Festival on 24th September, featuring customized and upgraded immersive online experiences, enabling fans to safely enjoy and share the magic that is MTN Bushfire.

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The popularity of podcasts continues to grow especially over the last year, where people valued convenience and instant access to a range of interesting topics. With over 2.9 million podcasts available on Spotify there’s something for everyone.

Spotify recently revealed the top podcasts streamed by female listeners across South Africa. Over the past three months, these top podcasts have favoured topics such as:

  • Infotainment
  • Wellness
  • Motivation


Below are the Top 10 Most Streamed Podcasts by Female Listeners in South Africa and attached is an infographic that represents the categories most streamed by female listeners in South Africa.


  1. The Joe Rogan Experience
  2. Oprah Super Soul
  3. Crime Junkie
  4. ASMR Aaron
  5. Audice Wellness Services
  6. Bible at Bedtime
  7. The Self Love Fix
  8. On Purpose with Jay Shetty
  9. Relaxing White Noise
  10. The Mindset Mentor
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Collaborative Playlists and Group Sessions have gained popularity across Sub Saharan Africa 


Music has always been a universal language helping people through the ages to communicate and connect without the need for added conversation or even words. Music can help us unlock the deepest parts of ourselves, and act as a unifier. Bringing people together to share their thoughts, feelings and emotions whether they are suburbs, cities or continents apart.

This has never been truer than in recent times. Removing the opportunity for people to connect in person has amplified the need to create experiences to still engage with those closest to us in ways that are both meaningful, emotive and transcend distance.


Several surveys conducted over the past year have showcased how the Gen Z audience in particular have been craving shared communal experiences.  Over the same period Spotify  has also noted an increase in content streaming as people seek out ways to stay entertained and informed as well as connected.


Recently, First National Bank recorded an increase in their customers’ spending on online services since lockdown started. The subscription to music streaming apps surged 44%, with usage of Spotify increasing the most by 83%.


Spotify has also seen an increase in the number of people using the platform to co-create and share audio content – using their favourite music as a key communication form to create those engaging experiences.


Collaborative playlists are a fun and easy way for users to co-curate playlists with friends, by each adding their favourite tracks. Creating a playlist that has a ‘feel’ of each user gives people the experience of being together.  The popularity of collaborative playlists across sub-Saharan Africa was showcased in recent data released by Spotify.


Over the past 90 days, collaborative playlists received the most plays in South Africa, with “The Business’’ by Tiësto as the most played track in local collaborative playlists.


Nigeria and Kenya saw a 35% and 40% increase in collaborative playlist plays respectively, with “Far Away” by Nigerian, Afro-fusion singer Brainboy as the most played in Nigeria and “Calling My Phone” by 6LACK, Lil Tjay, taking the most plays in Kenya


Ghana, Uganda and Tanzania also saw an increase in the plays on collaborative playlists over the period.


Another wonderful way to share is through Group Sessions, which allow for the simultaneous listening of songs and podcasts. In the past 90 days, South Africa had the highest group session listening rate across sub-Saharan Africa. The most popular track in group sessions in South Africa was “05:12 Space Caress’’ by Danger, with Nigerians loving “Dimension (feat. Skepta & Rema)’’ by JAE5, and “Baby Bumblebee’’ by Julie Gardner most popular in group sessions in Kenya.


“Features such as collaborative playlists and group sessions aid music discovery – a key imperative for Spotify. As Spotify’s presence and popularity continues to grow across Africa, we are encouraged that our audience are continuing to uncover and explore the many features on offer that can only amplify their listening experience. Spotify is so much more than simply an audio streaming service. Users can ‘’soundtrack their lives’’ from the moment they wake up to when they go to sleep at night, and everything in between and seamlessly share this across other social media apps like Facebook and Instagram. The platform provides an opportunity to connect through a shared love of music, providing comfort to many over the isolation of the past months.” says Phiona Okumu, Head of Music, Sub Saharan Africa.


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As part of its aim to grow and nurture young talent, Sofnfree announced an exciting Youth Month initiative where one talented and aspiring TV presenter, videographer and journalist could bag a backstage pass to the South African Music Awards (SAMAs). Sofnfree is also this year’s sponsor of the SAMAs Female Artist of the Year Category.

The leading haircare brand has announced that the winner is Yolanda Buthelezi, 25, from KwaZulu-Natal, who will get the opportunity to meet, interact and interview the nominees and winners while building her media resume.


“The Sofnfree brand champions the freedom of self-expression, and through this Youth Day initiative, wants to empower an aspiring young person in the arts industry, giving them the tools and confidence to express themselves,” says the Sofnfree brand team.


“Our youth holds the key to the exceptional entertainment industry in the future, and the brand team is delighted to provide one young, aspiring person a chance to fulfil their dreams, and maybe even walk their own red carpet one day.”


About Yolanda


The talented presenter was born and raised in Ulundi and is an ambitious final year BCom Marketing student. She is passionate about modelling, TV presenting, and emceeing. She has been a guest presenter on SABC1 lifestyle show, HotSpot Seli and presented for Soweto TV.


“TV presenting is something I want to get into because I love telling people’s stories,” says Yolanda. “I love learning what motivates people, and I’m always inspired by people who go for their dreams, want to do better and never give up – whether it’s selling fruit on the side of the road or making big business moves.”


Yolanda’s favourite TV personality is Bonang, and as a child, she loved Zola 7. “Growing up, I idolised Zola for being able to change lives, and at the time, every girl wanted to have the class and tenacity of Bonang. I also look up to women like DJ Zinhle who are chasing the bag from all angles,” says Yolanda.



How to follow the SAMAs

The SAMAs, now in its 27th year, received more than 1 100 entries for 2021, a record in its history, and five nominees in the Female Artist Award category have been announced. These are Sho Madjozi, Reign Afrika, Bucy Radebe, Nomcebo Zikode and Hle.  Previous winners in the category include Zahara, Shekhinah, Zonke, Ami Faku, Sho Madjozi and Amanda Black.


This year the award ceremony takes place virtually and will be broadcast on 31ST July 2021 on SABC1. For more information and to follow the conversation, head to the SAMA Facebook and Instagram pages.

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Well loved for bringing great hair days to millions of women worldwide, Sofnfree has announced its sponsorship of the Female Artist of the Year Award at the 2021 South African Music Awards (SAMAs). This year’s event takes place virtually on 26 June 2021, themed Reinvent. Redefine. Reimagine.

Freestyling – the freedom of expression is one of Sofnfree’s key pillars whether through looks, lyrics or legacy. By sponsoring SAMAs Female Artist of the Year, the haircare brand is proud to represent a category that recognises girl power, excellence and creativity. The category for SAMA 27 will be known as the “SofnFree Female of the Year”.


The Sofnfree brand team celebrates the value of both hair and music as a powerful tool for self-expression, which is why the SAMAs partnership is an important part of Sofnfree’s purpose. Over the last year, many of us have found connections and comfort from music in a lonely and isolated world which is why there’s never been a better time to support the music industry, the strong women who help lead it, and the inspiration and joy that these talented artists spark in our lives.


The SAMAs, now in its 27th year, received more than 1 100 entries for 2021, a record in its history, and five nominees in the Female Artist Award category have been announced. These are Sho Madjozi, Reign Afrika, Bucy Radebe, Nomcebo Zikode and Hle. Previous winners in the category include Zahara, Shekhinah, Zonke, Ami Faku, Sho Madjozi and Amanda Black.


The 2-hour SAMAs show will be broadcast on SABC 1 on Saturday 26 June at 8pm.  Viewers stand a chance to attend the production of the SAMAs along with a meet-and-greet with musicians who will be performing at the show. For more information and to follow the conversation, head to the SAMA Facebook and Instagram pages.


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It’s that time of the year where we honour our mothers, and all the ‘mom figures’ in our life, for all that they have done and continue to do. Especially after the year that was, our moms deserve a special shout out for not only remaining our friends, comforters and confidantes but also becoming our teachers, chief entertainment officers and so much more… let’s not forget the banana bread extravaganza of 2020!

This year, as Mother’s Day edges closer, take some time to show your appreciation by gifting mom a personalised and sentimental gift that she will cherish. With the help of Spotify, you can sign her up for a Spotify Free account and start creating the perfect playlist that features all her favourite artists and tracks – tracks to drive to, cry to, cook to, dance to and most importantly tracks that celebrate her!


Take the personalisation a step further by putting together a playlist with tracks titles which, when read out, sends a special message. You can also include tracks that perfectly describe what your mother means to you and what she has done for you, with tracks such as DJ Zinhle’s Indlovu, a song of hope and perseverance,  ‘Hero by Mariah Carey’, Judith Sephuma’s loving ode to mother’s Mme Motswadi, the classic ‘A Song For Mama by Boyz II Men’ and ‘Superwoman by Alicia Keys’ – an anthem that is a reminder to all women that even when you’re struggling and are trying to figure everything out, you’re still a superwoman.


If mom already has a Spotify account or if you’d like to gift her the benefits of a Premium Spotify account with continued, uninterrupted streaming, look out for a year-long Spotify Premium Gift Card, making Mother’s Day more than just a once-off celebration.


Spotify also has a couple of curated Mother’s Day playlists such as Mother’s Day Love and Mother’s Day 2020 for all kinds of mothers because Mother’s Day is about celebrating both the conventional and unconventional mother figures that are holding it down right now.

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How Music Benefits Your Brain Frequencies

Posted by radio On May - 5 - 2021 ADD COMMENTS

For the past year, studying from home has become a norm, especially for the many students who usually attended class on campuses. Now, through the global pandemic, finding and maintaining a new study routine to stay on top of academic requirements has become more crucial than ever.

Fortunately, maintaining a productive daily schedule does not have to be difficult and you can use an everyday resource that is readily available to help you. Whether it is to relax and recharge, concentrate on your assignments, or study for exams, music can be used as a tool to successfully aid in completing a task. Over the years, research has shown that listening to music while completing daily tasks can help improve brain activity and the retention of information.


While exploring the benefits of music in completing tasks, it is key to note that music does not affect everyone the same way. So, instead of focusing on whether music is beneficial to you, rather focus on finding which music is beneficial to you.

“Music is the key to keeping your brain healthy and full of vitality. Listening to music provides a total brain workout and just like our muscles need to be stretched and strengthened, so do our brains,” says renowned sound therapist, DJ and producer: Vanessa Holliday.


“When you are completely immersed and engaged in an activity, feel energised by it and enjoy it, like listening to music while studying, this is what is referred to as being the Alpha state, also referred to as the Flow state,” says Vanessa.


Light background music such as the Spotify-curated Music for Concentration and Vanessa Holliday’s sound therapy track that features minimalism, electronica, and modern classical opera that can help with deep concentration.


For those that still want to listen to their regular playlists that feature house, electronic, trap, and hip-hop, there are variations of these genres that have been adapted for studying. Focus Flow and Gold Instrumental Beats offer uptempo instrumental hip-hop beats and beats inspired by the golden era of hip hop, respectively. The Beats to think to and Coffee Beats playlists offer a collection of deep techno & tech-house and electronic tracks to study.


In addition to improved brain function, music can also reduce stress and anxiety which are the two most common emotions amongst students during exam periods. Listening to soothing music helps decrease blood pressure and heart rate, helping the body move into the Theta frequency – a meditative, deeply relaxed, and inward focus state. This then leads to the Delta frequency, the brain state for sleep.


Good quality sleep is a powerful stress reducer and key to increased productivity. A playlist such as Spotify’s Brown Noise can offer soothing, low-frequency soundtracks for relaxation and sleep.


“For a healthy functioning mind, it is necessary to visit these various brain frequencies on a daily basis,” concludes Vanessa.


If you prefer to curate your own playlists to motivate you, do it for free on Spotify, and if you’re a Premium user, you can also download them to listen offline.


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As announced during last month’s Stream On event, Spotify has been working on a new family of personalised playlists: Spotify Mixes. These new personalised playlists were inspired by  Daily Mix, an incredibly popular part of the Spotify catalogue, and the most listened-to by Spotify’s existing users.


Beginning today, Free and Premium users globally will now have access to three new mix categories with clearer names that are easier to remember and evolve with the user: artist mix, genre mix and decade mix.

These mixes, built with Spotify users in mind, start with the songs users like and update with songs Spotify thinks they will love, ultimately growing with the user over time. Each mix category is updated frequently and will have several playlists featuring artists, genres and decades users listen to often – and are created with them at the core.


Users will be able to find the new artist mix, genre mix, and decade mix within Search in the “Made For You” hub.


To hear more about Spotify’s take on machine learning, check out the latest podcast episode of Spotify: A Product Story, hosted by Spotify’s Chief R&D Officer Gustav Söderström. The podcast series is designed to give users a glimpse into what decisions have guided Spotify’s product evolution.


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“The rich diversity of musical talent in Africa inspires and engages fans around the world. Spotify continues to use the power of its platform to amplify African voices across a global stage, building an ongoing narrative that supports and puts African creators at the forefront.”

– Phiona Okumu, Spotify Head of Music Sub-Saharan Africa. 


Celebrating the power of African voices across the continent and beyond, Spotify is shining a spotlight on one of its flagship, curated playlists African Heat, through an interactive campaign that  brings the spirit of Africa alive around the world.

The campaign journeys through a series of partnerships, activations, a dance challenge video (#africanheatchallenge), and more creative content opportunities that will play out through on-and-off-platform initiatives on local, regional, and international levels. Highlighting the diversity of African talent, the playlist is an explosion of Afro-centric sounds, carving out a space for African creators to showcase their music to a global audience.


Centered on the key role that the Afro-dance community has played in spreading African pop music across the globe, the campaign includes the likes of Focalistic, Fuse ODG, Olamide, as well as some of the leading female faces of dance music in Africa – Moonchild Sanelly, Sho Madjozi, Niniola, and Amapiano’s Lady Du.


By including emerging and established artists alongside one another – Amapiano’s newer artists Focalistic and Lady Du together with Azonto dance genre pioneer Fuse ODG and Shaku Shaku street dance driver, Olamide – Spotify is showcasing its dedication to and investment in all artists.


Taking African Heat to The Streets with the #africanheatchallenge


The beautifully shot clip was directed by the talented, award-winning, Johannesburg-based Zandi Tisani, who uses her experience to draw attention to her work in edgy and bold ways. Set to Focalistic’s hit Ke Star,” the clip encourages fans to immerse themselves in the sounds of the playlist, delving into the language of dance to express the connection between African communities worldwide that share a love of dance music. Watch the clip HERE.


The video features dancers from major cities in Africa and across the globe, including local sensation Kamo Mpela, Nigeria’s Boluwatife, Ghana’s DWP Academy and more as they move through the streets of their cities doing the #africanheatchallenge.


This is not the first collab between Spotify and Focalistic who, as one of Spotify’s RADAR AFRICA artists, has already benefited from the support that the program promises to artists across all stages of their career development. The African Heat campaign is another example of how Spotify continues to showcase and support African talent.


“My music is an honest expression of who I am and where I come from, Pitori! I am the voice of the hood! I am the voice of the YOUTH! I want to take my voice to the world and Spotify is helping me do that. With my recent DaVido collab on the ‘Ke Star (Remix)’ promoting African Heat to a wider audience gives me and other African artists more opportunities to reach millions of Spotify listeners,” said Focalistic. “Music is a universal language and I want the world to understand our lingo, our movement, and our sound! I’m excited to see where we can go! To the top!! Ase Trap tse ke PINA tsa ko Kasi!”


On the playlist today, fans can find Spotify Clips, featuring soundbites and self-shot videos from the artists mentioned, speaking to the impact and influence of African Dance culture. These artists will also appear on large-scale Spotify billboards to promote African Heat in New York City and Toronto.


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